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Frasi con false (in inglese)

  1. I saw I was false.
  2. It was a false alarm.
  3. But this is a false.
  4. What is false is its.
  5. Q: But what is false?

  6. Of the old false ideas.
  7. All other love is false.
  8. The false has no chance.
  9. One false move and she.
  10. Of false E driven only.
  11. This was a false signal.
  12. A false rumour that the.
  13. A false prophet was the.
  14. This is a false illusion.
  15. All he said was so false.

  16. When all the false self-.
  17. Nothing can be more false.
  18. If he's false, he's false.
  19. Of false F flat (E) given.
  20. And by true, I mean false.
  21. Who knows not what is false.
  22. False things never last long.
  23. Nothing could be more false.
  24. You can know the false only.
  25. But we cannot hold a false.

  26. The Zentsuji story was false.
  27. This signature was not false.
  28. But this is false reasoning.
  29. It is false if there is no.
  30. Watch out for false prophets.
  31. To feed me false information.
  32. Holding on to promises false.
  33. This could not be more false.
  34. It will return FALSE if the.
  35. Could be either TRUE or FALSE.
  36. Since a false god is simply.
  37. The False Maps of Maskirovka.
  38. The holy bible: True or false.
  39. The false self must be aban-.
  40. He could not be false to the.
  41. It rang false to his own ears.
  42. It will return FALSE if empty.
  43. The hair ripped out was false.
  44. He saw his creations as false.
  45. The ships with false captains.
  46. And many false prophets shall.
  47. It negates that false pretense.
  48. What, frighted with false fire!.
  49. False humor is an emotional lie.
  50. Thankfully, it was a false alarm.
  51. I'm afraid it was a false alarm.
  52. Whoever boasts of a false gift.
  53. True and false do not apply to.
  54. He gave me false hope, telling.
  55. This leads to false conclusions.
  56. This has been found to be false.
  57. Maybe because victory was false.
  58. Except as tokens of false money.
  59. Theresa smiled with false naivety.
  60. Obviously this argument is false.
  61. This is a completely false basis.
  62. You establish a false question.
  63. One false move could sink us all.
  64. Lane also documented the false i.
  65. Abandon false ideas, that is all.
  66. Another false argument was that.
  68. It will return FALSE if the form.
  70. They said, no, 'twas a false alarm.
  71. It gives false information about.
  72. The woman smiled, but it was false.
  73. You will be given false information.
  74. Expect to have a false awakening.
  75. Let us hope it’s a false alarm.
  76. Therefore it is a false definition.
  77. It gives a false sense of prestige.
  78. This stock began with a false.
  79. As if God could not see our false.
  80. True and false are both potential.
  81. A false witness that speaketh lies.
  82. Remove any false or detached teeth.
  83. MANY FALSE PROPHETS [Matthew 24:11].
  84. And so he brings in false solutions.
  85. No, that is not true, it is false.
  86. Otherwise, false signals are likely.
  87. The voice rang now as false as hell.
  88. They will not bring a false reality.
  89. Maybe it is only a false indication.
  90. Any other opinion is a false Gospel.
  91. The false TRUTH in front of the LIE.
  92. The destruction of the false is not.
  93. Three false starts against them, too.
  94. Fake, false humor is emotional poison.
  95. It was not false modesty on his part.
  96. A the false prophet, which will be a.
  97. M: Surely, what has no being is false.
  98. M: All else is neither true nor false.
  99. Well, this time it was no false alarm.
  100. We have a false sense of security by.

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