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    1. Jorma burst into laughter but Herndon and Ava both sat cold as statues in a drizzly winter dawn

    2. Telsair had sat at this table in the dawn with him, he wished she was here now

    3. So who did he want to share this sunshine with this dawn? That girl heading north, why did her face spring to mind, just because she was so exotically Elvish? It had been years, she was a cartoon in his mind now, it had been two meals and a sleep

    4. It would be colder still at dawn, coldest while they slept between now and dawn

    5. Before dawn they would enter the interconnects, the way would be crowded and there would be current, not a good combination with way too much power

    6. In the first glow of dawn in week Imnotn they finally reached Zharvai

    7. He could not see the purpose in watching a star that had been lit up since the dawn of time and would probably never go out

    8. some confusion is inevitable: Could he be a playful, elf-like man who comes down from the canyon at dawn to sprinkle dew over the ground before others awaken? Or simply a wonderfully unobtrusive groundskeeper who literally fades into the landscape while dutifully taking care of the foliage? Actually

    9. He still stepped as wide-legged as the others as that train rode thru the early dawn traffic

    10. "If he finds one his age or an adult who will join with him we might not see him till dawn

    11. Last dark would be fine, but the girls would all be leaving with dawn if they were here now

    12. They watched the light of dawn creep across his land thru the little telescope on the geosynchronous

    13. until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal

    14. By the dawn of common year 2424, the fate of Satan's world was sealed

    15. Hints of perfumed unguents applied so thoughtlessly in the dawn light spoke in foreign tongues to insect senses

    16. Smith took the melody and the rhythm of the void into the soul of creation, swinging in allegiance from every note to every other note in a crescendo of perfect solitude, until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal truth in un-sound

    17. Once thru these sandbars; and before Great Fright Island, she would have to cut back south to avoid the swamp itself, but that should be just about dawn

    18. and stale mouths upon the coming dawn

    19. to say that she wouldn’t see the dawn again

    20. Since dawn I've been tramping around the whole thonga-trampled area looking for you

    21. through the still clearing of wakened dawn

    22. I hear the dawn chorus,

    23. By the next dawn, Alan declared his foot 'good as new' and ready to make good progress

    24. about heads as restless as the dawn swell

    25. in the cold greyness of a rainy English dawn

    26. But, I couldn't sleep and couldn't resist my new found confidence so I decided to go out and wander a little just before the dawn

    27. The earth turned and brought the dawn

    28. heading home on the dawn ferry,

    29. The sky thought about dawn behind the looming mountain, now a huge dark mass as Dawnsleep ended

    30. As dawn broke they staggered wearily out into the early morning daylight for a well deserved cigarette on the Embankment

    31. As it got late in the evening, it was dawn where he was spending his sentence in Yoonbarla Vale and he no longer needed the lantern to use his desk eye

    32. By dawn both James and Elizabeth were exhausted

    33. I shall return at dawn to bring you both back to Dragons Hill

    34. These images culminated in a sequence of grainy pictures depicting John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, as recorded at the dawn of the broadcast age

    35. That was a Chinese sleepership called Pink Dawn with a multi-generational crew

    36. Their evenings were a riot of dancing, laughing and the after hours bliss of the marital bed, and after all of this the happy couple even found time to sit quietly as the dawn rose and talk of life, love and their plans for the future

    37. There were no fights, no disagreements, nor was there any petulant posturing, but nonetheless, during their long dawn conversations they became aware of a doubt nagging away at them beneath their true, true love

    38. "These transitions don't correspond to any other observations of the Pink Dawn, or any observations of the impactors

    39. She could see that the signals produced in Gordon’s Lamp had the same characteristics as those from the Pink Dawn

    40. We have no evidence that the Curitiba or the Pink Dawn possesses that technology," Ava said

    41. "I believe we should identify it as the Pink Dawn," Kelvin said, "at least for the crew's sake

    42. "The odds of us coming within scan range of the Pink Dawn are less than one in a billion

    43. "The Pink Dawn could side with Brasil because they are mortal," Kelvin said

    44. Of that seventeen, I’m getting signals from all but the Pink Dawn, Splendid Serenity, Glorious Morning and Al-Harron

    45. The only other ship the laws of physics would allow to reach this position besides Pink Dawn and Curitiba is the Al-Harron

    46. If it had to be someone else, it would be Pink Dawn

    47. "The Pink Dawn doesn't have that capability

    48. " He didn't let anyone grab the floor, but went on with, "We have a Brazilian spy hosted on Curitiba, and we have an explanation for the crew of how the Pink Dawn could be paralleling us in spite of their daedelus drive

