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    1. The word "appoint" as found in (Acts 6:3) means to designate

    2. or officers as you may designate

    3. I will proceed to designate the proper

    4. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should dispense with its farcical practice of holding mock elections and simply designate its Senior Senator Senate Pro-Consul for life and be done with it!

    5. With no population to enlighten, no known forces arrayed against us, what objectives should I designate? What provisions will I require? What manner of equipment should I gather, what should the disposition of our forces be? How will our forces move? What, exactly, will we be going up against, Arch-minister?”

    6. housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations

    7. Name: Notability; designate; rank or status; individualism; jurisdiction; notoriety; personage; look up what the name means; could be about the

    8. They did designate a separate room that stood on its own for us, but never even suggested that she should stay there by herself

    9. The hunters use them to designate their kills

    10. He said an internal investigation determined that the roadblock had been set up in the same spot a month earlier and was routinely designate to conduct

    11. According to Arakiel, Uronians built a marker over 3,000 years ago in the region to designate a point of contact between his planet and ours

    12. As the proceeds from the sale of the Park Communications began to flow into the estate in 1995, the decision to designate the trustees for the Park Foundation had to be made

    13. The state of Michigan was scheduled to designate and extend the Preserve area that housed 25 other wrecked vessels (Tucker, “Coast Guard to Sink…

    14. The Chairman shall select the initial Defense Fund board officers and post his selections in a handwritten, dated, signed (or notarized) letter to the Defense Fund Secretary designate, Denise Wallenhurst

    15. In addition to selecting the initial Defense Fund board officers, the Chairman, Michael Toney, shall indicate his acceptance of this Constitution and bylaws via a handwritten, dated, signed (or notarized) letter to the Defense Fund Secretary designate

    16. alternatives there are, the expectation is that you will designate the one you have in mind

    17. the book was published in the name you designate 'in conjunction with

    18. Capernaum was a strong Roman military post, and the garrison's commanding officer was a gentile believer in Yahweh, "a devout man," as the Jews were wont to designate such proselytes

    19. And we have always held the opinion that, in some way not revealed to his immediate associates, during these weeks of decreased participation in the affairs of earth he was engaged in the direction of those high spirit intelligences who were charged with the running of a vast universe, and that the human Jesus chose to designate such activities on his part as being "about his Father's business

    20. Each tier was named; indeed, the people of Xuchotl had a name for each chamber, hall and stair in the city, as people of more normal cities designate streets and quarters

    21. For these and other reasons, the Master thought best to designate the spiritual brotherhood of man as the kingdom of heaven and the spirit head of this brotherhood as the Father in heaven

    22. 7 Jesus employed the word God to designate the idea of Deity and the word Father to designate the experience of knowing God

    23. They will designate one route of communication only to minimise the risk of being caught

    24. floor seating to designate where each district of the church

    25. designate some or all of these sections as invariant

    26. to designate October as LGBT History Month in Norman

    27. hearts of all, designate which one of these two men you have chosen, to take the place

    28. At the Kinswomyn Bar, in Shinjuku District, the exclusively female patrons and staff watching the match on television exploded in wild cheers as the judge was shown raising Nancy’s right arm high to designate her the winner of the fight

    29. Navy to designate the second in command of a ship, or Executive Officer

    30. [4] Pongo : Derogatory term used by aviators to designate ground soldiers

    31. I will however need you to designate an artillery unit to be in support of my ground force

    32. designate the very “commodity type” industries that he avoids

    33. designate one amongst them as exceptionable

    34. If an individual dolphin was called on for a specific task, the leader could call it by name, designate the task, and it was done

    35. The presence of the interceptors was enough to designate the limousine as Mobutu’s vehicle to Sergei Koslov, who then called Greta Holtz to join him at the strike command station

    36. pozos (’pits’) used to designate many of the centres in the jargon

    37. Now frankly puzzled, but never having faced anything in his life that he could have called a security threat, Shoumak went in the cabin with the man and Kovar, with the man pushing a button to designate his destination

    38. Nobody seemed to notice when the Queen tensed up at the mention of the number 46, which was one of the codes used to designate Cardinal Mazarin in their secret correspondence

    39. Narendra, who had left home as a teenager to become an RSS pracharak, had now returned, if only for a photo op, as the prime minister designate

