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Frasi con equate (in inglese)

  1. Why should we equate something.
  2. Equate the amount of shade with the.
  3. You always equate the most expensive.
  4. In this scenario we equate money with.
  5. I wouldn’t equate it with God, though.

  6. On today's map these two areas equate to the.
  7. You equate me with the Ultimate Reality, the source and.
  8. Stallman wasn't the first to equate hacking with pleasure.
  9. We could not equate the Congress and the BJP all the time.
  10. Longer average periods equate to reduced signal generation.
  11. I equate this to his decades of experience analyzing charts.
  12. In short, how did atomic physics equate to sexual morality?
  13. Having programs and activities does not equate to the Kingdom.
  14. Do the math; one block of pixels purchased would equate to a.
  15. We really only have to equate this to some real life examples.

  16. Is there another god with God? But they are a people who equate.
  17. What was worse, he came to equate riches with corrupt practices.
  18. Some mystics equate grace, love and spirit with the divine essence.
  19. Equate personal success with the survival and growth of the business.
  20. There is no need to equate a past earnings record with earning power.
  21. This was beyond pleasure, beyond anything I could try to equate it with.
  22. There are many out there that equate value investing to watching grass grow.
  23. At this rate, in thirty days it would equate to one-hundred inches of rain.
  24. However, this does not equate to a mesh topology, as described in Chapter 1.
  25. The reason for the discrepancy is that most people equate concentration with.

  26. The 26% price increase would equate to a 26% profit in a non-leveraged trade.
  27. In the cases of major setbacks, they equate to segments of the road that must.
  28. Brown said nonperformers would come down and the reserves would look ad equate.
  29. The call price is $2500, which would equate to around a 12% implied volatility.
  30. The only one that you carried that would equate to extra weight would be Cody.
  31. For the sake of simplicity, we equate it with the retention ratio multiplied by.
  32. It is too simplistic to equate skills and HFs, alpha and HFs, or skills and alpha.
  33. However, the fact that a human is a bio-robot in any case does not equate him with.
  34. Years ago, analysts would equate the cost of equity with the return on equity (ROE).
  35. People invariably equate chance happenings with the will of god or good or bad deeds.
  36. Unlike some, that equate questions with doubt, or discourage the reasoning mind, the.
  37. Unfortunately for them, labeling and categorizing does not equate with understanding.
  38. For the purpose of this illustrate, let’s equate stopping bad guys with making money.
  39. Normal doesn't have to be boring and nice does not have to equate with un-fun! That's the.
  40. Thirdly, we multiply the variables within the covariance by the term S(U) / S(L) to equate.
  41. Keep that in mind when you equate investing in the market with buying an S&P 500 Index fund.
  42. Colors equate to different vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in the fruit or vegetable.
  43. White liberals could then easily equate fundamentalism with the Pharisees that killed Jesus.
  44. Modern consumers actually equate buying things for their children as spending time with them.
  45. An archaic understanding of microbial retentive filtration would lead one to equate a filter's.
  46. Some liberals today go a step further and equate the word fundamentalist with terrorists.
  47. Why, then, would he wish to equate one of the monsters of history with Washington or Jefferson?
  48. We just need to remind ourselves of this truth that delays of the Creator do not equate its denial.
  49. Year 2012 does not equate the end of times but instead the end of an era of imbalance and division.
  50. Spending less doesn’t have to equate with being less happy – in fact, it can be just the opposite.
  51. It is tempting to equate 50% with 50/50, but there are actually three directions a chart may go; up, down and sideways.
  52. But the third leg, the heirs of Joshua who fell away from the Word, who might we equate them with in our Jesus story?
  53. Although separation should be considered as a last resort, it is always important to equate children when making this crucial decision.
  54. Equally ludicrous was the attempt by some conservatives to equate Kacynski with either the Clinton administration or Al Gore specifically.
  55. When college-educated missionaries seek financial support from black Christians, I think African Americans equate their requests with charity.
