conjuration frasi

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Frasi con conjuration (in inglese)

  1. If someone had a conjuration to resist the charm of the ring, he had to be this elder.
  2. That night I entered the room of conjuration, and in that room I saw some people waiting for spirits that had been called.
  3. But, if thou wear this form through mere passing conjuration, then resume thy former aspect! Changeless and hopeless, the tumbrils roll along.
  4. The great belief which our people have in conjuration, (or throwing for each other, as they call it) signs, and the returning of departed spirits, confirm the above opinion.
  5. The rest of the evening I amused myself with the guards and the Book looking in between the yellowish and undermined pages the indolent passages for the conjuration that so hard was hiding to my attention.

  6. An earnest conjuration from the king,.

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