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Frasi con decompose (in inglese)

  1. But the money would decompose in the soil.
  2. As the last thing to organically decompose.
  3. Thus, they can decompose the bias-adjusted 11.
  4. Don’t let it start to decompose and stink up the place.
  5. It has to be a while because the body's starting to decompose.

  6. How many men decompose in the piles of stone before them? Nine.
  7. It is unethical to have a human body decompose in a hospital bed with.
  8. Most of them were still fully intact and had barely started to decompose.
  9. In later chapters, we will decompose sales into the product, (Price x Quantity).
  10. When we decompose stockholders’ equity into its constituent parts, we will find.
  11. The weapon used against me at Q 35 is causing my skeletal system to gradually decompose.
  12. Also, such cold does not encourage much forest-floor fauna, as the nutrients decompose very slowly.
  13. Grass clippings can actually decompose easily into the soil, and provide your lawn with the nutrients that it needs.
  14. The physical decomposition of your physical body still leaves behind leftover energy that does not decompose or radiate.
  15. Consensus forecasts can be used to decompose yield spreads into expected exchange rate changes and required currency risk premia.

  16. On the occasions when Barrad paid the ultimate price, his body would fail to decompose, awaiting its return to life once again after being ejected from the Temple.
  17. In many asset classes, we can decompose carry into (1) the required risk premium and (2) the market’s expectations of future developments (changes in exchange rate, interest rate, credit spread, stock price, or dividend growth).
  18. It is believed the galaxies will continue to expand until the galaxies and their stars are disseminated so greatly they cease to exist but in their smallest atomic particles, which too will eventually decompose, corrupt and disappear.
  19. It seemed wrong that two such magnificent living structures should be the victims of a life-sucking fungus to be left withering skeletons that would eventually break, crumble, and decompose and then disappear from sight altogether, as though they had never existed.
  20. Once undead evil is revealed and killed: it reverts back to the purest negative energy there is: one-sides inorganic decomposition: 100% negative oxygenation: literally burning up and disappearing into the component energy radiation they are designed to decompose into.
  21. When we throw garbage in open areas, spit on the road, let dying dogs and rodents decompose in the open roadsides and in general maintain a careless attitude towards hygiene and cleanliness of our streets and country in particular, we are only inviting trouble for our posterity.
  22. Noirtier,' the helpless old man, at the tender mercies of the weakest creature in the household, that is, his grandchild, Valentine; a dumb and frozen carcass, in fact, living painlessly on, that time may be given for his frame to decompose without his consciousness of its decay.
  23. And when the atom-less-energy of Self (spirit) is released from its interface with the atom-energy of the brain with its structures and functions, the Self, Spirit and Soul being spirit-energy that cannot be measured by scientists and cannot decompose or change form, continues to exist as Self into definitive eternity.
  24. Every evolution of life causally created and produced the next logical evolution of life right up to humans building poisonous nuclear reactors that produce so much poisonous waste products that cannot be used: the earth will be poisoned with out nuclear waste for hundreds of millions of years before they rot and decompose enough to stop killing all living things on contact with it.
  25. They are not distant; they are the organic evolution of living creatures, of Life being poisoned into a convoluted mass of DNA, they are our own ancestors: they are an accumulation of 4 billion years of evil, they are the condition of living energies refusing to deteriorate and decompose themselves as they are designed to, they are a condition of pervading evil which has existed for hundreds of millions of years.

  26. All bags, white bags to hide things in, hide dirt and refuse in, all containers, all packaging, until the entire consumer industry has become an industry based upon the brainwashed idea of immaculation and untouchability… Manufacturing garbage bags to put into the earth: that do not decompose for 3000,000 fucking years: when the plastics industry could easily have manufactured plastic bags that decompose in a matter of months, not years.
  27. This books is not a book of hopelessness! It is also not a book of hope either! It is written to give you the tools to fix yourselves and this earth which has been poisoned for too long by these rotting things which have only one purpose and that is to die completely into their smaller constituent parts, and decompose back into the life energy which is the only energy in the Universe which can solve the entire problem with this unfinished, unfixed, unsolved Universe.
  28. These dying rotting things invented insane games of hate and abstract games to pass away the meaningless time of their undead existence; since their existence had no further purpose, and they had no further reason to live any longer because once a human being dies; they are designed to decompose ALL of their life energy and physical body back into the earth, and give up their rotting undead energy back to the earth, so new Life can spring up clean and fresh: without being poisoned by their filthy rotting presence.
