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    1. ‖ Such role-playing is neither cynical nor disingenuous however a conforming agency that seeks to manage or regulate a variety relationships among individuals having different values and interests that would otherwise alienate most

    2. I find it somewhat amusing, however, if not disingenuous, that some liberals consider her rescission a ―victory‖ for the Democratic Party

    3. ” However, that is disingenuous

    4. Seems to me that this is disingenuous; if the buyers haven’t already factored volume rebates in to the original pricing, they aren’t doing their job properly; if they have and this is simply an additional demand, then greed and the associated power-play would seem to be the only motive

    5. ” she said calmly, smiled warmly, both of which the Board perceived as disingenuous, manipulative, and unrepentant

    6. “That sounds disingenuous to me, which is so typical of hairsplitting charlatans

    7. Or was he being disingenuous? he wondered, knowing there was no way the argument could be concealed, had he hoped to cast doubt on such suspicions by his very openness?

    8. … The propaganda of convincing all of civilization that one man hiding in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan was a threat to all of human civilization a threat to the most powerful nation on earth, a nation with nuclear weapons and missiles and aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines… is so disingenuous, it is not even funny… A huge nation that is so weak and so inept and so incompetent… that it could not find this one man for 11 years, this enemy which they invented, this scapegoat… The idea that America, the nation with the most weapons of mass destructions, should be admired and loved and respected for its brave army and navy and air force, er… this huge military machine to battle against this one man who has no aircraft carriers and no nuclear submarines and no jet fighter and no missiles

    9. “That would be disingenuous

    10. Nixon is being disingenuous

    11. But that will be disingenuous

    12. Merthin now understood why Caris ’s disingenuous inquiries about this document had caused such trouble

    13. Apart from her disingenuous ‘Isn’t that true?’ there wasn’t a question in that entire herd of bull,” Hoffman said

    14. It would be disingenuous to address only the better downside protection of the call without talking about the sacrifice of upside potential

    15. The undefined, if not disingenuous, attitude of modern thinkers to this phenomenon is striking

    16. I have no hesitation in saying, that when the letters from this Minister to our Government are examined by the people, that independent of the arrogance bordering on insolence, in which they are couched, so characteristic of that nation, they will have a different effect from that of conciliation; the illiberal and disingenuous demands made preliminary to the revocation of the Orders in Council, will have a tendency to rouse the public mind; they will be looked on with an indignant frown by all real Americans

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    artful disingenuous villainous false treasonable disloyal malicious faithless hypocritical