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    1. Men also have very strong tendencies to conceal stressful things

    2. ‘You had a row, then?’ I asked, trying to conceal my amusement

    3. He’s holding me far too close to conceal how he feels successfully … unless he has something large in his trouser pocket which I don’t know about

    4. Why do they open the shop, then? Later, I spent some time with Alice and our cousin Niki but I couldn't avoid the usual boredom: These two are married with children, respectable persons in society; they don't even bother to conceal their contempt for me

    5. He wore a shirtless two-piece suit in the trendy mode, flowing and soft with pants that didn't conceal the size of his sack and large looping epaulettes with solid gold commandant's stars

    6. Kara stared at the sky in front of her, the blue of daytime now streaked pink and scarlet and orange … it was second nature to her to conceal that part of her life … but … but if she couldn’t do that, she’d have to face up to what she had lost …

    7. He was careful to conceal his true abilities and kept away from the others as long as possible

    8. Tarak tried to conceal his roar but was unable, as his love for Rayne was great

    9. conceal the cabin in the midst of a heavy forest, set flat against the side of a mountain

    10. "Sorry, love", says Maggie, trying to conceal the edge in her voice

    11. Ozzie, the only one who could be said to have genuinely cared about Chas in any way at all, was clearly upset, though doing his best to conceal it as only a public school boy can

    12. Someone had made a pretty bad fist of replanting a bush in the recently dug ground in an attempt to conceal the disturbance, the shrub lurched heavily to one side giving away the fact it had been planted in a hurry by black-fingered hands

    13. ‘Isn’t it illegal to conceal a death?’ Andy said, his eyes flicking nervously from face to face

    14. Unlike a duty-suit it did nothing to conceal any detail of her shape

    15. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of Kings

    16. Once again, with a soldier’s feel, he found a spot that they could conceal themselves for the night

    17. In those unfortunate countries, indeed, where men are continually afraid of the violence of their superiors, they frequently bury or conceal a great part of their stock, in order to have it always at hand to carry with them to some place of safety, in case of their being threatened with any of those disasters to which they consider themselves at all times exposed

    18. ” He made no effort to conceal in his renewed smile his curiosity at her brisk reply

    19. If, in the hands of a poor cultivator, oppressed with the servitude of villanage, some little stock should accumulate, he would naturally conceal it with great care from his master, to whom it would otherwise have belonged, and take the first opportunity of running away to a town

    20. The law was at that time so indulgent to the inhabitants of towns, and so desirous of diminishing the authority of the lords over those of the country, that if he could conceal himself there from the pursuit of his lord for a year, he was free for ever

    21. If anything happens to me it would be difficult to conceal it

    22. She slowly warmed to the scheme and then entered into a sort of conspiratorial attitude as I explained how we would need to conceal her presence

    23. When Father kissed me, I felt a dampness on his face he tried to conceal

    24. Such is the generosity of the greater part of young men, that so far from being disposed to neglect or despise the instructions of their master, provided he shews some serious intention of being of use to them, they are generally inclined to pardon a great deal of incorrectness in the performance of his duty, and sometimes even to conceal from the public a good deal of gross negligence

    25. They have suspected, probably, that the lessor and lessee, in order to defraud the public revenue, might combine to conceal the real terms of the lease

    26. Pro 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter

    27. The same violence which made it convenient to hoard, made it equally convenient to conceal the hoard

    28. The individuals, who hoard whatever money they can save, and who conceal their hoard, do so from a distrust of the justice of government ; from a fear, that if it was known that they had a hoard, and where that hoard was to be found, they would quickly be plundered

    29. ” I climbed up and looked out scanning the churned up shell cratered ground in front of me I thought to myself that there are hundreds of places that a sniper might conceal himself

    30. I figured I could conceal the cats in my black leather nurse’s bag again, but I hadn’t thought about how I would make my way through the hospital corridors without the squirming, squealing stowaways being

    31. She had chosen to conceal her identity and heritage under a western name to increase her fan base in the UK

    32. ” The man spoke as if he were defending himself, though Jean did not press him further; she had her own secrets to conceal

    33. its very nature the Confederation is difficult to conceal

    34. water, helping conceal the submarines from ships that might be tracking them from above

