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Frasi con sweep (in inglese)

  1. I had to sweep the.
  2. I had to sweep it up.
  3. Id imagined a clean sweep.
  4. You sweep the slate clean.
  5. He could so easily sweep.

  6. New desires sweep the heart.
  7. With my wings, I would sweep.
  8. Sweep away humans and animals.
  9. They just sweep space in the.
  10. Before the waves could sweep her.
  11. He made a great sweep with his arm.
  12. The broad sweep of what Peter is.
  13. The cold, blustery wind sweep us.
  14. I could mop and you could sweep.
  15. The only other sound’s the sweep.

  16. To sweep aside with his iron claws.
  17. It will sweep you off completely.
  18. They did a quick sweep of the rooms.
  19. We ran a protective sweep, and Mrs.
  20. Once around the block, standard sweep.
  21. I roll and sweep out with a floor-kick.
  22. I did a quick sweep of the entire house.
  23. It will sweep away the ungodly works of.
  24. To order a sweep to have the chimney swept.
  25. I had the guards sweep the whole palace.

  26. But, if we sweep aside the opinions of the.
  27. With ears that sweep away the morning dew;.
  28. His hand dragged hers in a downward sweep.
  29. The grain of gym sweep, repeating the moves.
  30. He always enjoyed the larger sweep of things.
  31. Saldon moved to sweep his eyes over the area.
  32. For the fire will sweep through this nation.
  33. To sweep away human race is their only ambition.
  34. After another sweep of the room he nodded and sat.
  35. It can wear away a rock, and sweep all before it.
  37. The current would sweep them to another eternity.
  38. In winter, gales will sweep huge waves in here.
  39. George, have Mike sweep the cabin with his camera.
  40. Tom felt the wave of orgasm sweep through his body.
  41. Another sweep of the scythe and he'd cut them away.
  42. Four entered and made a quick sweep while the 292.
  43. The sweep started sweeping and dislodged a bird’s.
  44. Ridicule was the only besom to sweep away that dust.
  45. Another sweep of the scythe and he’d cut them away.
  46. Bands of blue sweep uncollected garbage on the curb.
  47. When Rafael final y drew back it was to sweep her up.
  48. I’m more like the chimney sweep, said Saxon.
  49. Aeolus continued to sweep the sky clear of all clouds.
  50. The sweep solved the problem by another sharp blow to.
  51. The rudder can also be used as a sweep for propulsion.
  52. Pamela felt pangs of pride sweep in as she waited for.
  53. Instantly, they began a sweep of the interior of our.
  54. In a quick sweep Jeff hurled himself out of the window.
  55. And I've learned how to wash dishes and sweep a floor.
  56. Otto, how is the sweep of that crashed ship going?
  58. His eyes sweep over Devon and rest on the coffee stain.
  59. Fenre moved forward and began a close sweep of the area.
  60. Did you find anything interesting from the sweep?
  61. Libby felt the slow sweep of his eyes as they journeyed.
  62. They often sent the army to sweep the woods to find him.
  63. He swung his sword and beheaded the minion in one sweep.
  64. He owed somebody for buying him a share in the Cup Sweep.
  65. He indicated the offending jar with a contemptuous sweep.
  66. With a sweep of his foot Lucien knocked Elowen down onto.
  67. Jim flung the door open with a triumphant sweep of his arm.
  68. She grabbed hold of a railing and let the water sweep her.
  69. During the long sweep of days that passed during which the.
  70. They pulled into the villa after a sweep of the pueblo and.
  71. If a single gunboat could now sweep most of our harbors, Mr.
  72. A sweep is coming through Atlantic and Myrtle in two weeks.
  73. The Prince of Elam greeted them with a sweep of one big hand.
  74. We’d sweep up the ashes and be done with a lot of trouble.
  75. Mark spotted her, but let his eyes sweep over her and beyond.
  76. Inside, there was a great big broom used to sweep the floors.
  77. A caretaker, the figure replied with a sweep of his arm.
  78. On the second sweep we will have triangulated their position.
  79. Rex made one last sweep of his hand, then stuck it out at Don.
  80. Where do you want us to start this sweep? asked Stephen.
  81. It is the coldness of his eyes as they sweep across the room.
  82. Some day they'll try to sweep the settlers out of Conajohara.
  83. With one sweep of the cannon all four men will be cut in half.
  84. Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep when Willie raised his hand.
