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    1. When not at work patching network cables into routers and hubs for a local newspaper, Danny shared his home with his aged father and his demure, unassuming sister, Annie

    2. The Castigator expressed his demure belief that it been solely through divine will that he had escaped unscathed so timely

    3. As she rode along, she looked very content and demure

    4. I tried to pass off the demure reply that I, as a minister's daughter, could hardly be THAT, but she would have none of it

    5. Her mother was a road-side hotelier’s widow—a demure woman with an unadorned forehead and a feebly husky tone

    6. " Hayley put a hand to her chest in a mock demure pose

    7. She was mesmerized by Eva’s demure behavior

    8. Alwyn as Prospero was ‘intellect’; Hal as his usurping brother was ‘iniquity’; Edgar’s Ariel was ‘cunning ingenuity’; Terry’s Caliban in slime-green greasepaint would embody ‘brutishness’; Jeremy’s demure Miranda was ‘innocence’; Rolando as Trinculo and the drunks represented ‘humanity and wit’

    9. He hugged her and gave her a demure kiss on the cheek

    10. Billy could not help himself, he grinned, and he knew it was wrong but this little woman, he had expected to be demure and frightened, had a temper

    11. She was graceful and pretty, well-educated and demure

    12. flawless, her folded hands demure in a cotton-frocked lap, not strapped to this chair

    13. Shi Chen could not believe that this weak and most demure “Fourth Sister”

    14. He felt it was strange that earlier the gentle and demure girl would become suddenly so frosty

    15. The skirt was the right length, not too high above her knees, yet not snobbishly demure either

    16. Her move into airhostess respectability had been quickly followed by a change to darker, and she fancied more demure, honey tones that hung around her face like an unlikely halo

    17. She is extraordinarily demure

    18. 'Who would have thought,' I observed to Charlotte, who was standing in the middle of the room shaking with indignation,--'who would have thought that that very demure little Hedwig would be the cause of a night of terror for us?'

    19. Three specially variegated young women, dressed in the flimsiest of fine-weather clothes, all damp muslin and feathers, pretty girls with pronounced hair arrangements, were smoking cigarettes; and in the corner near the door, demure and solitary, sat another pretty young woman in black, with a very small bonnet trimmed with a very big Alsatian bow on the back of a very elaborately curled head

    20. "He is very eloquent," said Priscilla, with a demure downward sweep of her eyelashes

    21. ) None of them even consider the possibility that Goldie would be anything other than a demure little flower, much less that she's a handful and a half

    22. ” She paused briefly looking into the hot eyes with as much calm demure as she could muster

    23. They want a sweet, demure wife and a vulgar mistress

    24. Did he treat her harshly? Was she putting on an act of the demure, modest little girl? Did his money dazzle her to that point? Was she hoping he would consider her for marriage? She kissed Angela and me

    25. She is in fact a very demure girl and only occasionally

    26. But when one least looked for it, lo and behold! one day the demure Marcela makes her appearance turned shepherdess; and, in spite of her uncle and all those of the town that strove to dissuade her, took to going a-field with the other shepherd-lasses of the village, and tending her own flock

    27. She showed him her ball book with demure satisfaction when he strolled instead of rushed up to claim her for the next, a glorious polka redowa

    28. Lucy, with a demure and settled air, seemed determined to make no contribution to the comfort of the others, and would not say a word; and almost every thing that was said, proceeded from Elinor, who was obliged to volunteer all the information about her mother's health, their coming to town, &c

    29. Maria agreed with him and favoured him with demure nods and hems

    30. James Wilder, demure and courtly, but with some trace of that wild terror of the night before still lurking in his furtive eyes and in his twitching features

    31. Gomez of the demure smile and the mask-like expression

    32. To Mammy’s indignation, her preferred playmates were not her demure sisters or the well-brought-up Wilkes girls but the negro children on the plantation and the boys of the neighborhood, and she could climb a tree or throw a rock as well as any of them

    33. But Scarlett intended to marry—and marry Ashley—and she was willing to appear demure, pliable and scatterbrained, if those were the qualities that attracted methods worked

    34. Scarlett seemed demure and answer she got for her pains was a silly look

    35. Leff, the consummate showman, was unusually respectful, even demure before Judge Bowen

    36. * Marilyn Monroe historian James Haspiel adds to this observation: “This woman who was supposed to be out there all the time in a sexual way, in private life, was very demure

    37. Her round soft face, which had been voluptuous and inviting a few months ago, had already put on the barrier of pregnancy, the self-sufficient smile, the knowing perfection-look; and her plump body—full soft breasts and stomach, hard hips and buttocks that had swung so freely and provocatively as to invite slapping and stroking—her whole body had become demure and serious

    38. The close bonnet and demure air you describe so well (and nothing was ever juster), tell one what is expected; but I got into a dreadful scrape last year from the want of them

    39. I think I see him now, trying to be as demure and composed as Anhalt ought, through the two long speeches

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    coy demure overmodest staid decorous sedate serious sober priggish prudish blushing