    35. But what blinded the ship also served to conceal it from the

    36. However, it was light enough to carry and to conceal and thus a good detective weapon in its way

    37. The orb was smooth, flawless, and small enough to conceal in a pocket

    38. “They have been very careful to conceal any hint of what they are up to from us,” he observed, a trace of worry in his voice

    39. A journalist who enjoys a First Amendment right to obtain certain information as it relates to his or her pursuit of a ―storyline‖ should properly consider the sensibilities of the individual being interviewed; that questions raised should be fair and balanced and not intended to either harass, embarrass or otherwise offend that individual and that the highest (professional) standards should be (properly) observed at all times and that that journalist should neither conceal some hidden agenda nor interpose pre-conceived biases that purposely seek to discredit, distract or place that individual in a compromising position and that answers to stated questions should never be taken out of context or pre-determined and that, (most importantly), privacy rights should be observed at all times

    40. Then we returned to the party, trying very hard to conceal our secret

    41. Evil, for (perpetual) guidance in overcoming (foreign) designs that would otherwise conceal (their) evil intentions

    42. Can one wear two robes without constraint? Or can one place one robe over another, and it not tear? Is it wise to put on one robe, while wearing another already? And shall one attempt to wear a robe of white, to conceal a soiled one beneath?

    43. Otis often acted on his own, without approval or consultation with Washington, and did his best to conceal atrocities under his command

    44. She clamped her hands over her mouth trying to conceal her horror

    45. Kady was flying high, trying to conceal her excitement

    46. She had to conceal this from her Mother

    47. When Sylvia first came to him requesting paperwork that would conceal from American authorities the death of a horse at sea, he hadn’t questioned her ready willingness to pay so dearly

    48. Colling tucked the Luger into the back of his belt and found a corner in the eaves in which to conceal the box of cartridges

    49. While his possession of the American timepiece could prove to be a problem, he kept it off his wrist and in his trouser pocket, as much to keep it from being confiscated by a militiaman as to conceal it

    50. It troubled him, but he did not try to conceal it

    1. Knowing God; God knows what is concealed within us,

    2. was concealed in the secret place of the Most High

    3. It was wrapped in a leather bag and concealed in a hole in some rotten panelling

    4. Carefully concealed in the uppermost branches he bided his time

    5. which emitted a clearly-audible clink when he concealed it inside his

    6. concealed under the level of the floor

    7. The machinery itself was concealed behind a thicket

    8. ’ Jarvis said, noting James’s poorly concealed astonishment that he, a provincial copper, should know such a fact

    9. Delurna tried to keep his own reaction concealed

    10. conspirator had concealed weapons which he would not

    11. He tried to stay concealed by that

    12. themselves concealed for forty days, to gain a settlement there, to the discharge of that to

    13. His mouth dropped in awe as one of the larger species of birds spread its feathers, displaying a vast rainbow of colors that had previously been concealed beneath a pair of black wings

    14. It had been artfully concealed with mud and leaves, low to the ground but skillfully erected so as to provide maximum shelter

    15. ‘They took some dye and animal blood concealed in

    16. It consisted in such treasure as was found concealed in the earth, and to which no particular person could prove any right

    17. Anon turned from Brontes, his anger was concealed – for now

    18. concealed by the giggling girls

    19. He stuck out his tongue and let it hunt through the expanse of hair for the exciting hole he knew was concealed somewhere beneath her furry mound

    20. They will employ the whole authority of government, and pervert the administration of Justice, in order to harass and ruin those who interfere with them in any branch of commerce, which by means of agents, either concealed, or at least not publicly avowed, they may choose to carry on

    21. About a minute after a gentle touch-down, a man walked through a concealed door

    22. ‘Those who want to keep the truth concealed

    23. She pulled open the small panel beside the hatch and swung the lever concealed inside

    24. The transference of all sorts of property from the dead to the living, and that of immoveable property of land and houses from the living to the living, are transactions which are in their nature either public and notorious, or such as cannot be long concealed

    25. substation near City Road, concealed in an

    26. concealed inner desire to put a bullet through his head with the gun I had been given bade him

    27. The adulteration of the standard, on the contrary, has generally been a concealed operation

    28. This latter operation, therefore, as soon as it has been discovered, and it could never be concealed very long, has always excited much greater indignation than the former

