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    1. Europol, yes I have heard of this terrible scourge on those of us" He gestured to his own tattoos, "who chose to express ourselves artistically through skin-art

    2. “Since ephemerality and garden pests were conquered, boredom has been the greatest scourge of mankind

    3. the scourge of the tongue, and you

    4. ld age: the scourge of the Canine Foul-up

    5. “The scourge of civilization

    6. They were all going to be rid of the scourge of the army sooner than they had thought

    7. In an historically short period of time, as Catholicism seemed in a political dither among its popes and secular kings (AD 1184–1449), and while the Mongols were still settling in on Islam’s former eastern provinces, a scourge of Black Death descended upon the whole world, exterminating from one-third to one-half of each population center that inhabited its many environments (AD 1446)

    8. “In his Bull he bewails the sins of Christendom that had brought upon them the scourge that was the occasion of his invitation

    9. 21 You shall be hid from the scourge of the tongue: neither shall you be afraid of destruction when it comes

    10. 23 If the scourge kills suddenly, he will laugh at the trial of the innocent

    11. have stretch marks? Are your breasts feeling the scourge of

    12. 26 And the Lord of hosts shall stir up a scourge for him

    13. your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with Hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass

    14. The subject was raised of the many women of the street who can be found in the East End, especially around the Whitechapel area, and what a scourge on society they are

    15. 22 Therefore, whereas you do chasten us, you scourge our enemies a thousand times more, to the intent that, when we judge, we

    16. 6 But the grief of heart and sorrow is a woman who is jealous over another woman, and has the scourge of the tongue which

    17. scourge, and has mercy: he leads down to Hell, and bring up again: neither is there any who can avoid his hand

    18. 5 And he will scourge us for our iniquities, and will have mercy again,

    19. did them, for the examination of their hearts, neither has he taken vengeance on us, but the Lord does scourge them that come near to

    20. E is the scourge

    21. 2 For he does scourge and has mercy: he leads down to Hell and bring up again: neither is there any who can avoid his hand

    22. 5 And he will scourge us for our iniquities and will have mercy again and will gather us out of all nations among whom he has scattered us

    23. 9 O Jerusalem the holy city he will scourge you for your children's works and will have mercy again on the sons of the righteous

    24. 11 Here therefore being plagued he began to leave off his great pride and to come to the knowledge of himself by the scourge of God his pain increasing every moment

    25. 27 For he has not tried us in the fire as he did them for the examination of their hearts neither has he taken vengeance on us but the Lord does scourge them that come near to him to admonish them

    26. 17 "But beware of men; for they will deliver you up to councils and in their synagogues they will scourge you

    27. 19 and will hand Him over to the Gentiles to mock to scourge and to crucify; and the third day He will be raised up

    28. 33 They will scourge and kill Him

    29. Some of them you will kill and crucify and some of them you will scourge in your synagogues and persecute from city to city;

    30. Beware of men: they shall deliver you to the councils of the magistrates and scourge you in their synagogues; and shall bring you before governors and kings for my sake for a testimony against them and against the nations; And when they deliver you up be not s anxious nor consider beforehand what you shall say; but you shall be given in that hour what you ought to speak

    31. 1 And when Jesus entered Jerusalem he went up to the temple of God and found 2 there oxen and sheep and doves; And when he beheld those who sold and those who bought and the money-changers sitting he made for himself a scourge of rope and drove them all out of the temple and the sheep and the oxen and the money-changers; and he threw down their money and upset their tables and the seats of those who sold the doves; and he was teaching and saying to them Is it not written My house is a house of prayer for all peoplese and you have made it a den for robbers; And he said to those who sold the doves Take this hence and make not my Father's house a house of merchandise; And he suffered not anyone to carry vessels inside the temple; And his disciples remembered the scripture The zeal of your house has eaten me up

    32. 10 From the scourge of the tongue shall he hide you and you shall not be afraid when evils approach

    33. ‘To be honest I don’t know if the Su-Katii can be freed of this scourge

    34. “Th’ pirates have struck a blow to us that cannot go unanswered! Leavin’ things be would only invite further predations against us by that scourge

    35. Thus, he came to see the corrupt as the scourge of the society for they devour at its very vitals

    36. And so will they mock the Son of Man, even spit upon him and scourge him, and they will deliver him up to death

    37. 'You protected us when the priests of Mitra sought to scourge us out of the land

    38. Being afraid to defy the clamor of this misled mob who cried for the blood of Jesus, he ordered the Jewish guards and the Roman soldiers to take Jesus and scourge him