  29. We further decompose the growth rate,.
  1. Decomposing the credit spread.
  2. Imagine a dead animal decomposing in the.
  3. Flies gather wherever decomposing filth is rotting.
  4. And decomposing it and rotting it faster and faster.
  5. My wife was called to identify the decomposing body.
  6. A leper was seen as someone who was alive but decomposing.
  7. The unseen are composed of nothing but decomposing, rotting lies.
  8. Lies gather wherever decomposing rotting undead human scum gather.
  9. Either way, you will be deconstructing (decomposing the concepts into.
  10. Thankfully, his decomposing eyes saw clearly even in complete darkness.
  11. This chemical is the result of fish waste and decomposing food in the aquarium.
  12. Though she heard nothing, her nose caught an earthy scent like decomposing leaves.
  13. Your bank-notes had a musty odour, as if they were fast decomposing into rags again.
  14. Civilization was invented by undead decomposing evil turds that need to be exterminated.
  15. Her eyes widened at the sight of that decomposing face and she pushed back from the table.
  16. A decomposing body was wheeled in this morning and we couldn’t make out their identity.
  17. Cremation is not associated with decomposing bodies; therefore it is clean and more acceptable.
  18. In the white part of this simple, decomposing banana peel, there was a cluster of fruit fly eggs.
  19. The stink of stale air and decomposing green matter mixes with rat piss and the decay of human flesh.
  20. The towns and villages were filled with the smoke of burning houses and the stench of decomposing corpses.
  21. From what I could tell, the zombies that were at a farther stage of decomposing seemed to be the most vicious.
  22. We usually used a old sap trench or the like and just threw them in piles of decomposed and decomposing bodies.
  23. The men were puzzled but relieved that they’d found nothing especially gross, no decomposing bodies, to report.
  24. A rancid, decomposing face appeared on the other side of the entryway, its dilated pupils burning into me in desire.
  25. Large animals such as cows gave off considerable body heat and the decomposing manure piles supplied yet more warmth.
  26. I had just registered the fact that the pile of clothing was, in fact, a decomposing body when the body started to move.
  27. All he could do was stand there, totally overwhelmed by the ghastly, nauseating, decomposing corpse he’d just witnessed.
  28. You will wish to emulate the soil composition of the woods which is rich with natural nutrients such as decomposing leaves.
  29. His teeth became sharp and his skin took on the color of a corpse’s, like a dead man’s who had been underneath the water decomposing.
  30. They are composed of all the accumulated decomposing, rotting lies every human ever brainwashed another into believing throughout human history.
  31. Its decomposing leg was covered with thin, blackened and bloodied shreds of rotting flesh, and severed bone was visible through its torn, tattered jeans.
  32. They were immediately greeted with a foul stench and a swarm of flies, both signs that could not be mistaken for anything other than that of a decomposing corpse.
  33. It is this formation and increase of the army, which is necessary for the support of power, that has introduced a decomposing principle into the social concept of life.
  34. The air was getting stuffy in the sealed tomb now and Rubin was stinking a fair bit; the smell of his decomposing body was seeping out of his wrapping into the chamber.
  35. They now could see that the bottom of the pit, which was a good ten meters deep, was lined with sinister vertical spikes on which a number of decomposing corpses were impaled.
  36. He was young—somewhere between seventeen and twenty-one—and when I walked into the room I found him lying spread-eagled on his back, decomposing in a congealed pool of his own blood.
  37. That is because all the dying, decomposing energy turns around and gives its energy back to composing living things by dying completely; these undead filth do not do this, they do the opposite.
  38. As I looked up at the parapet I could see rusty barbed wire strung out across the top and the usual smell of latrines, chloride of lime, sweat and decomposing bodies assaulted our sense of smell.
  39. Thus, over four pages and twenty-seven clauses, ran the description of the external appearance of the terrible, large, stout, swollen and decomposing body of the merchant who amused himself in the city.
  40. It is made up of millions of insane suffering tortured dying souls packed together, all trying to get out of their predicament but unable to… it is a mass insanity of mass humanity, dissolving and decomposing its life-energy.
