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Elementary in a sentence

We study the elementary particles.
I was in elementary school in 1987.
Stop in at local elementary schools.
They adopted both elementary schools.
But they’re only in elementary school.
Elementary, my dear Gary, I told him.
She went to elementary school when Ronald.

This rule also applies to elementary particles.
Elementary technic may be outlined as follows:.
Have elementary pupils recite the key and time.
Ah-hi – these are elementary particles, Souls.
Elementary particles build the chemical elements.
A size of elementary particles is incredibly small.
The visit to the elementary school was a staged event.
Was there anything more elementary school than that?
The Ray - is the same thing as an elementary particle.
This elementary application of balm at once soothed Mrs.
Impregnation of the activated charcoal with elementary.
In fact, the average elementary school teacher makes $30.
The totality of the elementary particles of the Universe.
The radius of all existing elementary particles is the same.
When i arrived, i secured a position at the elementary school.
The Ring – it is the very sphere of any elementary particle.
Elementary particles of the same Hierarchy have the same color.
The elementary school was located on the south side of the town.
New York so this was elementary to her, besides she was a player.
He had just finished Fair Oaks Elementary where his teacher, Mrs.
There is an elementary technique to shift your center of gravity.
Publishing revenues in elementary and secondary declined as well.
They kidnap children, and hold entire elementary schools hostage.
Like he was giving a presentation to an elementary school assembly.
And the only tool of all this – is an elementary particle (Soul).
It is the Soul, the Consciousness of this given elementary particle.
What is this sun? Here’s what elementary students learn about it:.
Dalia was her tutor in elementary wizardry, she grieves as do we all.
What she did have had been around since Maria was in elementary school.
ADHD is usually diagnosed during the elementary school years of a child.
An elementary particle (Soul) – it’s the flowing in the Matter Spirit.

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