  85. At this signal there came a sound of the sweep of wings flying.
  86. He peered through it and saw a flashlight sweep back and forth.
  87. The Egyptian souls shout under rubbish emotions to sweep power.
  88. Then he checked the sweep hand on his stainless-steel Breitling.
  89. Then he brought the knife up in a sort of sweep, and stuck it!.
  90. He taught one of the ostriches to count with a sweep of its foot.
  91. A shudder seemed to sweep over his whole body at the recollection.
  92. For the first time he's letting her wildly sweep him up with her.
  93. Their fire was however wild and seemed to sweep the sky at random.
  94. I held on to her gently and let a flood of memories sweep over me.
  95. Sweep after sweep had revealed only that someone was dragged away.
  96. Their relative motions would let him sweep in astern of her sooner.
  97. Headlights sweep away beyond the hedging at the front of the house.
  98. Jose finally entered the room, after a quick sweep of the residence.
  99. What do you think? I asked making an elaborate sweep of my hand.
  100. Now Ahlgyrnahn watched the sweep hand bite off the last few seconds.
  1. It was sweeping me off my feet.
  2. The song to every heart is sweeping.
  3. She entered with a sweeping courtesy.
  4. Sweeping his arm across their outline.
  5. She looked up to see Hazel sweeping out.
  6. A young employee was sweeping the floor.
  7. He found him sweeping out the refectory.
  8. Washing the streets, sweeping the streets.
  9. I was sweeping blood out of the bathrooms.
  10. The Candor stop sweeping and stare at them.
  11. There is a new cult sweeping the continent.
  12. And sweeping the floor has succeeded?
  13. I’ll put a novice to sweeping the choir.
  14. Sometimes, he cried with sweeping crudeness.
  15. Jermaine's sweeping up the stadium now that.
  16. The wave of nausea was still sweeping over me.
  17. Then he spied another maid sweeping with a broom.
  18. He was at the top of a wide, sweeping staircase.
  19. Sweeping from side to side on the kitchen floor.
  20. They used electronic bug sweeping and electronic.
  21. Lucky, tired and old carrying crates and sweeping.
  22. It roared into the pool, sweeping away the spiders.
  23. The hotel’s foyer expands into a sweeping hallway.
  24. But these sweeping generalizations need qualifying.
  25. That means the beam has been sweeping through the.
  26. As Marguerite began sweeping the hearth of her new.
  27. He made a sweeping, grandiose gesture with his hands.
  28. Its sweeping walls had been coated with a layer of.
  29. The sweep started sweeping and dislodged a bird’s.
  30. The sweeping hatred of an entire race she could not.
  31. They ran toward the cage panic-stricken, sweeping Mr.
  32. She tossed her purse onto the bed with one sweeping.
  33. A thunderous crush, and there was a sweeping silence.
  34. The person’s ancestors caused the sweeping changes.
  35. The retard just says Noo and keeps on sweeping.
  36. The owner of the shop was sweeping behind the counter.
  37. It isn’t just that God tells big sweeping statements.
  38. As the wind sweeping through the sky cannot sully its.
  39. Sweeping in, to his dismay the Souls were coming again.
  40. The sound of someone sweeping the floor in one hallway.
  41. His blonde hair was long and wavy sweeping his forehead.
  42. Outdated machines scaled the sweeping brick walls of the.
  43. The wind was sweeping past with the rush of a great river.
  44. Sighing, Sincere closed her eyes and went back to sweeping.
  45. He was still sweeping when I came out into the shop with Mr.
  46. That had been a mistake, sweeping out of the room like that.
  47. He felt like he was about to be hit by a sweeping left hook.
  48. The pilot cleverly avoided swift winds sweeping off the river.
  49. Third, the home-based business craze is sweeping the world to.
  50. The carvings along the length of it were elaborate and sweeping.
  51. Outside, the wind ran high in the forest, breaking and sweeping.
  52. Galeron’s eyes lit up with delight, and he gave a sweeping bow.
  53. And then she had attached to each mask the sweeping arrowheads.
  54. Her audit found sweeping management abuses when the RCMP's human.
  55. The Dalen followed, sweeping the room carefully with its antennae.
  56. Yes, who is Remy? he inquired, his eyes sweeping over every.
  57. Kay took another step forward, sweeping her hands through her hair.
  58. He saw God revealed in scripture with powers sweeping al infinity.
  59. Her domain was on the edge of a plateau, countless trees sweeping.
  60. By the end of June, the war of the border dispute was sweeping west.
