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Frasi con contender (in inglese)

  1. Nice contender, but—’.
  2. Neither was a real contender.
  3. Jezzie could have been a contender, she often thought to herself.
  4. No, if there’s more than one contender, then there has to be a winner.
  5. Man is a close contender for Margaret Thatcher's role as most hated leader.

  6. He took accurate aim of this skydiving contender before lobbing the incandescent.
  7. He entered the inner circle and stood side by side with his contender, facing the crowd.
  8. More recently, the major contender against the Christian Triune Godhead doctrine seems to be Islam.
  9. And some people, Calvin was sure, saw him as a real contender for the unofficial role of best operative.
  10. Whether ‘Prince, Contender, Soldier, Prevailer,’ all the world now knew Jacob as being ‘with God’.
  11. Though there was civil war for almost two years, in the end Rellin held the throne, and Milishak and his contender were dead.
  12. If I had just removed my stop, the market would have come back and got me out at breakeven, and then I’d still be a contender.
  13. He was an Olympic contender when in school, but was not able to make it to the finals as he always lost to men much bigger than he.
  14. The sound would be new to him, because, I guessed, Papa would never have quoted a middleweight contender he had knocked out years ago.
  15. The rowing program he created, like the program at Washington, has remained a perpetual contender for top honors nationally and internationally ever since.

  16. I played with titles for a while (The Ten Pillars of Cutthroat Zen was briefly a contender), but then I heard about the ancient samurai code, The Way of the Warrior.
  17. For Syd it was an abrupt realization that he had a rival for Rebecca’s affection, but with the usual insouciance of the young person, dismissed the Doctor as a serious contender.
  18. So with Clegg’s blood in a locked safe and Clegg dead, or very much that way, it bears very much to reason that Clegg’s assailant is number contender for the action at The Stables.
  19. One genie, a tall mulatto of greenish eyes, with a fuchsia turban coiled about the head, extracted a dagger that threw straight up to the heart of his contender, which I missed only for centimeters.

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