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Frasi con dust (in inglese)

  1. I am dust and ashes.
  2. She fell in the dust.
  3. As stars turn to dust.
  5. No dust or salt there.

  6. Move dust out of place.
  7. All this dust is awful.
  8. As clouds of red dust.
  9. The dust of the Sandman.
  10. Then there was the dust.
  11. She took a dust rag and.
  12. Storm in the sea of dust.
  13. Thick dust fills the air.
  14. And in the moon’s dust.
  15. All went to dust and ruin.

  16. And as dust have remained.
  17. I scrabbled the dust away.
  18. See the Rock Dust chapter.
  19. Trees also love Rock Dust.
  20. Another One Bites The Dust.
  21. We can dust it for prints.
  22. Which slowly turns to dust.
  23. Or a destitute in the dust.
  25. I dust off my tennis shoes.

  26. Dust, floating in the air.
  27. Remember? Dust and all that.
  29. Now she is ashes and dust:.
  30. She kicked up a great dust.
  31. All is dust without action.
  32. Into the dust of the earth.
  33. The dust, that end of all.
  34. He brushed demon dust off.
  35. REST together IS IN THE DUST.
  36. Dust billowed from the porch.
  37. He threw dust at me and.
  38. The dust hung in the clash.
  39. Not a dust speck on the air.
  40. Dust it off; have a look!.
  41. She was turning into dust!.
  42. The wind, the dust, the water.
  43. And there was dust, so much.
  44. I swiped dust out of my eyes.
  45. Without her, I would be dust.
  46. He knows we are but dust (Ps.
  47. The dust would begin to fall.
  48. They are containers of dust.
  49. Dust swirled around the rider.
  50. And another one bites the dust.
  51. Ash, dust, falling rock, fire.
  52. She scuffed at the dust with.
  53. After a moment the dust clears.
  54. The large cloud of dust that.
  55. Shooting it until it was dust.
  56. Sure, we have dust blowing in.
  57. It was smothered in thick dust.
  58. Dust has collected and spawned.
  59. The hedges were grey with dust.
  60. A dust cloud rose up over the.
  61. Everything had a layer of dust.
  62. Echoes of time wither into dust.
  63. Cindy’s mouth was dry as dust.
  65. Let me dust out the thick head.
  66. And they become scattered dust.
  67. He raises poor out of the dust.
  68. And thus ancestral dust reveres.
  69. The dust was thick with debris.
  70. As before, there was dust and.
  71. Known as the dust of the stars.
  72. In a vortex of dust, others see.
  73. The air smelled of age and dust.
  74. Raised his Voice—And the Dust.
  75. Pillars of dust rise on thermals.
  76. He will just be dust, in the end.
  77. Not one sign of dust on anything.
  78. The car churned off into the dust.
  79. Dust to dust, and all that …'.
  80. Heavy dust covered the fire pits.
  81. Dust blew up from the ground in.
  82. The dust rested tranquilly there.
  83. What is it? Dust? asked Lucy.
  84. Chickens are scattering its dust.
  85. One mote of all the dust that's I.
  86. The morning fog kept the dust down.
  87. My Beth! the dust is always swept.
  88. The sign didn’t have dust on it.
  89. She’d wither to dust if locked.
  90. When the dust settled, there was.
  91. Sprinkling the sea with fairy dust.
  92. The dust became tremendously thick.
  93. Often dust storms create lightning.
  94. A filtering of dust moved about her.
  95. The whole place was thick with dust.
  96. They were easy to spot by the dust.
  97. A thick layer of dust covered two.
  98. The long table was covered in dust.
  99. Sorry about the dust, he said.
  100. Their faces were streaked with dust.
  1. A light dusting of snow.
  2. I kept up with the dusting.
  3. And it wasn’t just a dusting.
  4. I suggest dusting once per month.
  5. I will explain this later on dusting.
  6. So, he said, dusting off his hands.
  7. Follow with a light dusting of talc powder.
  8. Dusting frequently helps keep your place clean.
  9. Ingrid then put back her helmet after dusting off her hair.
  10. It was covered with a dusting patina of rust, with the odd.
  11. I see a white dusting on their leaves, a sprinkling of snow.
  12. It took a few seconds of dusting himself off to recover from.
  13. Jacobs opened the file after dusting it off against his thigh.
  14. All that cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and polishing! It's not.
  15. I was dusting the kitchen table legs, when Harriet got the call.
  16. Frank dropped the brick and put his foot on it, dusting his palms.