    39. Rape is real crime against humanity; the scourge of the

    40. Free of the scourge of war and of the burden of vast military expenditures, the citizens of the Global Council can concentrate on bettering themselves and on continuing to restore the environment of the Earth, which was devastated by a global nuclear war in the 21st century

    41. entreated, and spitted on: And they shall scourge him, and put him to death:

    42. Saving The Ocean: Scourge of the Lionfish

    43. Gabriel’s reports of a ‘new form of plague as destructive as any mentioned in the Bible’, may well have been the first reports of the volcanic region’s dreadful new disease, even more destructive of life than its cycles of genocide; a disease which was to become the scourge of Africa, and first described by Kaska as ‘veeral zarcoma’

    44. Then there were the Bollobanes, who once were the scourge

    45. the scourge of their pathetic race!

    46. they had been the scourge of all positive heaven,

    47. the scourge of the vanara-men

    48. allow that scourge of all the earth to fade,

    49. Oh ye scourge of the vegetative green,

    50. In the subsequent fifteen centuries since his death no one had successfully identified the location of the spoils of the Scourge of God, although it has been documented that the path of the River Don was diverted over the probable hiding place of his treasures

    1. Trees and hedgerows disappeared under the heavy earth moving equipment as the staunch engineers of Mesapit scourged across the fields and woodlands eventually to arrive at Mr

    2. “They took Jesus and scourged him

    3. 16 For the ungodly, who denied to know you, were scourged by the strength of your arm: with strange rains, hails, and showers, were

    4. have scourged, and have taken pity on me, for see, I see my son Tobias; And his son went in rejoicing, and told his father the great

    5. thanks, in so much as for his sake the Lord has granted you life: 34 And seeing that you have been scourged from Heaven, declare to

    6. wrapped in many sins, this man, as soon as he had come, had immediately been scourged, and put back from his presumption, as

    7. that time God, who sees all things, who is beyond all Holy among the holy, heard that prayer, so suitable; and scourged the man

    8. Obesity and chronic ailments scourged the young and old alike,

    9. 14 And he wept and said Blessed are you O God and blessed is your name forever; and blessed are all your holy angels: 15 For you have scourged and have taken pity on me for see I see my son Tobias; And his son went in rejoicing and told his father the great things that had happened to him in Media

    10. Any life, plant or animal that had survived the first was more violently scourged by the second

    11. 26 Moreover two other young men appeared before him notable in strength excellent in beauty and comely in apparel who stood by him on either side; and scourged him continually and gave him many sore stripes

    12. 33 Now as the high priest was making an atonement the same young men in the same clothing appeared and stood beside Heliodorus saying Give Onias the high priest great thanks in so much as for his sake the Lord has granted you life: 34 And seeing that you have been scourged from Heaven declare to all men the mighty power of God; And when they had spoken these words they appeared no more

    13. 37 And when the king Heliodorus who might be a fit man to be sent yet once again to Jerusalem he said 38 If you have any enemy or traitor send him in there and you shall receive him well scourged if he escape with his life for in that place no doubt; there is an especial power of God

    14. 18 For had they not been formerly wrapped in many sins this man as soon as he had come had immediately been scourged and put back from his presumption as Heliodorus was whom Seleucus the king sent to view the treasury

    15. 21 At that time God who sees all things who is beyond all Holy among the holy heard that prayer so suitable; and scourged the man greatly uplifted with scorn and insolence

    16. The depression lay like some wounded animal scourged

    17. had survived the first was more violently scourged by the second

    18. Pilate said to them And Jesus which is called the Messiah what shall I do with him? They all cried out and said Crucify him; And Pilate spoke to them again for he desired to release Jesus; but they cried out and said Crucify him crucify him and release to us Barabbas; And Pilate said to them a third time What evil has this man done? I have not found in him any cause to necessitate death; I will chastise him and let him go; But they increased in importunity with a loud voice and asked him to crucify him; And their voice and the voice of the chief priests prevailed; Then Pilate released to them that one who was throw into prison for sedition and murder Barabbas whom they asked for and he scourged Jesus with whips; Then the footsoldiers of the judge took Jesus and went into the praetorium and gathered to him all of the footsoldiers; And they stripped him and put on him a scarlet cloak; And they clothed him in garments of purple and plaited a crown of thorns and placed it on his head and a reed in his right hand; and while they mocked at him and laughed they fell down on their knees before him and bowed down to him and said Hail King of the Jews! And they spat in his face and took the reed from his hand and struck him on his head and struck his cheeks; And Pilate went outside again and said to the Jews I bring him out to you that you may know that I do not find in examining him even one crime; And Jesus went outside wearing the crown of thorns and the purple garments

