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Frasi con detention (in inglese)

  1. She couldn't go to detention.
  2. And she gave him a detention.
  3. Got detention, meet ya there.
  4. I could end up in detention again.
  5. Wiener, your son David is in detention.

  6. Leave it and attack the detention center.
  7. That’s the worst detention center in LA.
  8. A convicted culprit could die in detention.
  9. Detention on the first day of school! How.
  10. And every last one of us served a detention.
  11. There should be no detention without charges.
  12. My one-week detention soon turned into a month.
  13. There was only one cell in the detention building.
  14. Henry, that he should be free from detention, &c.
  15. Thalymum bailed Tammas out of the detention center.

  16. You should be in a juvenile detention centre, surely.
  17. She was put into the prison of preliminary detention.
  18. Half pushed, they found themself in one of detention.
  19. Rape, torture and sexual torture are also used in detention.
  20. The detention cells were isolated from all outside contacts.
  21. Maybe some of them are in camps, detention camps over there.
  22. I heard she was put away in a juvenile detention for a month.
  23. You will be transported from here and taken to a detention.
  24. The detention block was strategically located near the hangar.
  25. That’s the base where that detention camp, Camp Edwards, is.

  26. One is sought for escape and murder and three are in detention.
  27. During your week of detention, you’ll be riding home with me.
  28. You were placed in charge of the Mount Shasta Detention Camp.
  29. Scores have been tortured, some by flogging, while in detention.
  30. She glanced back at the detention room while being escorted away.
  31. After being held for a fortnight in that detention centre, I was.
  32. M were already being held in that detention centre and are still.
  33. The Coalition hadn’t taken her to the capsule’s detention center.
  34. Everything else came from years of foster care and juvenile detention.
  35. She would not permit in-school detention, then riding home on his bus.
  36. Charles awoke several hours later in a small detention area within the.
  37. In the detention house, I still protested against the law by going on a.
  38. After eight weeks' detention, the wind became fair, and the vessel sailed.
  39. The detention period was short, which, in most cases, was not a good thing.
  40. The appropriate length of detention also comes down to case by case specifics.
  41. The jail, or gaol, was used for detention, not for the punishment of criminals.
  42. From the Procureur Nekhludoff went straight to the preliminary detention prison.
  43. Himmler was strangled in his detention cell so he wouldn’t be able to testify.
  44. So today I got a call from the twins pricipal, and they both got detention today.
  45. Thus many an activist died in police detention with signs of torture on his body.
  46. In the commotion that followed, Boronov had managed to escape the detention centre.
  47. Pon dived into Kim’s detention room, the noise of gunshots covering his movements.
  48. And to answer your question, I am assisting the police in your arrest and detention.
  49. The hallway was soon empty due to the punishment if students were late… detention.
  50. Two weeks of detention! Johnny cried for what must have been the millionth time.
  51. All those, the date of whose detention is not stated, may have been impressed in 1809.
  52. You’ll serve it down the Panther Hollow in the new Detention Center along the river.
  53. It seemed that in their haste to pull him and Jana out of detention, they had neglected.
  54. In terms of the manner of detention, the use of excessive force may be deemed unreasonable.
  55. First this obsession with the forest and now I get a call at work that you have detention.
  56. I think I would rather miss a pageant than risk having to serve another week in detention.
  57. However, any such detention of a suspected shoplifter must be reasonable in length and manner.
  58. Petersburg—Transport such a one to the mines at Nertchinsk and fix a term for his detention.
  59. He was arrested under his real name, John Crawford and detained in Clerk county detention centre.
  60. Worse, it would hell going back to that detention centre in the refugee processing facility, or.
  61. All the children at Waldorf Academy were afraid of this man and never wanted detention with him.
  62. General Hammon entered one of the detention cells where a group of the prisoners were being held.
  63. Angie then turned to face the commander of her detention platoon, a big matron with rough manners.
  64. To Calvin's surprise, there was only one prisoner in this detention block who wasn't from his ship.
