confuse frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con confuse (in inglese)

One more gang to confuse.
Dont confuse the 2 please.
These words confuse the man.
It will confuse by every ruse.
You’re trying to confuse me.
They use such lies to confuse.
It might just confuse her more.

Did I confuse but amuse? Ciao.
Don’t confuse a blog with RSS.
What if we confuse them?
She hopes they’ll confuse him.
One should not confuse mantras.
I’m hoping it will confuse it.
The question seemed to confuse him.
They confuse quality with quantity.
That’ll confuse him, I said.
We do not confuse beauty with charm.
To confuse the black of frozen void.
These ideas can cloud and confuse us.
Don’t confuse your grief with guilt.
The Itinerary - Why Confuse Yourself?
Don’t let me confuse you with terms.
Don’t confuse these fats with all fats.
Don't confuse brains with a bull market.
Stop it! You always confuse everything.
It may have been a strategy; to confuse.
Not to confuse the issue, I don’t mean.
People confuse this behavior with a horse.
We must not confuse boldness with arrogance.
Metaphors can confuse as easily as clarify.
People confuse the simulation with reality.
I expected that would thoroughly confuse him.
This would confuse the hell out of the enemy.
Do not confuse 1 John 3: 2-3 with the Rapture.
Most people confuse karma with physical labour.
But I unlatched the door just to confuse you.
Oh, that Ben Nightline!--he's trying to confuse.
Don’t confuse time and space or space with time.
Hopefully a random trajectory would confuse them.
Please do not confuse that with being competitive.
It was confusing to me.
It was a bit confusing.
It was all so confusing.
Oh this is so confusing.
It was a little confusing.
It is all so confusing!.
Oh! This is too confusing.
It would be too confusing.
It was all a bit confusing.
It’s all a bit confusing.
It was all most confusing.
OK, now this is confusing.
My dreams were very confusing.
That part was all so confusing.
He gave me this confusing look.
It was a bit confusing for me.
Another confusing idiom for him.
I know it’s all confusing.
I find her widowhoods confusing.
All of this sounds confusing.
It’s so much and so confusing.
Confusing more than anything else.
It was a confusing political time.
No matter how confusing it seemed.
It only made things more confusing.
Stock Trader: That sounds confusing.
Gods of Egypt, this is confusing!.
Confusing are these future moments.
No, that would be very confusing.
All of this was very confusing to.
Constant in confusing heart and head.
I’m sorry too for confusing you.
Sorry if that sounds a bit confusing.
The whole subject was very confusing.
Overall, it was a confusing situation.
His travel was frequent and confusing.
Actually, it‘s not really confusing.
Those farming farmers are confusing.
I'm afraid I'm just confusing the kids.
This is all very confusing, Stone.
I was a bit confused.
I was just so confused.
I was very much confused.
I looked at him confused.
He looked at me confused.
I was dizzy and confused.
I shake my head, confused.
I stared at her, confused.
I stared at him, confused.
I think I’m confused.
The doctor looks confused.
He was confused and tired.
I looked at them confused.
Carrie was confused and.
So why not be confused?
He was much too confused.
His question confused her.
I was even more confused.
Maps? Thomas was confused.
It confuses me.
That confuses men.
I think it confuses her.
This confuses levels of.
Confused light confuses memory.
I think that it confuses them a lot.
I have been in, and that confuses me.
It’s worthless and only confuses 90.
It still confuses me when he touches me.
It confuses him, this mention of the word easy again.
The game, whatever it is, confuses and causes the WAM.
It confuses what is created on the screen with actual events.
Her comment confuses me at first, but then I realize what she means.
Often the proliferation of names in the IT job world confuses others.
Now – I have something IMPORTANT to explain here – that confuses.
What confuses you the most about life? How do you plan to make it make.
Marcus and I are both part of the past and the present, but the N confuses me.
Ant capitalism confuses the situation even further than it has done in the past.
The poet hopelessly confuses the exploits of the Huns, theGoths, and the Cossacks.
A reference that confuses both investors and students alike is that some academic.
What is their hair's texture, and what is their hair type? Hair type is what confuses people the most.
His absence confuses the king for a moment until he remembers that Eugene actually isn't a part of his family.
That confuses people who prefer a bargain—the low-priced, unknown stocks they hope will take off and surprise us all.
In IWs, one is patriotic to the truth, but its mirror implication – the truth is patriotic – confuses fact and ideology.
It’s not just their speed that confuses me, but the man I thought to be burning in the car seems unharmed and on his feet, escaping.
This diverts suspicion and confuses it; and for the same reason I recommended that, even if you came back last night, you should not go home.
This confuses search engines because for them one URL is one page of content, not multiple pages, as the case with frames is and search engines.
The truly unusual thing is that you want to make a trade using those options despite the fact that there is some factor about them that confuses you.
Thoughts confuses reality when two levels of unfamiliar consciousness merges in martial science we forge all levels of consciousness and motion into action.
It tends only to conceal defects and weak points in the system resorting thereto, by throwing over it the halo of learning, and the play of much speaking which confuses more than enlightens.
How can you discern if this is your situation? If your dead Spiritual Guru or the Spiritual Guru far away never scares you, confuses you, pisses you off, makes you cry with frustration, or electrifies you.
The terrible error is that one confuses sex-love, love for children, for friends, with love of people through God, of people to whom you are indifferent, and still more of enemies, that is, of erring people.
I try to avoid using the word time, because until you Understand quite deeply the true Essence of this specific phenomenon, any mentioning of it confuses you and puts your traditional thinking in disorder.
The director says that they actually found a way to put a third floor inside the roof and it works great except that the walls are all slanted, which confuses their patients and makes the nurses whack their heads.
The first of these divisions of science is harmful, not only because it confuses people's perceptions and gives false decisions, but also because it exists, and occupies the ground which should belong to true science.
First off, he was reacting powerfully to my own apparent physical gifts without even being aware of that dimension of himself, which always confuses and excites me, and secondly he had the exact attributes of Quinn-black curly hair and vivid blue eyes-in a heavier, stronger, more physically comfortable frame.
It is especially the case with workmen who are intelligent but who have had no classical education; they are not masters of words, and, consequently, of ideas; they use a refined language which is not natural to them; it is a perplexity to them and consequently confuses their minds; they have had no time to filter it drop by drop.
What is art, if we put aside the conception of beauty, which confuses the whole matter? The latest and most comprehensible definitions of art, apart from the conception of beauty, are the following: (1 a) Art is an activity arising even in the animal kingdom, and springing from sexual desire and the propensity to play (Schiller, Darwin, Spencer), and (1 b) accompanied by a pleasurable excitement of the nervous system (Grant Allen).

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