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Frasi con disability (in inglese)

  1. He was on the disability pension.
  2. Disability and the hidden causes.
  3. But, he had one tragic disability.
  5. The same applies to disability insurance.
  6. We speculated on life with such a disability.
  7. He collected disability from the government.
  8. Disability as a curse and the punishment of god.
  9. The only disability in life is a bad attitude.
  10. The disability pay had not afforded him much of a.
  11. His cousin doesn’t know why he’s on disability.
  12. He was receiving disability payments, and his wife.
  13. That first winter on disability was quiet and lonely.
  14. I’ve never seen my dyslexia as a learning disability.
  15. I learned how to see my ability inside of my disability.
  16. Rick is paralyzed and lives on Social Security Disability.
  17. Disability Living Trust -that was it! –It had to be it.
  18. She was now distressed to learn that he had a disability.
  19. Their disability is equated to their inability in a sense.
  20. Oh! And Harry has forgotten all about his disability pension.
  21. She was on disability for a leg injury and carried a crutch.
  22. I also knew that her disability was probably Thomas's money.
  23. Because veterans on disability are financially dependent on.
  24. So I spent that summer at the learning disability camp with my.
  25. Disability is a part of all that now, it’s not off the radar!.
  26. I feared that Avery would injure himself to the point of disability.
  27. And this disability was due to one, unfortunate, childhood accident.
  28. He would not have been allowed into Canada because of his disability.
  29. I knew that a disability pension wasnt going to keep me going for long.
  30. Over the last 2 years since you went on disability, has it got better or.
  31. It can vary from a slightly felt discomfort to disability to hold the racket.
  32. A stroke can cause lasting brain damage, long-term disability, and / or death.
  33. There’s a law firm down in Abingdon that does nothing but disability cases.
  34. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.
  35. He had applied for disability status under Social Security, and had been denied.
  36. This can cause irritation, extreme levels of disability and at times, fatality!.
  37. We live off my pay in the grocery store and a disability she got from her old job.
  38. They had, of course, disability, life insurance, and additional personal benefits.
  39. One day, in 1988, he had no job and was receiving a paltry monthly disability check.
  40. If he went bonkers, at least he could score a tax free, federal disability pension.
  41. The conditions of my disability benefit are that I do not leave South Africa and do.
  42. I don't have to explain to you what's wrong with me, why I'm on disability and why.
  43. The Public Employees Retirement system also covers survivor and disability protection.
  44. Impersonating a disability, now surely that was fraud and Lucy was aiding and abetting.
  45. Instead, she squared off at Spears and said, I guess I must have a learning disability.
  46. The extent of its grip on her soul went beyond her current physical and mental disability.
  47. I just got off the phone with a man whose claim for Social Security disability was denied.
  48. I’ve often wondered if she was slightly retarded or had a learning disability or something.
  49. He was meant to be there to impress but he was too much in awe of the man, it was a disability.
  50. The fact that the drug had caused an indefinite disability made the issue much more complicated.
  51. I don’t have a disability, but I play wheelchair basketball and I felt I was included in that team.
  52. Nor did she have to remind him that, with his condition, he could have filed for disability years ago.
  53. This was not, in itself, a great disability to Jews, because it was consistent with rabbinical decrees.
  54. Why? Maybe it was another learning disability … I could only understand zebras? Then I thought: horses.
  55. He would never work again, and his suicide attempt only bolstered his disability case with the government.
  56. Every parent who has a child with a disability needs to realize that their child never chose to be that way.
  57. The cure for the ailment that is disability abuse is to simply stop paying those unable or unwilling to work.
  58. I felt that saddened that my disability was also physical, and that I had to stay in treatment while others.
  59. Suppose a congenital brain disability children, nobody taught him swearing, nor taught his aggressive behavior.
  60. Veterans were awarded compensation based on their level of disability, ranging from 10 percent to 100 percent.
  61. Now disability, Sledge said dropping the stiff mass of flesh to the cold floor, that shit’s forever.
  62. Clemens was less inclined, not due to any learning disability but because he had no desire to help in any way.
  63. There are many psychiatrists and psychologists who simply will not see a patient with an intellectual disability.
  64. All the while, all of this survivors benefits from his disability claim went to Walter and Georgia, on my behalf.
  65. Another needed advice on a Social Security disability claim, and Samantha happily referred him to a private firm.
  66. Most of the time they will withhold taxes, Medicare, FICA and disability insurance and pay you with a standard W-2.
  67. Another example of liberalism intolerance for anything which might point to their disability is ―The Bell Curve‖.
  68. I became notorious to my family and friends for my crazy idea that I could actually overcome my stuttering disability.