  56. Although it is a bizarre twist of ethics and morals to equate humans and animals, some might be persuaded to apply the analogy to those who do.
  57. With such linear thinking, they inadvertently equate karma with fundamentalism, where all present experience is simply attributed to past karma.
  58. Your Honor, the witness has clearly been coached and has no right or authority to equate what she saw to the pictures taken of the crime scene.
  59. All too often, investors (and Wall Street) believe that high growth businesses equate to great investments regardless of profitability or valuation.
  60. To equate American religious conservatives with the Afghan Taliban is to be more than murky, for the Taliban are not conservatives nor conservators.
  61. Using $500 as a benchmark, a day trade that requires a 20-point stop in the mini-sized Dow futures would equate to a position size of five contracts.
  62. The 50%+/− accuracy of simple candle patterns is augmented by the 100% indecision they suggest, but 50% does not equate to a 50/50 chance of reversal.
  63. And do not follow the whims of those who deny Our revelation, and those who do not believe in the Hereafter, and those who equate others with their Lord.
  64. All this occurred while southern racists managed to equate African-American social equity with a myth that black men innately wanted to rape white women.
  65. There are two types of people in the investment world: Those who equate personal success by the size of their account or with whom they are affiliated with.
  66. The kid had made off with his rackets, never to be seen again, though Mercer would ever after equate the Manhattan skyline with the smell of English Leather cologne.
  67. It was hard to equate my memories of those gentle, smiling people with the pictures of featureless, universally drab-greened automatons, which we saw in the newspapers.
  68. The idea niggled in the back of her brain that those aboriginal peoples who remained in the world were basically non-aggressive, which would equate primitive with peaceful.
  69. Since it’s in the nature of the believers to equate the mission of the Messiah with the message of ‘the God’, in time, the life of Muhammad became the symbol of Islam.
  70. As they watched the place take shape Flower and Candy had found that the abundance of money seemed to equate to a lack of curiosity from the people happily constructing these designs.
  71. If we equate steep backwardation and high roll return with a high ex ante risk premium, we effectively assume that the market expects the current spot rate to remain unchanged forever.
  72. However, ISO 8601 durations and time intervals do not directly equate to a single point in time, while everything else in the SAS date and time facility represents one specific point in time.
  73. As you recall from earlier in chapter 2, when compounded over time, these fee savings equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars—even millions—that will end up in the hands of my employees and their families.
  74. Hence, the lower limit on the range of values for the HV estimation period parameter should also be set at 60 days (to equate the number of values for both parameters, the upper limit will be fixed at 210 days).
  75. By turning to historical numbers and trying to equate what has happened in the past with the current economic environment, there is no doubt in my mind that inflation will rear its ugly head at some point in the very near future.
  76. You equate many things with creating and bringing joy but the true reason; even in your current lifetime, that you experience joy is because of the vibration, the measurement of the energy within the action, this is what causes joy.
  77. This is because the concept and definition of the word ‘chance’ can only equate to circumstances, possibilities and opportunities that can only relate to that which already exists, and so cannot relate to the creation of creation’s existence.
  78. If a trader has become accustomed to evaluating his risk in terms of the number of underlying contracts bought or sold (either futures contracts or shares of stock), he can use the delta to equate the directional risk of an option position with a position of similar size in the underlying market.
  79. Which is realistic? Which one’s fair?! Why should we demand we be given daily bread? How did we earn being kept from temptation and delivered from evil? If we were given free will, as I believe all agree we have, how can that equate with demanding to be saved from ever having to use it?! Get real, kids.
