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Frasi con disruption (in inglese)

  1. There is disruption of routine.
  2. Disruption of the Ground by Frost.
  3. Disruption of the Ground by Frost, 286.
  4. He would interfere – create disruption.
  5. Disruption of the ground at Deerfield, 286.

  6. I think killing me counts as a disruption.
  7. The only disruption came when a white van.
  8. What causes a disruption of the good flora:.
  9. The disruption occurred because it was needed.
  10. Lunch continued without any further disruption.
  11. Their disruption made it hard on the Special Ed.
  12. To the Disruption fathers, the sky was the limit.
  13. Your voice creates a disruption in those cycles.
  14. The same happened with the constant disruption of.
  15. Any break in the reading will cause a disruption in.

  16. There would be no disruption of the plans, no changes.
  17. I could move into the job with a minimum of disruption.
  18. Haven still did not understand what caused the disruption.
  19. It soon proved to be the cause of turmoil and disruption not.
  20. The line of disruption slammed against the barrier and stal ed.
  21. Try to sense the disruption in the preexisting state of reality.
  22. There were three people within, one was causing some disruption.
  23. Avery closed her eyes at the disruption and said a silent prayer.
  24. Randy, its just that attitude that is becoming a disruption here.
  25. Today’s new technologies are causing massive disruption once again.

