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Frasi con accent (in inglese)

  1. I smiled at his accent.
  2. He had a slight accent.
  3. Your accent sounds of it.
  4. He had a southern accent.
  5. In a Chinese accent, he.

  6. It had a bit of an accent.
  7. He drawls, a slow accent.
  8. His Asian accent was thick.
  9. You have a Scottish accent.
  10. You have a slight accent.
  11. Not to mention that accent.
  12. His Creole accent was thick.
  13. He had a very Brummie accent.
  14. He spoke with a broad accent.
  15. English with a pidgin accent.

  16. He recognised the accent then.
  17. I don't want no Yankee accent.
  18. Variety of Thickness and Accent.
  19. That explains the accent, then.
  20. I'd left that stupid accent on.
  21. He noted the Vietnamese accent.
  22. The lady had a Scottish accent.
  23. Thought I recognized the accent.
  24. She had a pleasant Italian accent.
  25. Yeah, he had this neat accent.

  26. His accent was too thick for her.
  27. Had a real fucked up accent?
  28. His accent was difficult to place.
  29. She had a sweet southern accent.
  30. His accent was unmistakably Slavo.
  31. His accent reminded me of home.
  32. Abram puzzled over Levi’s accent.
  33. Jezza’s faux accent dropped away.
  34. Most of her hillbilly accent had.
  35. Mistaking his accent, the locals.
  36. Many in the area found the accent.
  37. He exaggerated his accent slightly.
  38. Ah, there’s the German accent from.
  39. English, but with a bit of an accent.
  40. He had a Romanian or Moldovan accent.
  41. He could hear her accent broadening.
  42. He said it with a thick German accent.
  43. Must be the Northern Barbarian accent.
  44. Thickness and accent, variety of, 143.
  45. He had such a brilliantly posh accent.
  46. Her main embarrassment was her accent.
  47. Good Arabic, but with a strange accent.
  48. His British accent was almost comical.
  49. You have a slight accent, he said.
  50. Her Brazilian accent had always had a.
  51. Seffrican accent as she climbed back in.
  52. And, with a poignant accent, he added:.
  53. What’s with the funny accent?
  54. Did he speak with any kind of accent?
  55. A true alien but with a Canadian accent.
  56. Her accent made her a Russian, probably.
  57. You say this man had a funny accent?
  58. He still had his familiar British accent.
  59. Were you the one talking with an accent?
  60. His accent only heightened his sensuality.
  61. I need someone with a Nigerian accent.
  62. Hell-oh, he said with a thick accent.
  63. He spoke with an engaging Canadian accent.
  64. And Lizzie? Lizzie's accent was Bostonian.
  65. Strange clothes, strange accent, strange.
  66. Judging from his accent, he wasn't like me.
  67. Carry on, he said in his Eton accent.
  68. The problem was her accent, which was the.
  69. Other kids liked to make fun of his accent.
  70. Raf’s Portuguese accent tortured his words.
  71. Oh Mister! she said in a Spanish accent.
  72. Foreign accent will be excused to a beginner.
  73. It was, after all, said in a northern accent.
  74. The use of enjambment techniques to accent a.
  75. So you recognized the accent, did you?
  76. He was Hispanic and spoke in a broken accent.
  77. English was flawless, though his accent strong.
  78. The accent was Yoruban and the voice was calm.
  79. I couldn’t detect any Russian accent at all.
  80. Her accent sounded vaguely Middle Eastern, too.
  81. The accent was subdued, but still distinctive.
  82. He had a high chirping voice and a vile accent.
  83. Her accent sounded more Caribbean than Indian.
  84. An adorable British accent that she remembered.
  85. And that French accent, Marie interjected.
  86. Tech that seemed to confirm her accent was fake.
  87. And the voice, young, with a broad city accent.
  88. The voice had a soft south Dublin accent, female.
  89. In a British accent, he tells me his name is Dr.
  90. The denizens’ accent was unintelligible to me.
  91. Then one voice, a clipped, thin, English accent.
  92. If it held a bold accent it would be meaningful.
  93. Woman responded with a heavy accent Yes, go in.
  94. For with local accent will disappear local tempo.
  95. The voice is familiar, low with that faint accent.
  96. I could pick up the northern accent, most likely.
  97. I faked a bad British accent and said, Bollocks.
  98. In the meantime I was trying to locate his accent.
  99. We have you! She was mocking up a British accent.
  100. She had a slight accent, which I couldn’t place.
  1. For that reason, accenting that finger will give it needed.
  2. Accenting of the breathing on a chakra can be enhanced by the.
  3. I hear you say Buonaparte, accenting the u like the Royalists.
  4. Accenting every phrase with a snapping pull of his arm, Moshe growled.
  5. The sun, fairly low on the horizon, struck full force on the houses in this town, accenting their whiteness.
  6. She was relaxed, even though her clothes hugged her tighter than usual, accenting her unusually beautiful physique.
  7. I knew that the climax of the piece came on with the gigue, the lively, fast-paced finale, and Harry was rendering it perfectly and faithfully, but with the brilliant accenting that the critics had always acclaimed as uniquely his.
