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Frasi con disintegrate (in inglese)

  1. Daylight would disintegrate the skull.
  2. With the war in Korea, that pact would disintegrate.
  3. I was wrong; he makes everything else disintegrate.
  4. The Western World had already begun to disintegrate.
  5. Set your weapons for disintegrate, he told her.

  6. That most things are left unattended and they disintegrate.
  7. A man who wants to disintegrate in the ambient air like smoke.
  8. I think that is where our relationship started to disintegrate.
  9. WILL DISINTEGRATE in heat and the earth and all its works WILL.
  10. I somehow knew that if I looked, I would disintegrate into ashes.
  11. It was like watching a Bach cantata disintegrate before your eyes.
  12. On average, bearish crowds disintegrate sooner than bullish crowds.
  13. She found it hard to believe it could disintegrate just from light.
  14. DISINTEGRATE in heat and the earth and all its works WILL DISAPPEAR.
  15. Then she felt the cool plastic wrap disintegrate, and she could breathe.

  16. His body and ship disintegrate into trillions of molecules with his team.
  17. We will eject him and disintegrate him with the cannon, replied Morgan.
  18. You know it’s impossible for Hypnos to disintegrate between two duties.
  19. Without constant repairing and renewing, your house would disintegrate into a.
  20. Its diameter is too large, he says, and it wil just make the meat disintegrate.
  21. The torpedo departed the Path Finder, only to disintegrate the moment it passed.
  22. I was going to describe the walls as they appear to disintegrate into dust, but.
  23. If ever there was an omen of things to come, having the shuttle Columbia disintegrate.
  24. Love's self-transcendence is its escape from ought; soul emerges when shoulds disintegrate.
  25. Even the anus started to disintegrate in my head like an old mine collapsing in a B movie.

  26. Cristian sat up stunned while an astonished Pedro looked at him as he began to disintegrate.
  27. There was trouble enough in this household and I did not want it to disintegrate completely.
  28. The Interlock got cracked, but was able to keep the core in one piece, so it didn't disintegrate.
  29. He could also see that the force of the water was beginning to disintegrate it as he had predicted.
  30. Suddenly the centre of her vision began to disintegrate and behind it was nothing but intense white light.
  31. Information that contradicts the crowd’s theme can stop the cascade and cause the crowd to disintegrate.
  32. The USSR would last another thirty-seven years before its economic structure would completely disintegrate.
  33. At that point I expected that the bubble crowd would begin to disintegrate and a bear market would take hold.
  34. Each gas bomb was designed to disintegrate at two thousand feet and spread the gas over a large area as it settled.
  35. When such crowds disintegrate, the averages typically drop a minimum of 30 percent from their highs and sometimes more.
  36. But once war is declared, this bearish crowd begins to disintegrate as soon as there is reason to expect ultimate victory.
  37. The cells of the human body begin to disintegrate after 40 years causing the major organs, including the brain to stop functioning.
  38. As you can imagine, releasing the restraint put on the savage nature of humanity would disintegrate the mutual exchange of communication.
  39. This made me nervous, because if she suddenly lost control and appeared in her fully divine form, we would disintegrate by looking at her.
  40. Primitive people wouldn’t likely have asked either the apple or the feather and ball questions, and certainly not how to disintegrate a city.
  41. The crisis reaches its climax with some sort of government intervention—a guarantee or rescue—and the bearish crowd begins to disintegrate.
  42. Heaters must be constantly kept running even if the plant isn’t making steel because if they were turned off, the equipment would disintegrate.
  43. It would completely disintegrate anything it hit with the exception of an object made of norimuinatit—upon which the sonic bombs had no effect.
  44. He leaned back against the rail holding her carefully as if she were so fragile that she might disintegrate to nothing should he squeeze too hard.
  45. In that day the heavens will vanish in a tearing blast, the very elements will disintegrate in heat and the earth and all its works will disappear.
  46. It doesn’t matter what ‘opinion’ you examine, when questioned, most people disintegrate into a bland and vapid statement of a ‘core belief’.
