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Frasi con disturbance (in inglese)

  1. Did she create a disturbance?
  2. I need to call in a disturbance….
  3. Avoid the disturbance, that is all.
  4. There's a Great Disturbance, and the.
  5. Hillary was alarmed by the disturbance.

  6. You’re at the only disturbance tonight.
  7. But apparently the disturbance was enough.
  8. All we needed was a ten-second disturbance.
  9. There is some disturbance at work then too.
  10. Where is this disturbance taking place?
  11. Young man, I have not created a disturbance.
  12. There was a disturbance up closer to the pier.
  13. Throw something around or create a disturbance.
  14. Barrad jogged over to investigate the disturbance.
  15. Something that he needs to survive the Disturbance.

  17. Hap turned around to face the disturbance, which had.
  18. To the west of you is the source of the disturbance.
  19. What keeps it moving with no disorder and no disturbance?
  20. Outside Disturbance occurs, something that changes his life.
  21. A certain; DISTURBANCE OF THE FORCE! When you try to project.
  22. At the height of her mental disturbance, her art is blooming.
  23. But there was a great disturbance and uproar in ZBN building.
  24. Far-reaching, the growing disturbance heaved like a wave of.
  25. They were interrupted by a disturbance elsewhere in the square.

  26. Domestic disturbance, the man said, all sorted out now.
  27. A disturbance was reported but I live in the middle of nowhere.
  28. So many humans, so many houses, so much noise, and disturbance.
  29. Hillary ran over to the source of the disturbance and listened.
  30. An issue had resurfaced, a disturbance in the heart of Germanic.
  31. As things deteriorated I suffered severe emotional disturbance.
  32. But, there is a Great Disturbance and then a Call To Action (The.
  33. Today is just a minor disturbance, a short, sharp Atlantic squall.
  34. She attributed her mental disturbance on her consumption of drugs.
  35. I couldnt make a disturbance and run some of your livelihood away.
  36. Iratus had sensed a disturbance in the Force; it had alerted him of.
  37. If there is disturbance in the camp, the general's authority is weak.
  38. And you can see by their steady flames that there’s no disturbance.
  39. A spacial disturbance, a rippling in space, moving towards the probe.
  40. Miss Monroe has suffered from psychiatric disturbance for a long time.
  41. There is some financial disturbance – perhaps an unexpected expense.
  42. If they had followed his lead, they could have ignored the disturbance.
  43. They turned as one to see what the disturbance was, but I already knew.
  44. The disturbance, when it comes, brings him back to his senses instantly.
  45. Groaning at the disturbance, the young man obeyed, undoing his overcoat.
  46. Carlus, conducting the singing, sensed a disturbance and looked puzzled.
  47. There was a disturbance by the trapdoor, and it creaked open reluctantly.
  48. Over the racket of the enemy army, I heard a disturbance off to the side.
  49. This layout may cause disturbance in the display of textual content at times.
  50. What sort of disturbance is it? Orphenn inquired into his communicator.
  51. He dared not risk having such a disturbance during Passover time in Jerusalem.
  52. Before he could explain it as he finished, there was a disturbance at the door.
  53. Your spouse, partner or current love has some short-term financial disturbance.
  54. There was commotion in the jungle as animals shrieked at the sudden disturbance.
  55. There were no signs of disturbance in the room where Fyodor Pavlovitch was lying.
  56. Wrenched from slumber by the disturbance, Hallen and Bane thought trouble was at.
  57. Disturbance, Shooting Star', although it is impressive and sure but the feint is.
  58. Yaseer come and see, I think there is some disturbance at our society’s gate.
  59. This can bring some financial disturbance – an unexpected expense or obligation.
  60. He had no history of violence, no history of psychological illness or disturbance.
  61. He didn’t want to directly confront Joey in Main State and create a disturbance.
  62. We and the world around us like the Universe - it's just a disturbance in the space.
  63. He must have felt a disturbance just beyond the boundless world his eyes perceived.
  64. His disturbance of mind continued; he felt that he must go away somewhere, anywhere.
  65. He was still suffering from this sudden disturbance of the quiet routine of his life.
  66. Thomas has had Matthew Bulow arrested for causing a disturbance and damaging our home.
  67. It never struck him that he had better go away, with all this disturbance in the house.
  68. Sheriff Forgo unsheathed his short, but very sharp sword and ran toward the disturbance.
  69. I apologised to the guests who had heard the disturbance, saying this was the first time.
  70. Grailem needed to think and the disturbance of noisy people was what he could do without.
  71. He could hear the sounds of disturbance all around from his shouted reply, but he couldn't.
  72. For three days and nights they were acutely afflicted with a painful digestive disturbance.
  73. Well, Sir, it was about two hours after feedin' yesterday when I first hear my disturbance.
  74. My father addressed himself to the gentleman point-blank, and there was quite a disturbance.
  75. We were following the trail of a blizzard, in the still that comes after such a disturbance.
  76. And I also am feeling some unpleasant consequences of too much mental disturbance, said Mr.
  77. Whole clans of excited monkeys dashed about among the vines, pretending to hate disturbance.
  78. It was a skill I had developed, the ability to ignore things which might cause a disturbance.
  79. He was puzzled at this disturbance, visible from the podium but hidden from most of the crowd.
  80. Armed troops hovered on the edges of the throng, ready to move in at any sign of disturbance.
  81. It was away from the disturbance of city and it wasn’t also too far from her new work place.
  82. That Miss Flora Millar, the lady who had caused the disturbance, has actually been arrested.
  83. Heads turned throughout the cabin as people craned their necks to see what the disturbance was.
  84. Again during the night, the disturbance was repeated, this time bringing a lesser response from.
  85. It would have been exceedingly careless and totally unnecessary to allow of any such disturbance.
  86. At that moment a disturbance was heard from the hotel desk area, where the sailor’s widow, Mrs.
  87. This must not be the disturbance that I was sent out to investigate; therefore I shall go on!.
  88. Some visible disturbance, but gentle, and hard to locate precisely where, from two hundred yards.
  89. Most of the young men had spent the night at the club in the expectation of some such disturbance.
  90. Little Barrad heard a disturbance to his left; the chickens in the hen house were going ballistic.
  91. They were acquainted in Petersburg, and now he's taken the lodge to get away from the disturbance.
  92. The impact on Uranus signals dramatic financial changes, usually through a disturbance or crisis.
  93. If the radio signal had any connection with the disturbance in the forest, it would raise the ante.
  94. Yuki stood in the well with her hands clasped in front of her, hoping the disturbance would rage on.
  95. He then turned his attention to the Atlantic where a disturbance was forming off the coast of Africa.
  96. Almost every night there was some kind of disturbance in the cobblestoned street below their windows.
  97. In the first case the disturbance will be local; in the second place it will affect the whole system.
  98. Whatever inequalities, therefore, there might be in the original assessment, gave little disturbance.
  99. We anticipate no disturbance in this pattern of behavior from our entrance into your political arena.
  100. She held her breath and squinted through blurry eyes into the cloud of ash, looking for a disturbance.

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