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Frasi con eradicate (in inglese)

  1. Now he would eradicate them.
  2. There was little to eradicate.
  3. Vitamin C may also help eradicate H.
  4. Will that be enough to eradicate an entire.
  5. We’re on track with Your plan to eradicate man.

  6. Heinrich Kremser, ex-cop, wanted to eradicate the.
  7. Maybe, that’ll eradicate much of her pain and anxiety.
  8. Be that as it may, lets help stamp out and eradicate it.
  9. In the past we tried to eradicate their religion totally.
  10. To eradicate the social evil, grow furious over the Chinese.
  11. SOLDIER’s main duty after the War was to eradicate any.
  12. The Witch had tried to use the Bees to eradicate the Fairies.
  13. A turkey shoot isn't going to eradicate these things, Scott.
  14. The cop's strident attitude seemed to eradicate into thin air.
  15. You will only eradicate it when you have changed my preference.

  16. In some countries doctors strive to eradicate death and disease.
  17. Caymus said, If we could eradicate their kind completely—.
  18. Her Majesty to eradicate what was believed to be a relatively small.
  19. How can these people eradicate hatred and lies from the world if they.
  20. He would have loved to volunteer for research to eradicate the disease.
  21. We cannot eradicate the parts of our life history(s) with which we are.
  22. There may be no way to eradicate the negativity of some of the teachers.
  23. His solution is simple - round up all the butterflies and eradicate them.
  24. Many attempts have been made to eradicate the stray cat population, by beating the.
  25. The Witch had missed this one, in her efforts to eradicate the flower from the forest.