  47. The replicator has been reprogrammed to produce clothes that will disintegrate after approximately thirty minutes exposure to ultraviolet light….
  48. Imagine that, for whatever reason, this contrarian trader concluded in 1997 that there was a mature bullish stock market crowd that was about to disintegrate.
  49. At the time I found this strong corroborating evidence that the bear market crowd of 2002 was about to disintegrate and that the stock market’s low was at hand.
  50. It is very hard to identify the top of a bull market, but much easier to see when a bullish crowd is about to disintegrate after such a top has probably developed.
  51. When man ceases to advance in his thoughts and ideals, his forces immediately begin to disintegrate and his countenance gradually registers these changing conditions.
  52. Beneath your world of skies and faces and buildings exists a rawer and older world, a place where surface planes disintegrate and sounds ribbon in shoals through the air.
  53. Would Troy, the night-shift manager from the restaurant in Matthew’s building, convince the jury that he’d killed Tamara? Would the prosecution’s case disintegrate?
  54. But it was obvious to all: the plane was falling apart! The stress creaks persisted without pause, taking on a more sinister presence as the structure began to disintegrate.
  55. If any air had gotten into the sealed box, which they’d assumed had been sealed by a vacuum for 2000 years, the old remnants would disintegrate and any cells would be lost.
  56. Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to see Cross one-upped before he was destroyed? Wouldn’t it be satisfying to see him groveling in failure just as his life began to disintegrate?
  57. Once this process begins, the crowd will disintegrate and price will return rapidly to fair value, sometimes continuing well past that point to produce another valuation mistake in the opposite direction.
  58. His new body will be the inner lining and the rest of the coat will be his new universe, and his old universe, which he had departed from, will slowly decay and disintegrate like a palm leaf that has fallen to the ground.
  59. The tics and contortions of rage in the young officer’s face began to disintegrate before he collapsed to his knees by the tub, looked up at the ceiling of the crude room, and moaned, You said we weren’t doing anything wrong, Mommy.
  60. If this passage does not say the heavens (the sky) and the earth shall pass away, all be dissolved, be burned up, will disappear, disintegrate, there is no way God could have said the heavens (the sky) and the earth will not be after the day of the Lord? THERE.
  61. Babylon is the world, Joshua spoke in this slow voice, and when man began to step off the Rock that I established in the beginning, and intervened with his own equation, then that which I founded started to disintegrate, at least in the obvious eyes of man.
  62. Captain Nemo is about to take Professor Aronnax and his companions on an underwater stroll through oyster beds to hunt for pearls, but Aronnax is afraid of the prospect of sharks, and though she longs to know what will happen, the sentences disintegrate across the page.
  63. Starbuck's body and Starbuck's coerced will were Ahab's, so long as Ahab kept his magnet at Starbuck's brain; still he knew that for all this the chief mate, in his soul, abhorred his captain's quest, and could he, would joyfully disintegrate himself from it, or even frustrate it.
  64. Four of the trees had foot high sections of their trunks disintegrate into vacant space due to the force of impact of the stones, and for a second the severed trees appeared to hang in space above the blasted stumps before the force of gravity caused them to drop straight downward.
  65. The impact was incredible and shattering!…the 4x4 appeared to disintegrate into and wrap itself around the rock, then lit up as the petrol tank exploded and Umberto’s consciousness deserted him as he was flung through the air, to rebound painfully as his world spun around him….
  66. This view stopped my internal dialogue, and the bridge of reason I had stood on all my life collapsed: Everything the world of average people had told me to believe began to disintegrate as elements of the Stalker’s assumption—how emissaries saw the world—coalesced with an elegant fluidity.
  67. And the way he understood things now, it was she who was mortal, destined to die and disintegrate around him, and it was he who was immortal, existing within her while she was alive, and when she died, it was his destiny to continue growing and grow a new universe and live within her until she died.
  68. This view stopped my internal dialogue, and the bridge of reason I had stood on all my life had collapsed: Everything the world of average people had told me to believe began to disintegrate as elements of the Stalker’s assumption—how emissaries saw the world—coalesced with an elegant fluidity.
