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Frasi con delusive (in inglese)

  1. Delusive hopes that lure the common herd.
  2. The 'oral law’ of Christendom is as delusive a guide as that of ancient Judaism.
  3. The poor thing was finally got off, with several delusive assurances that his absence should be short: that Mr.
  4. The poor thing was finally got off, with several delusive assurances that his absence should be short; that Mr.
  5. But as to Fred Vincy, it is only fair he should be excused a little: old Featherstone's delusive behavior did help to spoil him.

  6. The slightest prospect of succeeding in their design, however delusive that prospect might be, keeps up their hopes until the delusion vanishes.
  7. The experience of our senses and the knowledge of the wise are inadequate and delusive; let us accept the light of revelation, faith and divine illumination.
  8. And the reigning science announces, with delusive solemnity, that the solution of all problems of life is possible only through the study of facts, of nature, and, in particular, of organisms.
  9. I discovered this new form and locality of magnesia in examining the strata exhibited in an excavation now making, under the delusive expectation of finding gold, about three miles from the Quarantine.
  10. In this verse, the word couches implies the delusive and false ways which the unbelievers follow in their life which make them as a prop for them that help them obtain their worldly ends and wishes.
  11. Nevertheless, I felt my head and breast to satisfy myself whether it was I myself who was there or some empty delusive phantom; but touch, feeling, the collected thoughts that passed through my mind, all.
  12. But if this delusive impression be removed, it will be found that, notwithstanding the greatness of the force, the points to which it must be destined are so numerous and dispersed as to put it all in requisition.
  13. Still, on windy nights White would sometimes go up to the roof to have a smoke and think about the delusive (or was it not so delusive?) Madnishnue—whether or not he had indeed played a role in Durgeon’s demise, or if he even existed at all.
  14. Only such a woman, who has lost the meaning of her life, will sympathize with that delusive and false male labor, by means of which her husband, having rid himself of the obligations of a man, is enabled to enjoy, in her company, the work of others.
  15. And it could not be otherwise, since the whole power of the army and the state is based in reality on this delusive emancipation of men from their duty to God and their conscience, and the substitution of duty to their superior officer for all other duties.

  16. Such a woman will not only not encourage her husband to false and delusive labor, which has but one object, that of using the labors of others; but she will bear herself with disgust and horror towards such an employment, which serves as a double temptation to her children.
  17. The war was declared because Great Britain arrogated to herself the pretension of regulating foreign trade, under the delusive name of retaliatory Orders in Council—a pretension by which she undertook to proclaim to American enterprise, Thus far shalt thou go, and no farther.
  18. I had left behind me - what? Youth? Adolescence? Romance? The conjuring stuff of these things, 'the Young Magician's Compendium', that neat cabinet where the ebony wand had its place beside the delusive billiard balls, the penny that folded double, and the feather flowers that could be drawn into a hollow candle.
  19. I observe, at the outset, that it is an exceedingly mischievous and delusive method of procedure, in determining the meaning of the records of Revelation—a method condemned by all past experience—to permit of speculation on the supposed influence of facts and doctrines, before deciding on their existence in the Bible.
  20. And I would earnestly conjure all into whose hands these pages may fall, and who may be convinced by these arguments, to guard their minds against this danger of reaction which always attends the first stage of theological change; and not less to guard all whom they influence against the delusive notion that the removal of the prospect of endless misery renders the eternal judgment of 'a sinner’ one to be contemplated otherwise than with overwhelming horror.
  21. It is inconceivable that any doctrine of fundamental importance can have been confided to the care of one or two of the sacred writers, to express it only once or twice in 1600 years in its fitting terms; while they themselves have everywhere else set it forth in delusive language, and all the rest of their fellow-evangelists and apostles have employed words in relation to the subject which by no ordinary rule of interpretation can be made to agree with these supposed exceptional expressions.
  22. I venture to add a few pages on this subject in a spirit of reverent inquiry, rather than of dogmatic assertion; premising that with us this is not a question of speculation, but simply of interpretation, and that it is not desired to vindicate for such interpretations a larger space in thought than the subject to be examined occupies in the sacred writings; much less to encourage delusive hopes of purgatorial salvation in those who neglect the gospel if offered on earth, whose 'damnation slumbereth not.
  23. Skeptics, Unitarians, Spiritualists and the many other delusive superstitions could be defied and challenged to suggest a reasonable objection against the righteousness of the penalty threatened the sinner, since they approve the same course in the governments of men, and even resort to mob violence against certain crimes when in doubt about the righteous execution of the law, showing that the penalty of death is a righteous judgment and endorsed by all nations of the earth, and was a conspicuous element in the Law of Moses, give from Heaven.
  24. With respect to the Navy, it may be proper to remind you, that, whatever may be the proposed object of its establishment, or whatever may be the prospect of temporary advantages resulting therefrom, it is demonstrated by the experience of all nations who have ventured far into naval policy, that such prospect is ultimately delusive; and that a navy has ever, in practice, been known more as an instrument of power, a source of expense, and an occasion of collisions and wars with other nations, than as an instrument of defence, of economy, or of protection to commerce.

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