    49. "If it is the Pink Dawn

    50. "But," Kelvin said, "the Pink Dawn could not host that cherub

    1. I don't think it has dawned on her yet

    2. I tried to unravel time in some vain hope of stopping the days from ticking over into the new shift pattern, but the inevitable morning dawned with the usual sounds of boots on concrete, sliding locks and the dull metallic alarm of my breakfast tray being laid on the floor by my mattress

    3. Then it dawned on me

    4. Then it dawned on him

    5. When it dawned on them that I knew what they were up to, they burst into shameless sniggers and gleeful squeaks having been caught out having so much barefaced fun

    6. All of a sudden something dawned on me

    7. It dawned on Tiffany that her father had opened the card that had come with the flowers, which was an outrageous breach of privacy

    8. The day dawned bright with hope for the future

    9. It dawned on Tiffany that her father had opened the card that

    10. Acceptance dawned on both Tam and Brent as Mya continued

    11. Suddenly it dawned on him why this had been so easy

    12. ‘It’s suddenly dawned on me that, with Karen and Jake away, we could go somewhere, together, without anyone asking any questions

    13. Monday dawned bright and sunny, and, as arranged, I went over to Sally’s house with my bottles of nearly-champagne and the glasses in a basket

    14. pierced in several places, and his eye lids, his chin, and both ears dawned an array

    15. Exhausted, she lowered herself to the second step, breathlessly wondering if she wasn't supposed to have stopped that from happening If not then why had she seen it? It suddenly dawned on her that she couldn't change the past, how could she? It wasn't in a time she could do something about, right, she thought to herself

    16. Suddenly it dawned on them –

    17. It dawned on her that he’d seen the bruises that morning

    18. dawned on her, but instead she thrust her chin into the air

    19. It dawned on Emma they had been discussing the holidays, or at least the preparations for the holidays

    20. He started to close his laptop when it suddenly dawned on him

    21. It dawned on me then that Roman had not said a word from behind me

    22. care!" It suddenly dawned on me that I was getting married in

    23. The baying hounds of the networks leapt into action, the quickest turn around in the history of the recorded word came about and the day dawned bright in Moscow when the Politburo met

    24. The next day dawned fine and warm, with a promise of

    25. realisation dawned, and the world swam before his eyes

    26. Then it dawned to me, the mystery was solved, I had already

    27. And then it dawned on him

    28. It dawned on Zarko that she was referring to his encounter with Nuska earlier that day and he wiped a hand across his brow, trying to organise his thoughts before speaking

    29. The next day dawned as a typical Babylonian morning, blue skies and no wind

    30. “Helez, what’s wrong?” Azubah asked and then suddenly the truth dawned on her – the young man, Zarko! “It’s Zarko, isn’t it? He’s more than a mere acquaintance, isn’t he?” she asked softly

    31. He was taken aback, but then recognition dawned on him

    32. Isin chuckled as it dawned on them all what had actually just taken place

    33. I bit my lip to stop myself from grumbling as it dawned on me

    34. My eyes darted to the freaks that were surrounding the tank I was on, and it dawned on me in that moment that none of them had reacted to him

    35. He'd been open with me so far, but I was thinking I didn't need to hear about the bad years of his marriage when a thought dawned on me

    36. He was about to settle down and doze off again, when it dawned on him that the fronts of her two HEPOs had both been fully unzipped

    37. The day of the 28th of April dawned bright and beautiful we had just been stood down from stand to and we were still talking about the news we had been told yesterday

    38. Alex said nothing, and it suddenly dawned on Sebastian that Alex was in shock

    39. Only now had it dawned on her what a liability she must be to the security of this location

    40. It dawned on me at that precise moment that I had spent my entire life in the shadows of someone else

    41. Saturday the 1st of July dawned bright and beautiful the colour of the sun in the sky and the warmth at this time of the morning probably meant that we would get a scorching hot day later on

    42. The next morning dawned clear and crisp outside, but the stove was warming the living room as Carmen came through

    43. It dawned on him how downright absurd this was

    44. He had exhausted all of his anger now, and the rage and hatred drifted away as a new realisation dawned upon him

    45. It suddenly dawned on Imbrahim that she was proposing the very thing they’d come all this

    46. ’ The realisation dawned strangely late

    47. Once everything had been cleared up the reality of how badly it could have gone for them and how their lives could have been completely wrecked really dawned on them

    48. Day dawned sending shafts of warm sunlight, through the layers of mist on the horizon, probing the earth for suitable points to lock into and hoist he huge fiery ball into the sky

    49. In such a futile situation, the realisation dawned that his priorities had been askew

    50. In a moment the insanity of the tactics dawned upon the American army; not though the soldiers knew someone had blundered

