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Frasi con hold (in inglese)

She had to hold on.
His hand I will hold.
He took hold of her.
On all I hold sacred.
But hold on a second.
I could barely hold it.

Always on hold for me.
Wait a minute, hold up.
If I hold your hand.
You seem to hold the.
Would God hold us to:.
Hold on for a moment.
I’ll hold you in my.
I could not hold both.
Hold to the one vision.
You must not hold back.
If it costs you: hold.
Why do you hold on to.
Walt and I grabbed hold.
He took hold of the box.
He tried to get a hold.
I tried to hold her hand.
Hold out on the venting.
Having got hold of the.
Hold on to what is good.
Hold! She tapped the key.
He took hold of me again.
I cannot hold down a job.
A secret fear took hold.
I can hold my thoughts.
You can at least hold me.
And I still hold to this.
Which God gave me to hold.
Whoa! Hold on a moment.
Just hold the noise down.
I grabbed hold of a Tim.
I hold a middle line view.
So hold the hand of the.
Tom, keep hold of the 45.
Why is he holding a.
I was holding her key.
I just was holding it.
I am holding on to you.
Holding up their end of.
The one holding the cane.
Mark was holding court *.
But I was still holding.
He was still holding her.
She was holding a candle.
He was holding Norm, who.
Mann to the holding cells.
He said stil holding it in.
Holding on to the flicker.
And, after holding a wet.
They are holding him there.
He was holding his hand out.
He was holding a revolver.
Do you like holding a job?
Stop holding fear and love.
I was holding it in my hand.
Holding Jensen in his left.
I am not holding you here.
How are you holding up?
Holding his arm out, Cloud.
Holding on to promises false.
He was holding something on.
He was still holding her hand.
Maggie was holding her breath.
He came up holding the strap.
Holding a noose tied to the.
How are you holding out?
He’s still holding my hand.
He was holding a copy of the.
Holding something in her hand.
Revelations in a Holding Cell.
My Mum was holding some cards.
Shah Bano was holding my hands.
She was holding a baby whose.
They were still holding hands.
He sat and held her.
D held up his hand.
And now I held in.
He held up the key.
The gun held 50 cal.
He held up his hands.
Tom held his chin up.
As I held her I said.
When he had held her.
She held it out to.
Josh held on to Rasha.
But no one held Elior.
He held his hand up.
He held his hand out.
He held out his hand.
Is held by the stars.
She held out her hand.
But he held the brush.
He held the gaze so.
He held it out to me.
She held a glass of.
So I held no grudge.
Doc held out his cup.
It held on 23-27 July.
Her head is held high.
She held the bag and.
She held out her hands.
The one you held dear.
He held up the teapot.
It held on 19-21 July.
It held on 22-23 July.
It held on 18-21 July.
It held on 16-17 July.
The Lord held my hands.
A plasma UFO is held.
He held up his palms.
He held out the letter.
As Son held Lyla, he.
He stood up and held.
Son held the baby girl.
He holds up his mug.
Dana holds a BA in.
Jock holds out a hand.
She holds out a hand.
Baptist who holds a B.
Aaron holds out a hand.
He holds his hand out.
He holds it out to me.
He holds up the papers.
She holds out her hand.
Jack holds up his hand.
Jed holds out his hand.
He holds her in place.
Hamo holds his hand out.
Ricci holds up his hand.
He holds me even closer.
It holds two items: a.
Aaron holds out his hand.
When an object holds a.
The same holds true if.
One thing holds him back.
Devon holds the ID steady.
He holds my hands in his.
Hertzog holds up his hand.
If it holds, I'll follow.
TK holds Enzo in his arms.
Who, then, holds the key?
You see, he holds it up.
This time, no holds were.
The cargo holds are mess.
A blank canvas holds within.
Reese holds me even closer.
Emily is what holds me back.
Each holds on for the other.
That’s what holds you up.
This holds true for babies.
It holds no place for fear.
A book holds a house of gold.
He had such powerful holds.
Fate: what the future holds.

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