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Frasi con compression (in inglese)

1. NTFS file compression is one of them.
2. But this process is one of compression.
3. Yes! I'll have to work on the compression.
4. This intense compression is called wisdom.
5. This compression lasts, in this case, for 13 bars.
6. The resulting compression quickly heats the core and.
7. The greater the compression, the greater the information loss.

8. The other half of a black hole is a compression of Nothingness.
9. Gzip Page Compression – Select yes to compress buffered output.
10. We can see the results of this compression simply by reading the.
11. The compression of history produces conciseness in the historian.
12. The compression inside a black hole is a compression of Everythingness.
13. Again, we will use the compression of a tensioned linear (coil) spring.
14. Even though we cannot see the other half of this compression; it exists.
15. Fearing the possible consequences of such compression to the intellectual organs.
16. You may need to amplify the input to attain the desired compression at the output.
17. Surgical compression is warranted if patient has symptoms or the size is greater.
18. This compression of the expanded reduces the space heat uses and makes heat a liquid.
19. Without a balanced, equalizing compression of Nothingness black holes could not exist.
20. As well as the pain that arises from compression of the nerves, other signals that would.
21. After the surgery, you will need to wear compression garments to help alleviate swelling and pain.
22. Even more powerful is the compression of the air produced by the rapid expansion of the fireball.
23. High compression got lots a sap for a while, but the metal ain’t made that’ll hold it for long.
24. Your compression is putting energy into this strip, and its natural response can take one of four modes.
25. What makes this compression possible at all? Here is where the Universal Law of Dynamic Balance applies.
26. When the compression is finished, reboot your computer once again, keep tapping F8 and enter Normal Mode.
27. Mimicking exactly the genetic compression of DNA in its evolutionary process inside every living organism.
28. The darker-colored dots at point 1 indicate a tight compression of volatility that is about to be released.
29. The systems might also implement encryption and/or compression on the data to be transmitted over the network.
30. The convent is a compression which, in order to triumph over the human heart, should last during the whole life.
31. Hardware-based compression is performed by a processor in the tape drive itself and is inherently more efficient.
32. The page setup screen comes up which has four tabs: page (wherein paper size, orientation, compression mode, etc.
33. Stand by to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac compression if the patient’s breathing or heart stops.
34. This may become an urgent situation as the blood flow to the baby is cut off by compression of the umbilical cord.
35. Development of crack under action of the attached compression takes place at reduction of general energy of the system.
36. It wasn’t a compression injury with vertebrae collapsing on each other that you would associate with a fall like that.
37. Several viewing ports buckled under the stress as the energy wave caused compression fatigue along the hull of the ship.
38. Usually the hours in flight and number of compression cycles – take off and landing – are used to measure a plane’s age.
39. Encryption, compression, logging, and other domains that deal with resources use Strategy to provide different ways to filter data.
40. In cases where the drive does not support hardware compression, the backup software might implement its own compression algorithms.
41. But, if I have billions of air molecules together and vibrate them, sound emerges from the compression waves traveling through them.
42. A quick turn of the key started the twin high compression V8's and very soon they were in international waters, heading towards Cuba.
43. Einstein connected gravity with the compression of space, and the acceleration or deceleration time with a degree of curvature of space.
44. The only compression that can balance a black hole which sucks everything into it is a compression which is the opposite of everything.
45. This powerful compression of yields served as a springboard for a revaluation for all asset classes for which the High Yield Index is a proxy.
46. Most important, both featured Pocock’s trademark camber, the slight curvature that gave them compression, spring, and liveliness in the water.
47. Even despite such limitations, placing the operative history in random access memory may require application of the data compression algorithms.
48. They clearly show volatility compression, which puts us on guard and in breakout mode, looking for continuation of any breakout from these ranges.
49. From a software point of view, both Django and Grok use decorators for achieving different goals, such as controlling HTTP compression and caching.
50. With the encryption and the compression of the data, the Coalition had no way of knowing how much information Ash’s team had taken from Chalos II.
51. If you cannot feel a pulse and the pupils of the eyes are much larger than normal, start cardiac compression while artificial respiration is continued.
52. During an IPCP exchange, for example, the systems inform each other of their IP addresses and agree on whether to use Van Jacobson header compression.
53. X-rays showed some compression of the spine, but he could stand, walk fairly normally, and sooner or later, they had to let Blaine out of the hospital.
54. A: The small bars in this area are evidence of volatility compression and justification to take trades in the direction of downside breakouts from this area.
55. One moment one would live, then the next they would die, struck down by the hammer of something so powerful it was beyond the compression of even those who controlled it.
56. Consider the bigger picture: this stock was driven higher on news, began a multiweek pullback that ended in a selling climax, and then spent two sessions in volatility compression.
57. Using the pressure and heat from his fingertips, rather than sewing, Grailem relies on the compression and natural adhesion to stick the hair back over the scar to hold it together.
58. NOTE Van Jacobson TCP/IP Header Compression is a data compression protocol described in RFC 1144, specifically designed by Van Jacobson to improve TCP/IP performance over slow serial links.
59. The Condition of compression which exists inside a black hole can only exist if it is balanced by another compression which is equalize to it, and balances it, and is its complete opposite.
60. Most of the tape drives designed for computer backups include hardware-based compression capabilities that use standard data compression algorithms to store the maximum amount of data on a tape.