  8. The dust swirled through the air at their passage through the lobby as if it had not been stirred in years, accenting the beams of sunlight as they sliced past the yellowing pillars and made abstract designs on the stained green carpet.
  1. The voice was strange, accented.
  2. To soften with grace the accented pain.
  3. In an accented voice, he said, ‘Sorry.
  4. A man replied in a thickly accented voice.
  5. Same accented words, courteous, gentle tone.
  6. When Latin customers ordered accented upper.
  7. Only one is accented on the fourth andeighth.
  8. The distinguished man’s English was accented.
  9. He spoke in heavily accented Federation Standard.
  10. She spoke French accented Vietnamese, Lochert noted.
  11. The pirate answered him in a heavily accented English.
  12. Welcome! The strangely accented voice startled her.
  13. To their surprise, his highly accented name checked out.
  14. Libby clenched her teeth; his accented drawl real y got.
  15. The man answered her in accented English, his tone harsh.
  16. Sir? the guard behind him said in accented English.
  17. Barrington, Marie said in her heavily accented English.
  18. A precise but accented voice greeted him, This is Ahmed.
  19. This was accented by the dull drumming sound of the larger.
  20. When she spoke to Vyyn, it was in a fair but accented Occitan.
  21. Not quite as accented as Dos, much less the tribes in the pass.
  22. Waddell had never heard his name accented like this before and.
  23. Glenelle could hear that he was accented in the native language.
  24. While the rules of politeness may not always be accented in our.
  25. His bleak thoughts were accented by the lack of a good cup of uwe.
  26. A man’s voice, heavily accented, said, You want toilet?
  27. Quiet solitude accented fears and deprived his mind of sustenance.
  28. His speech was a little accented, not surprising from way up there.
  29. It's the volition and purposeful course that is accented in living.
  30. Are you here to kill me? Claudia Gould said in accented English.
  31. The answer came in a heavily accented but still understandable Occitan.
  32. A voice rang out behind me in heavily accented English, An American.
  33. In these verses the time frame of Abraham’s circumcision is accented.
  34. Buttercup yellow shutters and white icing accented the windows and roof.
  35. Those were the exact words he had used, in heavily accented High Helican.
  36. Small pearls accented this area in a stars-in-the-sky type of arrangement.
  37. The civilian then spoke in good but accented English, sarcasm in his tone.
  38. He accented his command with a sharp smack of his club to Moshe and Yigal.
  39. I declined in heavily accented English, because my fee was twenty-five pounds.
  40. Although they spoke accented English they appeared to have no written language.
  41. She carried more blond-colored hair than copper, accented with snow-white tips.
  42. Yeah, Marah answered with a frown that accented his already course features.
  43. His face had sharp, hawk-like features, and pointed ears, accented by a wide scar.
  44. My kirtle was also accented with the same dark blue embroidery pattern and pearls.
  45. He waited for a moment and then the banker’s accented voice came over his earpiece.
  46. The bodice featured a gently scooped neckline which was accented with black beading.
  47. A very tiny gold-tone trim accented his pockets, front closure, neckline and hemline.
  48. Would you mind if I joined you? she asked in her clear but still accented voice.
  49. Her hair had turned silver a few years back, and she accented it with purple highlights.
  50. The Princess looks most lovely today, he murmured in his curiously accented Spañol.
  51. The storm, Vogel said in his accented English, it is closer than Houston reported.
  52. The rhythmic pulse of the chords was accented with flourishes of short, distorted lead lines.
  53. He had the same silver on the ridges down his back and around his eyes accented with the purple.
  54. I watched him stop and turning back he said in heavily accented English, My brother good man.
  55. His face, already tended to jowls, was accented by a deep frown that had become almost permanent.
  56. She wore a low cut designer gown, cut to the hip that in life would have nicely accented her assets.
  57. In the first 148lines of Act IV all the even verses have one and the same vowel in thelast accented.
  58. He almost fell in the water when he heard the accented voice behind him and heard footsteps on the dock.
  59. A husky and heavily accented voice suddenly cut through the evening and startled him as he stood up again.
  60. The blackness of the roofline was accented by twinkling lights inside, silhouetted against a violent sky.
  61. Above the eastern horizon, a narrow strip of blue accented the gray like the painted trim on an old house.
  62. No, please, sir, he begged in heavily accented Nahual, please leave me here and tell no one you saw me.
  63. His interest up at once, Kido got up to shake hands with the newcomer, who spoke in a fair but accented Japanese.
  64. He hoped she would decide in the positive, because this position accented her shape so he felt a rush of desire.
  65. Holding it to my chest to help garble my accented reply I said in my best English, which wasn’t very good, Nahh.
  66. Footnote 32: (return) These long lines are especially cantabile, as most are accented onthe third and sixth syllables.