    40. designate the giving up of desired action

    41. Family does not designate a clan of Us versus Them, but rather the smallest unit necessary for the perpetuation of a culture of love

    42. I designate all this in whole, which is individually and “very specifically” expressed at one and the same nominal instant, by such notion as “a Formo-system of Worlds” which is more objective than “a World”

    43. I use the term “Continuum” not to designate the “objective” part of Creation “known” to physicists, but to define the “wide-rezonation area” of Space which I distinguished very subjectively and very notionally (by way of analysis, comparison, artificial differentiation and integration of something) in Time and which is formed by strong energy-information interactions between Configurations of Self-Consciousness of Forms that belong to a certain Time Flow and structure by themselves many different types of subjective realities

    44. However, I would designate Formo-systems in these similar processes as “mutual effects”, and I would designate skrruullerrt systems as “mutual causes” of these creative dynamisms

    45. This diapason represents the focal point of Information that pertains to the collective Consciousness Levels of a Stereo-Form, which I subjectively designate as “a deeply unconscious” state of Energy-Plasma

    46. This happens approximately in the same way like in our everyday Life, when we use some universal system to designate some small differences in a large group of similar Forms (for example, numbers, alphabet letters, dots and dashes)

    47. I like the idea that green designate

    48. “Gravitational discretenesses” is a purely notional term, which I used as a convenient means to describe original VVU-Information and to subjectively designate those specific force processes between the dynamics of an information “space” and VVU-Configurations (that structure the “space”) of different-qualitative Proto-Forms that have no analogs in the Worlds where we perceive ourselves

    49. If you look at it, you will see that there are digits on the screen that designate several orders of magnitude, each of which changes depending on the quantity of revolutions made by the rotating wheel [in an old model of the meter], which is firmly connected with the internal mechanism with wheels for the digits of other orders

    50. intersect, they designate areas on earth where powerful

    1. , the designated time

    2. Therefore he had designated his little brother to carry the satchel with the satellite phone terminal

    3. We are using the large room behind the stage area for changing … men on the left and women on the right with a row of mobile clothing racks down the middle, where we each have our personal designated areas to hang our costumes, giving some sort of modesty division, though to be honest, who the hell wants to gawp? As the play takes place in the present day, the clothes are not really costumes anyway, but, all the same, my character has certain things she has to wear – some my own and some provided by wardrobe

    4. God has designated elders to have the rule over local congregations (Acts 11:30:

    5. ‘Iain, do you know where the Migraine Association office is in Taunton?’ Kara asked, following him up the stairs towards the room designated for her use

    6. There is no other designated place on the planet that God will rule

    7. ‘Are there other designated prayers or whatever?’ I asked, trying to recall any time over the past few days when I had seen him at his devotions

    8. Sophia and Dorini and Faria are now protected as Designated World Heritage Sites

    9. He had his men deployed all along the area of the designated landing site

    10. At the designated dining hour, Harry dressed nicely and announced to the assembled guests, “If you wish, I shall be most pleased to escort you to your evening's suppers; those of you not otherwise engaged may follow me

    11. Once again Tania and Poly ate their morsels for lunch and were then instructed in their task: lift the designated stacks of planking above their heads and deliver it to George and Harry for installation between each set of posts

    12. The current account balance is 1,44,33 beads of iron or equivalent in other precious metals payable to designated committeeman of the Kassikan, that would be me, no later than one year from this date, that would be Nightday of Chezhervizhod 100,21,23

    13. One hour became two, and still no sign nor word from the contact designated

    14. Willow was busy looking for something in her books, which meant I was the designated tutor

    15. After breakfast there would be a brief intermission, whereafter each group would report to its designated tablet room

    16. This is not to say that were not some designated and protected areas of beauty and calm interspersed among the jam-packed, bottled-up urban scene, but these were few and far between

    17. The moon base then designated their

    18. I'm pleased that we were able to cover all of the objectives today within the designated time

    19. The next destination was a planet designated as the first world humans would visit using wormhole technology based on my own

    20. The designated site, surrounded by mountains on three sides, looked so rich with potential

    21. ‘You created me two hundred and twenty-eight years ago; a nano second of exposure over the designated time could cause a millennium of temporal eradication