    29. ‘Would you like to see the world – just once, before it’s too late?’ Gerrid looked at Tanya, hoping there was something left of her – a connection with reality outside TIAR and this hermetically concealed complex

    30. “She didn’t betray me,” Raven said calmly, his irritation concealed

    31. about him he’d thought concealed from others—and sometimes from himself

    32. ‘I don't question the wisdom of Central Council,’ she said with loosely concealed irony

    33. Zolla's trepidation made him want to consult the Temporal Directive, as if there would be some words of reassurance, gems of wisdom concealed in this great tome of moral guidance and philosophy

    34. The Spanish pickets concealed in palm trees, in the valley, soon saw blue uniforms advancing, and gave the alarm

    35. Where before the individual buried pain, concealed shame, and hid his or her darkness,

    36. Crowley noticed that the erratic thoughts were not concealed by their facial masque

    37. So you may acknowledge your need and confess all these hidden things you have concealed by pretense, in where you have deceived yourselves

    38. ) Polk was also a slave trader, though he carefully concealed that fact while running for president, having his cousin purchase and sell slaves for him

    39. Michael, indeed, had a concealed pistol permit, he contended – although, as Edgar recalled, Michael knew nothing about it when he arrested him

    40. Into the depths of the truck, and subsequently surrounded by equipment too ponderous for unloading except by oversized forklift, they concealed the cocaine

    41. On occasion, she braved the risk and arrived with a condom of cocaine concealed in her vagina

    42. clothes I’d concealed behind the stairwell

    43. I heard a knock followed by a dull thump, and then I heard Steve say in poorly concealed agony:

    44. These weapons had been stored in a concealed compartment hidden behind one of the radiators in the cloakroom

    45. He’d find out where they were concealed, who came for them and what they did with them

    46. Gareth was concealed within a stone covered walkway

    47. They approached the fork but it was concealed by a bend

    48. Colling selected the case because it felt heavy when empty, and hoped that even when its visible contents were removed, the weight of any concealed items would not be noticeable

    49. He could have shown that you are shipping cocaine to the United States through the Port of Limon, concealed in the stomachs of horses, with the laundered money returning in tuna cans via Mike’s former associates in Boston

    50. Once he pushed aside the blanket, he slowly stood, the pistol held concealed along the seam of his baggy trousers

    1. Johnny often wondered how his dad would feel if he ever found out that Johnny was a super spy and that he was concealing so many things from him

    2. In the greater part of the governments of Asia, besides, the almost universal custom of concealing treasures in the bowels of the earth, of which the knowledge frequently dies with the person who makes the concealment, must occasion the loss of a still greater quantity

    3. He wipes the fog on a cabinet door mirror above the sink with an extended forearm, to reveal a blur of facial hair concealing a young face

    4. purse thus concealing it from the eyes of eager thieves that prowl

    5. The noise originated in a shadowed area of the forest, where the trees were tightly packed together, concealing the presence of someone else

    6. The frequency of treasure-trove, or of treasure found, of which no owner was known, sufficiently demonstrates the frequency, in those times, both of hoarding and of concealing the hoard

    7. ‘Mr president, I have some disturbing news,’ he said, concealing his nervousness in a voice that once served him well as a news anchor

    8. If Jhordel was startled, she did a good job of concealing

    9. He'd said he had an assistant and Gerrid, with other matters on his mind, didn't question this any further; but presently a mental image formed of how she would appear under a concealing white lab-coat – rather like an AR fantasy figure from one of his first adult experientials

    10. He knew the current stealth mode had little chance concealing this craft, especially since he had sent a comm signal to the B'tari

    11. for example, an attitude, that, may appear charming and pleasant on the surface while in fact concealing a darker, insidious nature; that is to say, external impressions are oftentimes misleading

    12. The inherent ―right‖ to terminate one‘s (own) life as it relates to vague or questionable notions defining quality of life, introduces yet another dubious precedent as it relates to Choice, especially in rather gray areas where the decision to either perpetuate or curtail an individual‘s life has been proxied (sic) at a time when that individual could not possibly foresee the (uncertain) consequences of such decisions entrusted to the care of family members or friends (concealing underlying motives for authorizing such decisions, perhaps) or where a potential illness at some uncertain point in time or that individual‘s problematical reaction (to that illness) could not possibly be understood in advance; that is to say, until that individual is actually sitting on Death‘s doorstep

