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    1. He’d pass their details to Lorenze and between her and Bazilda they’d concoct the papers and arrange transport

    2. motive the Dean can concoct for either of us killing

    3. But he trusted Penelope, and knew she was not one to concoct such fanciful tales

    4. Poor smokers, they got so desperate that they would concoct their own mixes of leaves and grass (no, not marijuana) to smoke

    5. One possibility for those who might feel inhibited by the requirements of true science is to make up new facts and concoct new theories to simulate scientific proof of a theory or practice that is being advocated

    6. If you can help with this please be sure to explain that the State had to concoct a theory of ―transferred intent‖ to be able to convict without any evidence and that Meeks has retracted his testimony and stated that he was told what to say

    7. They will lie, cheat and help others concoct lies and then corroborate their lies in court

    8. I was a whore; a fool for leaving London; a slut for jerking off to please a couple of perverted well-heeled wankers; idiotic to think I could concoct a dance off the top of my head for a group of art cognoscenti; trash for consenting to jerk off for an audience next week

    9. And I could imagine the stories Frances would concoct with wide-eyed-innocence

    10. But we must concoct something, some device with which we can hold my son’s curiosity

    11. knew, and concoct a trial program, which he would then bring

    12. The Warren Commission had the back wound migrate to the back of the neck and then they had him leaning forward like he did later, after the throat shot, to concoct a closer angle for their single bullet theory

    13. She would no more concoct this story than the Archbishop would convert to Judaism

    14. For a fraction of time, everything was reverted from infant to young age Pranjit- a concoct picture

    15. Anderson wondered what sort of story he would concoct to explain that

    16. his friends would concoct real trouble at times

    17. She half expected applause to break out as, with a flourish, he produced a plastic funnel from beneath his chair and proceeded with much ceremony to concoct a punishment

    18. His unaccustomed warmth caught me unawares and I was unable to concoct a

    19. Lark began to concoct a scheme to improve the

    20. This character can spend a few hours in a lab to concoct potions that bestow powers on whoever uses them

    21. They concoct a pungent alcoholic beverage called the Drink of the

    22. concoct this drug study insider trading plan

    23. “Yeah,” I said reluctantly, equal parts leery of telling the truth and afraid to concoct a lie that would only make me feel more jangled than I suddenly did

    24. Do we not see that now, when the simplest arithmetical calculation shows that the only means for the success of the schools is the simplification of methods, the simplicity and cheapness of the arrangement of the school,—the pedagogues are busy, as though having made a wager to concoct a most difficult, most complicated, and expensive (and, I must add, most bad) instruction? In the manuals of Messrs

    25. Pies were very closely allied to pioneer, and the Colonial housewife of early days was forced to concoct fillings out of sweetened vegetables, such as squash, sweet potatoes, and even some were made of vinegar

    1. Bronner has concocted his own peace plan

    2. I’m going out beyond the fence and wait till every network has a close up of my face and announce that an FBI Special Agent, Herbert Nelson, a man with a personal grudge against me has concocted a story of an affair between the wife of Tony Reilly and myself and has gone as far as implicating us in his murder

    3. We also concocted bizarre mixes of different detergents to wash the walls and windows

    4. Fysto rather brilliantly loaded a herd of goats on in Water-Down and put them in the special storage chamber he concocted

    5. Mildly surprised he had not explored the city’s drug offerings during his months of depression, she said, “A mood-altering mixture concocted by one of Stumps’s turn-of-the-century gangs

    6. She laughed at the autobiography he had concocted for Kazowskis, and repeated her amazement at his ability to construct plausible stories on short notice

    7. He found out the manner in which I had been cheating and concocted a devious plan to break the deadlock in the game

    8. ‘Mango and sticky rice’ may well be the most delightful yet simple dessert ever concocted

    9. But, because the story had been concocted that the Bush administration had outed her in retaliation supposedly for her husband’s attempts to discredit it (the administration), someone had to pay

    10. (Years later I learned she’d concocted this occasion to introduce me to this bachelor, hoping he might interest me and I’d change my mind about leaving South Africa

    11. ” The extreme element of the Left had concocted

    12. Fear, an emotion, sets the tone, but the actual flight response is concocted in and implemented by the intellectual division

    13. It was a concocted type of poison

    14. pattern concocted in our mind

    15. This recipe was especially concocted for non-users of milk and eggs

    16. Between them, they concocted a BS story that my work for EB constituted a COI because GD also owned Bath Iron Works

    17. bar, Nyla concocted a whopper

    18. Between them, they concocted a bullshit story that my work

    19. Esperanto, a concocted language that was supposed to become the universal world

    20. expedition, a very careful and elaborate story was concocted; and

    21. along with the strange fuel that we’d concocted in the lab, the

    22. There are a myriad of drinks out there concocted in someone’s basement or kitchen when there were just a few drops of liquor left and some type of mixer

    23. of Michael's visually concocted perceptions of her in a long

    24. One evening after bedding the stock for the night, the manager took me to the packing room where gorgeous baskets of fruit were concocted, and placed a firm hand on my shoulder

    25. The story was so similar to Scumble"s they must have concocted them together in an idle moment

    26. ‘The truth, if there is ever any truth, has been modified by myths concocted by the unbroken line of Mages to quell riots and maintain order

    27. And the story Dayne had concocted about Jaden betraying him?

    28. Born partly of guilt and, in no small part love, he had concocted a plan

    29. We had long concocted and memorised our phoney alibis in advance and had them ready when Moose and his men arrived on the scene from the mainland