  17. Can't see the point of dusting off then spreading it about again.
  18. Much better, he said closing the door and dusting his hands.
  19. Samara jumped up, dusting the snow off his pants he said, So how.
  20. No sweeping and dusting, only good fire and dry sheets were necessary.
  21. He glided to their counter, white flakes dusting his hair and shoulders.
  22. One of which is to apply a light dusting on your face with loose powder.
  23. He told me Harriet had said I fell into the table leg when I was dusting.
  24. Snowflakes fell from the Heavens covering Cherry Falls in a white dusting.
  25. Halfshaft climbed unsteadily to his feet, dusting himself down as he did so.
  26. Dusting himself off, Harry followed the trail along the river’s edge to the.
  27. Good catch, Doc, the Colonel said, standing up and dusting his hands off.
  28. Schweitzer talked to me without looking up from a pile of books he was dusting.
  29. I let him go and finished dusting the rather neglected special interest section.
  30. That winter was cold and very wet with only an occasional light dusting of snow.
  31. With a little dusting and vacuuming, the place would be ready for furniture too.
  32. This dusting will kill any flea eggs as they hatch and will last for a long time.
  33. A casual dusting off of the hands was followed by a cigarette pressed to his lips.
  34. Twelve thirty, she replied, standing up and dusting off the back of her jeans.
  35. Vanessa was cleaning and dusting then she called Glenda to cancel his appointments.
  36. I kept on dusting and began to think it was actually worth risking a few over-the-.
  37. Just imagine, while washing and dusting the ceilings and walls, Madam Magloire has.
  38. Rafe stood up, dusting himself off, wondering what a ragged mess he must look to her.
  39. Magnificent rebuttal worthy Indra, he flattered, dusting off his bare shoulders.
  40. Manny Leiber’s Rolls-Royce was dusting into the horse yard, out there in the noon glare.
  41. I continued dusting the shelves when a girl in a tight black T-shirt, hipster jeans and.
  42. That was beer, wasn’t it? I said after having got up, still dusting off my behind.
  43. She starts tending to his up-turned collar, dusting debris off it and flattening it down.
  44. The servant accommodated the quilted pillows in its place and kept on dusting the furniture.
  45. Cacahuete, the Patrón’s nephew, was dusting shelves, and he flashed a gold smile at Suzy.
  46. Michelle hung up the phone and busied herself by dusting areas of the house that had no dust.
  47. I turned to see that Taisei had whipped out a powder brush and was proudly dusting his photos.
  48. It was as if a bit of the legend had already worn off, dusting Nicky’s spiked hair with gold.
  49. Faceblasting is like crop dusting; it's spraying a mist of gossip over a field of acquaintances.
  50. She was smiling, the moonlight giving her face a silvery sheen and dusting her eyes with sparkles.
  51. But why now, what did they say? Have they seen Katie? James asked him, dusting off his clothes.
  52. The ground had suffered another fine dusting of snow but the sky was clear and comparatively bright.
  53. That would be self evident, said the Captain, dusting lingering specks of soil from his sleeve.
  54. The more they looked around them, though, the more it actually looked as if it could do with dusting.
  55. There were a few smudges of what appeared to be fingerprint dusting powder on the edges of the mirror.
  56. Three thousand years ago? He questioned aloud to himself, dusting off his inappropriate clothing.
  57. The idea was perfect since she would be able to control her fairy nature thanks to dusting the flowers.
  58. Downstairs, she thought, they are polishing the silver, and rummaging the cellar, and dusting in the halls.
  59. There are several different dusting formulas which you can use on fleas, this will depend on your preference.
  60. Above Jerome, Mingus Mountain still had a faint dusting of snow from the last storm that had passed through.
  61. The lightest dusting of snow stippled the hills and dales, and frosted the cakes that were people’s houses.
  62. The cure consisted of taking out the patient’s brain, dusting it off every day for a week and then returning it.
  63. The doorbell chimes two more times in quick succession as Barrons and Jada step in, dusting rain from their shoulders.