  80. They equate thinness with being in control,.
  1. For equating you with the Lord of the Worlds.
  2. Equating God simply with love is allowing yourselves to.
  3. Equating the self with appearance in a surplus of meaning.
  4. He goes one step further than equating Jesus with a deliverer.
  5. Equating the bird with life and the void with death, he found himself spellbound.
  6. We further establish two premises, equating the market returns with the individual.
  7. So once again, equating the phallus and the masculine with the point because of Osiris and Isis.
  8. The practices of blood stem from soul via primitive supernatural power equating life with blood i.
  9. Those of you who estrange their wives by equating them with their mothers-they are not their mothers.
  10. Psalm 63 gives reference that Jesus’ wings are the very wings of God – thus equating Him with God.
  11. This is not a shoddy return, especially when there is roughly another 4% of costs covered, equating to a 11.
  12. So, Jerome wasn't in error, but later Christian (and Mormon) translations were in equating "Lucifer" with "Satan".
  13. Oh they can believe the computing medium and the capacity, they will have a problem equating it with classical Scripture.
  14. I flushed on reading those lines; he was equating me with a faith, with a holy mother, to whom countless souls devote their life.
  15. This I prove using mathematical equating when I prove how the Universe started by implementing Pythagoras first when the law of.
  16. Equating derivatives to zero in all parameters and solving the obtained system of equations is an elegant way for finding the optimal solution.
  17. The effect was like that of a mini atomic bomb, the detonation of the cloud of explosive vapors equating the power of nearly twenty tons of TNT.
  18. The only downside was that Westerners became rather myopic, equating acupuncture alone with Chinese medicine, and it is so very much more than just that.
  19. However, equating spot price changes with unexpected returns is not completely correct because markets may have expected a part of the spot price change.
  20. You put the words into my mouth, equating abortion to the ancient pagan practice of sacrificing the children, conceived by ritual temple prostitution, to Molech.
  21. Academics have long argued that simply equating nominal interest rate differentials with prospective returns fails to take into account the market’s expectations of exchange rate changes.
  22. In that "baddest" one a deep, rumbling voice-over describes this newest version of the hot rod as "hungry"—apparently equating its need for sustenance with that of a starving Great White off Australia's most shark-teeming shores.
  23. To the Spanish Coke commercial that sells coke by asking the question: How many people will come to your funeral? Showing a parade of professional actors following a funeral hearse painted in gaudy colors… only to run the hearse along with the coffin in it, off a pier into the ocean: when suddenly a giant fish leaps up and swallows the hearse with the dead body inside it before it can hit the water: this is a regression that goes so far back into the mists of primordial Time it is incredible… back to a Time when giant reptilian aquatic monsters regularly killed and ate anything that moved on the land or flew in the air… just as reptilian fish today still leap out of the water and swallow insects: equating the dead corpse of a human and the hearse carrying it as the shell of an insect, as an insect to be eaten by some undead reptilian monster.
