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    1. I consider this book to be the culmination of the whole series, as it is the most well-written, with the most impressive illustrations

    2. “We are almost at the culmination of all our plans,” the admiral continued

    3. The culmination of their labour was getting the harvest safely

    4. He realised that Rachel’s outburst was the culmination of months of trauma and sorrow and in a sense, it reflected all their thoughts and feelings – the words that they couldn’t utter themselves

    5. Such was the culmination of misfortunes as none of us had counted on

    6. Physically he was nothing beyond the parameters of normality – insomuch as his appearance was the culmination of a number of genes taken from a sample of people born in the south east of England: an average approximation of their physical characteristics

    7. A brother, the curse circulated through his mind and came to culmination

    8. The war was only a culmination of the conflict, it was expected by most inhabitants so it came as no surprise

    9. ” This evolution of liberalism lies at the core of the Civil War, and has been building for years to the culmination Drury succinctly identifies

    10. and all came and went by the culmination of its powers or

    11. was worth, the culmination of which left us both blown away

    12. And with this culmination, the world is destined to end in madness, in an abstract delusion

    13. I shook hands with him at the culmination

    14. The culmination of the blessing of the

    15. The curse is also moving to a place of culmination, when the day

    16. At the culmination of

    17. At the culmination of a

    18. turns, we have reached the culmination of this tournament

    19. she found herself gearing up expectantly to the culmination of the

    20. Pauses and culmination of a speech is of utmost importance; a speaker should abstain from being so emotional that he may be carried away

    21. The published book will be the culmination of the exercise

    22. mbol of the culmination of a group

    23. sufferings of which it was the culmination were employed to typify one side

    24. Even at its culmination it will not be uniform; for example, it is in the main a dolichocephalous race, but it will always have brachycephalous subdivisions; it will contain fair-haired and dark-haired people, people with blue

    25. A well-toned or muscled man is nothing more than a culmination of resistance

    26. Conan knew that if he fell foul of that mass of taloned muscle and bone, there could be but one culmination

    27. The church, just as soon as it was well established, began to teach that the kingdom was in reality to appear at the culmination of the Christian age, at the second coming of Christ

    28. Even the Alpheus twins were at last aroused to the realization that the events of the Master's life were moving swiftly toward their final culmination

    29. culmination of several other events, in addition to being the seed of the next event

    30. The Path is the culmination of extensive

    31. But that heroic gesture was just one more proof of how poorly Fernanda knew not only the character of her husband but the character of a community that had nothing to do with that of her parents, for everyone who saw the trunks pass by said that it was the natural culmination of a story whose intimacies were known to everyone, and Aureliano Segundo celebrated the freedom he had received with a party that lasted for three days

    32. Although he sometimes felt the temptation and although Nigromanta herself might have seemed to him as the natural culmination of a shared nostalgia, he did not go to bed with her

    33. culmination of a laborious courtship, the wedding day, when she could finally sleep

    34. But, on the last morning of the project, the day of the exhibition, when within an hour patents and local dignitaries were expected to view the culmination of the project's work they arrived and discovered to their consternation, every piece of work daubed mercilessly with monstrous stars

    35. sense that the culmination of society"s benefits in helping and

    36. The culmination of these emotions pushed his mind to the limit, leaving a bitter-sweet taste in his mouth, one that he couldn't shake anytime soon

    37. culmination of the mental resources within a group is greater than simply

    38. This physiology is a culmination of negative energy; it is not because you are flying

    39. D-Day was the culmination of over two years of meticulous planning, preparation and massive effort by the Western Allies

    40. Really it was the culmination of a number of questions asking what we as Christians did

    41. The culmination of this final stage gets a whole

    42. When the kill buzzer sang out, it was the culmination of winning the match and the championship, and successfully defending against the trick, that made Ben perform a victory whip with his sword—something he had never previously done

    43. Culmination is an individualistic phenomenon, which simply places the individual within a Escaping Hell©

    44. The absolute culmination of these Love-relations, though, we would know through

    45. And so, within this Orgasm I attain to the absolute culmination of my Love-

    46. But Sensei’s polemics with our ‘Philosopher’ flew uninterrupted, gradually reaching its culmination

    47. This is basically a culmination of all the other lies

    48. E-commerce is leapfrogging's litmus test because it represents the culmination and confluence of hardware, software, and process engineering

    49. At the time of the culmination of Yagya or in other words at the time of the restraint of mind and

    50. Yog is thus the state of culmination

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