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    1. you don’t ever spark the match can you create fire? Yes, I get it, you can rub sticks together, but you’re still taking action when you’re rubbing the sticks together

    2. football match, with an attitude that says this is not for me

    3. She was slightly older than him, in her late twenties, and had a fiery temper to match her hair

    4. ‘Your fingerprints match the ones on the gun, Mrs Wynell

    5. Qatar was never its match

    6. Thus, the sun being well and truly over the yardarm, and with myself in a state of cleanliness to match the house, I had taken a tumbler out of the cupboard and reached for the bottle of gin … two generous gins and tonic later, I felt less stressed, the alcohol casting a welcome numbness over my violin-strung emotions

    7. and, after the Moor had provided a match, the Marchese waited, wreathed in blue

    8. Not an exact match

    9. The secret of writing good English lies in a good match between nouns and adjectives

    10. without the odd slanging match between me and him in the Legion, he and the boys

    11. ‘No brothers or sisters?’ I asked intrigued by what I am learning about this man and trying to match up the background he is telling me about with the professional man I thought I knew

    12. ‘Whoever it was, poured some paraffin through the letter box and then chucked a lighted match on top of it

    13. As the sequence drew closer around the planet and built up more integrations and matches against data files, a better match on that shuttlecraft was building up

    14. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen

    15. Will this be enough to protect him from the hatred of those he has disappointed? Will he be able to prevent the terrible disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor? Will he run and hide or will he match brave words with brave actions? Sometimes knowing what's coming next just isn't enough

    16. All the while The Kid smiled at me when he left me a cigarette and a match

    17. “He is a good and sensible person; you two could match together,” she says smiling

    18. I have already admired it – a shade of wool to match her name … there are a few grey hairs showing round the back of his ears, I think to myself then I suddenly realise that he’s watching me in the rear view mirror with a faint smile on his face and blush violently … the smile becomes a wicked grin as he replies to something Wally is saying

    19. We have a lot of interest and the interests of one person need not match with the

    20. He really was barely a match, especially mentally, for that simulated blow-up doll

    21. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen Marat’s noble nose, lit a cheroot while the gaoler fumbled with his keys

    22. preferring to confine the infinite in a spark, a match head

    23. ‘Father thinks it is a good match

    24. Last year, during the regional semi-finals, after a double fault, did he not slam his racket so hard on the ground it broke the frame? You were present at the match?

    25. She pounced upon the thing tearing and slicing; her strength had increased in size to match that of her rage

    26. you need to shield the match with your hand

    27. Jason and Andrea made a perfect match as they were both very competitive and had secretly admired the other

    28. online dating through websites listing attractive profiles and typical interests that may match

    29. tools where they have indulge in personal one-to-one conversations with profiles that match

    30. Truly, if life is to be summed into one thought, you could suggest that life is a game of match making, and, when this is not the

    31. If you are a match

    32. process before you can create the first solid match

    33. match is never a certain thing, like the Milk and Chocolate match I mentioned earlier

    34. Finding the ideal match has always been difficult and has caused a ton of pain over the

    35. interests and connecting with them if they match your own

    36. locations that might be of interest with your match

    37. something more permanent, something that is designed not only for a quick match, but one that

    38. Have you ever asked how these online sites have been able to match you with what seems to

    39. be the perfect person? This is not a magical method of match making, but it is a new

    40. Terry was the happiest sixteen year old in the world and as he said in the post match interview on television, he was over the moon

    41. One balmy spring Saturday afternoon, with his team leading by five goals to nil, Terry's manager decided to give him a well earned rest twenty minutes before the end of the match

    42. He settled down in the dugout to watch the rest of the match next to his less illustrious team mates, just another mucker doing his duty

    43. During a minor off the ball fracas between two of his own team's midfield players Terry happened to glance up from the match

    44. He stared so intently into her jet-black sunglasses that he completely missed the amazing comeback by his team's opponents that resulted in the match ending in a five-all draw

    45. I hesitate for a moment over whether the red on the blind will match the red on the shelves and decide to take a gamble on it

    46. Indeed, as good as his produce was, it was no more than a match, at best, for the produce of other gardeners

    47. I can always see the match in colour in Ishaan's house

    48. To be honest, he preferred to watch the big match on the television on a Saturday night if he could stay awake long enough

    49. On match days, we would all sit there until a customer

    50. Yes, Ish has this ridiculous theory that India should win every match

    1. From tip to hilt, the blade's length matched the tower on which Onidas stood

    2. It had been so long that he didn't think of it at first, but this matched his memories of the news from back then, as well as his memory worked over that distance of time

