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Frasi con impairment (in inglese)

  1. This impairment is further aggravated by the body's.
  2. Autism is an impairment in the processing of information.
  3. Owing to his hearing impairment, he stumbled through the course.
  4. Though not a sign of brain impairment, it will grow worse with age.
  5. Any impaired person will try to accommodate to limit the impairment.

  6. Many of these products are notorious for causing a sudden onset of sleepiness or impairment.
  7. I believe for the milder cases there is no discernable difference between it and an impairment of common sense.
  8. I simply did not understand how Makiss death could wreak such devastating impairment on her mental well-being.
  9. Perhaps he could relate to her in certain ways, but his age was a greater disability than even his physical impairment.
  10. Mistakes are measured by beliefs that there has occurred a permanent impairment in underlying value or financial position.
  11. It is the absence or impairment that often gives them the focus and drive which can be missing from an able bodied person.
  12. Mason said nothing about the incident though he undoubtedly heard the noise, as there was no indication of his having a hearing impairment.
  13. You have a recent memory impairment that is out of proportion to your age and is a significant decline in your previous level of functioning.
  14. More specifically, it causes plaque to form on artery walls, and it causes imbalances in the brain that lead to insomnia, anxiety, and impairment of memory.
  15. Because of their brain impairment, savants have a paradoxical access to a wealth of information that resides equally within everyone but cannot normally be accessed.

  16. Once acquired these securities could be held indefinitely unless the security becomes grossly overpriced; the business seems to have suffered a permanent impairment (e.
  17. Sleeping more than eight hours or less than six and a lack of cognitive stimulation such as reading were associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment by 2.
  18. Sometimes, the production power of an asset can be significantly reduced due to competitive disruptive innovation and therefore its value can suffer permanent impairment.
  19. By February 2009, during his Q4 earnings call, Cedar Fair’s CFO told investors that $16 million in impairment charges were entirely due to the acquisition of Paramount Parks.
  20. By February 2010, CEO Dick Kinzel was again telling investors during his Q4 earnings call that the performance of certain acquired parks would result in impairment charges.
  21. We just try to be cash counters—if you can buy something at 5× free cash with limited chance of permanent impairment, even if it earns only half of what we thought, that's okay.
  22. And in a 1987 study, eight in ten former Pacific POWs had psychiatric impairment, six in ten had anxiety disorders, more than one in four had PTSD, and nearly one in five was depressed.
  23. The doctors said this woman was near death! They said she suffered a fractured skull a busted ear drum, permanent vision impairment a broken jaw a broken arm and suffers from other injuries!.
  24. A measure of the impairment of the company’s financial position by this step is found in the fact that the new 5% bonds did not sell higher than 42 cents on the dollar during the year of issuance.
  25. There is not necessarily more or less for them to know, only in different manners and more understanding because of the difficulties which are encountered because of the physical or mental impairment.

  26. Nearly all issues which met reasonably stringent quantitative tests at the beginning of 1937 came through the ensuing slump with a relatively small market decline and no impairment of inherent position.
  27. By the time that any real impairment of security is manifest, the issue may have fallen in price not only to a speculative level but to a level even lower than the decline in earnings would seem to justify.
  28. A study published in April 2014 in the Annals of Neurology found that the gene had only a minimal effect on men, while in women it nearly doubled the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment.
  29. If that price is ultrahigh compared with the acquired company’s NAV, future income accounts may be burdened by a noncash charge for goodwill impairment, which would reflect management’s mistakes in their role as investors as opposed to operators.
  30. Yet, as the definition of mental impairment grows over time to include not just the insane or psychotic like John Hinckley but also those whose faculties are diminished by age, there are signs that the president himself may be sliding into this spectrum.
  31. As he reached for his handkerchief to wipe his face, he noticed that his hand was trembling ever so slightly that it could be mistaken for a physical or neurological impairment but made no conscious effort to restrain the mixture of tension and relief he now felt.
  32. Seasoned securities of the high-grade type tended to cling rather tenaciously to their established price levels and frequently failed to reflect a progressive deterioration of their intrinsic position until some time after this impairment was discoverable by analysis.
  33. Eventually the first-mortgage bonds may come through the reorganization undisturbed, but during a wearisome and protracted period the owners have faced a severe impairment in the quoted value of their holdings and at least some degree of doubt and worry as to the outcome.
  34. The ensuing seven years, although generally prosperous, affected different groups of investment issues in such divergent ways that the old sense of complete security—with which the term gilt-edged securities was identified—suffered an ever-increasing impairment.
  35. As Rose noted in her memoir, Times to Remember, she and Joe were coming to the conclusion that Rosemary was suffering from something other than intellectual impairment; a neurological disturbance, Rose would call it, that had overtaken her, and it was becoming progressively worse.
  36. Snyder’s findings support Aldous Huxley’s eliminative theory of the brain and also the extended theory presented in this book which concludes that it is due to the impairment or shutting-off of specific parts of the brain that results in mystical and psychic states; and access to information which would not normally be associated with our everyday state of consciousness.

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