    19. We must remember that he who strives in the corruptible contest if he be found acting unfairly is taken away and scourged and cast out from the lists

    20. 3 Then Pilate led forth this bleeding and lacerated prisoner and, presenting him before the mixed multitude, said: "Behold the man! Again I declare to you that I find no crime in him, and having scourged him, I would release him

    21. 11 Pilate spoke more truly than he knew when, after Jesus had been scourged, he presented him before the multitude, exclaiming, "Behold the man!" Indeed, the fear-ridden Roman governor little dreamed that at just that moment the universe stood at attention, gazing upon this unique scene of its beloved Sovereign thus subjected in humiliation to the taunts and blows of his darkened and degraded mortal subjects

    22. Up there among those hills lurked thousands of wolfish figures out of whose hearts and souls all emotion and hope had been scourged except a frenzied hate for their conquerors, a mad lust for vengeance

    23. and to have him beaten (scourged)

    24. are we uniformly scourged before the eyes of humble masters

    25. See the Lord Jesus Christ despised and rejected of men, scourged, mocked, and insulted;�behold Him bleeding on the cross of Calvary;�hear Him crying in agony, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" mark how the sun was darkened, and the rocks rent at the sight;-and then consider, young men, what must be the evil and guilt of sin

    26. Jesus himself got mad and violent as when he scourged the

    27. Priscilla looked at him from her sofa seat and wondered what she had done that she should be scourged in this manner by Morrisons

    28. This is the meek Jesus who was scourged for witnessing

    29. Before you prepared the heavens, you are sent of your Father to be scourged for me

    30. He was kicked and punched He was scourged and whipped

    31. A sublime supplication to the Creator from the Son after being jeered, insulted, spat upon, punched, beaten, scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to the cross and speared, such that He was fatally wounded by Roman soldiers, Gentiles, Jews, Pagans, Elders, Teachers of the law and Chief Priests

    32. who resisted when taken, were scourged, tortured, and crucified before the wall of the city

    33. Those prisoners, who resisted when taken, were scourged, tortured, and crucified before the wal

    34. Those prisoners, who resisted when taken, were scourged, tortured, and crucified before the wall of the city

    35. --Let me put them into the mouths of the eulogists of injustice: They will tell you that the just man who is thought unjust will be scourged, racked, bound--will have his eyes burnt out; and, at last, after suffering every kind of evil, he will be impaled: Then he will understand that he ought to seem only, and not to be, just; the words of Aeschylus may be more truly spoken of the unjust than of the just

    36. They're scourged to boot

    37. They were filled only with gunpowder, not the antipersonnel rounds’ flesh-shredding shrapnel charges, but they scourged the town with fire and blast, and the garrison’s troops—totally surprised, with no warning there was an enemy within a hundred miles—reacted with all the confusion Clareyk could have asked for

    38. Scourges themselves are always scourged

    39. Moses scourged three thousand people—and did not live to see the promised land

    40. "All this good fortune may be scourged out of me afterwards by a lot of ill

    41. His thought had been unsuspended; he was becoming ill with thinking; eaten out with thinking, withered by thinking; scourged out of all his former pulsating, flexuous domesticity

    42. About this time, too, towards evening, the convicts who had been scourged came up; they always made a rather strong impression, as I have said; but it was not every day that any of these were brought to us, and everybody was bored to extinction, when nothing happened to give a fillip to the general relaxed and indolent state of feeling

    43. Our convicts were in high glee when a madman was taken off for medical examination; sometimes those who were sentenced to be scourged, feigned insanity that they might get off

    44. However, two days later the unhappy creature was taken out to be scourged

    45. Governments are but sovereigns, statesmen, officials, who can no more force me against my will, than the stanovoy could force the peasants; I should be brought before the court, or thrown into prison, or executed, not by the sovereign, or the high officials, but by men in the same position as myself; and as it would be equally injurious and disagreeable for them to be scourged as for me, I should probably open their eyes, and they would not only refrain from injuring me, but would doubtless follow my example

    46. It cannot be said that they are devoid of the conscience which should forbid them to do these things, as was the case with the men who, centuries ago, tortured their fellow-men, scourged them to death, and burned them at the stake;—nay, it does exist in them, but it is kept dormant; auto-suggestion, as the psychologist calls it, keeps it thus among the upper classes, while the soldiers, the executioners, are under the hypnotic influence of the classes above them

    47. The rain scourged the timbers of the skiff incessantly, and its soft patter induced melancholy thoughts, and the wind whistled as it flew down into the boat's battered bottom through a rift, where some loose splinters of wood were rattling together—a disquieting and depressing sound