    22. I can confirm a craft of Earth origin – stellar class – had left the atmosphere approximately twenty hours ago and can no longer be located within its designated course---’

    23. All of these are reliant upon a structure where every letter that is used, would have a designated position

    24. We stood in the reserve trenches as our Company had been designated in the second wave and as we looked foreword we could see the first wave of the 88th Brigade stood in the front line trenches waiting and at 2:20pm our artillery bombardment began

    25. I packed it into my kitbag and then took it back to the hut where I put it away then I made my way to the armoury to be issued with a new weapon because I was a designated marksman I was once again issued with an orthoptic sight attached to it

    26. designated areas, off the beaten track, it's

    27. He waited, feeling awkward, like a spare piece of furniture, as yet without it's designated place in the room, the other pieces eying his suspiciously

    28. That night Captain Thornley and I had been designated to pick up the rum ration for our section of trench we found our way to the supply point fairly easily and picked up the large stone bottle of rum and then made our way back

    29. officer to be designated by me, the other to be retained by such officer

    30. night of April 14, Powell was designated to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward, in his home, while Atzerodt was

    31. Capture was an option but not a designated plan of action

    32. Having to do with the imposition of slavery in those territories not yet designated states

    33. It then followed its locked-on course up the sidewall to his floor, then gracefully in through the building’s car park to rest in his designated space

    34. Israel is now one of thirty-six „specially designated countries (SDCs) that „have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations or their members

    35. I went to the restaurant he designated and chose a booth in

    36. The assignment had not just been designated to a select few, they all had their part to play in one way or another

    37. The team designated him the franchise player

    38. Its resting place is designated here in this cavern, amongst the rock

    39. When the designated day came, Izio arrived without the money

    40. It is vital that a designated PR person speak to the press during and after the hostage crisis

    41. Expats seldom drive themselves and is issued a designated driver

    42. “Maintaining order” has always been a self serving notion, sometimes referred to as the World's Policeman, that the US has a self designated responsibility as a world power to keep other nations in line, especially in Latin America

    43. Would Les pick his nose and talk about football? Drink himself into a stupor? Was Schwartzie no more than a designated driver? It was difficult to believe that Les would honestly try to transform himself into a different person, or that he would be able to achieve his full adult maturity overnight

    44. mountain and found a quiet area off the designated path where

    45. If tribes did not move to designated land by choice, they were taken by force

    46. It does not appear so designated until 1365, though it may date back to the second century

    47. Lucille told her daughter Marguerite of her decision to accompany me to Spain to be present at the inauguration of “Calle Roger Fernández Rodríguez” in Fuentesnuevas, so designated and approved by Ponferrada City Hall officials

    48. The finish line had never looked so far away as we slowly trudged along the designated route

    49. Since the reconstruction at Grabensheim kaserne and the Kummersfeld barracks now provided quarters for designated officers’ clubs, Colonel Harrington had decreed that attendance at the planned Christmas party be limited to enlisted men only

    50. Langford led Colling and the three Poles to what had apparently been designated at one time as the ship’s passenger accommodations

    1. The acting moderator noted in closing that the office of President was still open but would be announced at the next Board meeting after the Chairman designates a person to fill this office

    2. The book value designates debt of

    3. which designates that each operation in a sequence should be summed

    4. To see how this works, we set up a chart that designates

    5. Regarding the word Satan or devil, it designates one that is far from the truth, who will be burned and vulnerable to destruction when trying to institute aggression against the believers

    6. This designates that it is used as a characterization or a likeness symbol for another symbol and not a

    7. Since this is a sight symbol and related to the symbols, air, see and eyes, it designates both a knowledge and character hurdle to acquiring a crucial

    8. Kings of the East (, the way of)–The East designates the way of ascending truth, knowledge, wisdom and justice as symbolized by the sun

    9. In the ancient sense it carries the same connotation as “laws of the universe” and designates axiomatic rules and understandings that organize, summarize, and describe larger bodies

    10. Kings of the East (, the way of)–The East designates the way of ascending truth, knowledge,

    11. Paul describes the position and qualities of the regenerate man, whom he designates as one who is not in the flesh, but in the spirit

    12. Which Plato characteristically designates as a number concerned with human life, because NEARLY equivalent to the number of days and nights in the year