  61. As I watch Aaron move around the cabin, stoking the fire, sweeping.
  62. He saw God revealed in scripture with powers sweeping all infinity.
  63. Haus West would also feature a sweeping terrace on its second story.
  64. No, said Rhett clearly, his eyes sweeping the crowd carelessly.
  65. Sweeping wildly with his fingers, he felt for the pesky little chip.
  66. She knelt down, sweeping her skirts underneath her knees for comfort.
  67. Motioning with sweeping arm gestures he added: This here’s Buck.
  68. This is the one broad, sweeping reason why I advocate Church reforms.
  69. A few eagles were still circling and sweeping above the battle-ground.
  70. From all corners of the harbor more pelicans arrived, sweeping in low.
  71. No sweeping and dusting, only good fire and dry sheets were necessary.
  72. His pubic hairs were sweeping on my breasts and stuck with my nipples.
  73. Duncan stepped forward and bowed from the waist with a sweeping gesture.
  74. Spectacular, isn’t it! she said, sweeping an arm into the void.
  75. Cleanliness of place is a question of sweeping and wiping it to keep it.
  76. His probing eyes follow the sweeping lines of the 20-foot car behind her.
  77. You asked me to try! Sally said, sweeping her hair out of her eyes.
  78. I was sweeping the hearth, and I noticed a mischievous smile on her lips.
  79. Sam Parkhill motioned with the broom, sweeping away the blue Martian sand.
  80. It is a giant call to repentance as a sweeping judgment engulfs the land.
  81. Conan wheeled suppely, sweeping the shadows with a fiercely questing stare.
  82. With lights beneath their guns they scoured around them in a sweeping arc.
  83. Who this with you? he asked, his gaze sweeping over Kita’s curves.
  84. With the rain slanting across the road and the windshield wipers sweeping.
  85. Maybe some tall, young kid, with long, lank, Vince-like hair, sweeping up.
  86. Meanwhile, insurgents were sweeping toward it—so close we could hear them.
  87. He ran his callused hand across her swollen belly in slow, sweeping strokes.
  88. Begin the back rub with a simple circulation (sweeping motion) that touches.
  89. The electromagnetic spectrum, he said, sweeping his hand over the pages.
  90. The two gargoyles landed and bowed ornately with sweeping swirls of their wings.
  91. Now his eyes fastened onto the ominous-looking cloud sweeping in from the south.
  92. Ben zoomed in on one of the continents and began a sweeping side to side search.
  93. As you’re leaving the building you see Scott finishing up sweeping the stairs.
  94. Are you okay? he asked sweeping my hair out of my face and I shook my head.
  95. At the sea buoy, she veered in a sweeping turn, coming around towards the south.
  96. Ned and his clothes? he demanded, sweeping that quiet group with furious eyes.
  97. He gasped several times, feeling the intoxicating air sweeping down to his lungs.
  98. Bedford paid his fare and gave a sweeping glance to all the passengers of the bus.
  99. Meanwhile, insurgents were sweeping toward it—so close we could hear them.
  100. There were more than half a million of them, sweeping away everything in their path.
  1. A chill swept the room.
  2. He swept into a low bow.
  3. Soon I was swept away by.
  4. He swept up his books and.
  5. He swept me into his arms.
  6. She was swept off her feet.
  7. All the pain was swept away.
  8. His eyes swept over her gown.
  9. But now his eyes swept the.
  10. The man swept heedlessly on.
  11. The old man swept his hands.
  12. The boat was swept around a.
  13. Another wave swept what I had.
  14. Out swept his sword, and he.
  15. When darkness is swept away.
  16. Swept me off my feet, she did.
  17. A chill swept through the air.
  18. But he swept this away as well.
  19. The anger that swept through.
  20. No feelings or emotions swept.
  21. A rash of groans swept the room.
  22. My father swept out of the room.
  23. D’ata’s gaze was swept away.
  24. Quiet had swept across the group.
  25. They seemed swept up in ecstasy.
  26. Lord Theoton swept into the room.
  27. To other lands the famine swept.
  28. Her eyes swept across the bridge.
  29. The storm swept down around them.
  30. He swept his face down and hissed.
  31. It swept her easily into the air.
  32. She swept his hair out of his eyes.
  33. Even the man who swept the floors.
  34. His blonde hair swept to one side.
  35. Two Redeemers swept into the room.
  36. My Beth! the dust is always swept.
  37. He led her onto the floor, swept.
  38. She then swept it all out the door.
  39. The current swept him under a cave.
  40. Equal rights were swept under the.
  41. He did, got swept into a speaking.