  69. Much debris was washed down the hole which caused the particle board sub-flooring to disintegrate Now, most importantly you will see on page 228 which is part of Angela Blount‘s autopsy report the following: ―Three of the fragments are discovered to be metallic, shiny and to exhibit threads on the inner surface of the curved metal.
  70. Which falls faster if dropped at the same time, a feather or a ball of lead? Why does an apple fall down from the tree instead of some other direction, or just stay on the tree where it is? How much material, or mass, does it take to disintegrate a city? The obvious answer to the feather and lead ball question is true if the test is performed off your back porch.
  71. Until they live their lives mostly in a state of continual abject fear, hopelessness, passivity, resignation, ignorance, illiteracy, humbleness… with their self-esteem so destroyed, their psyches so damaged and so brutalized; that they become easy victims for even worse oppressions and degradations and suffering… as the quality of their lives disintegrate into even worse squalor, filth, and Ignorance.
  1. The Middle East is disintegrating.
  2. The voice is fading out, disappearing, disintegrating.
  3. An autistic society, one that is socially disintegrating, i.
  4. From Zardino’s ship they observed the disintegrating Moon base.
  5. Sounds of a Cowhide Drum, wrapped in a disintegrating scrap of newspaper.
  6. A moment or two later, and the images faded, the white room disintegrating.
  7. Five hours later and the road was quickly disintegrating beneath their wheels.
  8. It fired the device at Roidon, but instead of disintegrating, he simply froze.
  9. Her arms, her nose and her hair were covered in glue and disintegrating paper leaves.
  10. There is a word that insinuates itself into an environment in which liberty is disintegrating.
  11. I found some extra clothes I had and gave them to him since his were disintegrating in the water.
  12. He replayed the scene in his mind repeatedly of the image of Pedro disintegrating right before his eyes.
  13. The enemy woke up to reality when the Mig targeted by Ingrid exploded in mid-air, disintegrating into pieces.
  14. It is an old time-table now, disintegrating at its folds and headed ‘This schedule in effect July 5th, 1922.
  15. Unfortunately we were all still a little shell-shocked; shocked that the world appeared to be disintegrating behind us.
  16. Even more miraculous than the appearance of the boulder dwarf, all around her the Reapers were suddenly disintegrating.
  17. Is this action integrating with reality, or disintegrating with reality? How will this action move me towards my goals.
  18. Nigella, made of sterner stuff, regarded Fanny's remark as yet another proof of the rate at which she was disintegrating.
  19. With his secret occupation as an arms dealer and with the actual, chaotic situation around the rapidly disintegrating U.
  20. We are convInced that their planet is in a disintegrating orbit and we are going to help save as many of them as we can.
  21. Both the fighter and the scoutship collided head on, the fighter disintegrating on impact with the scoutship’s shields.
  22. Then her skin cracked, peeling back and disintegrating as did her clothes, revealing red, scaly skin and a thrashing tail.
  23. Our common unity? amongst the scattered fires, scales began disintegrating as the cataract blindness was burned away.
  24. The disintegrating rose was still on the windshield and she reached for it, grouping it with the others in a gruesome bouquet.
  25. The brothers glanced at her nervously, having seen what had become of the witches, their bodies disintegrating before their eyes.
  26. Higher volatility of returns while saving for retirement results in greater chances of the investment’s final value disintegrating.
  27. I slashed up with my sword, heard a sickening shlock!, then a hiss like wind rushing out of a cavern-the sound of a monster disintegrating.
  28. Finally, a shell blew out the wall of the top turret, disintegrating on impact and shooting metal into Pillsbury’s leg from foot to knee.
  29. From his father’s laugh to a PBS special when he was a kid that showed the sun finally blowing itself up, disintegrating all the planets.
  30. Those already in the water were struck by the falling bodies of those who came after, and by the disintegrating timbers, some small, some huge.
  31. Ted zips and washes his hands, drying them on rapidly disintegrating toilet paper rather than using the roll of pull down towelling on the wall.
