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Illusion in una frase (in inglese)

Has to be an illusion.
It was a fine illusion.
For the illusion of sin.
This is a false illusion.
It is an optical illusion.
Go beyond the illusion of.
Based on love or illusion?

It created an illusion of.
The illusion was a good one.
He saw through the illusion.
Abjure the illusion of the.
Actually mind is an illusion.
That it’s all an illusion.
Illusion is the only reality.
Death is the biggest illusion.
Is this reality or illusion?
Pop! There went that illusion.
It is an illusion of light.
He then uses that illusion of.
It was all an illusion, though.
It"s an illusion I"ve invented.
Enough that the illusion works.
Then man goes beyond illusion.
The illusion is of a wondrous.
Mass is, in effect, an illusion.
Because any pain is an illusion.
Progress is a powerful illusion.
The whole thing was an illusion.
Any tiny illusion that is left.
This illusion was ending and it.
But control is often an illusion.
And symbolic illusion is the goal.
So he was just an illusion?
What if that’s an illusion too?
What if all that was an illusion?
Progress is the ultimate illusion.
That was probably just an illusion.
Illusion is coming in November 2014.
You perceived the illusion as real.
But the illusion was contradictory.

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