    13. Marco too was emotional, and as any loving father would, he had a hard time concealing his tears

    14. He doesn’t need that,” his ma’s tragic dignity, not concealing a kind of terror

    15. The younger readers may not know that one of the first times social media technology made concealing atrocities far more difficult was the Tienanmen Square massacre, and that was in 1989

    16. This resulted in treacherous puddles which might have soft mud as their base or rainwater concealing as-yet-unmelted ice

    17. “I didn’t know you spoke Russian,” said Colling, the tone of his voice conveying his annoyance, both at her concealing her linguistic ability and her flirting with the two soldiers

    18. He added Quarles’ envelope with the $5,000 before closing the false panel concealing the compartment

    19. The NKVD sergeant, if that were truly his rank, was not particularly adept at concealing what he was doing, and Colling played his part by trying to give the impression that he himself was possessed of the hopeless naivete of socialist idealism

    20. she concealing a smile

    21. Mom and Dad had done an excellent job of concealing the

    22. Just a little—an impressive attempt at concealing the pain—but enough to catch my attention

    23. His intelligence and giftedness were confirmed by the fact that he was successful in his career, concealing his difficulties by concentration and hard work

    24. Then one by one each of the six wizards stepped forward out of a concealing shield I had put up, and collectively said, “Not today, and not ever

    25. the beaming lamps of the foyer, concealing within it the

    26. and broken with decay, seemingly concealing within their domain

    27. “Not until I saw him with Adrinius, and I remembered that all I had seen that night I was transformed were his long thick locks concealing my eyes, but I could never forget that hair

    28. Depending on how she moved and the angle of the light, it seemed to vary from covering her modestly to concealing no more than a light dusting of flour

    29. Then you will be able to Translocate into Sming while concealing your identities and your presence from all but the highest levels of our government, without risking arrest, for the Marking of a registered diplomat will be all our sentries need to identify you as friendly and trusted

    30. Authorities, however, considered filing charges against him for fictitious name and concealing true identity under Title four, Chapter two, Section one, Article 178 of the Revised Penal Code

    31. 24 And when the evening of the Friday was come because of the entering of the Sabbath there came a rich man a noble of Ramah a city of Judah named Joseph and he was a good man and upright; and he was a disciple of Jesus but was concealing himself for fear of the Jews; And he did not agree with the accusers 27 in their desire and their deeds and he was looking for the Kingdom of God; And this man went boldly and entered in to Pilate and asked of him the body of Jesus; And Pilate wondered how he had died already and he called the officer of the footsoldiers and asked him concerning his death before the time; And when he knew he commanded him to deliver up his body to Joseph; And Joseph bought for him a winding cloth of pure linen and took down the body of Jesus and wound it in they came and took it; And there came to him Nicodemus also who of old came to Jesus by night; and he brought with him perfume of myrrh and aloes about a hundred pounds; And they took the body of Jesus and wound it in the linen and the perfume as was the custom of the Jews to bury

    32. ‘Aren’t we safe here with the mist orb concealing our location?’

    33. The appearance of a single unit house concealing the garage might be in the design staples

    34. ‘Oh, him,’ said the attendant, barely concealing a sigh, almost as though he’d already

    35. Then the moon betrayed the Madam as a glimmer showed that she was concealing something long and sharp behind her back

    36. Concealing his gift, Roho ran into his hut

    37. At that moment a moon chub was emerging under a litter of dark clouds that were concealing part of its silhouette, provoking a sinister scene worthy of the most horrifying terror movie

    38. The gangly one with glasses was concealing his insecurities behind a supercilious facade, and four obvious Christians were betrayed by their prim, pursed lips and disapproving manner

    39. The experiment was repeated for the others with the same results, and everyone felt less apprehensive about concealing themselves from wandering tourists as they approached popular spots

    40. The reasons they give for concealing that inoffensive little organ are truly bizarre

    41. Women in general and mothers in particular, know instinctively when you’re concealing something, and they’re very skilful at forcing you to tell them

    42. Concealing and chaining his bike a hundred metres from the road, Jarek shouldered a pack containing a bottle of water and enough bread and biscuits for two days, then spent the day trudging through dense undergrowth

