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Frasi con emphasise (in inglese)

  1. Emphasise the other.
  2. He sat forward to emphasise his point.
  3. They emphasise the fact that we need to.
  4. Emphasise the learning process, not the.
  5. Because the media wished to emphasise that.

  6. He waved his notebook to emphasise the point.
  7. Also, with much emphasise he was to be sober.
  8. Briz thumped the table to emphasise his viewpoint.
  9. He leaned forward a little to emphasise his point.
  10. I will emphasise here that I do not actually have a.
  11. More of a personal question but again emphasise the.
  12. Both models emphasise the need to look at what the reality is.
  13. There are two things to emphasise, though, before we begin.
  14. I must emphasise, though, the need for the highest possible security.
  15. Now, let me emphasise the importance of seriousness, when approaching the.

  16. Tonight the moon seemed to emphasise the cold, bathing the veranda in stark light.
  17. I should like to emphasise the importance of the setting-out work necessary for brush-drawing.
  18. One thing though son, if one of these catches you in the eye, well— He shrugged to emphasise his point.
  19. If you are leaving all your money to charity and nothing for your family, then emphasise the reason for doing so.
  20. But I must emphasise that we have no real intelligence at the moment about Russian intentions, said Forsyth.
  21. The Fusiliers will be sending out patrols as well however I can’t emphasise how important it is that we find water.
  22. We emphasise that these changes are due to the inhibiting influence of low frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation.
  23. As if to emphasise the point the nurse pointed to her own mouth and shook her head breaking into a grin as she did so.
  24. No one’s arguing mapman, but if it isn’t Hungary, where is it? I stuck my tongue in his ear to emphasise my point.
  25. I can’t emphasise that strongly enough - you’ll see why total and absolute secrecy is imperative as I outline our thinking.

  26. These messages emphasise and inform us that the Creator has a mysterious unconditional mystical relational love for all peoples.
  27. It wasn’t meant like that! He’s taken it out of context… Gary protested, spreading his arms wide to emphasise his innocence.
  28. Of course my Canadian accent was noticed every time I opened my mouth (it still is), so I didn’t have to do much to emphasise the point.
  29. Just to emphasise this point a ‘Flying Pig’ landed further down the trench in an explosion of flying earth and chalk with bits of dead German thrown in.
  30. To emphasise the question, Mr Snickety tossed the chicken bone to the dog, having decided, after barely denting the item, that he wasn't really hungry at all.
  31. Team Identity: All members gathered off-site and a corporate history delivered along with corporate emblems and logos distributed to emphasise pride and togetherness within the team.
  32. This intentional omission was for good reason, and that was His determined intention and strategy to emphasise the fact humans are imperfect but sovereign and independent beings that we are.
  33. She said that Henry can’t remember seeing the gun again after that - though she did emphasise that he didn’t get round to going through the stuff until the weekend before Joanna was shot.
  34. Then, to emphasise the need for absolute secrecy, I shall let them know that some of what we have in mind could be interpreted as state terrorism, with all that implies for war crimes and so on.
  35. There are moments of real tension, for example when Raj and Gurdev come to look for Pritam at the club and when they are all chasing Pritam and Calum, which emphasise the real danger that firstly Andy and then Calum are facing.
  36. Indeed to emphasise that we are beings imperfect, who make mistakes and because of such human characteristics that which they hear, interpret and write down must be assessed carefully, but all the same, is open to flaws and fallibility.
  37. He stood with the two ladies, seizing both by their hands, persuading them, and giving them reasons with astonishing plainness of speech, and at almost every word he uttered, probably to emphasise his arguments, he squeezed their hands painfully as in a vise.
  38. I’ve nothing further now only to emphasise that it’s in your best interests, and that of the people you represent on the shop floor to continue production as efficiently as possible until a firm decision on the future of this plant is made by our new owners.
  39. But the point I wish to emphasise is that at the thick end the larger body of oil in the paint, which always comes to the surface as it dries, has darkened and yellowed the surface greatly; while the small amount of oil at the thin end has not darkened it to any extent.
  40. In this regard it can be fruitful to take a look models of present-day pagan societies (of which a few remain on the earth), for indications of the possible forms and directions which can be taken by societies which emphasise feeling and intuition over thinking and believing.
  41. I want to emphasise it‘s not necessary to send new information to The Field to create these new frequencies as some teachers have suggested, because The Field, by definition, already contains all information and all possibilities, and because we as players cannot create anything anyway.

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