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    1. A dingy back room in Dublin was a bucket of cold water for most people and a cloak of invisibility for the rest

    2. For the most part, our guards seemed wrapped-up in a cloak of desultory boredom

    3. She was wearing a long purple velvet garment, plenty of sparkling jewels and a black cloak with a star-spangled finish

    4. Lucy watched as the beast flung off the black cloak

    5. She was dressed in a long tan leather cloak with fur on the inside for warmth

    6. Naria went over her gown and cloak with her eyes

    7. his arm twisted in the folds of his cloak, but after a few seconds of

    8. console to cloak the ship

    9. The skirt, faded from age and wear, but clean, ended at the woman’s waist, and was topped by a yellowed white blouse, partially covered with a light brown cloak

    10. don his weapons, travel cloak, and finally his pack

    11. He returned with a heavy hooded travel cloak,

    12. cloak from a peg nearby and swung it expertly over his shoulders,

    13. identifying the cloak and staff as that of a Messenger

    14. Wrapped in the cloak of bloodlust, none of them are aware of headlights coming to a standstill in the lane

    15. Brad swung off his cloak

    16. respectfully, donned his cloak and strapped a sword to his

    17. His face was hidden by the hood of his cloak, and

    18. Across the street Francois pulled his cloak close about

    19. Either that or there was some reason why she was trying to hide the truth behind a cloak of mystery

    20. For all he knew, the skeletal frame beneath the cloak was a corpse

    21. He drew his cloak closer around his shoulders to ward off the chill and set to his work

    22. in her inadequate cloak, thinking of the youthful shepherd

    23. canopy of cloak and hood, but saw enough to guess that

    24. reaching out his hand to take the cloak

    25. as He sent us this cloak

    26. cloak of Saint Gilles,’ said the Abbot

    27. ‘You’re sure that this isn’t the cloak of Saint Gilles

    28. The blankets were black mink, as was the cloak that Nathaniel was wearing

    29. ‘What you have is not the cloak of Saint Gilles, as

    30. Then, with clumsy male stitching, he had converted two of the coats into a full-length cloak

    31. genuinely concerned that we’ll try and pass our cloak off

    32. cloak and placed it at the foot of his cot

    33. He looked at the cloak for a long time,

    34. ‘Fetch the Cloak of Saint Gilles,’ he ordered the

    35. The demon wind covered him like a cloak, it was the only thing keeping him alive

    36. Imorbis withered beneath his cloak of the demon wind, expecting the Maker would now require payment for the sins he committed

    37. This cloak appeared to be made of a lion’s skin, complete with a black mane

    38. The sky and everything around her had thrown on the cloak of evening, and none but the stars glittered above

    39. Her dark gray cloak, splattered with crimson and ripped in a few places, would have to be removed before she re-entered Solitude, so as not to invite further curiosity from guards and townsfolk alike

    40. She also pulled the hood of her cloak up over her head

    41. Mercer appeared from behind a swirling, smoky cloak, blade in hand

    42. His long cloak flapped behind DRAFTChapter 13 263

    43. True to her word, the first test of the Huntress's fancy new cloak was tested at the fringes of the Waghtnin Embedded Cluster, their initial destination on this leg

    44. She would never completely cloak her stubbornness and displeasure, but she had to choose her battles carefully

    45. It mimics the properties of the surrounding cloak and of its immediate surroundings

    46. Take us just above that building and then cloak us in a cloud

    47. I picked up my cloak, folded it and the pallet and prepared to move out

    48. Sebastian moved to the side of the room as Cupid untied his cloak, handing it to a Guardian who stood at his side

    49. I lay down beside the Baby and closed my eyes as Ruth covered us both with a cloak

    50. The sun climbed higher and I made sure Jesus had a cloak over His face so His tender skin wouldn"t burn

    1. One of the few occasions I had been permitted to set foot outside the villa and I had been carefully cloaked so as not to reveal anything to anyone watching, I suppose … I’d rebelled at that, argued as only a stroppy teenager can but Wiesse had got his way in the end

    2. “Yes we do, but they were created in space above the planet on a floating science laboratory;” Duncan began to protest but Kai held up his large hand, “it is cloaked Commander

    3. Your ship will run cloaked all the way home

    4. The large space laboratory orbiting Aura, (in a cloaked state), was in a constant state of activity

    5. The tall, cloaked figure finished his prayers and stood

    6. The ceramic figure was cloaked in a

    7. Within its blazing breath, a cloaked figure stood, holding back the beast's flames with an upheld shield

    8. the surrounding peaks were still cloaked in a generous

    9. Cloaked beneath the shadows of the inferno, the beings slithered among the undead, dark, empty stains on the land

    10. The two ships cloaked and left the invisible Huntress

    11. The merchants manned their stalls with obvious boredom, but held out hope for a cloaked figure which had perused their wares for a few minutes despite the threats from the clouds