  41. Lopez’s mission is the education of the public on the necessity to quit using chemicals altogether and in the meantime, to properly dispose of their waste - so that one day the earth may return to its natural cycle of growing and decomposing.
  42. This other old lady, this one sitting laying her cards, her mouth all pursed up, was real, and in twenty years' time, or perhaps even sooner at the rate she appeared to be decomposing, Fanny's mouth might very well be all pursed lip too, into a kind of cross little bag.
  43. The family is very happy to receive a bit of saw dust and cement in an ash-urn or wooden box, believing wholeheartedly that its grandma’s ash, but grandma’s body is decomposing under a bush at the Tristate crematorium, while the family scatters grandmas ashes at her favourite spot.
  44. The cafe was closed and it was time to head back anyway, but before I did, I wanted to go a little further down to where I could just see a swamp of what looked like complete desolation; dried-up marsh and cracked puddles and decomposing vegetation like the ones that used to scare me as a child.
  45. The sun's rays hit the surface of the waves at a fairly oblique angle, decomposing by refraction as though passing through a prism; and when this light came in contact with flowers, rocks, buds, seashells, and polyps, the edges of these objects were shaded with all seven hues of the solar spectrum.
  46. Undead rotting entities for thousands of years have managed to preserve their rotting dying, decomposing auras by continually adding and merging fresh new undead auras into their dying auras… until the accumulated mass of insane undead energy seems to have a power greater than that of a single aura.
  47. It is composed principally of quartz, rough, with numerous cells of various forms, in which small siliceous crystals are generally found: the veins or plates of quartz that intersect each other, often embrace talc and oxide of iron, which, decomposing, gives some specimens the appearance of volcanic origin.
  48. And further, in decomposing the colour rays that come to the eye and painting in pure colour, while great addition was made to the power of expressing light, yet by destroying the definitions and enveloping everything in a scintillating atmosphere, the power to design in a large manner was lost with the wealth of significance that the music of line can convey.
  49. Why do you think the Catholic Church told its parishioners for hundreds of years that because they were sinners, after they died they would all be doomed to everlasting misery and go to Hell and burn in hellfire? Because millions of years ago, undead entities discovered a way to keep from dying out as they are designed to; naturally decomposing their animate energy back into the living Earth: these evil things discovered how to suck off energy that is not life energy: they found a way to suck off the heat energy of burning flames.
  50. The insane human trend of not eating or drinking anything that is organically connected and alive and healthy… is all the same basic path of evil which is also the splitting of the atom, the splitting up of the nuclear family, the splitting up of all human social bonds, the separating of all humans from each other, the insulation of all living people from each other, is the same unspeakably insane irrational evil direction of total annihilation and suicidal self-destruction which 7 billion insane dead zombies who are controlled by uncounted numbers of undead dying decomposing dead auras and entities.
  1. He was even more decomposed than I was.
  2. It had decomposed to the point it was barely visible.
  3. And a few decomposed coffee beans sealed in Argon gas.
  4. Was it decomposed? Was there anything distinctive about it?
  5. Remains of an animal in one of the containers Decomposed bodies all over the floor.
  6. Decomposed bodies in coffins buried under dirt and stone, dirt and stone buried under snow.
  7. The cocoons decomposed almost as soon as the soldiers stepped out of them, sinking easily back.
  8. The mixture in our stormglass decomposed under the influence of the electricity charging the air.
  9. Smoke has aptly been said to be the formless relic of an object that has been consumed or decomposed, by the.
  10. But it was too late, Hoyle had flown away with the bones and decomposed body of Boweloft in the mid morning sky.
  11. We usually used a old sap trench or the like and just threw them in piles of decomposed and decomposing bodies.
  12. I had printed out a clean copy of the sketch that had been drawn from the partially decomposed head of Jane Doe.
  13. Well, things are quite easy: the fish excrements contain ammonia which is later decomposed in nitrites and nitrates.
  14. Under the brilliant lighting of the Nautilus's rays, I could make out her features, which the water hadn't yet decomposed.
  15. It now remains to state, that by means of iron ignited in this apparatus, a fixed alkali may be decomposed extemporaneously.
  16. They are only a refuse heap, a garbage heap of unlived, unloved lives that have rotted and decomposed for thousands of years.
  17. In the galvanic circuit it was decomposed with bright scintillations, and the reduced metal being separated, afterward burnt.
  18. Total predicted excess return can be conveniently decomposed into the sum of these contributions plus the regression intercept.
