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    1. epidemic, or that fatal nudge into oncoming traffic? Oh, I do things with a flourish

    2. None of it’s dramatic, not in your way…I mean, how do you make a public drama out of the long drawing down of a cancer, or the slow meander of a mild epidemic, or that fatal nudge into oncoming traffic? Oh, I do things with a flourish sometimes, I suppose, the knife and the psychosis, but no, my book is made up of dark matter, whereas yours lists the stars that shine for bright, sparkling mortality

    3. scores had reached epidemic proportions

    4. Trapped emotions are truly epidemic, and are the

    5. "An epidemic of decadence

    6. The violent stereotype was projected onto Black males, when actually virtually all the violence being done was by white racists, including the new epidemic of rapes of Black women and girls

    7. More than that, an undetermined number of prisoners were killed by an epidemic inside prison walls

    8. In recent decades Mexicans have even begun to suffer from a new problem, an obesity epidemic

    9. But PEPFAR undoubtedly does help millions, has helped limit the epidemic in Africa, and may even eventually defeat it

    10. One epidemic killed over 100 Cuban children, another wiped out most pigs on the island

    11. was performed and the epidemic averted

    12. And on a darker note, “on the Continent, the horrors of the time were heightened by fearful persecutions of the Jews, suspected of causing the epidemic by poisoning public wells” (Encyc

    13. the place was assaulted by the epidemic taking a heavy toll

    14. Jeremy appreciated that although the subject of hunger invariably got talked about at election time, it was a tough sell at the same time Americans were repeatedly warned of the obesity epidemic

    15. ” She also warned that besides wreaking havoc on nature, for instance, thinning bird shells and thereby leading to a “silent spring,” the increasing use of synthetic chemicals would cause a cancer epidemic among humans

    16. The American psyche has been contaminated from the sixties onward by an epidemic of lethal ideologies that decay thought and erode individual and family integrity

    17. wiped out the epidemic of too many humans

    18. In the ensuing epidemic, it is estimated that one-quarter of the population of Europe died

    19. Although this theory may sound preposterous, there is evidence that in the United States today many Blacks think that the AIDS epidemic is a government plot

    20. " He compares the north-men to a contagious disease, and asks if an epidemic can be avoided by flight or fought off with weapons?

    21. Interviewer: “What?! But these Super Bugs have reached epidemic

    22. That was what he preached, but in such a way his message became an epidemic

    23. and children affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the far-western region are

    24. One of the sources of the epidemic in Achaam is the

    25. which was depicted in the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a “Coming Crisis

    26. This is largely due to the fact that the obesity epidemic is a

    27. Later an epidemic of plague broke out among the poor Indian indentured laborers

    28. We also know that the obesity levels in young people today are on an epidemic rise as we continue to search for faster, quicker ways to feed our bodies on a daily basis

    29. The absence of love and emotional contact had become almost an epidemic among the young people of my generation

    30. Practically speaking we get a sane epidemic disease, we become agents capable of “infecting” and expand the wish to do, to aggregate

    31. A sort of organizational epidemic disease made of messages and behaviour that spread thanks to people that are messengers and who with the example and their desires are capable of involving others

    32. The immune system (bureaucrats) can definitely block this contagious epidemic disease, but cannot do anything against novelty, change, rapid execution and information passed by word of mouth

    33. All this is possible if the context allows the epidemic disease to spread, to find space and grow

    34. We have contacts across Europe and into the Eastern block where, surprisingly, the unrest against the communists is reaching epidemic proportions

    35. That still makes me laugh to this day, picture clark kent ripping of his shirt to change in to a poster child for the obesity epidemic instead of superman

    36. I asked the doctor if he was preparing for an epidemic

    37. cases from way back in history, but they seem to have reached epidemic propor-

    38. If Dominex Pharmaceuticals is able to market their sedative without specific warnings, there will be one more drug added to the family that is currently responsible for the most wide-spread and deadly silent epidemic

    39. I asked him if he was preparing for an epidemic and he said he had a very generous sales rep

    40. When there was an epidemic disease or a famine, one of

    41. It is not for the judgment of anyone that this epidemic has taken place in this region

    42. In any epidemic there is fear but most of this is brought on by outside sources, meaning that you do not personally have fear, you are told to be afraid, often indirectly, but many are just as open to any emotion

    43. epidemic proportions and as Dane Howard of the Huron County

    44. She then spoke of her parents’ death from an epidemic while she was sixteen, how she left her decimated tribe to travel South, then West, to eventually stop in the Greek city-colony of Ephesus, on the coast of Asia Minor

    45. is an epidemic

    46. The age when the profession of Arms had at least an excuse of honour, and War was as much glory as shame, was now past and it retained no more nobility than a plague epidemic

    47. In the latter part of the Fifties, there occurred an epidemic of a rather vicious disease which became known as Asian Flu, although I believe it’s origin was in fact, purely domestic

    48. He told me that such was the widespread nature of the epidemic that it would be difficult to obtain professional help without going quite far afield, but he gave me the name and address of a woman who, he said, had had some experience of nursing and was quite reliable

    49. can destroy Iraq’s highways, but not build its own; create the conditions for epidemic in Iraq, but not offer health care to millions of Americans

    50. horrifyingly terrible epidemic would’ve occurred

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