61. The many-tiered mounds of earth called: the Towers of Babylon, were higher and higher levels of walled safety and privacy… built in reaction to the intense compression of their over-crowded city.
62. Between the diaphragm of the telephone receiver and that of the phonographic microphone is fitted an air chamber of adjustable size, open to the outer atmosphere by a small hole to prevent compression.
63. Understanding that my customer was in need of his vehicle, I calmly explained that the troubleshooting takes time, with the car in the service bay I checked out the basics – fuel, spark and compression.
64. That is, when mankind as a whole faces the key choice or, as it is said in eschatology, when they stand on the threshold of divine justice, one of the main attributes of this time will be its compression.
65. These forces result in a sudden compression load on the rim in the direction of the centre of the ellipse of the frame and also, a bending load in the direction of F and the body (head and handle) of the racket.
66. A learned foreigner,[13] whose residence in this country has contributed much to its scientific improvement, has also informed me that other substances than metallic have been found, by compression, to be magnetic.
67. Even if the normal expectation for a market is mean reversion and reversal (as it is in the short term for equities), there is usually at least a slight edge for continuation out of areas of volatility compression.
68. When you have a choice, you should always use hardware-based compression over software compression because implementing the data compression process in the software places an additional processing burden on the computer.
69. The transmission was in a compression burst lasting no more three seconds, designed to insert itself, interrupting the scheduled broadcast, allowing millions of viewers to witness the true nature of those who hold power.
70. Regardless of which method of resuscitation is used, if there is no pulse and after 10-12 breaths there is no apparent improvement in the casualty’s condition, cardiac compression (external heart massage) should be started.
71. They were forced to explode out, away from each other in the exact same way an atomic bomb is forced to explode; by the intense Dynamic of compression and contraction, being balanced by the Dynamic of repulsion and expansion.
72. These unassimilated, mechanical children, blessed with the presence of my shy professor wife, savior of colonial captivity diaries, speaking with expertise about Turing machines, binary languages, compression, and code sequencing.
73. This compression reduces the normal 40-byte TCP/IP packet headers down to 3 to 4 bytes for the average case by saving the state of TCP connections at both ends of a link and sending the differences only in the header fields that change.
74. Einstein connected the gravity with the compression of space, and the acceleration or deceleration of time – with a degree of curvature of space: the more it is compressed and the more the mass at this point, the slower time passes there.
75. Since the relation Fa(b) = ƒ (F/2cosϕ) is not linear the values for Fa(b) in the initial moment of the strike when the angle ϕ is close to 90° are very high thus causing sudden elongation of the loaded strings and compression of the frame.
76. Remote Differential Compression is a Windows Vista and 7 feature that detects file changes over a network, so that the changes can be transferred with minimal bandwidth usage instead of having to transfer the whole file after it has been moved.
77. All attention is paid to dependence of strength on the external loading, they set reasons on which it is possible to judge about beginning of material destruction at the tense state, if the behavior at simple tension, compression or shear is known.
78. If I suddenly asked him what he wanted, he would make me no answer, but continue staring at me persistently for some seconds, then, with a peculiar compression of his lips and a most significant air, deliberately turn round and deliberately go back to his room.
79. The bronze face, the shaggy black hair and beard, the coarse woollen red cap, the rough medley dress of home-spun stuff and hairy skins of beasts, the powerful frame attenuated by spare living, and the sullen and desperate compression of the lips in sleep, inspired the mender of roads with awe.
80. The idea is implemented to use the uneven movement of an element from a mechanism driven by a cross spring when it is being released and use this for indication on an uneven division scale made according to the same requirement as for the spring action force in relation to its linear compression (release) [19].
81. I have measured its accumulation in a quiet room, and have found it variable from one-fourth of an inch to one inch in the course of one year; but it was then in a pulverulent fleecy state, and might be reduced by compression to one-third of its height, making the average of yearly deposit about one-sixth of an inch.
82. He sat rather sideways in the armchair next to the countess, arranging with his right hand the cleanest of gloves that fitted his left hand like a skin, and he spoke with a particularly refined compression of his lips about the amusements of the highest Petersburg society, recalling with mild irony old times in Moscow and Moscow acquaintances.
83. In addition to the four standard DOS file attributes, an NTFS file includes a Compression flag; two dates/times specifying when the file was created and when it was last modified; and a security descriptor that identifies the owner of the file, lists the users and groups that are permitted to access it, and specifies what access they are to be granted.
84. Undoubtedly, if by technique we understand those complications of art which are now considered an excellence, it will deteriorate; but if by technique is understood clearness, beauty, simplicity, and compression in works of art, then, even if the elements of drawing and music were not to be taught in the national schools, the technique will not only not deteriorate, but, as is shown by all peasant art, will be a hundred times better.
85. I not only then tightened the pleasure-girth round my restless inmate, by a secret spring of friction and compression that obeys the will in those parts, but stole my hand softly to that store bag of nature's prime sweets, which is so pleasingly attached to its conduit pipe, from which we receive them; there feeling, and most gently indeed, squeezing those tender globular reservoirs, the magic touch took instant effect, quickened, and brought on upon the spur the symptoms of that sweet agony, the melting moment of dissolution, when pleasure dies by pleasure, and the mysterious engine of it overcomes the titillation it has raised in those parts, by plying them with the stream of a warm liquid, that in itself the highest of all titillations, and which they thirstily express and draw in like the hot natured leach, which, to cool itself, tenaciously extracts all the moisture within its sphere of execution.

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