    3. Ginger's be-freckled golden skin, which matched the golden hair that she kept tied up tight in a bun, along with her aviator sunglasses and bright pink lip gloss, masked the harsh interior life of the tireless watchdog

    4. that forces of life are matched by those of death and that in all things there is a

    5. The physical discomfort that marked out my time alone was matched by a succession of mental aches and pains

    6. It is a commonly held belief that where there is light there must be darkness, that forces of life are matched by those of death and that in all things there is a balanced equation of equals and opposites

    7. Panes of ill matched glass, bubbled and aged,

    8. The female, then the male, each pairing couple matched perfectly

    9. Realizing that they were out matched, the big black bull left them to their fate

    10. Psychiatrists will say I'm bipolar type 1 and I have to trust this because under their care I became better under supervision and medication and my symptoms matched the book to a tee

    11. Tiffany’s cheeks matched the colour of the pink phone’s case perfectly

    12. case, they are merely opposites, yet even opposites have matching opposites to be matched

    13. The lawns were of the lushest, velvet green and were matched for their smoothness only by the expensive Wilton carpets that lay in the sitting room

    14. Lord Boras’ hatred of the Scathers was matched only by his fanatical view of Outsiders

    15. that matched my experience on the other side,

    16. were matched for their smoothness only by the expensive Wilton

    17. Pictures of the various plants she had seen in the book drifted past her mind’s eyes like a game of snap as she matched the illustrations with some of the plants she had passed on her way to the cove

    18. The volume of a hundred conversations is matched by the commentary that fills the upper atmosphere, an atmosphere you can see despite the hum of industrial filters hanging from the ceiling

    19. ” They were all with pictures and thumb prints, none of whom matched and only eleven of whom were in the right time frame, fourteen were currently active

    20. ” Tania adopted the same resigned look that matched her sister's

    21. dingy gray pants and a shirt that matched

    22. She knew, from her investigations of decades before, that the amount of time between deciding they needed a body that matched her self-image and the arrival of Tdeshi’s body at the Kassikan, was suspiciously short

    23. The goblets and glasses were crystal, and the cups and saucers matched the china plates, all decorated with the Railway's own designs

    24. That accomplished, he climbed the ladder and crept up on the roof where he had stacked corrugated metal panels, which so matched the existing roof as to have been perfectly camouflaged laying as they were

    25. “Oh yeah, more so after, once we saw how well you matched the Angel picture

    26. earrings matched the necklace

    27. His excitement was matched by the eagerness with which Kaitlyn displayed, also on her first trip to England

    28. Thank God for the kids, Emma whispered to herself, as she reached to take the warm hand extended towards her, even her nails matched her lips

    29. I walked out to him and looked at the arrow, reached to my mouth and matched the piece still in my teeth with the tiny vacancy in the fletching of this arrow

    30. I could not believe she had matched us

    31. I've always thought people should be properly matched you know

    32. "How did you do that, Emily? Not even the Destroyer could have matched that

    33. "I don't know, she's pretty healthy too, I think we're evenly matched that way

    34. The cornflowers matched the colour of her

    35. his face a complete scar that now matched his missing eye

    36. The black of the dress matched with the colour of the

    37. One by one, the rest of the group matched her rhythm

    38. He again derided Brynjolf for his eagerness to recruit the young woman - a move no doubt driven by her charisma, a supply of which matched that of the red-headed Nord

    39. "I have to admit, I knew you wouldn’t be able to shoot me, but for a second there you almost made me question my own judgment," Arkaneh said with a crooked smile, his cold voice now matched his nature

    40. matched her intention to a tee and I was pleased with the

    41. Whatever was inside the hole matched him, timing the pulses of light to precisely match Mark’s

    42. Rogan’s shocked face matched those of the other men

    43. arresting officer and the duty sergeant pointing out a number of Danny's features that matched

    44. “His research is matched by none other in the industry

    45. matched to his thick waving auburn hair that never looked mussed or out of place

    46. On paper, Kearsarge and Alabama were well matched, with the Kearsarge having a slight

    47. Raven was still fixated on the mesmerising presence of Millicent, fighting with a vehemence matched only by her seduction

    48. The taste of the meal matched the aroma

    49. Two evenly matched premier teams

    50. was distinctive, but it really matched nothing in my repertoire

    1. b) You need to save more to a level that matches your risk tolerance level and asset allocation strategy or

    2. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    3. We compost all of our kitchen wastes and recycled paper wastes as well as the wood from the matches we use, etc

    4. As the sequence drew closer around the planet and built up more integrations and matches against data files, a better match on that shuttlecraft was building up

    5. She was disgusted to see that Kandhi, now driving through western Nebraska, was merely searching the public photo and video streams for facial recognition matches of Leonora Wells