  19. Commodity futures returns are often decomposed into three elemental parts: spot price change, collateral return, and roll return.
  20. They were further put to the test one hour later when the decomposed body of Lorene Eagles was uncovered in the boot of her Audi.
  21. It is commonly believed that the dust of our rooms is produced by the fragments of decomposed vestments, beddings, furnitures, &c.
  22. Day 12: Check on bin #3, how does the compost look? are there any parts that don’t look decomposed? remove that and place in bin #1.
  23. The process of organic material being separated and decomposed is only one half of the biological process of the entire cycle of Life.
  24. The richest most powerful source of organic Life on Earth comes from decomposed organic matter mixed with the natural soil of the Earth.
  25. Leroy Edwin Froom: Smoke has aptly been said to be the formless relic of an object that has been consumed or decomposed, by the action of fire.
  26. Where these rocks are decomposed, and the country is hilly, it will readily be believed that the two kinds of soil are frequently blended together.
  27. The ruins of the sandstone formation are here seen scattered about in fragments, or decomposed and intimately blended with those of other formations.
  28. There was a good chance that methyl isocyanate thermally decomposed to yield a group of other toxic substances, including cyanide and carbon monoxide.
  29. His decomposed face with black and brown muscle wrinkling over the skull stared at me as though he had already chosen his main course for the evening.
  30. Let them taste how slimy and nauseating it tastes without turning it into an unrecognizable burnt, brown, decomposed tough fibrous thing that has no taste.
  31. All this water contained a considerable amount, and after it was decomposed by our powerful batteries, this life–giving elastic fluid could have been restored to us.
  32. It is presumed the steam was decomposed, and carburetted hydrogen and carbonic oxide, or carbonic acid, produced as the steam passed, very near the hot bottom of the vessel.
  33. In this excavation I found some human bones, some pottery, some whorls and some thin objects composed of bronze much decomposed; all in the midst of ashes and cooking-debris.
  34. He was clearly very upset and his face became red with emotion, then he uttered these shocking words, ‘But Sir… his father’s body has not decomposed or become dust as is usual.
  35. Over time, her flesh decomposed and her bones turned to mush, even the shackles at her wrists and ankles fell away, the mere weight of them enough to tear through her festering limbs.
  36. They would have decomposed so much or been tormented by wild animals to such an extent it would be extremely difficult to identify them, let alone determine with accuracy the cause of death.
  37. The velvety, caressing glance of his fine eyes seemed dead, and even decomposed; for these almond-shaped, languishing orbs had become inappropriately bloodshot with much sinister sleeplessness.
  38. The ammoniacal solution, which contains the oxyd of tungsten, is decomposed by acids, and by heat, and instantly deposits a white heavy powder, becoming yellowish by standing, and full yellow by heat.
  39. Similarly, unexpected stock returns in a given period can be decomposed into changing expectations of future dividend growth (“cash flow news”) and changing required returns on equities (“discount rate news”).
  40. This trough was filled with all manner of abominations: fragments of fat and decomposed meat, legs of rabbits and fowls, vegetable matter, broken knives and forks, and hair: and the glass of the window was caked with filth of the same description.
  41. There is one here, for instance, who is almost completely decomposed, but once every six weeks he suddenly utters one word, quite senseless of course, about some bobok,[1] 'Bobok, bobok,' but you see that an imperceptible speck of life is still warm within him.
  42. Wollaston, it is true, decomposed water by means of it; but the experiment was performed of necessity on a scale too minute to permit of his ascertaining, whether there were any divellent polar attractions exercised towards the atoms, as in the case of the pile.
  43. Sometimes corpses were left out in front of the trenches and of course in the sort of climate we were in they decomposed very quickly but both sides recognised the health issues that the corpses represented and a truce would be called so they could be policed up and buried.
  44. Heated by the blow-pipe on charcoal, it was instantly volatilized in part, and in part decomposed, with an almost explosive effervescence; numerous ignited globules of metal appeared on the charcoal, and burned with an abundant flame of a delicate blue colour, edged occasionally with green.
  45. Hare's blowpipe, in which I melted lime and magnesia, and a long list of the most refractory minerals, gems, and others, the greater part of which had never been melted before, and I supposed that I had decomposed lime, barytes, strontites, and magnesia, evolving their metallic basis, which burnt in the air as fast as produced.