    12. And he spun around to see the same cloaked figure from the nearby market hurrying off in the opposite direction

    13. A new atmosphere now quietly cloaked the planet

    14. They had spent the last two days cloaked in a cloud above Liverpool

    15. blatant rather than carefully cloaked

    16. These appeasing designs (cloaked as open-mindedness) are being advanced from a position of weakness that will (inevitably) strengthen the morale of our ideological enemies while proportionately weakening our nation‘s resolve to defend itself from further attacks

    17. He opened the radar screen on his computer and searched for the Zip-Linq, hoping its signal wasn’t cloaked within the sphere

    18. You’re now cloaked in a skin as thin as cling film, as tough as diamonds, and as flexible as silk

    19. The third conclusion comes cloaked in a question

    20. Our transmitter will not reach the fleet from here, but I assume your ship is still out there somewhere cloaked

    21. The Lord cloaked Himself in thick darkness at this time

    22. The smell of smoke filled her senses, and suddenly the ground all around her was in flames, a fire that grew with the urging of the cloaked woman’s voice

    23. Even though Adrinius could wear a sack of potatoes and still look like a ramp model, on the other hand, Zacchaeus could be dressed in an Armani, and still look like he was cloaked in a bag of potatoes

    24. Only the snow and the feeling of loss cloaked Annyeke

    25. Marjie could see UFOs that were cloaked and invisible to me

    26. “They are cloaked, and that is part of it

    27. My body is in this dimension right now, but it’s cloaked

    28. They sent my body here too, but I’m cloaked

    29. Will you agree to have 8’s body and the medical equipment needed to maintain his recovery transferred here? All of it will be cloaked

    30. At the apex of the ridge, whose far side was still cloaked in the shadow of night, Moshe

    31. His coat cloaked his black shirt and black

    32. The highway then became cloaked in a dank

    33. Retrieving his thrown sword from the body on the ground, the black cloaked Titus was already accessing his next target and the screams of the injured man filled the air behind Titus as the mercenary realised his manhood had been skewered

    34. A large axe was swung towards the head of the black cloaked warrior who moved with exceptional speed and precision, surprisingly into the blow, blocking the axe with crossed blades and sending a vicious riposte into the assailant’s face

    35. That black cloaked warrior outside, he moves with the same precision as that Su-Katii general who led us into battle that day

    36. The cloaked image of Tress appeared to the beast and the hound began to salivate at the thought of its next meal

    37. The cloaked man, though trying to remain hidden, moved closer

    38. A magnificently cloaked knife-throwing warrior took his place on the wagon seat

    39. “The pleasure's all mine,” the cloaked figure said as he handed Madini his ticket

    40. Her face cloaked by a hooded shawl; voice crackly and dry, each step was aided by the use of an old wooden cane…it seemed the poor woman could barely move

    41. But without Krazy’s Club it would seem, that unless I missed an enchanted hotel room with a cloaked shower hidden somewhere in the box, I’d be a resident of Lost End’s park bench community

    42. The billowing smoke from its two huge stacks cloaked my arrival

    43. Hovering midair in the center of the hal , Amos was cloaked in the

    44. The cloaked mage of the Sentinel Order pressed his hands together

    45. A cloaked vampire glided out of its dive and landed before the cat women

    46. The cloaked night-feeder lifted the edges of his cloak and leapt from the spiral stairway

    47. It howled and clawed at the cloaked vampire but could not break his grip

    48. Cloaked in sable blacker than the night, the magician of the hollow mountain knelt with bowed head before the flames of the eternally-burning oven

    49. In the vale below was a darkly cloaked figure, its head covered in a black hat and veil that hid his face from view

    50. Striding back from the sentry lines, Conan halted as a slender cloaked figure stayed him with an outstretched hand

    1. “They could have turned on some kind of cloaking device

    2. It was well armed, and the shields cloaking device would provide them with the ability to return and mount a resistance before the Elders knew they were there

    3. “Commander, after we pass the Anterian Moon please bring the cloaking device up

    4. The shadows bent to his will, cloaking him in darkness

    5. If there are more cloaking units, send them back to the Huntress, and gather any functional weapons from out of that mess

    6. “Don't look at me!” she defended, “It was that darn cloaking device that got all this started in the first place! I just couldn't imagine how it could have still had any charge in its power cells if it hadn't been recently acquired and relatively locally

    7. But the slickest part of all is that we can detect any active standard cloaking module we encounter, but no one can detect us!”