  32. Conan blinked and shook the blood from his own eyes; it seemed to him that the thing was melting and disintegrating into a slimy unstable mass.
  33. I heard Anna screaming and saw her with her hands over her ears as the house all around us was disintegrating as it was torn apart by hot lead.
  34. The water of the fall has a magical effect over my body and mind, disintegrating each of them into small particles, which then melt like a candle.
  35. Then, more howitzer shells started falling around the surviving trucks, with one vehicle disintegrating under the direct impact of a 100 kilo shell.
  36. Violence serves but to enervate this influence, disintegrating it, and substituting for it one not only useless, but pernicious to the welfare of humanity.
  37. Loose change, disintegrating hankies, a bottle-opener, an used coach-ticket to the Wizard’s Convention, another bottle-opener and some rolled up sheets of paper.
  38. Each ship would die, its hull cracking and disintegrating within a matter of days if it was not constantly supplied with another tank of some other strange substance.
  39. The apparent decay of the universe is only perceptible from within and gravity, it would seem, is the universe disintegrating as it reverts to a state it never really left.
  40. She shuddered at the thought of some volkaane killing him, his body disintegrating into a pile of ash, but then realized death would be a far better fate than an eternity as a vampire.
  41. Rychtyr’s army had managed to retreat without disintegrating only because of the general’s forethought in blocking the navigable channel with successive chains of sunken canal barges.
  42. However, Peter speaks of the utter destruction, passing away, disappearing, disintegrating, being dissolved of "the elements" on the day of the Lord; not just being darken, or not giving their light.
  43. It was possible that the raft had been thrown loose by the disintegrating plane, but it was much more likely that the engineer, in the last act of his life, had yanked the raft-release handle just before the crash.
  44. Rather it requires the contrarian trader to lean against the crowd, to invest opposite the preferences of well-established market crowds by identifying the point where these crowds are liable to begin disintegrating.
  45. We have read about the discovery in science, where the Sun will ‘blow up’, disintegrating by its own volition, on its ‘use by date,’ after burning all its fuel, without further heat and energy, in about 5,000 million years time.
  46. Even though the bearish stock market crowd that existed at the start of the bull market is disintegrating rapidly, no bullish crowd is likely to be evident yet and no bullish information cascade is likely to be visible in your media diary.
  47. He slung the young man over his shoulder and carried him to a hideout beside a billabong, plonked him up to his nose in the muddy water, stripped, peeled off Antony’s already disintegrating clothes and massaged calming mud into angry flesh.
  48. That is one of the main dangers of hanging on to a losing trade—it closes your eyes to all of the wonderful opportunities that are setting up around you, as all your concentration is diverted to watching the disintegrating P&L on your screen.
  49. After wasting hours poring over yet another tattered, disintegrating volume we brought out of the Silvers with a title that translates roughly as The Fae Obscene, I busy myself dusting and polishing shelves and counters, then check on the weapons I’ve hidden around the store.
  50. But so soon as there were individuals who would not voluntarily sacrifice their own interests, and authority, that is, violence, was needed to restrain them, then the disintegrating principle of the coercion of one set of people by another set entered into the social conception of the organization based on it.
  51. Her box-office pull had placed her on Quigley’s list of Top Ten stars for three years, and though she had been absent from the screen for the two previous years, attending drama classes at the Actors Studio and trying to shore up her disintegrating marriage, her popularity with the fans was at an all-time high.
  52. Much less has there been failure, but victory, if we may take into account the indirect civilizing influences which have accompanied the gospel; the gradual but almost universal extension of the dry-rot of disbelief in their own systems among the heathen, which must be set down in part to the disintegrating action of Christian ideas in Asiatic society.
  53. The magnesite in which these crystals are found, appears to be composed of carbonate of magnesia, steatite, and talc, disintegrating readily upon exposure to air and moisture: it effervesces considerably in sulphuric acid, forming a very bitter fluid that soon exhibits crystals, indicating that magnesia enters in large proportion into its constitution.