    48. Therefore, with great truth, it might be said that they were scourged to the service

    49. And scourged its madden’d throbbing into tune

    50. Are we to forget, as chimerical, our notions of this institution, which we imbibed from our very cradles, which are imprinted on our Bills of Rights and Constitutions, which we avowed under the reign of John Adams? Are they to be scourged out of us by the birch of the unfledged political pedagogues of the day? If he were the enemy of this Government, could he reconcile it to his principles, he would follow the example set him in another quarter, and say to the majority, go to your inevitable destruction! He likened the people under this joint operation of the two parties, Ministerial and Federal, to the poor client between two lawyers, or the cloth between the tailor's shears

    1. 2 Who will set scourges over my thoughts and the discipline of wisdom over mine heart? so that they spare me not for mine

    2. come? 19 see, famine and plague, tribulation and anguish, are sent as scourges for amendment

    3. they which have been sorrowful for all your scourges; for they shall rejoice for you, when they have seen all your glory, and shall be

    4. flesh, and were tormented with scourges and whips

    5. old man's flesh was stripped off by the scourges, and his blood streamed down, and his sides were pierced through

    6. 'To whom are these who hold the scourges going?' And he said to me: 'To their elect and beloved ones, that they may be thrown into the chasm of the abyss of the valley

    7. Back in Tarrasa, Roger succumbed to the stress that normally accompanies and scourges candidates for a doctoral degree after they finish writing their dissertation

    8. 13 Know for a certainty that the Lord your God will no more drive out any of these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps to you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good land which the Lord your God has given you

    9. 'To whom are these who hold the scourges going?' And he said to me: 'To their elect and beloved ones that they may be thrown into the chasm of the abyss of the valley

    10. 17 Woe is me! Woe is me! Who will deliver me in those days? 18 The beginning of sorrows and great mourning; the beginning of famine and great death; the beginning of wars and the powers shall stand in fear; the beginning of evils! What shall I do when these evils shall come? 19 see famine and plague tribulation and anguish are sent as scourges for amendment

    11. 20 But for all these things they shall not turn from their wickedness nor be always mindful of the scourges

    12. 14 O blessed are they which love you for they shall rejoice in your peace: blessed are they which have been sorrowful for all your scourges; for they shall rejoice for you when they have seen all your glory and shall be glad forever

    13. 1 It came to pass also that seven brothers with their mother were taken and compelled by the king against the law to taste pigs's flesh and were tormented with scourges and whips

    14. 6 But raising his eyes on high to Heaven the old man's flesh was stripped off by the scourges and his blood streamed down and his sides were pierced through

    15. "Listen" said she: "scourges prisons great tribulations crosses wild beasts for God's name's sake

    16. Trust the Lord you who doubt for He is all-powerful and can turn His anger away from you and send scourges" on the doubters

    17. the scourges of Thy punishment and drive off this

    18. 4 For whom the Lord loves he chastens and scourges every son whom he receives

    19. Moss, fungi and humidity had drawn grotesque forms on the lock walls by the scourges of time

    20. And all Samaritans are filth, scourges of the earth, disgraces to the House of Judea—more closely related to Gentiles than Jews!… And Yeshua surprisingly sneers at the men

    21. It was one of the scourges of living in a

    22. brought all the animals together to fight the twin scourges of the

    23. together to fight the twin scourges of the forest

    24. Instead, she was forced to have gigs on the road, which brought with it all its scourges

    25. However, resistance to new ideas and blind adherence to official tactics and doctrines were still major scourges in the United States Army Air Forces

    26. barked on a campaign to eradicate the twin scourges of

    27. The ultimate destiny of information, whether from the scourges of time, short-term benign neglect, or intentional disposal, is destruction

    28. The ones before that, coming into this serious house filled with the nearness of Death, and of Death in his sternest mood, his hands cruel with scourges, seemed to me so inexpressibly--well, I will not say it; it is not fair to blame you, who could not know in whose shadow we were sitting, for being preoccupied with the trivialities of living

    29. He encouraged them to sing, he who felt every ugliness in sound like a blow; he urged them to recite for prizes of sixpences, he on whose soul Casabianca and Excelsior had much the effect of scourges on a tender skin; he led them out into a field between tea and supper and made them run races, himself setting the example, he who caught cold so easily that he knew it probably meant a week in bed