  1. Jung equated the unconscious mind with God.
  2. This al seemed very reasonable and equated.
  3. I initially equated this with being a bad mother.
  4. This equated to two hundred and twenty two acres of.
  5. In this case, the borrowing cost is equated with.
  6. Their disability is equated to their inability in a sense.
  7. For many primates, the lumber industries are equated with.
  8. This is also equated with Satan as the creator of evil and.
  9. Little wonder, then, that time is so often equated with money.
  10. Joshua’s authority could be equated to the apostolic today.
  11. The value of honesty may be equated to what needs to be hidden.
  12. So he equated it to they had arrived after he and Valdis had left.
  13. The process of zooming-in can be equated simply to the process of.
  14. Next he somehow equated a girl attracting a man with chasing money.
  15. Also, the number of days in a month is equated with the number of.
  16. Remember that love is not equated to how much you spend on an item.
  17. Also notice that the number of days in a symbolic year is equated with.
  18. All of this is equated as him being a man who has the spirit of the gods.
  19. Non-violence is quite often equated with cowardice, a way out, or cope out.
  20. Big business isn’t, never was and will never be equated to a human being.
  21. I guess I somehow equated the two figures with the Promised Land Moses was.
  22. Constant, which equated each photon of light with a specific amount of energy.
  23. The Lord show by prophecy that Jerusalem is equated with Heaven through the use.
  24. Fear is directly equated with, and is clearly the by-product of ignorance, which.
  25. In its early years, the EMH was often equated with the random walk hypothesis (RWH).
  26. The amount of tolerable error, also called bound on error is equated with two.
  27. It is the opposite of death, which is directly equated with darkness and seven.
  28. The figure is equated with reason and depicts the totality in the nothingness of death.
  29. Kennedy had equated the rights of the ordinary American consumer with national interest.
  30. I had always equated Islam with a giant snake that enveloped and ate its own – other.
  31. Once again, the surface is symbolized as earth and is purposely equated with the dividing.
  32. To understand wickedness, look at the seven spirits of evil, which are equated to the earth.
  33. The value of a noncash benefit to an employee ought not to be equated to a cost to a company.
  34. Recognize within the marketing sphere that perception is equated with reality until roven oth.
  35. The fall of Berlin was equated with the destruction of the Nazi system, and the end of the war.
  36. But she is adamant that a biological basis for the experience of God cannot be equated with God.
  37. In the same way that words are related to thoughts, breath and wind are symbolically equated to.
  38. Since the Seven Spirits of Evil are directly equated with the symbolism of the Earth, vanity is.
  39. Perceptions and conceptions could be equated out into this `framè, but we could never be left out.
  40. Perceptions and conceptions could be equated out into this `frame`, but we could never be left out.
  41. A church that had equated the most powerful armored killers with the highest possible spirituality.
  42. A church that had equated the aristocracy as being born more noble and more spiritual than the poor.
  43. The Akashic records or ‘The Book of Life’ can be equated to the universe’s super computer system.
  44. Every process that was developed by the author is already scientifically equated, without to be utopia.
  45. And a weak will to materialize should not be equated to the tendency of the particles to repel each other (i.
  46. Quitting is hard in part because it is equated with failure, and nobody likes to fail, or at least be seen failing.
  47. Let’s look at some industries, and how the growth in revenue has equated to real earnings over the past 10 years:.
  48. The word Lucifer, was not equated with the word Satan until after Jerome’s translation, which was then misinterpreted.
  49. She equated it with the good news that the war had ended that same month and called Gladys’s release her personal miracle.
  50. He wondered what her age was? Her look indicated early twenties, but becoming assumptive in the past had always equated to error.
  51. God, she believes, is the ground of all that exists and cannot in any way be equated with material reality, including the brain.
  52. Zerubbabel meanwhile in dream-five was equated with Seven Spirits, reminiscent of the dreams of Pharaoh (a mountainous obstacle).
  53. Over the same period there were also around fifty thousand sexual offences during the same period which equated to about one per thousand.
  54. The Sarmatian would have of course been an obvious target for the Jews as a known pagan female musician, a combination that equated with sin to them.
  55. The gadgets for entertainment, which for most people his age were a must, all equated in expense to every hour and minute of drudgery at that factory.
  56. There is a position that is in motion that is forming the very edge of the outside of whatever spins or moves or mathematically equated as Π0ΠΠ2=Π3.
  57. If it had been her parents she knew they would have either equated it to the fact that she had been gone so long, or they would think that she had lost her mind.
  58. Amori watched Cody knowing that something was not right with him, but equated it to the fact that he was finding out stuff about himself that he had never know before.
  59. TCP/IP predates the OSI reference model, but its protocols break down into four layers that can be roughly equated to the seven-layer OSI stack, as shown in Figure 13-1.
  60. When virtualnisms become equated with personisms, their virtual emotions become the heart behind the purpose of the Institution, the Wii, and what the disciples are told to feel.
  61. That new proposal is totally equated and available with economic viability for its immediate implantation in order to provide the great well-being so eagerly expected for the humanity.
  62. For decades, investors and central bankers seemed to take the PEH as a given, as they equated forward rates with the market’s rate expectations, despite accumulating contrary evidence.
  63. The latter are the individuals who go to school forever – not to be equated with the good habit of learning, exemplified by a person continually in quest of knowledge, asking questions – but none of them dumb.
