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Frasi con democracy (in inglese)

  1. That is fun and democracy.
  2. Democracy is not a free ride.
  3. And there is not only democracy.
  4. There never was a democracy yet.
  5. Well, with the democracy I have.

  6. That, he said, is democracy.
  7. Democracy sees one state as an illegal.
  8. We recognize democracy in the third type.
  9. Also known as the trouble with democracy.
  10. Remember, a democracy allows 51% of the.
  11. What’s the point of a democracy if they.
  12. A freely gathered nation is a democracy.
  13. This was called democracy with a small 'd'.
  14. Democracy never came to Kuwait as promised.
  15. In respect of democracy I have another note.

  16. It was a breach of the spirit of democracy.
  17. Islam does not allow democracy or elections.
  18. Christian ideas, including that of democracy.
  19. It’s called a democracy, I explained.
  20. Democracy is based on the majority principle.
  21. Now; Russia has something called a democracy.
  22. Is there any democracy in this Federation.
  23. None of these should be found in a democracy.
  24. What is the ancient idea of Greek Democracy?
  25. Democracy is better than the power of tyrant.

  26. The urban intellectuals will demand democracy.
  27. He represents the triumph of Indian democracy.
  28. The enraged democracy reproached it with this.
  29. Imperial democracy was the power of the future.
  30. It had nothing to do with freedom or democracy.
  31. Democracy is supposed to bring stability to the.
  32. Charter had created a democracy, and the best of.
  33. It is a solemn moment for the American Democracy.
  34. This is where Modern Democracy actually came from.
  35. That?s what Utta has told you about our democracy.
  36. First of all he interests as the poet of democracy.
  37. Adultery is the application of democracy to love.
  38. Constitution makes no provision for true democracy.
  39. Democracy on the other hand, is not nearly so stable.
  40. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit.
  41. We must all realize that democracy is never achieved.
  42. They use the ideal of democracy, hold it up for all to.
  43. From here until the idea of democracy is no more than a.
  44. Any book that suggested democracy was completely banned.
  45. And in the democracy they are certainly more intensified.
  46. Democracy? the Waning Washington Press Corps and How It.
  47. He’ll do it because he loves the illusion of democracy.
  48. It was never a democracy, always run by a tiny oligarchy.
  49. The continuing lack of interest in democracy shown by the.
  50. These forced Suharto out by 1998 and brought democracy in.
  51. On Vietnamese refugees, the basic Law, or democracy right.
  52. I was declared the Prime Minister of the largest democracy.
  53. Western democracy and, everything in that overall philosophy.
  54. Democracy had degenerated into ochlocracy (rule of the mob).
  55. They are mere shadows and illusions of freedom and democracy.
  56. Their recent decision is against the democracy of our nation.
  57. They would not have accepted democracy and modernisation but.
  58. It dismantled the democracy that helped it achieve State bliss.
  59. Wilde has tampered with the true definition of democracy – in.
  60. The brief experiment with democracy had been an abysmal failure.
  61. You can make a living and raise your children in a true Democracy.
  62. The power and corruption, the democracy that is not real and the.
  63. In a true democracy, we would of course value the skills of the.
  64. Sadly, Devon Christopher would have to learn about democracy in.
  65. Democracy, for all its faults, was an attempt at securing balance.
  66. God is the greatest freind of democracy in Voice From Within.
  67. Once upon this time, they joined in the leader of a great democracy.
  68. Uranus is the planet of science, technology, changes and democracy.
  69. The issue is that we are a capitalist country and a great democracy.
  70. But in the established sense, the power of democracy is literally.
  71. Then, total openness is called for, as democracy swings into action.
  72. It is presently a democracy for white-skinned Caucasian people only.
  73. Democracy! near at hand to you a throat is now inflating itself and.
  74. YOU SAID, ‘There never was a democracy yet that did not commit.
  75. Driving was a democracy, and there had to be rules beyond the basics.
  76. At the end of the day a business is not a democracy and someone has.
  77. Reagan bizarrely praised him as the father of Dominican democracy.
  78. They project a democracy in which the government, whomever that gov-.
  79. Once I understood the two main principals of democracy that early.
  80. Such will never comport with democracy or republicanism as we know it.
  81. France’s democracy seemed very shaky during the crises of the 1960s.
  82. She went into exile to campaign for a return of democracy in Pakistan.
  83. Without democracy the peaceful development of the state is impossible.
  84. Up till then I had always believed in pushing democracy into the world.
  85. In the meantime I believe we need a democracy spelt with a capital 'D'.
  86. He was going to take possession of Sulaco in the name of the Democracy.
  87. Many in those early years saw the evolution to democracy as a necessity.
  88. In Brazil, the Carter administration did aid the pro democracy movement.
  89. There is a greater acceptance of Democracy and Capitalism in the world.
  90. Chapter 7 Democracy, Corporatocracy, Constitution, Voting, and Elections.
  91. A fearful nation is one where the very foundation of democracy is easily.
  92. And so… History books lie about the original concept of modern Democracy.
  93. The villagers haven’t lost their proper sense of democracy and equality.
  94. First, democracy is a form of government in which all citizens have an.
  95. And that is the true beauty of the democracy in which I am blessed to live.
  96. Sooner or later the young democracy will realise that, as with the apart-.
  97. What was labeled a battle of ideology between democracy and communism had.
  98. When the freedoms of democracy and speech ran there logical course in the.
  99. Now the East and West is the difference between democracy and no democracy.
  100. This direct democracy strongly influenced our own representative republic.

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