  64. Jane stands dusting herself, yards away bullet ridden piles of what used to be security mixed with razed architecture.
  65. It was beautiful to see the mountain and its columns of basalt facing me, sprinkled with a rather heavy dusting of snow.
  66. Picking it up again I turned the exquisite object and there it was: ‘1982’… followed by a dusting of fine scratches.
  67. Atkins finally got up cautiously, dusting himself off while trying to evaluate the damage caused to the Zhongnanhai District.
  68. Clothier appeared with a dusting cloth, flapped it rapidly, glanced at the large brown envelope , and snatched it from poor Mr.
  69. Kara began to take over the housework, preparing some meals, doing the laundry, dusting and vacuuming the bungalow, and so on.
  70. Trev would often appear through the kitchen door with different colored pollens dusting his upper lip and around his nostrils.
  71. Colleen was dusting shelves and Jamie was in the back unpacking a few items that had arrived when a soldier walked in the entry.
  72. As she stood in Louie’s room, dusting his running trophies, Louise blinked away tears, singing out, He’s on the way home.
  73. Thank you, bard, but I could’ve done that myself, he said, dusting himself off, his expensive black armor now coated in dust.
  74. Or I’ll be dusting off those old arrest warrants, and you and your mates won’t see daylight in this state again for a long time.
  75. The day sped by amidst a fine dusting of powdery snow-frosted trees and afternoon brightness gave way to lengthening sundown shadows.
  76. It took a few seconds of dusting himself off to recover from the fall but he could still make out some semblance of the full moon above.
  77. There were times when she could wind him up too saying his dusting skills in the cleaning job they shared were not quite up to her standard.
  78. The green lawns were completely covered in a careful dusting of thick white snow, with every flowerbed and tree just adding to the splendour.
  79. He’d arrive with Hari, Private’s technology geek, who’d be dusting for prints, scanning the cell phone that Santosh had spotted by the bed.
  80. Severus then addressed the group as he stood, dusting his hands off, No one will think less of you if you decide now to turn back and return home.
  81. After this initial priming of the canvas with white flower, only a light dusting will be needed in subsequent bakes: whole grain works best.
  82. She wandered around the flat dusting surfaces and sweeping rooms, like a zombie who had decided to spend eternity cleaning instead of eating flesh.
  83. Marraud was very much aware of his location and knew of every individual nearby as he sat down on a nearby bench, whilst dusting off some thick snow.
  84. Depending on how she moved and the angle of the light, it seemed to vary from covering her modestly to concealing no more than a light dusting of flour.
  85. Then McCann’s sister came in, kind of dusting her hands, and she said, I’m sorry, but we took a slice of cake and a glass of tea to the man at the gate.
  86. Would Nick ever have thought of something like this for you? Desi breathes into my ear as the tulips sway under a mechanized dusting of water from above.
  87. Going to the nearby room and expelling a maid that was dusting off the furniture there, the King closed the doors carefully before facing his wife and daughter.
  88. In her boredom amid attempts to sleep, she had taken to dusting off and polishing the bowl as best as she could and the antique rims shone brilliantly once again.
  89. He took out a cotton rag he used for dusting off archaeological artifacts and wiped down the pieces of the guitar, the revolver and silencer, and the walnut chests.
  90. She was actually dusting the thesh with a handful of flour to help it stick when that hit her and she wafted the flour over the basin while buckling up with laughter.
  91. Soldiers stood guard around the hallways and servants scurried by busily with tasks of dusting and polishing, bearing trays of bread and cheese, tea, or goats’ milk.
  92. If I were unable to dust or not to dust, I would not be conscious of dusting, if I were not conscious of dusting, I would not have the choice of dusting or not dusting.
  93. I regretfully told my Uncle Wes, My parents told me I have to get home and do chores around the house, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting … all of that kind of stuff.
