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    1. It is a state of peace and completion, awareness and compassion with detachment

    2. We cannot say that the completion of the book of Revelations has come

    3. True Christianity is the continuation and completion of Israel’s faith

    4. start to use the Travel Device again next year after completion of

    5. Of the three farms under renovation, two are nearing completion, being on second fix, bathrooms and kitchens

    6. Mandy walked into the suite's sitting room and at once began to admire the careful attention to décor Belle had lavished upon the room since the completion of construction

    7. I learned from my mother a part of this knowledge and from my Grandmama, and Great-grandmama the completion of it, just as they had learned from their own mothers and completed by their grandmothers

    8. completion of the service, he noticed a familiar red head

    9. Initial exemptions shall be made by 'dire need of the family,' or by successful completion of graduation examination---even should this be incident prior to the usual age and class of qualification for general candidacy of same

    10. “Upon successful completion of the job you will be paid an additional $250,000

    11. and the temple neared completion, there was a reason to rejoice,

    12. through to completion before you move onto the next project

    13. It represents psychological completion

    14. completion as it was told; it would orbit

    15. Right now, the first major threat to Atlantica’s current tranquility is how they handle the completion of the Aquifer system

    16. To sweeten the prospect was a huge payout on successful completion, it would mean he could take at least two years away from work and still live comfortably, perhaps spend more time with Deanna

    17. Originally he imagined something reaching this level of completion to not require any input from its occupier beyond issuing a command, to tell it to take him to whatever time

    18. Upon arrival, he was completely dismayed at finding out that the Saginaw was six months from completion at Mare Island

    19. Upon completion of the building phase, the Saginaw sailed from Mare Island to Hong Kong, China, with James Findlay Schenck

    20. was thought to be near completion

    21. He wondered if Carl could figure out a way to cleanse the taint, given his new understanding of weaves that could create something like the Holy Crosses, which were removed from the taint in their completion

    22. It would be my reward for the completion of this assignment

    23. It would have been the completion of another perfect mission

    24. Listed below are the details of my bank accounts in which the money I collected in prison has been accumulating, the contact details of my accomplices in the original bomb plot, a comprehensive instruction on bomb-making and a rundown of the original plan, which I failed to see to completion

    25. He instructed me to report back to him immediately upon its completion

    26. To build the device to completion was never possible, the functional complexity beyond anything any human could possibly comprehend – even with Roidon's super-charged brain

    27. Where fulfillment comes by a strong embrace, and love’s completion is met with great satisfaction through many tears, flowing down the cheeks of the forever young

    28. Eating, he made plans for the completion of his takeover of Boddaert's Realm

    29. Along with these tenuous feelings went a shroud of coldness emanating from the cave deep below Fire Rock, the cave where even now, a beautiful orb span madly, gathering speed as its destiny neared completion

    30. Based on the description of warfare in "The Art of War" and the striking similarity of the text's prose to other works from Warring States period led the modern scholars to place the completion of "The Art of War" in the Warring States Period (476-221 BC)

    31. There are numerous theories concerned with the completion of the text but it has been archeological proved that the Art of War was composed by at least the early Han dynasty

    32. Since it is nearly impossible to predict the correct date of its completion, the differing theories regarding the work's author(s) and date of completion will never resolve

    33. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this proposal is hitch-free and that you should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been made for the completion of this transfer

    34. It is estimated that the whole project will take the best part of 100 years to complete so is quite some undertaking and completion will not be seen out by its creator, artist Ajarn Chalermchai, as he is now 50

    35. While I was working on this book, and quite near completion, my brother came to visit and we briefly discussed the topic of my latest book (this one)

    36. Stars weep of a Completion,

    37. first then be sure to formally track progress and status of these to completion before

    38. The last page looked like a form of memo with a home address, and a completion date

    39. Test coverage is an important aspect in explaining the completion of a task

    40. coverage helps to tell the other testers and managers about the work completion on

    41. successful completion in examination without knowing at least the purpose of doing it

    42. On the northern side of the plaza, there was more housing, but this was of stone set in mud, also with thatch roofs and in varying stages of completion

    43. Throwing karma needs the four conditions of intention, object, action, and completion: a clearly intended action, an object (an item or person) toward which the action is aimed, the action itself, and the completion of the action with satisfaction in achieving it

    44. Death: Final; the end; completion and conclusion of something; actual death; a church without life; a covenant relationship coming to a permanent

    45. Sector4 remaining several years from completion

    46. Following the completion of her Master’s Degree, she accepts a

    47. As above, the number seven is the Lord’s number of completion, and there are

    48. completion of the process of sex transmutation

    49. The next day, as the pontoons were nearing completion, the eastern Ordu crossed the river in force and all headed straight for the spot where the eastern camp of the enemy was supposed to have been located, just west of the cleared area

    50. completion, and the number three underlines this

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    closing completion culmination mop up windup pass completion consummation realisation realization fulfilment achievement