    13. When asked how the ideal polity can come into being, he answers ironically, 'When one son of a king becomes a philosopher'; he designates the fiction of the earth-born men as 'a noble lie'; and when the structure is finally complete, he fairly tells you that his Republic is a vision only, which in some sense may have reality, but not in the vulgar one of a reign of philosophers upon earth

    14. Each of the other bridges then determines which of its ports can reach the root bridge with the lowest cost (called the root path cost) and designates it as the root port for that bridge

    15. The reader will have no difficulty in understanding that Javert was the terror of that whole class which the annual statistics of the Ministry of Justice designates under the rubric, Vagrants

    16. And the most remarkable thing of all is, that this same identical positive science recognizes the scientific method as the sign of true knowledge, and has itself defined what it designates as the scientific method

    17. Why may not this man be the same whom Diodorus designates satrap of Cappadocia?

    1. is that the original Latin word was designating

    2. “By formalizing the game and by designating The Lord of Serminak as official referee, our oaths of justice will allow us to continue to play the game among ourselves as we played under the reign of Zarkog, ourselves being only those who are qualified and registered players

    3. There is at least one rationale for not formally designating at all – it is the claim that on-

    4. The appropriate criteria is functional, in the sense of designating according to what the

    5. Siegemunde repeated the process three more times, designating a set of waiting parents to raise and educate the child

    6. This should clearly demonstrate the fallacy of the more common way of beginning a re/organization by designating work groups or by any of the previous means first described in Chapter 1

    7. To the southwest dwell scattered clans of degraded, cave-dwelling savages, whose speech is of the most primitive form, yet who still retain the name of Picts, which has come to mean merely a term designating men—themselves, to distinguish them from the true beasts with which they contend for life and food

    8. We are in the habit of designating these realities as thing, meaning, and value

    9. by a wire screen and gate to the rear end designating

    10. “She is designating you as the messiah by anointing you, Master

    11. In fact, the lack of a fundamental experience in the progression(23) of Spirit designating a new student was the giveaway omen of Josh’s precarious position

    12. He stopped his car a couple of houses short of Doyle’s house and noticed that the police had strung up their tape around his front yard, designating it as a crime scene

    13. In essence, we are measuring how correlated income is with sales, and designating the

    14. The group soon got to a row of wooden stalls, with their two guides then designating to them seven stalls to be used by the merchants for their chariots and oxen

    15. “That may be, but you have failed to file the proper paperwork designating her as a home schooled

    16. Captain Des Ouches reacted at once, turning around and designating the door to his men

    17. A term designating one of the sections

    18. man had for designating his existentials was the one denominating the

    19. The United Nations announced they were designating 10 November, one month and a day after the shooting, Malala Day

    20. For now, let’s leave that structure behind for a minute and simply consider two time frames, a higher and a lower, in relation to each other, without designating one specific trading time frame

    21. The work is now being done by special departments of large trust companies, by a division of the statistical services, and by private firms designating themselves as investment counsel or investment consultants

    22. Examples: Gimbel Brothers included the sum of $167,660, proceeds of life insurance policies, in income for 1938, designating it as a “non-trading item

    23. , advertising campaigns, or cost of developing new automobile models, might be omitted from the income account by designating them as deferred charges and then writing them off against surplus

    24. For the first time, also, he was conscious of some irreverence in designating that stranger, even in his secret thoughts, by the sobriquet of M

    25. Legitimist tricks were hinted at; they spoke of the Duc de Reichstadt, whom God had marked out for death at that very moment when the populace were designating him for the Empire

    26. The laws heretofore passed, designating the number of Representatives, had, at the same time, declared the ratio, and specified the number of Representatives of each State

    27. In designating the power against whom this force was to be employed—as had most unadvisably been done in the preamble or manifesto with which the resolutions were prefaced—they had not consulted the views of the Executive; that designation was equivalent to an abandonment of all our claims on the French Government

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    Synonyms for "designate"

    designate destine intend specify doom fate indicate point show denominate assign delegate depute earmark appoint finger make nominate tap constitute

    "designate" definitions

    assign a name or title to

    give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)

    indicate a place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively

    decree or designate beforehand

    design or destine

    appointed but not yet installed in office