  42. Emory’s gaze swept over the crowd.
  43. Wind swept souls, call out to thee.
  44. The soul was swept away in a breeze.
  45. Away with them, this game had swept.
  46. He swept out the worst of the glass.
  47. Olin swept his hand through the air.
  48. Her tongue swept across her dry lips.
  49. From earth the orphan maid was swept.
  50. We'd all be swept away and drowned.
  51. Vinnie’s eyes swept back and forth.
  52. The smiles on their faces swept away.
  53. All our boats were swept overboard.
  54. A brisk wind swept back Jack’s hair.
  55. He swept his hand across and into it.
  56. I took a broom and swept the broken.
  57. Her hairs swept up like a witch-broom.
  58. A wave of exhilaration swept over Ben.
  59. The Company swept past them and took.
  60. A wave of fury swept through Caramarin.
  61. Thespides had swept in beside his men.
  62. As she expected, Gibson's eyes swept.
  63. She swept her palms over her wet cheeks.
  64. He swept his scope over the scene again.
  65. His eyes swept the room a bit uneasily.
  66. Mike’s gaze swept over the rainforest.
  67. A fresh wind of hope swept through her.
  68. Walls of water had swept great swaths.
  69. They swept her up with hugs and kisses.
  70. Qian Chi swept his eyes around and said.
  71. She swept his hand away, down from her.
  72. As she swept up she remarked to him:—.
  73. Ket was swept away by a transporter beam.
  74. His gaze swept over the rest of the body.
  75. The feeling swept over her just as she.
  76. He swept the long hair off his forehead.
  77. The sound of wind swept across the pipe.
  78. A wave of exhaustion swept over him as.
  79. Frank swept the area and swept it again.
  80. A sick wave of guilt swept over me again.
  81. An excited buzz swept through the chamber.
  82. Kay swept her eyes back to the lone figure.
  83. Dread swept through Eric, hot and chilling.
  84. When the dike swept out, Al turned and ran.
  85. For his familiar body, swept by the waves.
  86. A wave of comprehension swept over the Elf.
  87. I swept filth into a crack under the table.
  88. To order a sweep to have the chimney swept.
  89. Caris ’s experienced gaze swept the room.
  90. I didn't want you to be swept away by her.
  91. Importantly, it had swept rural Rajasthan.
  92. Zhan Donglai swept his eyes and coldly said.
  93. Got swept down the river in a raging storm.
  94. A gust of overpowering rage swept over him.
  95. Of fire that swept and left my soul refined.
  96. He ducked as the sword swept over his head.
  97. It had been swept out to sea with the tide.
  98. I’ve swept the streets and ripped most of.
  99. Whatever stood in its way was swept before.
  100. A mighty eagle swept down and bore him away.
  1. Time sweeps youth into his.
  2. The rest of the week sweeps past.
  3. Chill air sweeps through the car.
  4. Security has completed their sweeps.
  5. One woman sweeps, another woman disposes.
  6. Courage and Will that sweeps all before it.
  7. None of the security sweeps uncovered the bombs.
  8. The love of the wind for the sand that it sweeps.
  9. A wave of heavier rain sweeps through the forest.
  10. He sweeps her into his arms and lands on the floor.
  11. Playfully, he rushes over and sweeps me off the ground.
  12. She combed her hair with long, beautiful sweeps of her arm.
  13. Mississippi, he ascends a knoll and sweeps his eyes around;.
  14. And you must be Werner! The smile sweeps back onto her face.
  15. The demons scattered as his great sword sweeps an arc around him.
  16. His command sweeps across the city, obliterating every other noise.
  17. But Jemelda’s response sweeps all thoughts of courtesy far away.
  18. She found her damp cloth and wiped the counter with circular sweeps.
  19. The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the.
  20. It sweeps away all other desires that is why ascends out of the spirit.
  21. She waits on us all, mends and washes, sweeps the floor, puts mamma to bed.
  22. Then all thought is obliterated as a torrent of blackness sweeps across him.
  23. But in a second, the man’s angry look sweeps the room and chills the mood.
  24. So what now thought the Company, what of this madness that sweeps our booty.
  25. I blink again, and I see her smile as she sweeps my hair trimmings into a pile.
  26. He sweeps the crumbs onto his plate, which shakes as he holds it next to the table.
  27. I smile faintly when Lor’s gaze repeatedly sweeps the many clubs, to linger on Jo.
  28. The arm made a few quick sweeps of the room, and then popped out as quickly as it had.
  29. Nostromo could be heard swearing to himself between the regular splashes of the sweeps.