  54. Probably Marie-Laure should be more curious—about her great-uncle who sees things that are not there, about the fate of everyone and everything she has ever known—but her stomach is full, her blood has become a warm golden flow through her arteries, and out the open window, beyond the walls, the ocean crashes, only a bit of stacked stone left between her and it, the rim of Brittany, the farthest windowsill of France—and maybe the Germans are advancing as inexorably as lava, but Marie-Laure is slipping into something like a dream, or perhaps it’s the memory of one: she’s six or seven years old, newly blind, and her father is sitting in the chair beside her bed, whittling away at some tiny piece of wood, smoking a cigarette, and evening is settling over the hundred thousand rooftops and chimneys of Paris, and all the walls around her are dissolving, the ceilings too, the whole city is disintegrating into smoke, and at last sleep falls over her like a shadow.
  1. Before long, the mob disintegrated.
  2. The knights disintegrated, and he awoke.
  3. The winged demons screamed and disintegrated.
  4. The interior Rowan has utterly disintegrated.
  5. Soon the whole troop disintegrated into fits.
  6. The magical moment between them disintegrated.
  7. With a cry it disintegrated into a pile of ash.
  8. It disintegrated but I didn’t know who hit it.
  9. Anyway, the empire disintegrated after his death.
  10. Most had sprung leaks as the edges disintegrated.
  11. Within half a minute it completely disintegrated.
  12. The fabric of his dream disintegrated and he let it go.
  13. Cierra chuckled and the crowd disintegrated in a moment.
  14. The blue-steel had disintegrated, so too had his flesh.
  15. When Katie’s shoulders sagged, his hope disintegrated.
  16. The roof had not exploded - it had simply disintegrated.
  17. My oldest books have disintegrated, some I've copied over.
  18. Selena’s wings exploded as soon as the box disintegrated.
  19. The heat from Harry’s glare could have disintegrated steel.
  20. After the Suez crisis of 1956 our English School disintegrated.
  21. The larger conglomerate mass of boulders disintegrated into a.
  22. The moment the witches disintegrated, the vampire was revealed.
  23. Even as the Communist Party began to disintegrated in the mid-.
  24. I would have knocked but your door seems to have disintegrated.
  25. All four wheels lifted off the ground as the van disintegrated.
  26. It had touched the ground and cart wheeled as it disintegrated.
  27. My slab of stone disintegrated in a flash of gold, and I flew.
  28. You have been disintegrated into a complete series of information.
  29. The material he grabbed disintegrated in his hand as soon as he touched it.
  30. Just at that moment, the gas tank in the car blew and the car disintegrated.
  31. They never considered belting on swords or toiling at the disintegrated walls.
  32. Its deafening scream resonated through the air before it finally disintegrated.
  33. Before Simon could do more, the warning signs of his mental links disintegrated.
  34. His white eyes looked on in shock as his remaining tentacle hand disintegrated.
  35. Now that William had read the label he did not care if the bottle disintegrated.
  36. Some of the bodies disintegrated and blew away in a fine ash, and some remained.
  37. At a range of a few metres, the bullet disintegrated the top of Litovchenko's head.
  38. The Craft completely disintegrated after twenty minutes, Captain Eggers said.
  39. The bomber then disintegrated in a huge fireball, its bomb load exploding as well.
  40. Thirteen, Mark grabbed the handrail which promptly disintegrated in disinterest.
  41. The companion police helicopter had disintegrated before Carroll’s disbelieving eyes.
  42. Had you tried it with your weapons pods retracted, your ship would have disintegrated.
  43. When you told me that Pedro disintegrated after he was staked in the heart, I knew.
  44. At his touch the likeness disintegrated, expanding outwards into ever widening ripples.
  45. Jack's proof of existence! An old, almost disintegrated, faded piece of jotter-book paper.
  46. The Grecian empire without a prince did not last long and disintegrated when Alexander died.
  47. Several men spoke at once, and the discussion disintegrated until the Rabbi held up his hand.
  48. It was the area where the civilisation of the Hittites flourished and inevitably disintegrated.
  49. The line disintegrated, as Omar and the two officers walked away, the men filing back into the.
  50. The K’tinga class aft of the Path Finder disintegrated as its warp core was directly impacted.