    6. A box of matches

    7. Except for one, its entire surface is a large window, and on the opposite side is a room that matches Apollo's, exactly

    8. By the end of daylight it had turned up seven possible matches for the girls, all were alone and miles apart

    9. She put loose limits on all format matches at the finest levels of detail in every user manual, trying to get an idea what kind of format was in use

    10. Since there are thousands of online dating sites, there is also a lot of variety when it comes to the choices offered in terms of ethnicity, country of origin, hobbies and career-based matches

    11. these matches, such as Milk and Chocolate for example, have been recognizable since our

    12. However, there are some matches that are usually never foreseen, such as the matches made

    13. technology that matches all of the similar traits and interests, as well as financial goals

    14. He lead his country through all of the qualifying matches with an authority that mixed stern determination with the most sublime football skills that the world had ever seen

    15. I have to watch matches

    16. play useless matches for several years

    17. of matches and hurried Karen away and into the church, feeling as

    18. He lead his country through all of the qualifying matches

    19. He has a king size bed with a very tasteful throw covering it which matches the curtains

    20. Unfortunately, he had used all his matches to keep the fire going

    21. You can see we have plenty of records of a Tdeshi here that matches your picture

    22. “I think there are eighteen theaters holding matches in the extended Yakhan area

    23. I don’t think there are any matches in the Kassikan, there’s a few Hyondahi’s worth checking out in the city, but I’m doing Yorthop’s friend’s places myself first since I have names and addresses

    24. To each other they were always very civil and never got into shouting matches the neighborhood could overhear

    25. I believe he’s had it since university and the battered, brown leather sort of matches the classical tinge to the music it carries

    26. World Cup matches, and there were countless drunken

    27. A couple of the rarest names in town, together in the same home? It's such a miracle the architectural survey turns up few enough matches to actually be within reason to check

    28. Well can you think of others I might have tried, for instance boxing matches and other sporting events gave me great returns, all those bets made within the twelve hour period

    29. matches the traits from Exercises #3 and #4

    30. Nothing matches the

    31. And you (or your company), have to create a persona that best matches the

    32. When the layout of your guest-post matches the other blogger’s you’ll

    33. matches the same hue as the halls and walls of school

    34. I also know that your main source of income is organizing illegal gambling matches

    35. they show a lot of passion and desire for the matches over there

    36. Some of the freaks were taking curious steps toward me, and I sped up my process, pulling the matches and striking one to life

    37. I also pulled one of my candles and some matches out of the glove box, and I grabbed my pack filled with blankets before I headed back in

    38. interests, and also the one that most closely matches what you would like to do

    39. From the cabins we took a nice windowed bookcase, a beautifully crafted wood dresser, a large sturdy trunk, a world globe, game boards, books, clothes, shoes, pistols and sabers, towels, blankets, pillows, soaps, lanterns, lantern oil, matches, a clock, pocket watches, writing paper, pens, ink, and wine skins

    40. From the galley we took more matches, a few utensils, a large pot, a skillet, tomatoes, olives, cheese, large sausages of salt pork and corned beef, flour, bread, and lard

    41. Each location had a cannon and a storage crate that held a ram-rod, gunpowder, cloth wicks, matches, and a spyglass

    42. It perfectly matches the conditions for formation of fossils that are evident today

    43. A pile of burned matches on the stove pad suggested a problem

    44. Another set matches the corpse that you knew as Steroids, whose real name is Patrick

    45. Informed decisions based on evidence and points of law clearly and properly defined, are gradually giving way to preliminary jousting matches between opposing counsels seeking a propitious ―mix‖ that will ‖carry the day‖

    46. It was at the time a known method used by the house robbers to light matches for a second and blow it out or put a flashlight on and off as they moved around

    47. The word "necklace" was made infamous by one Winnie Mandela in a speech when she said “Together, hand in hand, with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country

    48. Knowledge lacking perspicacity is analogous to striking a book of matches without first understanding the principles of fire

    49. Such (casual) indifference to this important (historical) event reminded me of a remark made by the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, and I quote, ―Give the people sports‖; (the soccer matches ostensibly intended to provide cover for his considerable misdeeds)

    50. The soul-beauty of this Being matches your own soul

    1. Collocation (matching of different parts of speech)

    2. There are many types of matching as the following sentence shows

    3. Well this time the dockmaster was mesmerized as Vatreel aimed the rack toward the shoremen's idle ones, then lifted the whole rack as they glided by and stepped with it, matching his walk along the deck to the drift of the river, til the whole row of bales rolled across and lay resting on their rack while the docksman's chins dropped and he walked half the edge of the deck