  26. Unresolved conflicts destroy unity and may terminate in mind disruption.
  27. I think that, secretly, Parker likes it when all is chaos and disruption.
  28. There was too much potential for pain and disruption if I got this wrong.
  29. It will also cause serious economic disruption and should be taken seriously.
  30. On audio, all you heard was the disruption - and then the boos of the entire.
  31. Physically demanding as the flying was, it was the mental disruption we craved.
  32. Before the "you lie" outburst, there was a disruption on that same side of the.
  33. The more delicate and refined the object is, the greater the disruption will be.
  34. The Beast had made use of artifice, illusion, imitation, disruption, misdirection.
  35. Just wanting to complete the rest of the journey without disruption, he had a bad.
  36. The temporal disruption device existed as a result of a certain sequence of events.
  37. That place was used as a marshaling ground for Leftist demonstrations and disruption.
  38. Beck laughed, I never bother with the infernal thing, and it is such a disruption.
  39. Great Depression; when a simple disruption of the money supply caused people real harm.
  40. Many seasons of disruption would come to haunt their quest to rebuild their settlement.
  41. Consequently they don't see it as a weapon of mass destruction but of mass disruption.
  42. It would have provided a way for the Confederates to take advantage of the disruption.
  43. Indeed, the general description which I sent you will answer for this smaller disruption.
  44. With all the disruption their expedition had faced, he only went out when he was on duty.
  45. Completion of the correct sequence of procedures will result in the disruption of the.
  46. I’d be pleased if you’d plan a route that causes the minimum disruption to the work.
  47. The transmission should have evaded the disruption web, although it could still be detected.
  48. There was murmuring in the room but nothing more than a slight disruption to the equilibrium.
  49. Deadly Wound–An injury capable of ending activity; a disruption with the potential to end the.
  50. This disruption in the skin is a manifestation of anger and the inability to manage one's health.
  51. As my body relaxed, all the weirdness, disruption, and terror of the past few days came welling up.
  52. The morning was wearing on; there were already signs of disruption, currents and eddies in the crowd.
  53. Catching sight of Miriam, she beckoned to her with a vigor that threatened disruption of her gloves.
  54. The knowledge was still there, right from that last moment when temporal disruption became eradication.
  55. Beyond a certain limit no mechanical disruption of the body could hasten the process of decomposition.
  56. It is prone to disruption by the forces of short-run speculation arising from changes in mass psychology.
  57. Quietly, he made his way inside, intentionally avoiding a disruption in their conversation's natural direction.
  58. Charlz and Zion simply hadn’t heard about it yet thanks to the disruption of Mother Church’s communications.
  59. Denver waved a hand through the air for the other boys to carry on with their business and ignore the disruption.
  60. The disruption to colony radio systems was the first evidence, but that was hard to tie conclusively to the block.
  61. Some historians view the Disruption as a noble act, where people were willing to stand up for what they believed.
  62. Regardless of who wins, the chance of violence and disruption is slim, and it will hopefully just be a speed bump.
  63. I felt badly for him, but I was not willing to subject my family to the stress and disruption that Adam would cause.
  64. In this case, the Shenandoah was essentially free to travel without any disruption to anywhere it wanted to go on the.
  65. What I chose was to avoid any appearance in court and the time it would take, all the hassles and disruption to my life.
  66. Almost a thousand insurgents were killed in this way and it did cause disruption so it was not a complete waste of time.
  67. But all of the EDA drone pilots located back on Earth were unaffected, because they were outside the disruption field.
  68. For this disruption, she was quickly handed over to the Wacky Fun Factory security guards, and sent back to Waldorf Academy.
  69. And amid all this chaos and disruption, the sports teams and their players reigned supreme, functioning under their own rules.
  70. Even as the feet seemed about to burst the uppers of the boots, so the legs appeared to threaten the trousers with disruption.
  71. Those glad tidings have, of course, caused no little disruption to our Kaitlyn's lodging arrangements in this charming hamlet.
  72. It didn’t take long for Annie to find the clothes her mother wanted, but she still resented the disruption to her Sunday regime.
  73. Conan stood paralyzed in the disruption of the faculties which demoralizes anyone who is confronted by an impossible negation of sanity.
  74. The Disruption was very well stage managed with a degree of skill and detailed planning that would be the envy of today’s spin doctors.
  75. However, noble or not in its intentions, I believe that the Disruption was one of the worst events that ever overtook the Kirk in Scotland.
  76. Necessary or not, the Disruption happened and a very large number of ministers and elders went out to form the Free Church of Scotland.
  77. You will also have to orchestrate a continuous disruption of police routine from Saturday morning and increase intensity from Sunday evening.
  78. If either the drone or its operator are located outside of the disruption field, the quantum link is completely unaffected and remains intact.
  79. Hence, death should not be seen as a disruption to life but instead should be viewed as an avenue for growth on the part of the surviving people.
  80. You many not think there is big risk in a gold mine, but think about a mine tragedy or disruption that could halt mining—do you want that risk?2.
  81. It may be proper to state, that during the flood, no ice, except a few loose masses, was carried over, or near the spot where the disruption appears.
  82. His ideas and beliefs had caused quite a raucous within the Magi's hierarchy, a disruption that nearly ended with the man's dismissal from the Order.
  83. To me, it looks as though the process we are going through in some ways mirrors the Disruption of 1843, although in other respects it is very different.
  84. Somebody did the calculations and determined the crash of an airliner into the pentagon would cause enormous damage and enormous disruption of service.
  85. While all this was happening and Nic was off the scene, it was a good time to repaint the inside of the house – with all the disruption that entailed.
  86. We're always asking whether there's a transitory disruption to a business or whether there's a point of discontinuity, as was the case with Eastman Kodak.
  87. Any gravity, like monergy, that pulls away from that destination is inherently a disruption, therefore a disease both to the patient and the healing system.
  88. Since I sent you a description of a singular disruption in the earth in this town, another has been observed in the same meadows, about one mile from the former.
  89. It is when there is a disruption in this Qi that problems and illness occurs; restoring the flow of the Qi restores harmony and dissolves the symptoms of illness.
  90. Again, a great disruption to our blessed way of life caused by a woman! Why, in the name of all that is sacred, do they not have "whites only" theaters anyway?".
  91. On the positive side, it does seems the bleak proposition of economic and social disruption caused by fuel shortages will help slow the trend of runaway pollution.
  92. In less than a hundred years this Lord of harmonising power will have more influence and will offset some of the Saturn disruption of the first decanate of Aquarius.
  93. Your memories of my class would be affected only if the temporial disruption was on a vector which was statistically significant with reference to the q and alpha variables.
  94. Getting the townspeople to guard against disruption from outside would lead naturally, she hoped, to a new awareness of the need for order and good behaviour among themselves.
  95. Scholars and historians still disagree as to whether the Disruption, ostensibly over the issue of a congregation’s right to call a minister of their own choosing, was necessary.
  96. She couldn’t believe she heard it above the sound of waves relentlessly thrown against the sides of the ship by the disruption of water, as the silver bodies headed toward them.
  97. I have lately examined a singular disruption in the earth, discovered a few days since in the northerly part of an extensive meadow in this town, about ten rods from Deerfield river.
  98. These cause fear and disruption for many people because of the guilt they have regarding the thoughts of others that this is always somehow earned or received because of unprotected sex.
  99. The true extent of Gerrid's neural disruption had not been mapped; the scanning process in itself ran the risk of damage – and generally would be used for someone on the point of death.
  100. Fifty yards to the east was an ancient cabbage palm close by a thick trunked Magnolia tree, nailed to which was a human skull, its ghostly white pate bearing the marks of severe disruption.

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