  30. The wind came now with fiercer and more bitter sweeps, and more steadily from the north.
  31. When his gaze sweeps over the area, Ciere ducks back behind her crate and breathes hard.
  32. He works in a local pizza joint called Gordo’s, where he sweeps floor and clears tables.
  33. She hadn’t signed it, but he knew her handwriting, the bold and elegant sweeps of her pen.
  34. Raise the root to the light, to your conscious mind, and the next time sadness sweeps over you.
  35. It is this form of thought which frequently sweeps away the result of many years of toil and effort.
  36. Using a large branch he sweeps the ground attempting to disguise their footprints in the soft earth.
  37. Brown, who was raised on the water, immediately picked up one of the heavy sweeps and began to pull.
  38. We are coordinating with the Denver Temple, and Guardians are already making sweeps across the state.
  39. The road is empty, in both directions and Simon smiles in relief as a wave of tiredness sweeps through him.
  40. How had his agents missed the bombs in their security sweeps of the church? Someone‘s head was going to roll.
  41. Now are those isolated incidents he said drawing arrows across the blackboard with wide sweeps of the chalk.
  42. As an avalanche sweeps onward, gathering bulk and momentum, I will sweep into the lands of mine ancient enemies.
  43. You won’t be needing these, he murmurs and hooks his fingers into my panties and sweeps them down my legs.
  44. I set up several routes and calculated when each one could be taken based on when the security sweeps would happen.
  45. There clamour’d all the sundry London Throng—ragged Orange Women, Serving Maids, Street Urchins, and Chimney Sweeps.
  46. Each raft had been manned by half a dozen men, working the stern sweeps and guiding the small flotilla towards its target.
  47. Optical sweeps with the cameras, all radar and radio sets set to receive, antennas powered down, navigational systems off.
  48. At every angle of this ditch, it sweeps out into a semicircle, and it appears in many respects well calculated for defence.
  49. Susser sweeps up his papers and bolts, and Tony Reid and Kane take his place in the seating area at the far end of my office.
  50. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our.
  51. The green circle he has formed sweeps them up within itself and then they are already deep within the wild and frantic journey.
  52. I was investigating a program one time when I saw a description at the top that said, This program sweeps through the data base.
  53. Before he can try to find words to fill the emptiness in both their minds, a flurry of heat sweeps into the room as Isabella returns.
  54. The approaching vessel was still not in sight, and Colling ordered Jan and Tomasz, who were manning the sweeps, to stop their rowing.
  55. There were hundreds of men gathered around the gates of the castle: merchants and university students, chimney sweeps and lamplighters.
  56. But there is something else very great, it makes the whole coincide, It, magnificent, beyond materials, with continuous hands sweeps and.
  57. Her skipper worked lazily at the sweeps, keeping a dazzled eye out ahead over the glassy reflection of the golden west which fronted him.
  58. But what is this? Your banner is in motion—the center sweeps into the stream! By Mitra, Valannus is leading the host across the river!'.
  59. When the attack did start, Japanese Zero fighter planes made low level strafing sweeps, shooting up aircraft as well as ground installations.
  60. Last but not least, a major dent was supposedly put in the War on drugs with the raids and sweeps that were orchestrated throughout the city.
  61. Using the dead leaves that are scattered about the ground he sweeps them into their footprints and tries to cover these with a thin layer of soil.
  62. She has a heart of gold but is underestimated by everyone around her … except the handsome white CEO of the corporation where she sweeps the floors.
  63. You would have thought it was television sweeps week with all the emphasis on Bob’s relationship with his girlfriend Natascha and her adult website.
  64. In the cold hour the fire began to die, and I was about stepping forth to replenish it, for now the snow came in flying sweeps and with it a chill mist.
  65. She marched her incredulity in security sweeps across her desolate reign, trying to uncover the rumored gift, the only package she must have left unopened.
  66. But even more than this saudade sweeps over me when my friends on the other side of the world send me emails, and I can hear their voices in the written words.