    4. They have a nice house, nice car, matching furniture, nice kitchen, but are ultimately feeling that something is lacking in their life

    5. behind him with matching neck wounds

    6. Astride a couple of motor bikes sat a couple of other visitors, rather obvious in matching wraparound sunglasses, identical maroon shorts and gaudy waterproofs; I couldn't help but wonder why they found our van so fascinating

    7. case, they are merely opposites, yet even opposites have matching opposites to be matched

    8. In the matching of two human beings, there are many things to consider

    9. matching with a significant other, yet it can also be the most fun

    10. She had snug shimmering suitpants under it with matching fur around the ankles

    11. Her necklace had a purple teardrop pendant and matching earrings

    12. Then she dove in and joined Dorsal matching his movements step for step

    13. An appropriately proportioned matching table stood between them holding a single oil lamp

    14. ’ He said, his grin matching hers

    15. The door opened and a sleek man of medium height with a thick, light brown ponytail and long, light brown beard in a matching chin-band entered the room carrying a pile of folders

    16. easily matching her stride to that of the men

    17. matching archway set in the wall opposite

    18. She pulled a clipping of the foxgloves from behind her ear, and started matching it to paint samples

    19. “My own hackamore and reins, with matching saddlebags! This is just so perfect

    20. A suit brush hung to one side and a repair kit with extra buttons, needles, and matching threads

    21. Roman stopped without turning around, matching the dialect with

    22. I’ve always intended to become more familiar with what is what but, although I have a very detailed book on wild flowers, I find the hardest bit is actually matching the flower in my hand to the picture in the book

    23. pajama-like suit and matching hood, laced with throwing stars or

    24. She wrapped her long brown hair in a matching towel; drops of

    25. But it was gray and thick, matching the mood of the

    26. " she answered with a large smile, as he took a seat in the matching chair, pushing his hat back

    27. The girl was responsible for sewing her own dress, and matching bow for the hair

    28. In addition, there was the white gloves and matching shoes

    29. She sat down at the dressing table so that Gwen could attach the matching hat and veil to the top of her hair; part of which was a wig

    30. “I have come to save the Children and I mean to do so, no matter what,” Alana replied, matching the woman’s one-eyed stare, unflinching

    31. The queen offered to have her tailor design and make the couple a matching set of wedding garments of their choice

    32. ” He stopped mid-thought as a very familiar face flashed in his mind, and a matching voice echoed with warm laughter in his ears

    33. Once outfitted she looked to the pair of matching boots, which she also hastily placed on her bruised and aching feet

    34. hectic, matching the pace of hers

    35. They went to the rustic living room with dark, cracked leather chairs that surrounded a matching leather sofa

    36. Raiya stared at the the data-log record containing this strange man’s physog profile, the scan results not matching any on file

    37. She stood, a smile on her face, her dark hair tied back neatly, wearing a thin navy suit-jacket – partly unbuttoned to reveal a tight-fitting blouse-shirt– and matching skirt, short enough to reveal a few centimetres above her dark-stockinged knees: formal yet feminine

    38. ‘And now I’m in matching phase in this other dimension

    39. The sequence of events portrayed in such a scenario, although all the mechanics and the physical cause of such a catastrophe may not be 100% accurate, comes a lot closer to matching the evidence around us in the world today, while it utilises the information as portrayed in the Bible as a foundation

    40. pumping, and matching the tempo with his

    41. When Paul arrived back with the bottle Jack was amazed to see her matching Doc, drink for drink! When they were eventually ejected from the pub, way past closing, Doc had insisted they all come back to the flat and continue the party

    42. An appropriate album, matching Doc's euphoric mood, featuring Chic Corea, with Stanly Clarke (Stanley-Fucking-Clarke, Man!) on bass

    43. If you don't have a childhood background in dance or ballet, or you don't have a nearly perfect body with matching symmetry, try to select music with a pronounced beat where you can clearly put your strongest poses

    44. Something appeared for a fleeting few seconds, not matching any known profile, only to vanish as inexplicably as it appeared

    45. Yet his scanner-array detected a matching DNA profile, albeit a minute trace, estimated to have been left within twenty-four hours

    46. His scanner did not yet detect a matching profile for L-Seven-Six; he may not even show up, the whole event could be a set-up: awaiting the moment of entrapment

    47. He was certain that this was guy he saw enter matching the genetic profile on his scanner, which he had to ditch in snow, knowing it would never get past security

    48. “Gee, thanks, Grandma,” I said, matching her laughter

    49. The first three spacecraft matching the correct configuration appeared on the viewscreen, although only as artificially represented outlines

    50. They must only suspect her of matching a certain description, or they would have already arrested her

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