  94. Wade had wakened not only refreshed but in a mood which a certain irreverent clerk had once characterized as his dusting off the earth day and a good time to lie low.
  95. Amongst the laughing and the dusting off of each other, he managed to slip the ring on her finger, the ring set with the blue stones that she had so admired back in Scotland.
  96. Dusting himself down, Gaspar could not resist making an extravagant bow, such as a showman might make upon a stage, though in truth his heart was racing and his legs were trembling.
  97. The police had spent most of the morning at Michael Sands’ place, taking samples and dusting the furniture, which seems a shame really, because it had only been done just the day before.
  98. But to his horror he heard them sweeping and dusting, throwing out half-empty sacks, pasting new labels on cans, putting dishes and pots and pans in drawers that had stood empty for years.
  99. When, I ask you, in this so-called robotic revolution, will we develop half-decent translations? While folding dishtowels or dusting the tops of my bookshelves, she laughed to herself at my clumsy attempts.
  100. Silver shadows of clouds, hung on the emerging crimson sky, the mountains hazy purple outline, etched with a dusting of newly fallen snow, sent wave after wave of untold joy pulsating through her chilled body.
  1. He stood up and dusted his.
  2. The young rider dusted the.
  3. Place was dusted by a pro, Alex.
  4. He stood up, dusted his clothes.
  5. He got up, and dusted himself down.
  6. The young man dusted down his jeans.
  7. A star dusted dream that lost its way.
  8. The owner, Gary, dusted off his hands.
  9. Akin to a crop dusted stale wheat field.
  10. He straightened and dusted his hands off.
  11. The pixie stood and dusted down his knees.
  12. Lezura casually got up and dusted herself.
  13. On the steps outside, we dusted ourselves off.
  14. Leaves dusted the corners and littered the bed.
  15. Getting to his feet, he dusted his clothes off.
  16. I vigorously dusted everything with a pair of.
  17. Brock dusted off and rolled up the sleeping bag.
  18. It evidently hadn’t been dusted for some time.
  19. She crawled out of the van and dusted herself off.
  20. Now and then, I dusted them and cleaned my bench.
  21. He dusted the white flour into an old cookie crock.
  22. The vents can also be dusted to dust the area with.
  23. Kevin crawled out of the pipe and dusted himself off.
  24. He dusted his black leather boots off, and his pants.
  25. She wears a coat in Amity red, dusted with snowflakes.
  26. Old crimes and old triumphs were brought out and dusted.
  27. The police dusted for fingerprints and took DNA samples.
  28. The furniture had been dusted and clean towels hung in.
  29. Eric stood up, dusted off, and closed the door behind him.
  30. Don’t pick a fight with me, Jags dusted her hands.
  31. Lezura quickly dusted off her yota and approached Halirit.
  32. What? He sat up and dusted the visions from his head.
  33. Just now Lynch stood from his stool and dusted himself off.
  34. By the time the elections were done and dusted, Modi had 4.
  35. You think they learnt a lesson? Rani dusted her hands.
  36. Sorren jumped out of a heap of rubble and dusted himself off.
  37. He dusted off his jeans, as if he’d planned the whole thing.
  38. Searched Dante’s room, photographed it, dusted for prints.
  39. Samantha got up, dusted the dirt off her green and blue tartan.
  40. I stood up and dusted of myself and spoke before I turned around.
  41. Elizabeths almost unlined face was lightly dusted with cosmetics.
  42. There was a rag handy and I dusted the box down before placing it.
  43. Already, the coming winter had dusted many mountain peaks with snow.
  44. Rubin pulled out his brush and dusted off the surface as he read them.
  45. Not to mention the living room carpet was probably dusted with grains of.
  46. She dusted the tables and shelves, and dust mopped the rest of the floors.
  47. They watched as she dusted straw off of herself and went into the storage.
  48. There I dusted myself off and waited while my arrival was announced within.
  49. Knead with fingers, then place on board dusted with confectioners' sugar and.
  50. He dusted off his pants and looked sheepishly around as he gripped his board.
  51. The washing machine is going merrily and the house has been vacuumed and dusted.
  52. I dusted the ones I wanted with black powder and took a few pictures, just in case.
