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    1. The result? Naught! All men seem to be enchanted by Mandy, especially Themis! As about me, at a moment someone speaks up and says he remembers me from elementary school - so, my age is revealed before everybody! Later on, Themis suggests our going on an excursion on May Day and all the married hens (who, as usual, have formed a ring around him) hasten to enter themselves for it

    2. We need to go back to even the most elementary aspects of Christianity and review afresh

    3. By the break between terms just before Thanksgiving, homes all through the village sported construction paper pilgrims and turkeys, red and green paper chains and all the other crafts projects which spring from the elementary classes of schools everywhere, like apples on apple trees

    4. Yeah, she’d taught elementary reading a dozen times in Yoonbarla, but almost all of her student hours of teaching were at university level and most were specialized in the history of the yandrille

    5. elementary information and the ridicule of the

    6. Each human being is made of billions and billions of elementary particles clinging to one another

    7. should know this elementary think and avoid the

    8. with a principal of an elementary school

    9. The connections in the brain are more than total number of elementary particles in universe

    10. You have been guided through the elementary disciplines of shape changing---to protect yourself from forces you are not yet able to confront

    11. If, in those little schools, the books by which the children are taught to read, were a little more instructive than they commonly are; and if, instead of a little smattering in Latin, which the children of the common people are sometimes taught there, and which can scarce ever be of any use to them, they were instructed in the elementary parts of geometry and mechanics ; the literary education of this rank of people would, perhaps, be as complete as can be

    12. After inflation stopped, the Universe consisted of a quark-gluon plasma, as well as all other elementary particles

    13. Symmetry breaking phase transitions put the fundamental forces of physics and the parameters of elementary particles into their present form

    14. according to the tradition (teaching) of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according

    15. 2:20 …if you have died with Christ to the elementary

    16. He would have been well advised to keep his mouth shut, inasmuch as any elementary reading of the Constitution will tell the reader that the three branches are the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial, per the Constitution"s first three articles

    17. Elementary, it would seem, but not to a president who was concerned that he could be charged with racial profiling, and thus alienate part of his base

    18. ‘Listen, Jimmy, it is all a matter of elementary logic

    19. And, if we actually have any self-identity in our elementary years (other than who our parents tell us we are), then, it is these defining moments that give us that underlining identity

    20. The commanding general, when he ordered the advance through the valley to Bloody Angle, overlooked the basis of elementary tactics, namely: “Marches in the vicinity of the enemy cannot be made with too much precaution and prudence

    21. Elementary I would say unless you have liberal tendencies which could be fatherly sorted out for your own good

    22. I thought we should share with you a comment made to my wife by a neighbor whose son attends Saint Barnabas elementary school

    23. The Jesuits provided his elementary education and left him with a simple credo that guided his life: Put your faith in God and do the right thing

    24. Hughes is a school principal of an elementary school in Mount pilot, North Carolina

    25. Within five minutes, they were out of town on a bus bearing the markings ‘Newtown Elementary School, Newtown Missouri’, but bound for Sulaco, Honduras, hours away, and not a space to be had without sitting, knees drawn to chest

    26. initiated many disciples into the elementary practices of purification

    27. In fact the whole class had seemed to overhear the whole conversation between Devon and I, because when I sat down at my desk, my buddy that I had known since elementary school, Fred, asked me, “What was that all about with Devon?”

    28. We stopped at a bodega on the corner of Clinton Place and Lehigh Avenue, across from George Washington Carver Elementary School

    29. “Weinberg’s arena,” avers Berlinski, “is Elementary particles…A rather depressing place…Over there (in the Standard Model of particle physics), fields are pregnant with latent energy, particles flicker into existence and disappear, things are entangled, and no one can quite tell what is possible and what is actual, what is here and what is there, what is now and what was then, solid forms give way

    30. “You have no idea whatsoever how the ordered physical, moral, mental, aesthetic, and social world in which you live could have ever arisen from the seething anarchy of the elementary particles

    31. When i arrived, i secured a position at the elementary school

    32. Also see other supporting expenses in 2004, according to the source of the Brazilian authorities that projects deficit of Social Welfare of approximately 30 billion of real; also expense of 40 billion of real that are required as investments in education to recover the social debt with the children in the plan of the elementary education; among so much other needs of billion of real for investment in other areas

    33. Maybe their pristine life had necessarily been disturbed by the very presence of outsiders—the behavioral equivalent of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which stated that by the very study of elementary particles, one changed their

    34. A father in Amori Prefecture racing to pick up his children from elementary

    35. “Who do you think Terry was talking about in the song lyric? Has he maintained a relationship with anyone from elementary school?”

    36. Parents searched for their children at Nakamaru Elementary School, but no

    37. member of the National Elementary Honor

    38. Harvard University professor of government Harvey Mansfield (There is a pool of residual sanity at Harvard) ties the wretched performance of elementary and secondary education to the attitudes and aims of the National Education Association

    39. When we got to CT, he immediately entered full day kindergarten at Mohegan Elementary where he did first grade, also

    40. Because MS had no public kindergartens, they also did not provide transportation until elementary school

    41. At age 5 he attended kindergarten at Fair Oaks Elementary School—following in Will’s large footsteps

    42. During elementary school, Mike played T ball and soccer and seemed normal in most ways

    43. He had just finished Fair Oaks Elementary where his teacher, Mrs

    44. She took in, over my objections, one of Mike’s elementary school classmates, Andre Rogers, whose parents lived in a small trailer, and abused him

    45. in elementary school, then as a separate subject in junior high

    46. Remedial college courses are the direct result of the academic failure of elementary and high

    47. has spends $318 billion a year on elementary and secondary education

    48. most elementary and secondary text books used in the United States, which cost the nation’s taxpayers about $250 million per subject

    49. In fact, the average elementary school teacher makes $30

    50. Thus, elementary schools should include science laboratories, workshops, art studios, kitchens, gymnasiums,

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    elementary simple uncomplicated unproblematic basal elemental primary essential fundamental introductory rudimentary