    8. It has an extra cloaking device all of its own

    9. ‘Aleya has the most advanced cloaking in the known galaxy,’ Hevel stated confidently

    10. She searched for an intruder, but all she could make out was the blood, a huge sea of it, cloaking the room

    11. The orbital grid was still intact; but as with the enemy, these could be circumvented using cloaking shrouds

    12. enemy as though wearing some sort of cloaking device?” He lifted his gaze to the main viewport of

    13. The cloaking device turned out to be no bigger than a box of matches

    14. Aidme spent six full seconds calculating and configuring the cloaking device

    15. cloaking ability to hide them, so this was unusual

    16. Only after they had seen and recognized him did he drop his cloaking, and his psionic presence became powerfully apparent

    17. His and Karen's careers kept them busy, cloaking their detached social interests

    18. deception, must see that he is not cloaking with the holiness of the Master' s

    19. The fact that we did not detect their ship over the Palestine of the 1st Century demonstrates that this civilization may possess like us multi-spectral cloaking fields

    20. Using a concept made operational with the Time Patrol in order to support agents on a field mission in the past, those miniature spy probes were in turn supported by a much bigger flying probe that was hidden by a multi-spectral cloaking field

    21. The cloaking generator kicked back in as soon as they had jumped, returning the scoutship to invisibility

    22. In the meantime, the Time Patrol fleet switched off its cloaking generators and appeared in the sky above Warsaw at the same time it fired a rain of projectiles and laser beams at the German installations in and around the city

    23. Fighting the urge to sleep, Sylvie, sitting at one of the sensors stations of the small bridge, grabbed her cup of coffee and took a sip while keeping her eyes on the screen showing the view from the large spy probe floating under cover of a cloaking shield near the entrance of the hillside cave used as a shelter by the Neanderthals

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    27. Cloaking his apprehension behind his icy stare, Terence conceded,

    28. “A very horrible way to go,” Lady Jane said as she continued to look out the window at the grey fog cloaking the majority of the ocean except for the incessant onslaught of whitecaps crashing ashore

    29. cloaking his eyes and his gaze as he stared down at The Financial

    30. What is Link Cloaking?

    31. Most online marketers understand this and rely on a cloaking tool to protect themselves

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    34. Patrol ships of the Time Patrol had tried to find and catch the said ships but, up to now, the latter had proved most elusive, probably because they possessed the same kind of cloaking system that the Time Patrol ships used

    35. Painted a mate black, the shuttle was nearly invisible in the darkness of the night, which had allowed its crew to safely switch off their cloaking generator with little fear of being seen by locals

    36. It’s capable of cloaking

    37. Because the Path Finder’s primary cloaking device rendered the Path Finder virtually invisible, the Cardassians only witnessed the flash of light that had killed the cloak, and the illuminated rotating drum until the color drained out of it

    38. “This ship is equipped with two types of cloaking systems,” Losira said

    39. The secondary cloaking system is a traditional Klingon cloaking device, which will hide the ship and mass, but requires much more

    40. “I say use the traditional cloaking system,” Kitara said

    41. The Path Finder raised its shields, dropping the asteroid holographic skin, but activating its primary cloaking device, which was allowing the surface of the ship to pass light

    42. Unlike with the secondary cloaking device, they could continue firing weapons with the primary cloak engaged

    43. The same radiation will make scanning into the system difficult and render traditional cloaking devices useless

    44. Burton!) This is episode explains why Star Fleet doesn’t use cloaking devices, a question that had always plagued me

    45. “Yeah, a boat with a cloaking device,” Afu said

    46. As if he heard these quiet words (which he had, being that his ship was fully equipped with Whisper-Reduction Satellites) Fralgoth turned off his ship's cloaking device

    47. Engaging our cloaking device

    48. We were given a cloaking potion

    49. In such cases cloaking is considered to be Black Hat SEO and the

    50. The air was cool when they stepped onto the deck; the grey of evening was already cloaking the skies and the lake blending into one

    1. oblivious to the weather, heavy cloaks and drawn

    2. their cloaks more closely about their bodies as another

    3. cloaks closer around their bodies to keep out the cold and

    4. We closed our eyes, then covered them with our wet cloaks

    5. Most found a place to lie down in the courtyard or on the roof of the tiny house, wrapped in their cloaks

    6. When they rounded a corner, three of the deadly assassins stood tall in their cloaks of shadows, wielding swords of blood red fire

    7. ” There were twelve Alit’aren standing along the walls to either side of the thrones all dressed in their black coats and cloaks

    8. It was a warm night, so none of them wore their cloaks within the hall

    9. While the young woman was setting the tray down on a table next to the bed, Orion and Tobin entered the tent, both in black coats and trousers under their shadow cloaks

    10. They wear dark racinthen armour of overlapping plates with hooded cloaks of shadows

    11. The initial impression was the same; tall, thin, ‘people,’ wearing long raggedy cloaks, and all of them were barefoot

    12. Some more men offered to hold their cloaks and form a screen for her to give birth in something that could almost equal a privacy of sorts under the unfortunate and inappropriately timed circumstances