  53. The man dusted himself off, nodded once again, and got back to his side of the ring.
  54. Each is dusted with confectioners’ sugar and topped by a dollop of whipped cream.
  55. She perked up her tits a bit, dusted the dirt off her jeans and smiled at the workman.
  56. He picked up the book, dusted the dirt from the cover and leveled his gaze at the boys.
  57. The newspaper boy jumped to his feet and took his hat off and dusted his pants with it.
  58. The chauffeur dusted and serviced the car while I wandered apparently deserted streets.
  59. Defiant in his attitude Ben got up, dusted himself off and grinned at the staring crowd.
  60. There was a tree completely frosted over, and another dusted with snow from a recent fall.
  61. A brand new, modified and customised vehicle dusted down to look like an ageing family car.
  62. And the horses dusted down the trail to where an odd brick building stood beside a dry wash.
  63. She dusted in silence for a little, and began to put the books she had dusted in the shelves.
  64. Son of a bitch! He dusted himself off and stood out of the car, almost crying with rage.
  65. It is all done and dusted, Mum, David said as he put the laundry bag down on the floor.
  66. The housekeeping crew that had arrived before them had thoroughly cleaned and dusted the room.
  67. Tom looked back, Behind him, Chico squinted, shrugged, dusted his hands wearily, and followed.
  68. The Man helped Robbie to his feet and dusted him down, as though nothing untoward had happened.
  69. The names of lost and fabulous cities through which storms of spice bloomed up and dusted away.
  70. When all is done and dusted this strange man will simply leave Billy to deal with the fall out.
  71. The great parade dusted in, led and followed by ten million crickets who had nothing else to do.
  72. I shielded my eyes from the punishing light, dusted off my jacket, and threw it over my shoulder.
  73. With typical Mancunian pluck, the singer dusted himself down and went back upstairs to finish the fight.
  74. An hour can last a long time when you are not doing anything, so Jamie decided the shelves needed dusted.
  75. The Doctor picked up his high hat which had been knocked off in the fight, dusted it carefully and put it on.
  76. His hair was dusted with snow and he was shaking a bit, but otherwise he didn’t look much worse for the wear.
  77. I’ve dusted it off consistently every day this week and you shouldn’t be bothered with headaches any longer.
  78. It was a dry but thick layer of dust over me, as if I had been a neglected vase, dusted now and returning to life.
  79. Scouring the area for hints and clues, some dusted walls, while others took pictures and wrote on their clipboards.
  80. She was an old photograph dusted from an album, whitened away, and if she spoke at all her voice would be a ghost.
  81. The individual in the photo above is resting on a palm, and you can see yellow pollen dusted on the top of its head.
  82. Insects in seeking the nectar would get dusted with pollen, and would often transport it from one flower to another.
  83. Betty sewed on my captain’s badge, and dusted off the medals, of which I had two or three, and put them on my tunic.
  84. As I stare out at the world, dusted in white, I feel like everything has begun again, and it will be better this time.
  85. They dusted off the grime from their faces and brandished their weapons so that they could join their comrades in war.
  86. The back parlor had been cleaned and dusted earlier this very day and I could smell the cleaning lady's distant perfume.
  87. Dave doesn’t see why I should bother, but I insist all the same that the books must be dusted before they are packed.
  88. Ceilings that were not very dirty were not washed off, but dusted, and lightly gone over with a thin coat of whitewash.
  89. Everyone nearby helped the woman gather her fruit offering and dusted off her clothing and feelings as best could be done.
  90. There was enough thesh and vedn flour for a good batch of dusted rolls in the open bags and all that fresh rinko to stuff them with.
  91. Here comes Lady Venice displayed like a monument for admiration, but carved in alabaster, to be set on the mantelpiece and never dusted.
  92. Coffee distilled from beans highland grown, entwined with wild orchids and dusted with their pollen; an elixir marrying nature’s extremes.
  93. Done and dusted, Smith said triumphantly as he swaggered through the reception area, We should be able to put this one behind us soon.