    30. was concocted by a former fraternity brother back in the early

    31. I’d concocted in my head would work

    32. ’ The job having promised such rich pickings, ‘Professor’ Gurr, whom, I imagined, had concocted the original scheme, had demanded a larger share and this had led to the falling out of the two rogues- and incidentally, to my discovering the truth! It suddenly occurred to me that the mysterious remark about ‘-sorting out a black-” referred, not to an aborigine but to Martin Gurr

    33. But while he’s incarcerated, another building bomb goes off, and a concocted note says “we did it” signed by some other “cell member of the arrested man” who has “Al Queda linkage”

    34. It was really amusing at times to observe her careful approach to new acquaintances, and the fascinating motives that she concocted to explain their behaviour were very laughable

    35. concocted wars, and to stop doing the bidding of big oil and defense industries internationally

    36. It is believed he concocted an explosion on a

    37. “Mr Jay you need have no fear of the drug not working, a chemist friend of mine who concocted it assured me it was instantaneous, being sceptical I shot him with the first dart, he had time only to look at the dart in his leg before collapsing in a heap, I made him comfortable and read a newspaper while I timed his slumber, four and a half hours later he began to stir, half an hour after that he was sitting up, disorientated but non the worse for his snooze, his first words I remember were, “ You shot me you bastard

    38. Churchill, was nothing more than folly concocted by the Opposition Party whose wicked minds think wicked thoughts

    39. And if you concocted a batch of it today, I assure you, it would not cure anything

    40. The three concocted a plan to avoid him

    41. It’s obvious that impractical educational and licensing barriers were concocted by doctors fearful of competition, and promoted by irrational Chicken Littles with no real consideration for or understanding of economic cost

    42. She concocted a series of lies, each more unsupportable than the last

    43. “You really believe that don’t you? I would have hoped after spending time with us you would have realized we don’t fit the image you had concocted in your head

    44. And whoever concocted the best story--whoever told the story the subjects wanted to hear—would fill in the blanks even if the story weren’t true

    45. He had assumed that the enemy did not have a large stockpile of the impossible explosives, and thus had concocted this whole outlandish strategy with the refugee fleet

    46. If this Eldnan was a fiction concocted by Drasav, Ancor would have no qualms about keelhauling the man to find out the truth

    47. Upon returning from their meeting, Rinard had announced the necessity to reach the mainland with due haste, and Krane had adapted one of the plans Ancor had concocted

    48. “Budget?” When he’d concocted this plan, he hadn’t thought that far ahead

    49. But if she did that, then Achak would remain in the New World, free to carry out whatever insidious plan he had concocted, unabated by her efforts to stop him from his madness

    50. “Christoff and I concocted a plan

    1. mean that the Elders expected me to start concocting them the

    2. I doubt not that Taramis is there, concocting more devilry

    3. Not content to just invent gods, people were concocting intricate relationships in the spirit world and elaborate rituals to appease their evermore peculiar gods; the gods that didn’t seem to be responding to their pleas

    4. But that wasn’t true, Tom had everything to do with me concocting the plan in the first place

    5. A thin man in his mid-thirties was working in a dark bedroom, illuminated only by candles, concocting potions using herbs, botanicals, and oils

    6. The coven enraged, spoke of concocting a plan to go after Cristian

    7. underage girlfriend, plying her with drink and concocting his story while biding his time until he copped a cheap feel in the ‘romantic’ moonlit setting

    8. the truth that they deliberately hide by concocting a conspiracy

    9. wrong in place or not in place by concocting a conspiracy to keep everyone happy and everything as it is

    10. concocting the truth does not place Newton’s misconceptions in place or remove that which is

    11. The Titius Bode law is in lace and notwithstanding the level of despicable cheating, all the concocting the truth does not place Newton’s misconceptions in place or remove that which is there, the Titius Bode law

    12. The newspapers of the island started concocting hurried, spicy biographies of the king and I became an avid reader of some of the more racy ones

    13. for that past, blurry thoughts mingled with wild emotions, concocting the rage to do this

    14. Concocting a plan to trap

    15. "And you," returned Sydney, busy concocting the punch, "are such a sensitive and poetical spirit--"

    16. Before long he discovered that Blanco de Paz, who claimed to be an officer of the Inquisition, was now concocting on false evidence a charge of misconduct to be brought against him on his return to Spain

    17. Old Hannah never wearied of concocting dainty dishes to tempt a capricious appetite, dropping tears as she worked, and from across the sea came little gifts and cheerful letters, seeming to bring breaths of warmth and fragrance from lands that know no winter

    18. is concocting a kangaroo pie that will be the eighth wonder!"

    19. In like manner, however these learned men may call themselves, who in their simplicity are occupied during all their lives with the investigations of the microscopical animalcule and of telescopical and spectral phenomena; or those artists who, after having carefully investigated the monuments of old times, are busy writing historical novels, making pictures, concocting symphonies and beautiful verses, all these men, notwithstanding all their zeal, cannot, according to the definition of their own science, be called men of science or art, first because their activity in science for the sake of science, and of art for art, has not in view man's welfare; and secondly, because we do not see any results of these activities for the welfare of society or mankind

    20. Picture to yourselves that a famous poet of talent, whose tales and poems adorn the pages of our best magazines, is suddenly offered the chance of writing verses at a penny a line, signed into the bargain, as an advertisement for 'Cigarettes Jasmine'—or that a slander was spread about one of you distinguished barristers, accusing you of making a business of concocting evidence for divorce cases, or of writing petitions from the cabmen to the governor in public-houses! Certainly your relatives, friends and acquaintances wouldn't believe it

    1. his admirable qualities and concocts those virtues which he does not

    2. An oarsman sprains his wrist: the carpenter concocts a soothing lotion

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