  67. The Pilgrim gave a small pause and then continued, in somewhat accented but still quite understandable High Helican:.
  68. In some cases, as in line 1, they may appear tohave only seven, but as the last syllable is accented it counts for two.
  69. It was a maroon velvety dress, with fine drooping sleeves and a silver belt that perfectly accented the waistline area.
  70. The woman, while obviously spent physically, looked at her with fiery resolution, answering in heavily accented French.
  71. The sharpness of his long face and chiselled nose was accented by his grey skin - it wasn’t a face that suited laughter.
  72. So this is the troublesome female who caused all of this? Queen Amabie mused in perfect, just barely accented English.
  73. The headsets came alive with the accented voice of Kuala Lumpur air traffic control just after one o’clock in the morning.
  74. At this crucial point in time the big fellow will probably want our full attention,’ Alistair accented the word ‘full’.
  75. The burly man spoke to me in Arabian accented Arabic and told me, Etfadal ya Sheikh, a very gracious and formal welcome.
  76. Dressed in a suit accented with leopard furs, the man waiting at the table sneered at Maldynado and did not seem to notice Amaranthe.
  77. An elderly woman was front and centre addressing the audience in heavily accented English but with incredible dignity and education.
  78. Fortunately, he already spoke the second, strongly accented Caribbean English, in use by the black population, and the third, Spanish.
  79. He was no linguist, in fact his Mongol was still heavily accented, but he enjoyed learning Maya and felt it was a good language.
  80. Yet, there she was, perched on a bar stool wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress that accented her figure, smiling and beckoning to him.
  81. He must have been a "mado" of high rank, because he paraded in a mat of banana leaves that had ragged edges and was accented with bright colors.
  82. His mate came to him slowly, a look of anxious questioning again in her eyes accented by her other facial expressions, but not quite fear this time.
  83. Beginning at the centre of the top with a strongly accented note of contrast, the dark tone of the mass of trees gradates into the ground and on past.
  84. Layered on top of the hoop were petticoats; my first layer was made of white cotton, accented with crochet and ribbon on the bottom third of the garment.
  85. The noise of booted feet approaching was followed by a man’s voice speaking in accented English to the thirteen year-old girl still convulsing on the deck.
  86. In heavily accented English he spoke, You have not been the first to succumb to the wiles of the dark words and threaten to unleash their unholy offspring.
  87. The weakness in the late-stage cup-with-handle formation is accented by the heavy-volume gap-down in late June that marks the right side of the cup in the formation.
  88. His eyes were a vivid green with crow's feet around the corners, his mouth was thin and accented by laugh lines and his nose was perhaps a bit too long for his face.
  89. Note also the edges where they are accented and come sharply against the neighbouring mass, and where they are lost, and the pleasing quality this play of edges gives.
  90. The woman with black hair then spoke up in a kind of Occitan that, while accented and a bit strange, was easily understandable to Jean and the other Toulousains in the inn.
  91. The tables were dressed in linen and set with white china place settings, accented with silverware bearing the engraved initials of the Union Pacific Railway on each piece.
  92. A cleanly dressed little man greeted me in slightly accented German, proudly introduced himself as an escaped concentration camp inmate and offered me a cigar from a full box.
  93. Then, immediately regaining his composure, he expressed a whole world of interior ideas by this outburst of monosyllables accented almost ironically: "Come! Come! Come! Come!".
  94. The senior officer, whose blue collar tabs and hat band marked him as NKVD, was brusque to the point of rudeness when he asked in accented Polish to see Colling’s identification.
  95. Byrhythmic stress is meant the more important metrical accentthat falls (1) always upon the last accented syllable of a line,and (2) near the middle of a line of ten or more syllables.
  96. Gerard offered her his arm, which she took rather timidly and he said in his sexily accented tone, as you have probably guessed, I have the job of taking the varieties of dogs for walks.
  97. While the rules of politeness may not always be accented in our society as much as it once was, we should have respect for our fellow sportsmen just as they should have the same respect for you.