    1. Michael looked at Tabs and Ash, realization dawning on him as he saw they too were matted with blood

    2. It was dawning upon him how much time and effort, planning and sacrifice had been made over the years by his mother and father on behalf of their children and he was emotionally overwhelmed with the enormity of the realization

    3. Allcock varied the introduction little during the multiple repetitions, and it was at last dawning upon Harry that he would be attending Malvern College

    4. after the talking stopped, a window now lit by the dawning of the sun

    5. Harry looked her directly and said, “Kaitlyn, you are the fragrance of freshest spring and the dawning of every new morning to me

    6. This evening inaugurates the dawning of a new age for Tahoe City

    7. Sarah Bunker had spoken well, this was the dawning of a new era for the village

    8. Upon the first dawning of his genius, it was represented to him, that by going into the church he could easily find a much more quiet and comfortable subsistence, as well as a better situation for pursuing his studies; and he immediately followed the advice

    9. He was embarrassed by the dawning realisation that he’d simply enjoyed having strong opinions

    10. Tomorrow will be the dawning of the Age of Chaos

    11. Reese and Eric both snapped into focus, staring at Galeron with dawning awareness

    12. His eyes blinded to the dawning of the day

    13. Yes, from the dawning of Adam, to the new day without end,

    14. As promised in Brock's prediction, the new coming was dawning, about to rise from the ashes of the old

    15. ” Beth smiled at a dawning suspicion

    16. “Ah! This is the young man we’ve been hearing so much about,” said the Emperor in dawning comprehension

    17. I promised him the dawning of a new era, with him uncovering the secrets that would finally make it practical and true

    18. They had talked since they left the party until it was dawning and only slept for a few hours

    19. 9 Let the stars of the twilight of it be dark; let it look for light, but have none; neither let it see the dawning of the day:

    20. 147 I prevented the dawning of the morning, and cried; I hoped in your word

    21. During that time, all thought and innovation and invention were absent, but as history proves, there was a new dawning

    22. He looked at me that sadness I had seen before dawning on his green eyes

    23. The dawning of this discovery weighed on me

    24. 15 And it came to pass on the seventh day, that they rose early about the dawning of the day, and compassed the city after the same manner seven times, only on that day they compassed the city seven times

    25. 26 Then came the woman in the dawning of the day, and fell down at the door of the man's house where her Lord was, till it was light

    26. Amori looked from the hand to the chains that she could now see, then back again, a new realization dawning on her

    27. 45 And in the evening of the Sabbath which is the morning of the first day and in the dawning while the darkness yet remained came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary and other women to see the tomb

    28. (hence we are now at the "dawning of the age of Aquarius")

    29. “This is the dawning of a new era for the Hordes of Chaos

    30. By the time the residents retired the dawning sun sent rays of light through the iron and glass windows

    31. It is a bright, bold obvious sign that a new day is dawning

    32. ‘Of course,’ said Ralf with dawning comprehension

    33. She had never been able to accept her lot with grace, and lately, with the dawning realisation that life was not going to improve, had taken to venting her frustrations on those few who loved her

    34. 12 It was gradually dawning upon Jesus what had happened

    35. " And now the night was passing; the light of another day was dawning

    36. Still, after all the training you have had, was there any good reason why you should stumble at my words? Why is it that you are filled with fear and consternation when you see the kingdom being divested of these lukewarm multitudes and these halfhearted disciples? Why do you grieve when the new day is dawning for the shining forth in new glory of the spiritual teachings of the kingdom of heaven? If you find it difficult to endure this test, what, then, will you do when the Son of Man must return to the Father? When and how will you prepare yourselves for the time when I ascend to the place whence I came to this world?

    37. The Dawning of a Wisdom Age

    38. Because each new phase of evolving intelligence takes place in a fraction of the time of the previous phase, we can expect the dawning of a ‗Wisdom Age‘ to take place in years rather than decades

    39. be the dawning of a new age of creativity, when they

    40. A smile crept across her lips as he stared back at her, realization slowly dawning as he watched her glow

    41. Jeremy narrowed his eyes, a look of understanding suddenly dawning on his face

    42. Bingo, I said, then waited for more of a dawning to arrive

    43. He was sure slow with the dawning this morning

    44. It was his favorite time, the dawning of a new day

    45. to counterbalance it: the dawning of a new day, a caring and sensual

    46. Perhaps the dawning of the T H E H O U S E O F D A R K S H A D O W S | 81

    47. new day will bring the dawning of a new direction, Alex concluded, and perhaps this is only the beginning

