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Frasi con commonwealth (in inglese)

  1. What exactly is the Commonwealth?
  2. He selected the political commonwealth or.
  3. God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  4. And the commonwealth organization would not.
  5. Application: The commonwealth system would.

  6. The latter end of his commonwealth forgets.
  7. Trade: The commonwealth would trade with the.
  8. The commonwealth is sick of their own choice;.
  10. And, too, the formation of a commonwealth willS.
  12. The Commonwealth will try and terminate parental rights.
  13. In 1996, conibear traps were outlawed in the Commonwealth.
  14. Commonwealth Edison Company Convertible Debenture 3½s, Due 1958.
  15. Walter Merrell sat patiently in the traffic on Commonwealth Avenue.

  16. It is still over the sea, even if it is part of the Commonwealth.
  17. This guy here was a medallist at the Commonwealth Games, he said.
  18. The same is true of the British Empire and its Commonwealth, as well.
  19. The Commonwealth ground troops were simply outclassed by the Japanese.
  20. Commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise….
  21. Commonwealth: A common state of happiness and wealth, with a body of people.
  22. Other empires, like the United Kingdom, advanced the members of a commonwealth.
  23. That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of.
  24. I approached the commonwealth bank that held my business account and requested a loan.
  25. Lord Protector of the short-lived English Commonwealth after the beheading of Charles I.