  98. I seldom opened my door in a winter evening without hearing it; Hoo hoo hoo, hoorer, hoo, sounded sonorously, and the first three syllables accented somewhat like how der do; or sometimes hoo, hoo only.
  99. When Colling indicated that he did not understand, the man spoke in accented German to tell him that the English name was Wenceslas Square, and Colling made the connection with the Christmas carol.
  100. The sound of water gently tumbling over the turquoise colored rocks, accented by the light dappling on the walls from the sun shafting in through the opening above, gave the feeling of being in a magical grotto.
  1. It was a mixture of accents.
  2. His accents mild took up the tale:.
  3. The two big guys with Russian accents.
  4. At least their accents and their words.
  5. Your accents, especially yours Miss Proud.
  6. A great deal of them spoke with Irish accents.
  7. She was startled at his peculiar mixture of accents.
  8. They may speak with foreign accents or even foreign.
  9. And now the call came to Buck in unmistakable accents.
  10. It had a single shoulder strap with sparkling accents.
  11. I love to listen to the variety of voices and accents.
  12. This word was repeated in such accents that the lawyer.
  13. Raskolnikoff recognized the young man's sonorous accents.
  14. No professor on earth can teach you such accents as those.
  15. He used all manner of strange voices and accents to bring.
  16. So animated, indeed, were their accents of tenderness, in.
  17. I pronounce the name with all /ah/ sounds, with accents of.
  18. They did however; find their English accents strange at first.
  19. Have you had any customers with Russian accents tonight?
  20. I tried to explain to him that English doesn’t have accents.
  21. He himself explained this with the irresistible accents of truth.
  22. The foreigners spoke with harsh, quick accents, too quick for me.
  23. This can be readily seen in differences between regional accents.
  24. All the Irish faces and accents along the street intrigued Matthew.
  25. While you were in here I asked your gal if the perps had accents.
  26. Their northern accents were so extreme she couldn't understand a word.
  27. Up here, everything was deep, burgundy red with expensive gold accents.
  28. Better to be tormented with memories of Ashley than Charleston accents.
  29. Where do you come from? Smith said, I’m useless with accents.
  30. Damon had chosen a sporting decor with monster and comedy movie accents.
  31. The house was painted tri-color—two shades of green with plum accents.
  32. Their country accents were so extreme Harald could hardly understand them.
  33. The man was standing in front of a large black truck, with chrome accents.
  34. A few days ago, these two thugs with foreign accents confronted me in my car.
  35. The room was decorated fully in white, silver, and ashy gray, with accents of.
  36. From nearby offices drifted the drone of American accents lulling me to sleep.
  37. I see, she said, without commitment, her accent the median of all accents.
  38. His hearty accents faltered and fell away as he noticed the stern unbending look.
  39. Vampires become extremely adept at accents; living for centuries does that to you.
  40. In its place were solid wood floors and dark earthy-toned walls with stone accents.
  41. She told with accents of horror how, before Rene Picard came home from the war, Mrs.
  42. He was surprised at their manners and at their accents, and his brow grew thoughtful.
  43. Fullycoping with accents and other characters is only one example of what can bedone.
  44. The word reverberated through his mind, its accents as familiar to him as his own blood.
  45. Paul’s theme in this part of the presentation of his theses now accents the affects.
  46. It’s okay, really, he says with one of the thickest accents I’ve heard in a while.
  47. Why? Because it is alien to me! Those high buildings and strange (to me) accents are scary.
  48. I’ve never been good with accents, Smith said, This country has hundreds of them.
  49. The second men should have traveled from other countries with other accents and other ideas.
  50. When they emerged from the exit they could hear the strange accents of people coming and going.
  51. The arched door slammed on the hard accents of Salome, the stormy reverberations of Khumbanigash.
  52. Thence it results that, in the preceding book, I have spoken of a convent with respectful accents.
  53. And that musical accents do not necessarily coincide with syllabic stresses, even at the end of a.
  54. They are pretty much like Southerners—except with worse manners, of course, and terrible accents.
  55. My God! my God! when will there be an end to all this? she said, with the accents of despair.
  56. Thismeant that computers could begin to start recognizing the accents and symbolsused in variants.
  57. The greatest accents on the edges are rarely in the head, except it may be occasionally in the eyes.
  58. I never said you were Rogojin’s mistress—you are not! said the prince, in trembling accents.
  59. Joe who had heard them rehearse was amused at the stage Irish accents they adopted to sing Irish songs.
  60. It is entangled, shot through with shared thoughts, points of view, alien value judgements and accents.
  61. After a pause and a prolonged gaze, she resumed; addressing me in accents of indignant disappointment-.
  62. In this city though, there was a babble of foreign languages, accents and dialects we didnt understand.