    43. The man who’d been listening, pointed, and seconds later the bush concealing their quarry was surrounded by a dozen bare, brown, tough-looking feet that had obviously never worn shoes

    44. Her head was turned backwards and she continued waving and concealing her tears until Mary, Margaret and Molly were out of sight

    45. But he was concealing it well

    46. Simply concealing merchandise, inside or outside the store, will often be enough

    47. One must have the intent to take the item from the store; however, many states consider the act of concealing merchandise to be evidence of intent

    48. Poking the telephoto lens out from between the concealing leaves of the bush, Rory brought the group into sharp focus, at the same time turning up the volume on the directional parabolic microphone

    49. 3 We are utterly at a loss to differentiate between his practice of self-limiting his divine consciousness and his technique of concealing his preknowledge and thought discernment from his human associates

    50. What wind there was was blowing toward the hiding men, concealing their scent

    1. A talebearer reveals secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit conceals the matter

    2. The sign conceals fear

    3. Art Stupefaction conceals an inherent baseness common to affected styles and manners that is often lost on the casual observer, captivated as many of them are by erratic forms for their own sake without giving considered thought to their (social) implications; radical ―art‖ forms whose intended meaning, if any, are often unclear, its premises anti-social, tasteless, adolescent, absurd, valueless and immoral

    4. In this manner, the love an individual expresses for another individual is conditioned by self-interest and that the underlying motives behind every kindly and selfless act conceals an (inner) need or emotional requirement that an individual seeks to fulfill

    5. He carries his bow and conceals his arrows, and war follows close behind him

    6. A Cultural War waged by determined ideas is a much more subtle, deceptive and formidable form of warfare inasmuch as it craftily conceals its (unstated) purpose; a social and cultural conversion cutting at the (very) heart of a society‘s traditional belief system; a gradual, however determined process that oftentimes goes unchecked until an awakening society (roused from its slumbers) suddenly finds itself in the midst of altered customs and norms no longer consonant with that society‘s accustomed practices

    7. For it only conceals a doorway

    8. Death is a door that conceals many mysteries

    9. Drifting and dark, the waking house conceals

    10. but a man of understanding holds his peace; the talebearer reveals secrets, but he who is of a faithful spirit conceals the matter; where

    11. abomination to the Lord, but they who deal truly are his delight; the prudent man conceals knowledge; but the heart of fools

    12. He who conceals his sins shall not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes

    13. 9 But when his brothers went up to the feast he journeyed from Galilee and to came to the borders of Judaea to the country beyond Jordan; and there came after him great multitudes and he healed them all there; And he went out and proceeded to the feast not openly but as one who conceals himself; And the Jews sought him at the feast and said In what place is this mane And there occurred much murmuring there in the great multitude that came to the feast on his account

    14. Now seeming thrice its former size, the winged one did wend its way up to My shoulder, whence it spake this most intriguing riddling, “This plane conceals a special door now locked and hidden out of view

    15. How true it is that language in this case conceals thought and meaning! I need

    16. The man who takes shelter in the Most High conceals his defects from the universe

    17. “He who conceals his sins prospers not, but he who confesses and forsakes them obtains mercy

    18. cleverly conceals a hidden, deadly firestorm extracted from the decay that is satan’s mind

    19. can be seen from their mouths and what their heart conceals is much

    20. “A talebearer reveals secrets, but he who is of a faithful spirit conceals a matter

    21. It just that everyone conceals it very well

    22. This sentence appears full of severe torment and cruelness but actually it conceals in its interior the goodness and mercy not only to the thief (male or female) but also to the whole society

    23. "Fear not the dark, I agree, but perhaps what it conceals?"

