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Frasi con fox (in inglese)

1. He knew about the fox.
2. The Fox and the Forest.
3. Fox on January 8, 2008.
4. The fox looked back at.
5. And now a Fox news alert.
6. Today, he was just a Fox.
7. Of you and the Fox still.

8. Fox turned back to Silas.
9. He must be an island fox.
10. She truly was a fox.
11. Fox was unhappy about it.
12. The fox didn’t run away.
13. Saying hello to the fox.
14. I play cards with the Fox.
15. Fox, do not hunt their food.
16. The Fox laughed, and said:.
17. Fox seemed not to have heard.
18. In came Samantha and Red Fox.
19. I meant the blood of the fox.
20. The Fox caught it and said:.
21. The fox was the last one to.
22. What about you, mister Fox?
23. Of course, said the fox.
24. How much is the fox worth? 2.
25. He scanned the Fox Den floor.
26. Fox New England Theaters, Inc.
27. So it’s true! said Fox.
28. He is a sly fox, you'll agree.
29. Mr Fox still hid in the bushes.
30. I'm sorry the fox got him, sir.
31. Fox, he's hired on mercenaries.
32. But no one has invited the fox.
33. Talk about putting the fox in.
34. He had the look of a fox to him.
35. The Fox Five morning News was on.
36. He is in love with you, our Fox.
37. When I’m done with Fox —.
38. Most Arctic Fox wear a white coat.
39. Along comes a fox, out on a walk.
40. What happened to the fox?

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They foxed me, however.
The foxed neck of his tee-shirt.
O kay! They're not foxes.
I do not want to sleep with foxes.
Thar's plenty o' foxes in this area.
The foxes ran according to his plan;.
For want of ten foxes, a lion starves.
Broadway production of The Little Foxes.
I cannot work if the foxes are not here.
All are good for pigs, foxes and badgers.
Foxes and deprive the common man of their.
We can speak to the foxes and the bears.
For both Foxes and Lions, the common man is.
Suitable for animals such as rabbits and foxes.
Foxes and friends go togather under immigration.
I told you they’re more like terriers than foxes.
Lovern, do not be concerned about your sacred foxes.
Harailt said, I have heard your foxes are doing well.
The Black Fox banished all other Foxes from the forest.
Wolves, coyotes, foxes, and jackals have been killed in.
But this time these foxes are underestimating their enemy.
One such book widely available is: Foxes Book of Martyrs.
Something about foxes in the henhouse comes to mind.
Four words flashed through my mind: Foxes in the henhouse.
He saw the blood and the hungry foxes and the torn rabbits.
Ralph also went after foxes and the occasional, rare, wolf.
Wolves, foxes, and coyotes, have been trapped and killed by.
He feeds the crows, the foxes, the worms and the vultures.
These bags just invite dogs and urban foxes and cats and rats.
The point is that it is "the little foxes that spoil the vines".
We are the foxes, and society—is a chicken-run guarded by dogs.
We seemed two foxes trying to calibrate the ferocity of the other.
They blame the foxes and would trap them, but you have forbidden it.
Meat eaters, such as wild cats and foxes, produce long tapering ones.
What is it about?"Rabbit: "Oh, I'm writing about how rabbits eat foxes.
I know Arimid is pleased as long as I continue to have my foxes around me.
I better round up the chickens before the local foxes and coyotes make.
Hats, veils and dead foxes were missing, but everything else seemed the same.
He knew that there were still some sentinels who had never been neglectful of foxes.
Foxes and coyotes don’t climb trees, and everyone knows what a raccoon looks like.
How easily do they creep in! Jesus stated, Catch me the little foxes, the ones that.

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