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Frasi con therapeutic (in inglese)

  1. This is a therapeutic retreat.
  2. The party was oddly therapeutic.
  3. To love someone is truly therapeutic.
  4. The mission of the therapeutic company is.
  5. They receive therapeutic care and can be.
  6. The therapeutic impulse comes from Christ.
  7. Animals are very therapeutic for shut-ins.
  8. She wasn’t sure this was therapeutic anymore.
  9. Rogers (1959) called his therapeutic approach.
  10. Th is principle came as a basis for therapeutic.
  11. The holy Fathers recommend concrete therapeutic.
  12. The empathetic blankness of the therapeutic voice.
  13. It had been a very therapeutic day of events for me.
  14. Would you like to hear some therapeutic music?’.
  15. The first draft came out of me in a therapeutic rush.
  16. Our courtship was as therapeutic as it was romantic.
  17. It is a very therapeutic word, but a very important one.
  18. In that case, here is another therapeutic kiss, Monica.
  19. In Therapeutic Coaching, depression is seen as a healthy.
  20. Therefore a therapeutic massage performed with the right.
  21. Lecithin has other remarkable therapeutic qualities as well.
  22. The growing distance from Canberra had a therapeutic effect.
  23. Inflicting pain on someone I despised was oddly therapeutic.
  24. Curiously, but the authors of such therapeutic techniques were.
  25. Studying therapeutic techniques of animism is another interest-.
  26. You could stroke his head for hours, and it’s most therapeutic.
  27. And because relaxation and its therapeutic qualities are a study.
  28. As a form of alternative medicine, the therapeutic use of aromatic.
  29. Actually, a number of therapeutic schools use in their practice the.
  30. Many therapeutic methods are based upon philosophic discourses that.
  31. This was another part of the trip that I found incredibly therapeutic.
  32. This may require direct assistance in the form of therapeutic support.
  33. A therapist confi rms his concept by means ofhis therapeutic practice.
  34. I was almost in a trance from the effect of their therapeutic touch and I.
  35. Currently, this therapeutic effect remains weakly supported and therefore.
  36. Body Wraps, Herbal treatments and other therapeutic and cosmetic Procedures.
  37. In general, it is women who most frequently initiate the therapeutic contact.
  38. A number of additional therapeutic and alternative treatments are also used by.
  39. In a controlled trial, therapeutic touch, a type of hands-on healing, was found to.
  40. Hypnotherapists noted therapeutic effects could be realized by seemingly regressing.
  41. The merriment was therapeutic, mending all the brokenness his insides had accumulated.
  42. Other fields that benefit from this type of therapeutic use of music and guided imagery.
  43. Their advice was largely predictable, but the act of talking about it all was therapeutic.
  44. It has long been said that documenting your thoughts is extremely cathartic and therapeutic.
  45. The trinity that came to achieve heaven’s forces in therapeutic actions goes into the unity.
  46. For most conditions the therapeutic dosage range is typically 400 mg, two or three times daily.
  47. Being a normal state of mind, hypnosis is not dangerous and indeed is often used for therapeutic.
  48. Ironically since getting therapeutic on Lithium I haven't had so much as a common cold in 6 years.
  49. Her therapeutic instincts told her he was on the brink of a breakthrough, if she could just hold on.
  50. However, steroids have some serious health implications when taken for reasons other than therapeutic.
  51. His identity crisis offered a therapeutic distraction from the annoying changes he encountered at work.
  52. Getting trapped in the elevator and the cave, those things were therapeutic exercises, weren’t they?
  53. They had decided to exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve, so she had a few days, but shopping was therapeutic.
  54. From a therapeutic standpoint, MSM supplementation, at levels that exceed those at ainable from food alone, is.
  55. Well, adults with the help of suggestions under therapeutic influence can partly ease the process of disease.
  56. Therapeutic use of DHA is usually in the range of 1-3 gms of DHA from fish oil, most commonly 250 – 1,000 mg.
  57. Hortense Gray’s strange therapeutic games had forced her to face the truth: she was helpless against the past.
  58. Create an aroma therapeutic bath by adding bath salts that contain kelp, sea minerals and other types of seaweed.
  59. This water-soluble pigment has been shown to inhibit histamine release at therapeutic doses, making it an attractive.
  60. Suddenly, our family was faced with how to provide a safe, therapeutic environment where we hoped he could be cured.
  61. Rather than be therapeutic as his wife had suggested, Silas’ anger just ripened from the time to stew in his thoughts.
  62. Guilt ran through her at the thought of how much pleasure she would take from this, her final act of therapeutic healing.
  63. With the credibility shown the team took over the entire Therapeutic area of Infectious Disease within a short span of time.
  64. As he walked across the street, his bag of therapeutic tools hanging on his left shoulder, police sirens rose in the distance.
  65. The natural scenery was so calming and therapeutic, that it now seemed hard to believe that his visit here had been a tragedy.
  66. On the other hand some have expressed that they enjoy it and find it therapeutic with the procedure becoming almost compulsive.
  67. Therapeutic doses are used in the treatment of post-surgical patients and burn victims, primarily to support collagen synthesis.