  51. It seemed to him like everything had built up to a crescendo and then exploded and disintegrated.
  52. The reactor detonated and the ship disintegrated into a rapidly expanding cloud of gas and debris.
  53. The Orlandian cruiser disintegrated into a fireball, as the waves of power bolts coursed through it.
  54. A portion of the door to the aircraft disintegrated and the rest of the door colapsed and blew away.
  55. In the intervening 42 years the corpses of all living beings that were on Earth had just disintegrated.
  56. He disintegrated and dispatched himself straightaway to Aphrodite at Mount Olympus to beg for her help.
  57. The windshield disintegrated and bits of banded glass rained down in my lap as Jenna fired at the truck.
  58. Bruised, battered and confused, we watched as the hellish storm disintegrated as though it had never been.
  59. Xin and Dave became the centre of a tremendous, orange explosion that totally disintegrated the transport.
  60. The bullet had struck Thirsk in the bony part of the left shoulder, mushroomed, and partially disintegrated.
  61. The German command system disintegrated and the disillusioned German army now ceased to exist as a coherent force.
  62. A crumpled, disintegrated newspaper revealed itself as the Chicago Democrat, though the date had been obliterated.
  63. The lock gate disintegrated and a tidal wave flooded in, carrying the shattered destroyer half way along the dock.
  64. The rowboat in the distance along with its occupants disintegrated into fragments as the well-placed shot blew it up.
  65. The two collided, wedged together somehow, and spun into the ground where they both disintegrated into a huge fireball.
  66. Why? Because all the power and wealth was already concentrated at the top when the Communist power elite disintegrated.
  67. Than disintegrated and dispatched another of himself to Hades’s palace, where he found his father engaged with Hermes.
  68. Frostadeem, a tall, but lithe and agile man, was watching out the window as the sonic bomb disintegrated the control tower.
  69. It is only when the last crust of earned merits or demerits (sanskar) has disintegrated, and so also the restrained mind.
  70. He looked to Kendal, who was half naked beneath her disintegrated suit, then continued, Unless employed in vast amounts.
  71. All these services slowly disintegrated when the British introduced a system of centralized tax collection and distribution.
  72. The jet had disintegrated, either in the air or when it hit the water, but the metal showed no discoloration from intense heat.
  73. While Robert’s condition disintegrated with alarming conse quences, Roger had to devote his attention to other matters as well.
  74. The aforementioned thought disintegrated as an earth shaking scream was released from her mouth followed by his shout of completion.
  75. When values fought for over the centuries are disintegrated in a burst of jackhammer theorizing the words of civil discourse disappear.
  76. This time, the pilot had no chance to eject, as the fighter-bomber disintegrated into a big fireball, raining flaming debris all over.
  77. A conspiracy without conspirators? her question was punctuated by a small explosion and the drone in front of them disintegrated.
  78. The entire surface of Layer 12 disintegrated when a breach was caused in the conjoining Layer of Uncontrollable Highly Explosive Things.
  79. He had no idea what had happened to his Tornado Fighter jet, but it seemed that it had suddenly disintegrated and vanished into thin air.
  80. As a result of the general conflagration in 1914, the Second International disintegrated and therewith also the hopes of socialist unity.
  81. From a small spark a titanic explosion erupted across the flat and the four men that were in the building where disintegrated within a second.
  82. Now, as the chain shot wailed overhead, a tearing, ripping sound came from above as the mizzen topmast disintegrated just below the topmast cap.
  83. All of these vehicles required tires, in fact the tires on the vehicles that the first Earth colonists found had just disintegrated after a little use.
  84. The physical world keeps dissolving into darkness, and the very last scraps of Mercer’s sense of who he is appear to have disintegrated along with it.
  85. At some stage, its gathering cosmic charge, having become boundless, would have disintegrated into infinite number of nebulous stars of vast proportions.
  86. The collapse of France meant that French naval control of the western half of the Mediterranean, which had been the agreed Allied strategy, disintegrated.