  67. There's another knock at the door, but this time the door opens and the queen sweeps in, takes one look at Rapunzel, and immediately pulls the girl into her arms.
  68. As childhood obesity sweeps across the globe, and across the United States in particular, many parents are asking whether they are responsible for their child's obesity.
  69. Then to the amazement of the children instead of sinking its teeth into Jordon’s throat it dropped his head and began licking his face with wide sweeps of its tongue.
  70. Where was my lust? The blood tempest that sweeps into its vortex all desire to know, to absorb, to abide, to possess, to kill, to love? It was a drenching storm inside of me.
  71. As darkness sweeps over the executioner once more, the bird snatches up the cane in its beak and bears it upwards, upwards, through the open roof of the Library and into the freedom of air.
  72. The Security Forces conducted sweeps in the city of Nairobi arresting whoever else may be involved to ensure that the remaining insurgents don't have any physical support for food and medicine etc.
  73. It was a heavy mass of building, that chateau of Monsieur the Marquis, with a large stone courtyard before it, and two stone sweeps of staircase meeting in a stone terrace before the principal door.
  74. But, the details of applying variable combinations of overwhelming force, ruthless intimidation, closed borders, systematic sweeps, restricted movements and internment camps need not be addressed here.
  75. With the dressing applied, Maggie scrubs her hands and returns to the kitchen, sweeps up the broken glass with a dustpan and brush, and then wipes the sticky alcoholic liquid up with reams of kitchen roll.
  76. A flash of sheer panic sweeps though me … surely I couldn’t be pregnant … that would be too cruel … I wipe away the tears which are running down my face, but they come faster than I can wipe them away.
  77. Despite the end of the fighting, Jeanne insisted that her employees and their families stay inside her residence for another few days, alluding to the forcible searches and police sweeps that would probably follow.
  78. Love, she thought, must come suddenly, with great outbursts and lightnings—a hurricane of the skies, which falls upon life, revolutionises it, roots up the will like a leaf, and sweeps the whole heart into the abyss.
  79. I’m sorry, he said, but when a fucking—sorry, but basically fucking perfect stranger sweeps into your building and all of a sudden you’re in The French Connection, it does tend to make you a little paranoid.
  80. Let Bellars seek me in vain at the next Costume Ridotto! Let him wander sadly amidst the Dominoes and Dandies, the Virgins of the Sun, the Popes and Pantaloons, the Devils and the Jesters, the May-Day Sweeps and the Corsican Brigands.
  81. The power he longed for could not be represented by agitated fingers clutching a heap of coin, or by the half-barbarous, half-idiotic triumph in the eyes of a man who sweeps within his arms the ventures of twenty chapfallen companions.
  82. It’s probably a long time since you’ve heard anything about chimney sweeps, but, believe it or not, coal was the fastest growing fossil fuel of the last century—the Asia Pacific region alone accounted for 90 percent of the demand growth.
  83. He swept her questionings away with the wave of the arm of one who sweeps his surroundings clear of rubbish, and the most that could be extracted from him was a general observation as to the small amount of good to be obtained from proximities.
  84. Proud of his experience, penetrated by the sense of historical importance of men, events, and buildings, he talked pompously in jerky periods, with slight sweeps of his short, thick arm, letting nothing "escape the attention" of his privileged captive.
  85. The Hunts of the Bull, the Bear and the Elk are worthy companions of this magnificent bronze, offering wonderfully fine examples of condensed composition in the entwined bodies of men and beasts, and filling the eye with the grand sweeps of their circling forms.
  86. Damn right, only me, he growls, and suddenly with one fluid movement, he clears all the plans and papers off his desk so that they scatter on the floor, sweeps me up in his arms, and lays me down across the short end of his desk so that my head is almost off the edge.
  87. The Vicissitudes of her Early Life had endu’d her with a curious Notion of God, deriv’d in part from her Quaker Mistress, in part from her deprav’d Master (who’d fancied little Girls), and in part from the young Thieves and Chimney Sweeps with whom she’d cavorted before I met her.
  88. Now, only minor misdemeanours such as street mugging, burglary, rape and murder are untouched by the new broom that sweeps through the British Police force and we can all feel a lot safer in our beds that Pc Plod is out there nicking all the evil motorists before they slaughter us in our own homes.