  65. But first I have to mention tat after my father’s detention we women were constantly on the move.
  66. And what constitutes dicey for grown ups who don’t have the threat of detention or parents?
  67. Osaka complied and rallied the crew at the main guard post of the detention center, trying to explain.
  68. Quite simply you have your friend Jason Teller to thank for your present, shall we call it, detention.
  69. Even the school couldn’t make him wear it – I think he had a weekly detention until he was thirteen.
  70. Louis Jews were well aware their country was already holding nearly half a million Jews in detention camps.
  71. Leaving the detention block, Ingrid went to Major Woolmack’s office in the building attached to the block.
  72. The worst case scenario is detention for life under the Mental Health Act but could be less, say 15-20 years.
  73. They said I could play the sweet innocent child and get a few years in a juvenile detention centre if I was lucky.
  74. After we started detention, about half an hour later, the telephone on Father Savage’s desk rings, that woke us up.
  75. We tried community service, home detention and weekend lock up but they didnt want to hear that they wanted full time.
  76. There have been mass arrests and people herded off to detention centers that sound more like concentration camps to me.
  77. He was sleeping so soundly when Captain Palmer paid a visit that he didn’t hear the detention cell barrier power down.
  78. The complaint alleges that Rumsfeld et al are principally responsible for a US Military program of detention and torture.
  79. They also had the power of arrest and detention and considered themselves to be an elite group of highly dedicated policemen.
  80. Wiener had a call up and bitch and complain that they never should've held detention; that they should've sent everybody home.
  81. Up to now, the American soldiers manning the detention block seemed to still believe that she spoke only Vietnamese and French.
  82. I was escorting a convoy of aviation spare parts for embarkation and have little personnel with me and no detention facilities.
  83. The vast majority of humanity's future are detention camps of starvation at every border protecting the food from the famished.
  84. It was converted into a research and development center for the competition, then hospital, now detention and rehabilitation center.
  85. Our school is so rotten and evil that they actually held detention the day President Kennedy was shot; I believe it was November, 1967.
  86. Some say he was taken to the detention barracks for assaulting a Corporal while others said he was declared medical unfit and sent home.
  87. The First Lady is flying on Air Force One to the detention facility for enemy combatants, Sir, with a delegation of Jewish leaders, Sir.
  88. One of the radical punks in the back of the room earned detention for asking what the occupation’s alleged atrocities proved about America.
  89. Bail was denied to no surprise for the lawyers and Harry was placed under the detention of the mental health act on account of his condition.
  90. He had not since her this cross since she had become convinced that an immigration detention centre was opening up at the bottom of her road.
  91. And isn't that what the virtual jailer is for the State? And for the first time since his detention, Urit felt as if he were imprisoned.
  92. Yes we know President Kennedy was shot today, no, we didn't cancel detention and you think we should have canceled detention because President.
  93. Boronov had been caught stealing cigarettes from a tobacco kiosk in the centre of the city and he had been sent to a juvenile detention centre.
  94. She was often tired looking from sedation at times and often agitated and fearful about her detention in that damned place as Matthew called it.
  95. The lawyer expressed himself strongly on the detention of the Menshovs, declaring that there was not a particle of evidence against them on record.
  96. Your content closes by leading to in-context text links (those caught using banners will have a detention!) for small business owners and consumers.
  97. It was actually a sincere apology that exposed all the facts concerning the Colditz Castle affair and the detention and brutalizing of Farah by the M.
  98. At least a hundred Marines were also visible by the light of the burning guards barrack, guarding the aircraft or running around the detention barracks.
  99. Jason found the story that told of a Qur’an, the Islamic book of worship, being flushed down a toilet at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility in Cuba.
  100. It is fortunate that you will be spending detention time with me, where I can perhaps find a way to get that one track mind of yours on the right track.

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