  87. When William rubbed his hand over the bottle, the particles that had once made up the shell of the bottle disintegrated as if he had rubbed a light dust print.
  88. As she looked at the tower where the PC’s were waiting, she was afraid to look up, but finally she steeled herself hoping to see the top of the tower disintegrated.
  89. After a few volleys, a tiny section of the moon’s neutronium skin had been disintegrated, and further volleys started digging deeply through rock and toward its core.
  90. It was after traveling for a block in that manner that the front of the building just up the street from me disintegrated, spraying bricks and debris out into the street.
  91. Many quickly burst into flame as his axe fell, and many others disintegrated as his armor shifted -- the bare blades hanging from his body jumping to life with the motion.
  92. Her letters consist mostly of banalities—we are busy; Frau Elena says hello—or else arrive in his bunkroom so full of censor marks that their meaning has disintegrated.
  93. Let’s assume it got a little help, in which case the beetle could have gone into the water anytime before the timbers were disintegrated and that would leave the field wide open.
  94. The rings around the planets are the remains of material that moved beyond the limit ration of 7(3Π22))))((((Π2/2))))((((Π2/4)))) where the structure disintegrated into a mesh of dust.
  95. Three of the Ki-43 disintegrated or exploded under the fire of the P-40Fs, the rest having to turn around yet again as the American fighters sped by, ignoring them and going at the bombers.
  96. With a total of 105 bullets per second being spitted out by her eight heavy machineguns, her target was literally shred to pieces and disintegrated in the air after a mere second of firing.
  97. A very loud, very ominous crack suddenly rent the air as the gable end of the house disintegrated, causing a large section of the roof to slip forward, where it canted over, then broke away.
  98. The energy discharge expanded as it headed towards the MARCO POLO and its escort fleet, while the experimental Morg cruiser disintegrated into pieces under the stress of the weapon discharge.
  99. That army, like a herd of cattle run wild and trampling underfoot the provender which might have saved it from starvation, disintegrated and perished with each additional day it remained in Moscow.
  100. Roofs disintegrated, glass and shutters blew outward as bombs exploded inside houses, stored hay—more precious than gold in the heart of a North Haven winter—caught fire, and cries of shock and screams of pain were everywhere.
  1. The alliance disintegrates.
  2. At death, the body disintegrates.
  3. Hence, his own family disintegrates.
  4. Jaden stops and it disintegrates again.
  5. Lose that and the family disintegrates.
  6. The investment crowd disintegrates, vanishing like a wisp of smoke in the wind.
  7. And then the whole thing just disintegrates into her inspecting his fingernails.
  8. In this way you can avoid big losses in your portfolio when the crowd inevitably disintegrates.
  9. This effectively means that almost nothing is left; everything disintegrates and is incinerated to vapour.
  10. Exhausted with waiting, with the gold coin on the mast beating on them like a true solar presence, the morale of the ship disintegrates.
  11. A crisis driven, self-interested unity disintegrates into competition for national, social, and caste advantages as soon as any stasis is achieved.
  12. The spirit of the Palace Flop house, tested under the torques and stresses of so many years, was broken, shattered like granite, which withstands so long as the hammer blows, then suddenly disintegrates.
  13. The cycle of birth and death • cosmological analogy • business competitors and value investors eventually cause the death of the crowd • once the crowd disintegrates, a new crowd often starts to form in response to the extended movement of prices • crowd formation causes (and in turn is caused by) excessive price volatility • bearish crowds are different from bullish ones • the 1994-2000 stock market bubble • stock market valuation and Tobin’s q ratio • it’s different this time • the new information economy • shattered dreams • the bear crowd of 2000-2002 • the quest for certainty • the conflict between science and certainty • every opinion has its rationale • instinctual belief • the need for affirmation • pied pipers lead the crowd • mental unity of crowds • intolerance of contrary views • examples from the 1994-2000 bubble • Julian Robertson, Stanley Druckenmiller, and Gail Dudack • Allan Sloan and America Online (AOL) • social and financial pressure on unbelievers • price volatility and homogeneous thinking in crowds • price volatility is one sign that a crowd is mature.

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