  46. Robert Hare has taught in his lectures during the last eighteen months, that acid properties never appearing in the absence of water, this fluid or its elements are most entitled to be considered as the acidifying principle: but that probably it does not exist in acids as water, but is decomposed when added to them, the particles of hydrogen and oxygen by their different polarities taking opposite sides of those composing the base.
  47. Various notices, more or less complete, chiefly copied from English newspapers, are now going the round of the public prints in this country, stating that "a new kind of fire" has been discovered in England, or, at least, new and heretofore unparalleled means of exciting heat, by which the gems, and all the most refractory substances in nature, are immediately melted, and even in various instances dissipated in vapour, or decomposed into their elements.
  48. Or, for example, there is an undeniable advantage of any genetic code (as a projection of definite VVU-Configurations of conglomerates of Formo-copies) that manifests in the property of chemical stability of the genes that contain it: it is impossible to find any well preserved proteins (which are original carriers of a definite VVU-Information) in decomposed bones of a multimillennial mummy, but their specific code (a wave projection of the same VVU-Information) can be easily discovered and deciphered in preserved DNA or RNA molecules.
  1. As it decomposes it will.
  2. He decomposes, as it were, hilariously.
  3. As the food decomposes it will release ammonia.
  4. It makes no difference whether the body was buried and decomposes in a natural way or if it was cremated, digested by wild animals or fish.
  5. Much of it decomposes when exposed to air and moisture, and forms a good mould, whenever the descent of ground permits an accumulation of earth.
  6. Another study decomposes corporate yield spreads, explaining them with various credit-related factors, and interpreting the residual as compensation for illiquidity.
  7. That is why, when the biological part of any “personality” focused by You differentiates (decomposes) after “Death” into many other biological Proto-Forms (bacteria, viruses, worms, etc.
  8. The stylized illustration below decomposes the raw corporate–Treasury yield spread into three parts: the true ex ante return advantage and two break-even cushions that offset the expected impact of default losses and optionality.
  9. The structures and functions of atom-energy changes over time, as ice changes to liquid water and vice versa and eventually the structure and function of living anatomy decomposes or changes to ash and gasses (cremation) or compost (bury).
  10. The earth is thrown into a hopper, and the fluid obtained, passed through another of ashes, the alkali of which decomposes the earthy nitrate, and uniting with its acid, which contains chiefly nitrate of lime, turns it into nitrate of potash.
  11. The structure and functions of atom-energies, at any one moment, may change, for example, when the structure of atom-energy in the form of the body changes in ‘death’ and consequently decomposes but remains in existence restructured and with new functions.
  12. If you smell the feces of a person who only eats healthy living plants and simple unprocessed foods, you will find that it has no unpleasant odor and does not rot or begin to stink… it simply decomposes itself naturally and disappears leaving no trace, no odor, no impure accumulation.
  13. The historian evidently decomposes Alexander’s power into the components: Talleyrand, Chateaubriand, and the rest- but the sum of the components, that is, the interactions of Chateaubriand, Talleyrand, Madame de Stael, and the others, evidently does not equal the resultant, namely the phenomenon of millions of Frenchmen.
  14. The historian evidently decomposes Alexander’s power into the components: Talleyrand, Chateaubriand, and the rest—but the sum of the components, that is, the interactions of Chateaubriand, Talleyrand, Madame de Staël, and the others, evidently does not equal the resultant, namely the phenomenon of millions of Frenchmen submitting to the Bourbons.
  15. Then what do we observe? The same thing which we observe after refocusing of “a human being” that “died” yesterday — a corpse, the collective Consciousness of a biological and molecular mass that inertially decomposes with the help of bacteria and gradually disappears from the structural part of this Formo-system of Worlds with the help of microorganisms and worms.
  16. You're familiar with some of them, such as the thermometer, which gives the temperature inside the Nautilus; the barometer, which measures the heaviness of the outside air and forecasts changes in the weather; the humidistat, which indicates the degree of dryness in the atmosphere; the storm glass, whose mixture decomposes to foretell the arrival of tempests; the compass, which steers my course; the sextant, which takes the sun's altitude and tells me my latitude; chronometers, which allow me to calculate my longitude; and finally, spyglasses for both day and night, enabling me to scrutinize every point of the horizon once the Nautilus has risen to the surface of the waves.

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