curative frasi

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Frasi con curative (in inglese)

  1. Nature has endowed the body with curative.
  2. He is curative to the nation, like medicine.
  3. Florentino Ariza was never very conscious of that curative journey.
  4. The earth plays the baptismal blood immersion burial as a curative rite:.
  5. My reunion with Lovern, curative moments of talk and love, would have to wait.

  6. Nonetheless, no evidence currently suggests that dietary changes are curative for.
  7. Every day at home she diligently performed the entire complex of curative gymnastics recommended by the chiropractor.
  8. The odd-looking roots and fungi might have curative properties but that didn't mean they couldn't be produced as damning evidence in a witchcraft trial.
  9. Yet, in spite of its 350 acres of gardens, lawns, woods, and walking paths, its well-trained staff and comfortable surroundings, there would be no curative treatment for Rosemary.
  10. He believed that time in the wilderness provided a lasting curative and civilizing value, and he spent twenty-five years advocating for the PCT, though when he died in 1957 the trail was still only a dream.
  11. ONE OF HIS MOTHER’S ANTIQUATED BELIEFS involved the curative power of manual labor, and though she framed it as a favor he could do for her, he knew she was thinking of it the other way around when she asked him, at breakfast, to mow the north pasture.
  12. They knew that their brother was desperately sick, and though they hardly dared hope that Jesus would leave his work of teaching and preaching to come to their assistance, they had such confidence in his power to heal disease that they thought he would just speak the curative words, and Lazarus would immediately be made whole.

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