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Frasi con emplacement (in inglese)

  1. This emplacement of the.
  2. A gun emplacement stood guarding the trench.
  3. Madison slithered across the ground toward the gun emplacement.
  4. Take one of the small MMARV’s and go after this gun emplacement.
  5. Supported by a single MMARV, he advanced on the emplacement and overran it.

  6. We built a fortifi ed machine-gun emplacement on top of this building, Michael says.
  7. The MMARV followed him into the emplacement as he advanced, entering the tunnels behind the gun emplacement’s walls.
  8. The emplacement of abundant indoor plant life is the other feature that we have insisted be included in the décor of every facility.
  9. When Luther assaulted the emplacement, J T passed control of his other two units to people he had only trained within the last few hours.
  10. Luther had watched a mother and three young children mowed down from a gun emplacement as they fled across the flight line and went berserk.
  11. Colling looked up to see what Stackhouse was waving his arm at, and saw that men were pulling the canvas cover off the twin barrels of a dual 40-millimeter cannon pointing skyward from a round emplacement at the bow.
  12. Small groups of tourists kept coming and going and entering the pyramid to go to the chambers inside, which could be reached through narrow and low inclined corridors and are of no particular interest apart from their emplacement.
  13. He was fascinated by the Valley of Silence, the Castle of Ponferrada… and the Médulas emplacement or land mass whose scenery reminded him of panoramas of Western United States, and whose posters glowingly decorated his office in Hollywood.

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