  94. It was in that confused state of mind that I dusted the much vaunted Bhagvad-Gita for an understanding of life and death in philosophical terms.
  95. I was a bit taken aback, I wasn’t surprised that he knew this, but why would he care? He shouldn’t, if he had dusted Felix, as Felicity had suggested.
  96. Alarmed, but not frightened, it pumped its wings and pushed itself back, closer to the string of dying amaranths that dusted Heaven in cherry red and pink.
  97. Cosette ran up stairs and down, washed, swept, rubbed, dusted, ran, fluttered about, panted, moved heavy articles, and weak as she was, did the coarse work.
  98. Tula was a staunch opponent; even more so when the signals from the advent of the next apocalypse were springing up all over the "dusted" streets of Saint Andre.
  99. Christina cried out nervously as the right dugout canoe boat dusted up off the waves and the platform heeled over to the left to coast on just one canoe pontoon.
  100. Next thing you know the Baptists were lining up at Iowa pie festivals when I dusted through in my tin flivver with banners “THE KING IS COMING,” “GOING ON BEFORE.
  1. He dusts his pants off.
  2. Further over, a war, an annihilation, had just fallen in its own dusts.
  3. Dusts and smokes were polluting and spreading every corner of the room.
  4. Here are some natural dusts you can use around the house to control termites.
  5. He staggers to his feet and dusts himself off before offering her a helping hand.
  6. It had a lot of things in it he couldn’t identify: flowers, chemistries, dusts, winds.
  7. Continual use of the dusts, sprays and vacuuming mentioned above will provide a form of birth control for fleas.
  8. The window of your bedroom never faintly clattered and belled with a high-tossed confetti of small dusts and rocks.
  9. She dusts off her bottom and proceeds to walk out of the enclave, a snail trail of travelers follow behind at a distance.
  10. Ah—the ancient dusts stirred sluggishly in the water—isn’t that like a woman? Now, she doesn’t want him, either!.
  11. On this stood a man in rich robes, vague-eyed and blinking, as if he had just awakened and had not yet shaken the dusts of slumber from his brain.
  12. When you constantly check your appliances, you would be able to see if there are dusts on certain parts of it, such as the vents, the backs, and such.
  13. Carpet is very hard to clean and the fibers inside the carpet hold onto mites, dusts, pollen, dander and other particles that could irritate allergy sufferers.
  14. Behind him, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche and Spengler and Kafka all leaned on their mad elbows, sank in their dusts, and whispered, yes, what was that all about?
  15. Growing with the tides, growing with the ages, collecting and hoarding and saving unto itself identities and ancient dusts, octopus-inks and all the trivia of the sea.
  16. Farther along, ten thousand other blue fires and laurel incenses, black tobacco smokes and fir weeds, cinnamons and bone dusts rose soft as moths through the Martian night.
  17. The most beautiful place of the distant Arabian lands, where the gold sandy dusts of the very desert are comparable only with the beauty of the young women from the vizier harem and the evening sunsets of Anuac's dunes.
  18. They clash, an almighty bang happens, and when the dust has settled a new force emerges, dusts itself down, and sets off in a new direction, until it’s met by a different force coming the opposite way – you get the idea.
  19. Everything was good and sweet, the air was that blend of the dead and the living, of the rains and the dusts, of the incense from the church, and the brass smell of the tuba on the bandstand which pulsed out vast rhythms of ‘La Paloma.
  20. Everything was good and sweet, the air was that blend of the dead and the living, of the rains and the dusts, of the incense from the church, and the brass smell of the tubas on the bandstand which pulsed out vast rhythms of La Paloma.
  21. Hamstrung, the old old man foundered to his knees, as did his suppliant images, his congregation of terrified selves one week, one month, two years, twenty, fifty, seventy, ninety years from now! every second, minute, and long-after-midnight hour of his possible survival into insanity, there all sank grayer, more yellow as the mirrors ricocheted him through, bled him lifeless, mouthed him dry, then threatened to whiff him to skeletal dusts and litter his moth ashes to the floor.

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