don frasi

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Frasi con don (in inglese)

  1. Don flipped on the TV.
  2. Don stepped to the side.
  3. Ah, that word, Don Juan.
  4. Don Beck of the best-.
  5. You are right, Don Jose.

  6. Ever Tell Don the Truth.
  7. Don glanced at his watch.
  8. Don was hungry and tired.
  9. When Don met Ron at the.
  11. That is because, Don Juan.
  12. Meeting with Don Paid Off.
  13. Don Juan, the game is mine.
  14. Don walked her to the Jeep.
  15. Don Juan, I loved her, yes.

  16. Don had refused to respond.
  17. Don headed upstairs to bed.
  20. Don looked down at his plate.
  21. And we did the same with Don.
  22. Don, the oldest of the group.
  23. Don too nodded in agreement.
  24. This time Don took the hint.
  25. City Church, formed by Don.

  26. Don has to take the lead now.
  27. Don Jose had raised his voice.
  28. Even Don Carlos had given up.
  29. Leave that alone, Don Martin.
  30. Don, district of the, note 90.
  31. I told Don Carlos Gould, too.
  32. Don whistled under his breath.
  33. Don went to the back restroom.
  34. Don had coolly replied that.
  35. Kedril is a sort of Don Juan.
  37. They took prisoner Don Pedro.
  38. Don James, The Agile Marketer.
  39. I alone can restrain Don Pepe.
  40. But you don ’t understand.
  42. Did you hear from Don?
  43. Don rushed over to pick her up.
  44. Don looked to Pauline for help.
  45. I don ’t hate you, Elfric.
  46. Don didn’t hear what he said.
  47. Don Guierrmo was certain of it.
  48. Don hesitated, but spoke anyway.
  49. Don hoped to dodge her question.
  50. Where are you from, Don?
  51. Don and Cecily stopped for lunch.
  52. Don was a nerdy guy through and.
  53. It is plain that "Don Quixote".
  54. Don was stunned by the statement.
  55. Don Juan, its said with reason;.
  56. Don Riso and Russ Hudson later.
  57. But Don Juan, why are you here?
  58. Don nodded and took his sword out.
  59. Don Almost Fell Out of His Chair.
  60. What about you then, Don?
  61. I do have seven children, Don.
  62. Don slid into the Gene-implanter.
  63. He's been with Don about a month.
  64. Don had built this shell around.
  65. Before Don could respond with an.
  66. Don Carlos, great friend of mine.
  67. No, I loved him, Don replied.
  68. She asked Don if he would be her.
  69. Besides, the new don, Maggione Jr.
  70. The late Don Taylor had a vision.
  71. I don’t know, Don answered.
  72. Trader Don is bearish on XYZ stock.
  73. Minutes later, Don closed his eyes.
  74. Don retreated into the front office.
  75. Don was surprised by the offer—.
  76. Don finally finished all the orders.
  77. See you tomorrow, Don Rodriguez.
  78. Don continued toward the restrooms.
  79. I don a pair of sweat pants and a.
  80. Don gave a little shake of his head.
  81. She turned around to see it was Don.
  82. He knows that I have Don Pepe there.
  83. Don Juans not the better of us two.
  84. Don had never heard of such a thing.
  85. Don Jose Avellanos loved his country.
  86. Don ’t force me, I beg you!.
  87. Don Wolheim was the Senior Editor of.
  88. You are, to use the parlance of Don.
  89. Don White, my CO, filled me in today.
  90. Don rushed in to purchase his ticket.
  91. Don had to have been at least thirty.
  92. Any progress, buddy? Don asked.
  93. The men of Don; I doubted not to see.
  94. The Dragons and Don were taken aback.
  95. Don shifted uncomfortably in his seat.
  96. I was the one with Don the other day.
  97. Don just sat there, smiling at Cecily.
  98. Don asked when I could have it to him.
  99. Of whom? That Don Juan that you love.
  100. Don and Christina descended the ladder.

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