    13. Others pulled their cloaks and stripped themselves of their clothes to make something soft for her to lay on, as well as sheets to feel warm in the dampness of the cave

    14. All three wore their heavy riding cloaks and their breath showed in the morning

    15. They were all wearing green cloaks fastened on the shoulders with a hook at the throat

    16. They pulled the wet cloaks over them but it did not give much warmth

    17. The next day the snow fell upon them in soft flakes and they pulled the cloaks tight around them

    18. They had pink and red feather headdresses and green and yellow feather cloaks

    19. We still had our rain cloaks and hats from our exile and thought this a good time to get them out

    20. She saw two tall figures in black cloaks, stretching out their hands toward a circle of fire

    21. Lamplight cut a path through the mist from the farmhouse door, and the Ploughman and Libuse, warmly dressed in woolen cloaks, stepped into the barnyard

    22. Meanwhile, thirty-six footmen with the faces and wings of bats came in to hold the long cloaks of each of the priests, as they headed for the Cursed Temple—which was annexed to the headquarters of the church—

    23. “I used an invisibility spell on us, and a spell that cloaks magic, so they couldn’t detect us without casting spells specifically to find us

    24. The Lammas snows would be over soon, as they never lasted more than a four-week cycle before turning to rains and winds which made men and women shiver in spite of the warmest of fires and the thickest of cloaks

    25. He is dressed in a thin woollen tunic, and Ralph thrusts one of his own cloaks at him

    26. 32 And in the course of his teaching he said to them Guard yourselves from the scribes who desire to walk in robes and love salutation in the marketplaces and sitting in the highest places of the synagogues and at feasts in the highest parts of the rooms and they broaden their amulets and lengthen the cords of their cloaks and love that they should be called by men My master and devour widows' houses because a of their prolonging' their prayers; these then shall receive greater judge- ment; But you be you not called masters for your master is one; all you are brothers

    27. Driven by the lack of a rope, they tear the remains of their cloaks into strips and tie them into one long cord

    28. A thought came, and he told his two shield-less spearmen to wrap cloaks around their left arms once travel resumed—poor protection but better than none

    29. Voices from all those in cloaks around us uttered short, quiet sighs of agreement

    30. His cloaks fell, he raised his hands

    31. The braids and cloaks of the Harad Ghul flapped and twirled in the powerful gusts

    32. Alwyn's costumes were ‘medieval’ doublet and hose, wimples and flowing gowns and cloaks because, he insisted contemptuously, there was nothing either magical or poetic about the modern world

    33. The riders pulled their cloaks on tightly and began their descent into a broad, wooded valley

    34. The tops of the mountains held patches of snow all year long and the warriors were quick to pull their cloaks and jackets tightly about themselves

    35. ‘You’d better wear these,’ Xanthippe waved a hand and two Vassals appeared with tunics and cloaks similar to the ones the Mages wore in public

    36. Then he and Peteru stood on the mats, whispered a number into their terminals, touched their wrists and before their cloaks and tunics hit the ground they were standing on the mats at the other end

    37. Powerful spotlights caught every facet of the magnificent jewels ornamenting their cloaks

    38. Wearing their Mage cloaks and hoods they dropped by negrav chute then headed for the Arena

    39. Among that growing throng, none gave the trio a second glance, even with their hoods raised to hide their blackened faces, or appeared to notice the large bulges carried under the cloaks of two of them

    40. Gaspar and Hubris returned disconsolately through the night-beset city streets, still clutching their bundles under their cloaks

    41. “That explains why you still have the items,” said Marna, gesturing to the bulges under their cloaks

    42. There were light cloaks made of a green leathery substance which she knew suddenly was from the skin of the giant eels

    43. Leaving half a dozen men in the boat, he took the rest, ten mighty archers of Khawarizm, in spired helmets and tiger-skin cloaks

    44. They came headlong across the open space, cloaks flapping, eyes blazing, knives lifted

    45. It was during this night at Livias that Simon Zelotes and Simon Peter, having conspired to have delivered into their hands at this place more than one hundred swords, received and distributed these arms to all who would accept them and wear them concealed beneath their cloaks

    46. He could tell nothing of his rescuers except that they wore dark cloaks and hoods

    47. Those high collars, those broad belts, all those rhinestones, those cloaks, those scarves, the moves, those sideburns…”

    48. Annie who was the creative one, was taken on and had a place in the design department, and as Freda had nimble fingers she had been taken on in the finishing department, stitching the intricate designs onto some of the elegant evening cloaks which were made there

    49. centurions wearing white robes and red cloaks marched by them in formation

    50. Their leafy cloaks offered some camouflage, but this was only for eyes in the distance, up close anyone could make out that the leaf patterns were fake

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