  64. Yes, I was in love and yes, planning for my singing career, but now I understood that my profound fear of my father, from earliest childhood equated with the Will of God, could possibly cripple me in progressing towards my goal.
  65. Nothing could prepare him for the flaming horror of watching the city where he had grown up erupt into what equated to a funeral pyre, buildings launching smudges of black smoke into the dawn time sky to obscure the rising red orb of the sun.
  66. Thus over one side of the scale cash money had been equated out over means of sacrifice whilst at the other end various wares were graded, calculated and assessed over different dimensions that had to relate with our organs in the first place.
  67. This process that is meant to account for our own sorts of habitats has to bèmatched, balanced, equated and leveledùp with our current sorts of environments in order to be versed out over the appropriate belt of this existing kind of a universe.
  68. I am a devotee of zodiacal primary directions to angles equated to time with the Placidian True Solar Arc in RA measure (the MC is moved in Right Ascension – both forward and conversely – at the same rate that the progressed sun is moving in RA.
  69. Once again when any corporation tends to hold these majestic views then the assets of their capital tends to becomèbalanced, equated, matched and twinnedùp into an audited account, cashed inside a drawer to be taxed again towards another mission to be staged out once more.
  70. From him I learned the date was seven hundred and ten by the Gods’ time which I learned later equated to about 1500 AD and the mansion we were in once belonged to an extremely powerful Sorcerer who had died and the mansion and land surrounding it had stood empty for years.
  71. Once again when any corporation tends to hold these majestic views then the assets of their capital tends to become `balanced, equated, matched and twinned` up into an audited account, cashed inside a drawer to be taxed again towards another mission to be staged out once more.
  72. Know that the sponsors have the available resources, they already invest trillion dollars in donation or loan with social finality and they are opened to hear innovative proposals to apply in projects that show brilliant and equated ideas as solution to the social problems in a definitive way.
  73. Might they be equated with the Adam and Eve leg of the first trilogy, “who had come out of the Garden far different creatures than had ever before been produced”? This garden of the “first couple” seems to have disappeared into prehistory, with only a believer’s understanding that it had ever been real.
  74. There is often some hypothesis that presumes that investors are rational and risk neutral, and argues that expected returns are equated across assets if any asset’s initial carry advantage is offset by expected capital losses (which reflect the market’s expectations of future exchange rates, interest rates, and so forth).
  75. How many times have I heard this passage references, or read this passage in the Bible? How many times have I heard someone say that Jesus’ death on the cross delivers us from sin? How many times have I heard it equated that Jesus is the Messiah because He sacrificed Himself for our sakes? All of these statements, as true as they might be, were shallow clichés that missed entirely the point.