  69. For example, workmates used to get together and laugh about his mental disability and tease him unmercifully about it.
  70. He was certainly attractive, and his disability didn’t seem to trouble him because he was not at all self-conscious.
  71. Then, suddenly, he became a lonely onlookers, was isolated from the rest of his mental disability from the social life.
  72. Perhaps he could relate to her in certain ways, but his age was a greater disability than even his physical impairment.
  73. The daughter had a disability which resulted in my friend having to spend extra effort and care to tend to her offspring.
  74. Rohan shared Emory’s disability when it came to women, although he did not have the effect on them that Emory seemed to.
  75. Money that he couldn’t show because of his disability claim that allowed him to remain in society with an identification.
  76. You never completely forgot that he was blind, but you also never, ever got the impression that his disability defined him.
  77. Two years later, Congress created the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund and funded it with a federal tax on coal production.
  78. For example, GEICO specializes in auto insurance while AFLAC specializes in disability and workers’ compensation insurance.
  79. I have serious concerns about where all that is going, but my disability will continue regardless of the outcome of your study.
  80. If you find yourself always thinking and talking about your disability, ask yourself if you are still feeling hurt over the loss.
  81. I don‘t need either of you to cause me to become paralyzed then I‘ll wind up being on permanent disability myself! Thank you.
  82. In fact he vividly recalled a conversation with a woman from a village in Tanzania who had a son with an intellectual disability.
  83. If she acquired the disability later in her life, she might remember how she used to look and might feel unattractive by comparison.
  84. And how, sir, is it attempted to rebut this fact? By showing a physical disability in the country to avail itself of this force? No.
  85. Health, life and disability insurance are not required but in the event of sickness or an accident, they can make quite a difference.
  86. While there was no mention of Rosemary’s lobotomy, this was the first time a clear statement was made about Rosemary’s disability.
  87. Grateful for our efforts, he painted us a beautiful landscape picture that must have taken him weeks to complete, given his disability.
  88. It wasn’t anything to do with his disability or lack of this emotion, but he had had lots of difficult experience with violent world.
  89. You never completely forgot that he was blind, but you also never, ever got the impression that his disability defined him.
  90. He carefully studied every human interest or bad fortune story involving disability, and mental illness, and all kinds of social issues.
  91. Lucy had previously arranged through her contacts at the Disability Living Trust for temporary accommodation, suitable for a wheel chair.
  92. These options were to expire five years from the date of grant or earlier in the event of termination of employment, disability, or death.
  93. Just outside the entrance there were three parking spaces marked up with the Disabled logo, allocated for people with disability badges.
  94. He had met and talked to Presidents Truman through Bush and for over forty years was the chairman of the President’s Committee on Disability.
  95. But in these statutes of limitation there are always exceptions in favor of cases of disability, infancy, coverture, insanity, absence beyond sea, &c.
  96. He knew with Lucy’s nursing background she would be working in the same field and the banks’ letter specifically mentioned Disability Living Trust.
  97. Gro Harlem Brundtland, director-general of the World Health Organization, reported in 2000 that five of the 10 leading causes of disability worldwide.
  98. Media interest in Declan’s disability is nothing compared to interest in his relationship with fellow band member and reality TV star Natalie Pearson.
  99. Sorry to hear he might have to be on permanent disability, but thank God he's still alive! The most important thing is, the doctors saved his life!.
  100. I think that if you are more in the urban areas it’s changing and getting better, but in the rural areas there is still a lot of stigma attached to disability.

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