    24. Proverb: Dark sayings of the wise; a hidden mode of speaking, which conceals the sense under figurative expressions

    25. It is about what science conceals hiding underneath everything science reveals

    26. light a candle and see what the darkness conceals

    27. the mountains conceals them from the light

    28. And that they have exhibited to the world the fact that something over their mental vision conceals from their conception the beautiful thread of simplicity, connecting all inspiration, into a unity the very opposite of their inferences

    29. It is the same; whether one of you conceals his speech, or declares it; whether he goes into hiding by night, or goes out by day

    30. And the night as it conceals it

    31. At this Don Quixote heaved a deep sigh and said, "I cannot say positively whether my sweet enemy is pleased or not that the world should know I serve her; I can only say in answer to what has been so courteously asked of me, that her name is Dulcinea, her country El Toboso, a village of La Mancha, her rank must be at least that of a princess, since she is my queen and lady, and her beauty superhuman, since all the impossible and fanciful attributes of beauty which the poets apply to their ladies are verified in her; for her hairs are gold, her forehead Elysian fields, her eyebrows rainbows, her eyes suns, her cheeks roses, her lips coral, her teeth pearls, her neck alabaster, her bosom marble, her hands ivory, her fairness snow, and what modesty conceals from sight such, I think and imagine, as rational reflection can only extol, not compare

    32. At last he decided upon revealing all to Camilla, and, as there was no want of opportunity for doing so, he found her alone the same day; but she, as soon as she had the chance of speaking to him, said, "Lothario my friend, I must tell thee I have a sorrow in my heart which fills it so that it seems ready to burst; and it will be a wonder if it does not; for the audacity of Leonela has now reached such a pitch that every night she conceals a gallant of hers in this house and remains with him till morning, at the expense of my reputation; inasmuch as it is open to anyone to question it who may see him quitting my house at such unseasonable hours; but what distresses me is that I cannot punish or chide her, for her privity to our intrigue bridles my mouth and keeps me silent about hers, while I am dreading that some catastrophe will come of it

    33. "Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that heaven has bestowed upon men; no treasures that the earth holds buried or the sea conceals can compare with it; for freedom, as for honour, life may and should be ventured; and on the other hand, captivity is the greatest evil that can fall to the lot of man

    34. Pray, don't imagine that he conceals depths of benevolence and affection beneath a stern exterior! He's not a rough diamond---a pearl-containing oyster of a rustic: he's a fierce, pitiless, wolfish man

    35. Or, if the poet everywhere appears and never conceals himself, then again the imitation is dropped, and his poetry becomes simple narration

    36. The Hinckleys and the hospital staff, however, are unaware that their son still secretly conceals pictures of Jodie Foster in his room, which is forbidden

    37. Though she conceals it with defiance, she is terrified of him

    38. Although he knows that his children are often not so well fed as are the pet dogs and cats of his `betters', he tries to bluff his neighbours into thinking that he has some mysterious private means of which they know nothing, and conceals his poverty as if it were a crime

    39. We are not speaking so much of those delightful lovesongs with which the writer who conceals his identity under the graceful pseudonym of the Little Sweet Branch has familiarised the bookloving world but rather (as a contributor D

    40. "The child conceals it

    41. “How can it do that? It conceals the real name

    42. Jekyll (who was composite) now with the most sensitive apprehensions, now with a greedy gusto, projected and shared in the pleasures and adventures of Hyde; but Hyde was indifferent to Jekyll, or but remembered him as the mountain bandit remembers the cavern in which he conceals himself from pursuit

    43. Pray, don’t imagine that he conceals depths of benevolence and affection beneath a stern exterior! He’s not a rough diamond—a pearl-containing oyster of a rustic: he’s a fierce, pitiless, wolfish man

    44. He performed a multitude of good actions, concealing his agency in them as a man conceals himself because of evil actions

    45. Only, in cities, that which thus conceals itself is ferocious, unclean, and petty, that is to say, ugly; in forests, that which conceals itself is ferocious, savage, and grand, that is to say, beautiful

    46. The dynasty conceals the scaffolding and covers the ambulance

    47. La Fontaine perhaps; magnificent egoists of the infinite, tranquil spectators of sorrow, who do not behold Nero if the weather be fair, for whom the sun conceals the funeral pile, who would look on at an execution by the guillotine in the search for an effect of light, who hear neither the cry nor the sob, nor the death rattle, nor the alarm peal, for whom everything is well, since there is a month of May, who, so long as there are clouds of purple and gold above their heads, declare themselves content, and who are determined to be happy until the radiance of the stars and the songs of the birds are exhausted

    48. In contrast, high average time series variance of individual equities mildly predicts low future market returns and thus conceals a systematic relation between risk and returns

    49. Apparently, the average variance component offsets and conceals the market-timing ability of correlation, leaving stock market variance unable to predict market returns

    50. He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured

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