  89. The cry was answered by a loud shout from a little thicket, where the incautious party had piled their arms; and at the next moment, Hawkeye, too eager to load the rifle he had regained, was seen advancing upon them, brandishing the clubbed weapon, and cutting the air with wide and powerful sweeps.
  90. As in the hurricane that sweeps the plain, men fly the neighborhood of some lone, gigantic elm, whose very height and strength but render it so much the more unsafe, because so much the more a mark for thunderbolts; so at those last words of Ahab's many of the mariners did run from him in a terror of dismay.
  91. But before entering the Gulf of Mexico near latitude 44° north, this current divides into two arms; its chief arm makes for the shores of Ireland and Norway while the second flexes southward at the level of the Azores; then it hits the coast of Africa, sweeps in a long oval, and returns to the Caribbean Sea.
  92. But if there is indeed an American image built of truth rather than reflecting either hostility or wishful thinking, what is this image? What does it look like? What does it do? If the same song, the same joke, the same style sweeps through all parts of the country at once, it must be that all Americans are alike in something.
  93. All belonged to that indigent class which begins to separate from the lowest of petty bourgeoisie in straitened circumstances, and which extends from misery to misery into the lowest depths of society down to those two beings in whom all the material things of civilization end, the sewer-man who sweeps up the mud, and the ragpicker who collects scraps.
  94. But they had startled everyone at Grünau their first day out when they suddenly demonstrated the one advantage of their smaller sweeps, raising their beat from twenty-seven to an absurd fifty-six in just fifteen seconds, suddenly flogging the water white and accelerating so rapidly that they looked, as Ulbrickson put it, like ducks trying to rise off the water.
  95. A fish-hawk, which, secure on the topmost branches of a dead pine, had been a distant spectator of the fray, now swooped from his high and ragged perch, and soared, in wide sweeps, above his prey; while a jay, whose noisy voice had been stilled by the hoarser cries of the savages, ventured again to open his discordant throat, as though once more in undisturbed possession of his wild domains.
  96. My account of the races on the Oakland Estuary is based on Bill Leiser, “Who Won?” San Francisco Chronicle, April 14, 1935; “Husky Crews Make Clean Sweep,” ST, April 14, 1935; Bruce Helberg, “Second Guesses,” WD (no date, clipping from Bob Moch’s scrapbook); “Husky Crews Win Three Races,” ST, April 14, 1935; and “Washington Sweeps Regatta with Bears: Husky Varsity Crew Spurts to Turn Back U.
  97. Leblanc had sent the old man tumbling, rolling in the middle of the room, then with two backward sweeps of his hand he had overthrown two more assailants, and he held one under each of his knees; the wretches were rattling in the throat beneath this pressure as under a granite millstone; but the other four had seized the formidable old man by both arms and the back of his neck, and were holding him doubled up over the two "chimney-builders" on the floor.
  98. Christopher’s—or was it Tartola? No matter, we’ll find your Babe, for, as Virgil says: ‘Non aliter quam qui adverso vix flumine lembun / Remigiis subigit: si brachia forte remisit; / Atque illum praceps prono rapit alveus amni!’ Which means, as you know, my dearest Fanny—I only translate for our ignorant Lancelot—that when we are most exhausted and cannot row with Oars, oft’times the Current itself sweeps us along! So ’twill with our Search for your Babe! You have row’d long and hard enough; now let the Current sweep us to our Prize, the beauteous Belinda! But if I catch you two in Bed, there’ll be no Belinda, and no Lancelot nor Fanny neither! For I have not regain’d my delicious Fanny only to see her devour’d by my delicious Lancelot! And if you make the Beast with two Backs, I’ll stab ’em both as sure as I can play Othello!.
  99. The expedition with which parties were formed for service; the rapidity of the frigate's movements, night and day; the hasty sleep, snatched at all hours; the waking up at the report of the guns, which seemed the only key-note to the hearts of those on board; the beautiful precision of our fire, obtained by constant practice; the coolness and courage of our captain inoculating the whole of the ship's company; the suddenness of our attacks, the gathering after the combat, the killed lamented, the wounded almost envied; the powder so burnt into our faces that years could not remove it; the proved character of every man and officer on board; the implicit trust and the adoration we felt for our commander; the ludicrous situations which would occur even in the extremest danger and create mirth when death was staring you in the face; the hairbreadth escapes, and the indifference to life shown by all—when memory sweeps along those years of excitement even now, my pulse beats more quickly with the reminiscence.
  100. The sun sweeps the sky,.

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