  26. The boat stopped in Boston at Commonwealth Pier and that’s where I became an American.
  27. Jewish commonwealth was as blood, the stars of Sanhendrin fell from their high seats of.
  28. Unfortunately, many other Commonwealth countries were just as oppressive as South Africa.
  29. Sir, I confess it, the first public love of my heart is the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  30. The Soviet Union would have to go, to be replaced by a Commonwealth of Independent States.
  31. Commonwealth, while the USA plays the role of the leading military power and the leader in.
  32. One hundred and thirty thousand Commonwealth troops surrendered to thirty thousand Japanese.
  33. The janizaries of Algiers became independent in 1669, and dominated the pirate commonwealth.
  34. They were strangers to the covenants of promise and excluded from the commonwealth of Israel.
  35. Option 2: Semi-independence within a sort of French commonwealth called the French Community.
  36. It is officially a full member of the British Commonwealth and a faithful ally of Great Britain.
  37. Self-interest is self-perpetuation, but greed is insanity, a psychotic break with the commonwealth.
  38. For those who delight in such work as this, there will be no place in our Co-operative Commonwealth.
  39. What Plato had heard or seen of Sparta was applied by him in a mistaken way to his ideal commonwealth.
  40. The next day they attended the temple services, and James was received into the commonwealth of Israel.
  41. Every different order of citizens is bound to contribute to the support of the sovereign or commonwealth.
  42. At a later date, the unhappy Commonwealth struggle overturned for a time our long-established institutions.
  43. Finally, late on Sunday evening, he wrote out a terse statement from his office high over Commonwealth Avenue.
  44. For many leaders of Commonwealth countries a spell in a British jail seemed to be a necessary qualification too.
  45. Commonwealth troops were told that the Japanese were poor fighters and not a threat to the mighty British Empire.
  46. Such as they are, however, it seldom costs the sovereign or commonwealth any expense to prepare them for the field.
  47. And for the rest of your life you can say you handled an appeal to the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  48. This truth will be recognized and acted upon by those who build up and maintain the fabric of our Co-operative Commonwealth.
  49. The Republican Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has recently proposed a measure that would allow the Commonwealth of Puerto.
  50. Is the life that you are engaged to: an ideal commonwealth of matter and spirit and everything, Coming with a divine selection.
  51. She escaped to Brady with her children and took a job with Mattie because there was nothing else available in the Commonwealth.
  52. On the other hand, the Commonwealth and Southern fixed-charge coverage in 1930 was just about at the proposed minimum 1¾ times.
  53. There is, perhaps, but one set of men in the whole commonwealth to whom the bounty either was or could be essentially serviceable.
  54. She was reminded of the character, Natasha, which she had played in the bars of the Commonwealth Hotel and other 1960s nightspots.
  55. On January 31st 1942, the Commonwealth forces withdrew across the causeway that separated Singapore from Malaya at the Johore Strait.
  56. The Commonwealth did, however, act as a trading area, though Britain had to drop out of that when it joined the European Common Market in 1973.
  57. Commonwealth troops Soldiers from one of the independent states once ruled by Britain, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa.
  58. The change of government in the time of the English Commonwealth set men thinking about first principles, and gave rise to many works of this class.
  59. His participation in the Commonwealth Training Program had kept him in Canada, and when Germany surrendered he decided to stay in and start a career.
  60. The federal Police also had a separate interest in the IVF research area as did both the NSW Dept of Health and the Commonwealth Dept of Health and Ageing.
  61. Eventually the British decided to ask to join the EEC, even though doing so would mean dropping all Britain’s special trading links with the Commonwealth.
  62. After two long hours with Ernie, she finally drove away in a thoroughly unnoticeable Ford, one obviously owned by someone living in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  63. The Commonwealth set itself up to act as a guardian of human rights: It expelled South Africa and imposed sanctions on it in protest against the apartheid system.
  64. Lapinsky was in bed and, from the ragged sound of his voice, asleep when Porter told him he had to beat it over to Commonwealth Avenue, to the archdiocesan office.
  65. Waita had been granted a scholarship to complete his doctorate at Edinburgh University, an institute that specialised in further education for Commonwealth citizens.
  66. On the other hand, as a friendly group of nations who all have historic links with Britain, and therefore with each other, the Commonwealth somehow still seems to work.
  67. The belief was a favorite one with our forefathers, as betokening that their infant commonwealth was under a celestial guardianship of peculiar intimacy and strictness.
  68. Oliver Cromwell, when a member of the British Commonwealth, was imprisoned by the inquisition, ordered his admirals to draw up before the harbor and demand his release.
  69. Everyone carried what few possessions they had, and the British Commonwealth soldiers held the white boxes bearing the remains of the sixty Aussies who had died in camp.
  70. And by these, and other such institutions, they obtained in order to their end, which was peace of the commonwealth, that the common people in their misfortunes, laying the.
  71. We can hardly judge what effect Plato's views would have upon his own contemporaries; they would perhaps have seemed to them only an exaggeration of the Spartan commonwealth.
  72. The protection, security, and defence, of the commonwealth, the effect of their labour this year, will not purchase its protection, security, and defence, for the year to come.
  73. Reverting to our examples, it will be seen at once that the Commonwealth Edison 3½s could properly have been purchased as an investment without any regard to the conversion feature.
  74. As if this wasn’t enough for him to worry about, his organisation also provided a secure communications network linking 240 British Embassies to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  75. He said he’d checked with his lawyer, who assured him that terminating an employee over a garnishment order was not illegal within the Commonwealth of Virginia, contrary to what Ms.
  76. The protection of trade, in general, has always been considered as essential to the defence of the commonwealth, and, upon that account, a necessary part of the duty of the executive power.
  77. Shapiro brought this case in state court under the Massachusetts constitution, the Declaration of Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a document older than the U.
  78. I will try to describe to you the plan or system upon which the Co-operative Commonwealth of the future will be organized; and, secondly, I will try to tell you how it can be brought about.
  79. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should dispense with its farcical practice of holding mock elections and simply designate its Senior Senator Senate Pro-Consul for life and be done with it!.
  80. But attempts at diversification have been anywhere from unsatisfactory to disastrous for such others as Boise Cascade, Beck Industries, Commonwealth United, Litton Industries, and Time Warner.
  81. His society (for in this state of things there is properly neither sovereign nor commonwealth) is at no sort of expense, either to prepare him for the field, or to maintain him while he is in it.
  82. He is not unwilling, therefore, to serve without pay during a short campaign ; and it frequently costs the sovereign or commonwealth as little to maintain him in the field as to prepare him for it.
  83. The expense of preparing the army for the field seems not to have become considerable in any nation, till long after that of maintaining it in the field had devolved entirely upon the sovereign or commonwealth.
  84. Our tanners, besides, have not been quite so successful as our clothiers, in convincing the wisdom of the nation, that the safety of the commonwealth depends upon the prosperity of their particular manufacture.
  85. In circumstances, therefore, somewhat different from those which have actually taken place, this constancy of valuation might have been a very great inconveniency, either to the contributors or to the commonwealth.
  86. They captured the town of Vevi on 10th April and then were ordered to clear resistance from the Kleisoura Pass to the SW of Vevi where Greek and British Commonwealth forces fought bitterly to stave off the invasion.
  87. Britain had already turned its back on its Commonwealth trading partners by joining the European Economic Community in 1973, forcing Australia to start developing trading links with its neighbours in South East Asia.
  88. The law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania required that his license be publicly displayed, and the Federal government mandated that the credential certifying that he was a Medicare provider be hung on the wall as well.
  89. I paid for him to live on Commonwealth Avenue with his Camp Wightman counselor sweetheart, who was from Norwich, and, of course, he aced the two courses and was admitted to BULS from which he graduated in May ‘97 cum laude.
  90. The life there depicted appeared to him wholly unlike that of Christian commonwealths, in which 'he saw nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of the Commonwealth.
  91. In the Co-operative Commonwealth there will be no place for loafers; whether they call themselves aristocrats or tramps, those who are too lazy to work shall have no share in the things that are produced by the labour of others.
  92. The Europeans were keen to retain links with their former colonies and the Commonwealth (originally termed the ‘British Commonwealth’, but the British bit was dropped in case it sounded too imperialistic) was Britain’s attempt.
  93. Fascinated by the idea, citizens of Athens would imitate the Lacedaemonians in their dress and manners; they were known to the contemporaries of Plato as 'the persons who had their ears bruised,' like the Roundheads of the Commonwealth.
  94. It would, therefore, be much more proper to be established as a perpetual and unalterable regulation, or as what is called a fudamental law of the commonwealth, than any tax which was always to be levied according to a certain valuation.
  95. At the time, we had a contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that paid us $100,000 per month for one-hundred and fifty emergency shelter beds, and this was a winter contract and was only good from November 1 to April 1 of the following year.
  96. Britain’s empire and commonwealth were at war with Germany, too: Large numbers of Canadian troops were stationed in Britain, and many pilots from commonwealth countries, as well as from European countries the Germans had occupied, were in the RAF.
  97. Twelve thousands miles away in an office off one of the labyrinthine corridors of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office the administrative head of the department with responsibility for Hong Kong casually dropped a folder on the desk of one of his staff.
  98. Suppose that we could count 1,000 born of God in all the missions (and this would be a large estimate) there remain 69,000 that are still aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, without God and without hope in the world.
  99. Matters were brought to a bearing differently, when, in the second edition of the late war, it was thought necessary to call on the people to resist the rampageous ambition of Bonaparte, then champing and trampling for the rich pastures of our national commonwealth.
  100. Also, it could get ugly if the townspeople found out that the hard-earned tax money paid into what was supposed to be a local commonwealth was actually being turned over to the Indian nation for a housing agreement that was being put into construction without a vote.

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