    48. The new day is dawning

    49. all of this dawning evil in lands where only scientific knowledge

    50. and all the earth has entered into a dawning celestial age

    1. The world has handed you sunsets and dawns,

    2. CINDY: (it dawns on her that he has not been listening to her) You did, didn't you?

    3. ‘Oh? What for?’ Then, as he hesitates, light dawns

    4. Monday rolls into darkness and Tuesday dawns

    5. Then it dawns on her

    6. She has no recollection of seeing these two, but then it dawns on her that Bex might be a bit of a dark horse, too

    7. It is a novel experience; it dawns on Chrissie that she’s thoroughly enjoying herself

    8. It dawns on him as he pokes his head round the door frame that the smell of roasting meat is entirely absent from the house

    9. It dawns on Billy that he hasn't got a sister

    10. A moment of silence and it dawns on him; a joke, sick realisation, but then Ted thinks about it; cash from the Scots bastard, cash from this arsehole, it's the same thing

    11. Thursday dawns grey and drizzling

    12. And it all came out with many sobs--the nights and dawns with Minna, the Latin, the sleighing,

    13. Until the day dawns and The Morning Star rises, Filling the hearts of My chosen as they enter in

    14. times the wonderful state of joyful peace dawns on me and I

    15. life dawns, full of love and beauty; then the Guru is not impor-

    16. Contrary to summer when they enjoy eighteen hours of sunlight, in winter it dawns very late and the sun sets very early

    17. And dawns of pearl and gold and red,

    18. To the dawns of the day we met Americus and Leonardo on the patio located at the highest point of the building, sight to the sea, following the instructions that Diana had communicated to us after the breakfast

    19. Eventually, as Wisdom dawns, great understanding comes to prove that every choice made solely on the needs of fear and greed will fail

    20. Back beyond the dimmest dawns of Time she crouched shuddering in primordial jungles, hunted by slavering beasts of prey

    21. Only that day dawns to which we are awake

    22. Then it dawns on me, this son of a bitch is a vampire

    23. And then it dawns on me

    24. Then it dawns on me

    25. The sun dawns and the mind runs again in its old, usual, sensual grooves of eating, drinking, amusing and sleeping

    26. Then dawns supreme Knowledge of the Self or full Illumination or Self-realisation

    27. But dawns not reason on the bigoted minds; Inshah Allah, if the child were to pick up the Islamic threads religiously and grow up into a believing musalman, still he would have developed a prejudiced psyche that stymies his awareness in our age of openness

    28. dawns with the vision of God

    29. Finally, true wisdom dawns on Efm when he learns about Elisha’s

    30. When the awareness dawns that

    31. ledge dawns upon him, he is blessed with the ultimate peace, because

    32. falls and when the day of knowledge dawns, and also the limits of the

    33. dawns on you that your every waking and non-waking moment will be devoted

    34. It goes on through an increasing unpleasantness winds, rain, snow, blizzards--till, after Christmas, the real winter begins, without a cloud, without a stir of the air, its short days flooded with sunshine, its dawns and twilights miracles of colour

    35. Comprehension dawns, followed almost immediately by more confusion

    36. Except—and the full enormity of it dawns on me—she’s not my birth mom

    37. journey must not stop before it reaches destination and then, the realization dawns upon that it

    38. never dawns on them that life is the ability to generate electricity whereby muscles are controlled and life

    39. At first God dawns upon the heart of the aspirant as morning dew comes to the blades of the grass then He flows across heart as stream then turns into a river and finally waves of the divine ocean engulf the heart of the seeker and seeker feels fully inundated in divine presence

    40. Stay calm in front of it; look deep into it until its veil is torn apart and sun of God dawns upon the darkness of your mind

    41. Something fundamental dawns on him: the view from here is not remarkable anymore

    42. Something dawns on Evans: it wasn’t protestors who destroyed the temple

    43. This day already dawns

    44. From the yawns that dug up the dawns fierce words to rend, here is by the grandest Migrator and trail-worn Newsman, a fresh limb of legend

    45. But now dawns upon this darkness the light of the Kingdom of God, the light of Life

    46. Surely it is something more than a hopeful speculation that when a brighter representation of the living God of Christianity dawns, like a gladdening sunrise, on the scientific world; when it is understood that Redemption, which so many centuries have celebrated, has in truth been nothing less than a movement of the Being who is Eternal to bless with Immortality in His own image the ephemeron 'who is of a few days and full of trouble;’ a new spirit may enter into many of the minds which devote themselves to the investigation of nature

    47. The star-flooded nights, the dew-soaked dawns, the hushed ambulatories, the enforced asceticism—never has Werner felt part of something so single-minded

    48. Fair women are usually asleep at mid-summer dawns

    49. His eyes move quickly, unseeing, before understanding dawns on his face

    50. I would love to buy but I’ve bought enough and I will wait for the breakout which will mean a historic new era dawns

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