    30. We were at the mouth of the cavern, and, having completed all our experiences, were about to reascend, when of a sudden Ardiaeus appeared and several others, most of whom were tyrants; and there were also besides the tyrants private individuals who had been great criminals: they were just, as they fancied, about to return into the upper world, but the mouth, instead of admitting them, gave a roar, whenever any of these incurable sinners or some one who had not been sufficiently punished tried to ascend; and then wild men of fiery aspect, who were standing by and heard the sound, seized and carried them off; and Ardiaeus and others they bound head and foot and hand, and threw them down and flayed them with scourges, and dragged them along the road at the side, carding them on thorns like wool, and declaring to the passers-by what were their crimes, and that they were being taken away to be cast into hell

    31. "Ah, they are my scourges

    32. He wears a hairshirt of pure Irish manufacture winter and summer and scourges himself every Saturday

    33. Despite privation and hardships, despite food speculators and kindred scourges, despite death and sickness and suffering which had now left their mark on nearly every family, the South was again saying “One more victory and the war is over,” saying it with even more happy assurance than in the summer before

    34. Scourges assumed authority they had not been granted

    35. Scourges transgressed against social and sacred order

    36. Scourges themselves are always scourged

    37. ” ’Twas her Fate as well as his that brought ’em to be each other’s Scourges

    38. Fellows, who stood without a murmur the frightful tortures caused by the rods and scourges, howled, and grinned, and moaned for the least little ailment

    39. While Rome was content with her ancient boundaries, her inhabitants were blessed with freedom; but, afterwards, jealousies, tumults, insurrections, and seditions, and those two great plagues and scourges of mankind—anarchy and tyranny—following in the train, destroyed every vestige of liberty among that people

    1. The walking, the scourging and sleeplessness had left Jesus incredibly weak

    2. Keeping the little ones in the centre, hiding and sheltering them from the scourging fire and thunder, the pain that killed from the inside, they huddled briefly together one last time

    3. 12 And when they had laboured hard without effect in scourging him, they hurled him on the wheel

    4. 12 And when they had laboured hard without effect in scourging him they hurled him on the wheel

    5. 14 And again he says: Behold I have given my back to the scourging and my cheeks to buffetings;

    6. " As Jesus looked about him, his eyes fell upon a near-by woman, who, coming forward, knelt at his feet and said: "For years I have been afflicted with a scourging hemorrhage

    7. This was in itself an unjust and illegal procedure since the Roman law provided that only those condemned to die by crucifixion should be thus subjected to scourging

    8. Though his enemies did not witness this scourging, Pilate did, and before they had finished this wicked abuse, he directed the scourgers to desist and indicated that Jesus should be brought to him

    9. I pray thee, by the precious blood which thy divine son Jesus shed in cruel scourging, deliver the souls in purgatory and especially that soul amongst them all which is nearest to its entrance into thy glory; so that it may forthwith began to praise and bless thee forever

    10. The Scourging at the Pillar

    11. of his coffin, grabbed D'Oliya's whip and was scourging himself

    12. Nobody would envy the terrible state the baker was in…! As for his feet, they were swollen beyond recognition because of the scourging and they too were covered with blood

    13. witness, starting with the “punishing” (scourging) of Jesus

    14. His scourging we are healed

    15. The act of scourging so weakens the body that life itself

    16. scourging we are healed

    17. I gave MY back to scourging

    18. treasures to offer her, for mine are given to Dulcinea, and the treasures of knights-errant are like those of the fairies,' illusory and deceptive; all I can give her is the place in my memory I keep for her, without prejudice, however, to that which I hold devoted to Dulcinea, whom thou art wronging by thy remissness in whipping thyself and scourging that flesh--would that I saw it eaten by wolves--which would rather keep itself for the worms than for the relief of that poor lady

    19. "Senor," replied Sancho, "if the truth is to be told, I cannot persuade myself that the whipping of my backside has anything to do with the disenchantment of the enchanted; it is like saying, 'If your head aches rub ointment on your knees;' at any rate I'll make bold to swear that in all the histories dealing with knight-errantry that your worship has read you have never come across anybody disenchanted by whipping; but whether or no I'll whip myself when I have a fancy for it, and the opportunity serves for scourging myself comfortably

    20. There was the stile before me—the very fields through which I had hurried, blind, deaf, distracted with a revengeful fury tracking and scourging me, on the morning I fled from Thornfield: ere I well knew what course I had resolved to take, I was in the midst of them

    21. If the Roman, or the man of mediæval times, or the average Russian of fifty years ago, as I remember him, was convinced without a shade of doubt that the violence of authority was indispensable to preserve him from evil; that taxes, dues, serfage, prisons, scourging, knouts, executions, the army and war were what ought to be—we know now that one can seldom find a man who believes that all these means of violence preserve anyone from any evil whatever, and indeed does not clearly perceive that most of these acts of violence to which he is exposed, and in which he has some share, are in themselves a great and useless evil

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