  68. The use of DMSO, a colourless, oily liquid primarily used as an industrial solvent, for therapeutic applications is controversial.
  69. The artwork strikes huge eyes of a boy drawing a picture of a therapeutic dream in preoccupied process to make other forces silent.
  70. And I have rarely been tested, outside of a hospital setting, to see if my psychiatric meds are at a therapeutic level in my bloodstream.
  71. These aspects of the unresolved Antigone phase are invariably at the heart of the matter for women and, thus, for feminist therapeutic work.
  72. That one had been chaste, comforting, respectful, a therapeutic decision that put her out on a limb professionally and then shattered the limb.
  73. The reason for this is that getting therapeutic treatment with peers has proved to be the best way of controlling a tendency to return to drug use.
  74. She spent a lot of time reading her Marvel comics, which were way below her intellectual level but possibly fulfilled another, therapeutic function.
  75. Had Hortense Gray inflicted those scars on herself for the sake of her therapeutic exercises? And was it something she had learned from her father?
  76. Was this a therapeutic game? Had she been led to this cave and trapped in here on purpose? An experienced guide would not have let a tide trap them in a cave.
  77. It is frequently administered as nicotinamide for therapeutic reasons, since nicotinic acid acts as a vasodilator and can produce severe flushing and itching.
  78. Troi knew all this, for she had been there, both in spirit and in his mind, but she also understood that it was therapeutic for Garcia to confide in her outloud.
  79. Although there may be some truth in this and it may even have a therapeutic effect, the question to ask is: Who feels better? This is not a trick question.
  80. The hospital was closed after the advent of phenothiazines—a class of medicine that had such a therapeutic effect on residents that they could become outpatients.
  81. No therapeutic relationship meant the freedom to act as she pleased, but with all her years of study and damned celibacy she would have no idea where to even begin.
  82. Doctors in homeopathy want a rounded picture of their patients to see if they can mentally handle the therapeutic process without cracking up or giving it up half way.
  83. Up to three years ago, I felt that past-life regressions are interesting experiences when they are real but that they didn’t carry any substantial therapeutic value.
  84. While therapeutic drugs are subject to strict controls, there are literally thousands of synthetic drugs that are not tested until evidence of their toxicity becomes apparent.
  85. So why had he come? He could have told her mother no, if she had indeed asked him to come—whether to bring the check as he had said or to participate in the therapeutic games.
  86. Well, John, I'll do some hypnosis with you here in the office and a little more Therapeutic Touch, but I think what will probably be most helpful is simply a little quiet meditation.
  87. Rage and hatred weren't part of the therapeutic process, at least not on the part of the psychotherapist but she had never wanted to harm someone as badly as this woman Tracy Dunleavy.
  88. There was a twitch, a resettling of fingers on the cardigan, like a cellist’s on his instrument, a movement at the corner of the therapeutic mouth too quick for the beard to camouflage.
  89. The dauntless grandmother, who had reached a hundred years of age managing a small, clandestine brothel, did not trust therapeutic superstitions, so she turned the matter over to her cards.
  90. With the popularity of Yoga spreading throughout the world, there is also the innate danger of people attempting to teach Yoga without actually being fully trained to use it as a therapeutic tool.
  91. And well, it had been nearly a week since I had made it a daily therapeutic ritual of hiking up to Grandma and Grandpa’s to walk the playground of my youth and visit with those ornery old people.
  92. While I was taking Rob's history, and a lot more strongly during Therapeutic Touch, I had profound sense of darkness and light, a split right down the middle of the personality, but I was very confused.
  93. So why do you believe you’re pathetic? He reached into his shoulder bag for a pair of magnets to use as a therapeutic metaphor conveying that we attract negativity by thinking negative thoughts.
  94. My wounds gave me but little pain, so wonderfully and rapidly had the applications and injections of the female exercised their therapeutic powers, and so deftly had she bound and plastered the injuries.
  95. The therapeutic community considers a recovering drug dependent as an expert on addiction who can best formulate guidelines on treatment and rehabilitation so as to bring back the client to the normal state.
  96. It is fun clearing up the sitting room of the annexe … I know Stephen said to leave it until we know for definite that Liz is coming, but I had nothing much to do this afternoon and sometimes a good cleaning session is therapeutic.
  97. For Rose and Joe, the school may have seemed ideally suited to Rosemary’s and their needs: a lauded therapeutic setting that could allow Rosemary to function as a teacher’s aide, both for her own self-esteem and for the sake of public appearances.
  98. In a study meant to reveal therapeutic value of carrots researchers at the Wolfson Gastrointestinal Laboratory in Edinburgh, Scotland revealed that cholesterol level reduces by 11 percent if seven ounces of raw carrots a day is taken for three weeks.
  99. I respect the scientific studies along with the philosophical foundation on which Therapeutic Touch rests but you're not using any EEG machines or any EKG machines or stethoscopes, and I guess I still need some instruments because that's how I was trained.
  100. However, if you are a patient and therapeutic Yoga is your need, you will benefit in learning it from a medical practitioner who is trained to understand the physiology of the human body and can thus be watchful of the effects of Yoga if performed incorrectly.

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