  1. So this truth equates to 'We.
  2. The Spirit of Good equates to the.
  3. The System equates them with angels.
  4. Revelation openly equates stars and.
  5. That equates to six inches of rain a day.
  6. Put against your mortgage that equates to.
  7. He thus equates traditions with Sanatan Dharm.
  8. So on our astrolabe, that equates to P, Q, R, S, T.
  9. This equates to around 1000% per annum that we need.
  10. A military crisis most often equates a political crisis.
  11. Popularity only equates to being popular! The question.
  12. That equates to an increase of 47 percent in three years.
  13. In the air this equates with a high rate of attrition, i.
  14. The act of transgressing thus equates to the selection of a.
  15. This Japanese word equates with climbing a rope or hauling up.
  16. The "Spirit" equates to higher Planes and the "Matter" - to the lower.
  17. Such expediency will derive an interest expense that equates a firm’s.
  18. What their loss of innocence equates to is gaining social responsibility.
  19. Bodies ’ leadbeater equates the lower Causal Body in this book with the.
  20. So, in this case, 116 pips equates to a gain of $812 per lot being traded.
  21. That equates to approximately one sixth of the world’s total population.
  22. If the acquisition of knowledge equates with a loss of innocence (rather than 73.
  23. Purely and simply, such a theory equates with our bailout views of investment value.
  24. The logical flaw of Efficient Market theory is that it equates knowledge with action.
  25. In one year, light travels (which equates to one light year) 6 million x million miles.
  26. This framing equates the good with the moral and therefore right and true way of living, e.
  27. For the minis, it equates to $3 per side, and for the regular contracts, it’s $30 per side.
  28. This is not unusual during holiday weeks as few open positions equates to less insurance bought.
  29. General society tells us that losing money equates with failure and making money equates with success.
  30. The top arm and the area above the horizontal bar equates to positive, the air, and the Spirit of.
  31. Every structure includes a footprint, which equates to the total square footage of the external dimension.
  32. A 1-cent move equals $10 per contract, so a full $1 move in the price of oil equates to $1,000 per contract.
  33. A total pattern frequency of slightly more than 11% equates to one candle pattern about every 9 trading days, 8.
  34. That, my friends, equates to one and a half million dollars – split six ways – that’s like winning Lotto.
  35. Kissinger also equates the Soviet Union with Sparta, the militaristic Greek state that constantly prepared for war.
  36. What? they said, meaning fuckever, for preminded hip incomprehension equates to post-ideological indifference.
  37. Therefore, a 1-cent move in the price of crude oil equates to a gain or loss of $10 for every contract a trader holds (0.
  38. Since the vega of these options is one, we know that a 1% volatility change equates to a one tick change in the price of the option.
  39. The Index then compares the up days to the down days over a period of past history and equates the RSI to a scale between 0 and 100.
  40. This equates to a total of 188,000 households, according to a survey of millionaire density from the Boston Consulting Group for 2011.
  41. The Bible equates personal debt with slavery: The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender (Proverbs 22:7).
  42. But the real problem was they relied on stories they’d heard and a method of fundamental analysis that equates lower P/E ratios with value.
  43. It’s only an average, but it equates to nearly £25 a day, to which you can add a considerable amount if you like to eat and get out of your home.
  44. We are the greatest equates to you are not and, therefore, in the world of society as cultural competition 'You are the loser', perhaps even the worst.
  45. Some will argue that a database needs to have a key and this equates to an indexed file, but certainly a sequential file is a database – with limitations.
  46. In my case this equates to about 90% of the total niche! My best prospects are those that have been battling for a while because they understand the value of the solution that I am offering.
  47. As we know, the further an option is from being at-the-money, the smaller the vega, therefore a small actual dollar change in value equates to a larger implied volatility change in that option.
  48. A belief that equates wealth with natural virtue and poverty with sin inevitably fails to punish the wealthy for their crimes, and leads to a culture of lawlessness among financial elites.
  49. And yet neither of them, or so it seems to me, has come to the point that Jung describes as the development of a philosophy of life independent of society, which equates power over people with success.
  50. Everything existing in relation to the Universe, by definition, exists as atom-energies, and this Existence as we know it has a Beginning, a Past, a Present, and a Future, which if contemplated equates to the concept of Time.
  51. When into composition of thin shell forming that or other chakra, enter more and more particles Yan (emitting energy-ether), from what their number equates with the number of particles Yin (absorbing ether), the chakra is opened.
  52. Ought To avatard instructs its client about tough luving their child, spouse, or parent – why not your nation, ideology, or god? – they are not talking about a kind or type of love, but an incognito bullying that equates control with truth and conflates truth with desire.
  53. The first law of thermodynamics equates to the fact that the amount of energy in the universe never changes in quantity, but the second law of thermodynamics is the fact that structures and functions of atom-energy and electromagnetic spectrum-energy (heat, light, radiation, etc.
  54. Here’s something that needs a lot of digesting – cooking at home can be as dangerous to health as eating out if you don’t know what you are doing! No! We haven’t really lost our minds – consider this – when you cook with processed ingredients with high fat, sugar, preservative and sodium contents, it equates to eating proverbial junk food.

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