  63. The sound of familiar Irish accents by both staff and passengers at the airport brought a lump to his throat.
  64. By this time the preliminary prayer had been offered in the meeting-house, and the accents of the Reverend Mr.
  65. The wild and tender accents with which Combeferre sang communicated to this couplet a sort of strange grandeur.
  66. Spanish meter depends upon the number of syllables inthe line and upon the rhythmical distribution of accents.
  67. It’s pleasantly busy and on hearing the different accents it becomes clear a lot of tourists are also present.
  68. Some swarthy men and women were really entering from the cold outside and saying something in their gypsy accents.
  69. With my suitcases, I moved to the taxi stand and just stood there on the side listening to their talk and accents.
  70. The most ineffable accents of the feminine voice employed to lull you, and supplying the vanished universe to you.
  71. He changed his voice to fit the characters and even got used to the accents suggested by the Bard's scripted lines.
  72. Madeleine did not allow the district-attorney to finish; he interrupted him in accents full of suavity and authority.
  73. Rather approach the "white mercenaries with harsh Afrikaans accents" who will treat you with respect and keep you safe.
  74. The funny thing was that they had grown up with English accents in their adopted country, something that would never change.
  75. With the cutting away of the primitive support of fine outline design and the absence of those accents conveying a fine form.
  76. Matthew had expected that this aunt and cousins would have spoken with English accents but was surprised that his uncle also did.
  77. As I approached the portals I could hear loud voices raised, for mingled with the pert, venomous accents of De Griers were Mlle.
  78. He wore a gleaming suit of golden armor, plate over mail, with white ceramic accents, and a white cape trimmed in gold embroidery.
  79. As of now, I could speak five hundred different languages with their various dialects, and fake almost all the accents they were.
  80. His voice had a cultured ring in it and though he spoke in measured accents there was a suspicion of a quiver in the mellow tones.
  81. Ellen had commented about the fact that apart from Matthew and their parents and Margaret, that the rest of them had English accents.
  82. Hearing and seeing this, the prince smiled happily, and in accents of relief and joy, he exclaimed Well, thank God—thank God!.
  83. Then, suddenly, he could bear it no longer, and covering his face with his hands, turned to the wall, and murmured in broken accents:.
  84. On the road they heard, not just regional French accents, but the tongues of places farther afield: Flanders, Bohemia, Italy, Savoy, Majorca.
  85. He was captivated by the rich West Country accents, the colloquial conversations and the general banter of the locals and enjoyed it immensely.
  86. It was mostly a cool-grey coloured globe with dark-blue, metallic accents of the structures and machines that covered the whole of its surface.
  87. Yankee overseer of hers, Hilton, said Old Miss, who always referred to the ex- The house was saved by the combined accents of the second Mrs.
  88. The second he finished introducing himself, he was bombarded with questions from all sides, in a variety of accents, and in at least two languages.
  89. When the men went to bed drunk that night, Roland kept the village children entertained with imitations of their peacock’s strut and harsh accents.
  90. Mark wore gleaming gold-plated plate-over-mail armor with white accents and a white cape, and GrimFang hung across his back, it’s scabbard newly-white.
  91. One perceives, without understanding it, a hideous murmur, sounding almost like human accents, but more nearly resembling a howl than an articulate word.
  92. Accents de douleurs would, in prose, be accents de douleur, without the s, which is here put that, as douleurs rhymes with pleurs, the eye may be satisfied.
  93. She instantly got on with Axel as if they were brother and sister but peered doubtfully at Stripehead and Theo when they spoke in their broad Mancunian accents.
  94. I am well aware that those responsible for her short and fatal existence ask us in desolate accents to believe that if she had hit end on she would have survived.
  95. There were echoes of her mother’s shocked tones, haunting accents of her offended teacher, all welded together by the cool disapproval that was Cecilia’s own.
  96. His hearty accents faltered and fell away as he noticed the stern unbending look on the countenances of his silent friends, and his invitation remained unfinished.
  97. Flowers are beautiful, and con provide needed color and accents, they only bloom for a part of the year (unless you are lucky enough to live in a tropical climate).
  98. The sounds of the traders would enthral him with their sharp Dublin accents shouting, selling their wares, apples, oranges, pears and banana’s they would shrike.
  99. Suddenly his eye gave a blink, as if it had met something that either dazzled or shocked its pupil; turning, he said in more rapid accents than he had hitherto used—.
  100. Andy has a clear and consistent Scottish dialect but it is not stated whether the Ruprai's, of either generation, also have Scottish accents which would be useful to know.

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