  26. Destroy my desires, eradicate my ideals, show me something better, and I will follow you.
  27. The Witch is moving through each hollow of the forest, trying to eradicate the Yellow-bells.
  28. The Fae have been a problem for us for many years now, one that I hope to eradicate in time.
  29. In this way eradicate your faults, one by one, until you have built up a strong character and.
  30. That 3-10% is the emission global warmers propose to spend an estimated $95 trillion to eradicate.
  31. Yes, indeed, it’s a problem we are always trying to eradicate, but when a ship comes in from the.
  32. There remained but one task: to eradicate a certain George Dearling and that took patience and legwork.
  33. Yes, more often than not, when resistance enters into life and reality, steps are taken to eradicate it.
  34. My department was started up 14 years ago with a directive to utilise this technology to eradicate crime.
  35. Their aim is to eradicate a conflict, habit, or mood state, which they have interpreted as their problem.
  36. The government wanted to eradicate ninety million of the buggers, otherwise they'd soon out number sheep.
  37. But she could not eradicate nature: nor will it be eradicated ‘till this mortal shall put on immortality.
  38. Civilised behaviour is learned behaviour that has tamed the savage within us, but has failed to eradicate it.
  39. It’s multiplying faster than we can kill it and to be honest, we don’t even have the means to eradicate it.
  40. Without the warm rays of the sun, it became cold, and Raven rubbed his hands together to eradicate some of the chill.
  41. At his request, a program of defoliation is begun to eradicate all traces of Patagonian trailing creeper from Central Park.
  42. My parents had wanted to eradicate their enemy’s son from my life so completely, they were willing to risk my life for it.
  43. Passively accepting death Grailem's legions could eradicate a planet of every living Arct in a maximum of twenty-eight hours.
  44. Almost daily he whetted his keen knife and scraped and whittled at his young beard to eradicate this degrading emblem of apehood.
  45. The diagnosis is that some people desire to eradicate the child from being born to us within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
  46. As long as they could keep them from overwhelming Kendal, the thin goddess might actually have a chance to eradicate a few of them.
  47. There is the aim to prohibit private ownership of property, to abolish the traditional family, and to eradicate traditional religion.
  48. You see, you must have given her money yesterday, for she bought wine—it is hard to eradicate that evil—and is intoxicated to-day.
  49. They were saying that we had to spend the money to eradicate it, but could only hope that someday it would be nothing more than a nuisance.
  50. In any case he would have completely to change his whole circle of acquaintances, and so thoroughly as to eradicate all memory of himself.
  51. Thorough rigorous discipline and self-imposed restrictions will eventually eradicate all desires, thoughts, impulses cravings and passions.
  52. One of the great crusades of science and medicine; is to eradicate human illness and disease; so no human will ever get sick or die prematurely.
  53. He was God’s priest, consecrated to the Inquisition, sworn to eradicate heresy and to smite the heretic with the full power of Schueler’s sword.
  54. Not five, not four, not three, not two, not one, Not-Z! We cannot gather a group of people together to try to eradicate money, though all wounded by it.
  55. Since science has nothing to do with karma and its consequences, it can never combat the diseases nor can it ever eradicate the malady that ails mankind.
  56. What was never reported, and you never heard mentioned, was the secret black-hooded death squads we sent in to eradicate the civilian opposition to Noriega.
  57. It was said that there had been a Death Guard in the Ancient times, an elite army formed by various races that traveled the worlds sworn to eradicate the Plague.
  58. If the evil has already reached the point where it is unsavable and unkeepable, then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it.
  59. Yet, in this new-found paradise, that seemed much different than the urban bustle of Miami, contained the possible cure to the very cancer he wanted to eradicate.
  60. You can never eradicate those kinds of mistakes completely, but it has made us more sensitive to both best-case and worst-case scenarios in our valuation analysis.
  61. Being minimally intrusive, it is clear that God can neither eradicate evil nor even be sure to have it properly punished, while rewarding good in any kind of obvious way.
  62. For the emotions are neither bad nor good in themselves, and are not most likely to be controlled by the attempt to eradicate them, but by the moderate indulgence of them.
  63. That will be in the person of an audacious and resolved president of the United States, George Bush, who has sworn to eradicate that sore of humanity from the face of the earth.
  64. Our aim is to develop viable and ecologically sustainable methods of farming for third world countries; our ultimate goal is to help eradicate hunger and poverty across the globe.
  65. The Imperium has since vowed to find where we operate from and to eradicate the civilization that supported us, which is named the Global Council and is a totally pacifist society.
  66. This is where the Dauntless initiation process comes from—I wanted to write about a subculture of people who want to eradicate fear, and exposure therapy is how they go about doing it.
  67. The forecast was for a sustained increase rising to its maximum forty centigrade on the Sunday and that's when the Cleary boys decided on their plan to eradicate the Perols from the area.
  68. The loss of his teeth, on the other hand, did not result from a natural calamity but from the shoddy work of an itinerant dentist who decided to eradicate a simple infection by drastic means.
  69. As its power increases in measure of its duration, State authority, though it may eradicate internal violence, introduces into life other and new forms of violence, always increasing in intensity.
  70. Some people complained of being forced to contribute; others just pointed out that the money would have been better spent on trying to eradicate poverty itself, instead of handing out sweets and shoes.
  71. It was then that Karmazinov finally consented to read Merci (until then he had only tantalised them by his hesitation) and so eradicate the very idea of victuals from the minds of our incontinent public.
  72. You’d prefer to capture and utilize every iota of brainpower, every smidgen of intelligence, but it seems that in order to survive this onslaught, you must eradicate the very planet and all life on it.
  73. It is impossible to eradicate the passions; but we must strive to direct them to a noble aim, and it is therefore necessary that everyone should be able to satisfy his passions within the limits of virtue.
  74. I was virtually a living, breathing manifestation of her doctoral thesis, Binding the Soul: One Doctor’s Quest to Eradicate Emotionality in the Interest of Moving Humanity into its Next Evolutionary Phase.
  75. Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb (that never went off), chastised those who would eradicate disease in poor countries as death controllers interfering with the natural restraints on population growth.
  76. They would eradicate any group or individual that knows about time travel or that could oppose them and would leave behind an occupation force in order to ensure that your society could never become a threat to the Imperium.
  77. Many believe that the human health impacts of GM seeds are still unknown and that trace elements of them can still be detected in the soil years after their use has been discontinued—despite intensive efforts to eradicate them.
  78. It was the hall-mark of his aristocratic birth, the natural outcropping of many generations of fine breeding, an hereditary instinct of graciousness which a lifetime of uncouth and savage training and environment could not eradicate.
  79. To eradicate debt, you need to have enough income every month to meet your regular obligations like groceries, utilities, your mortgage, and the minimum payments on your credit cards, plus enough to throw toward putting that debt away for good.
  80. The problem was that in the 1920‘s a brain scientist by the name of ‗Karl Lashley‘ (2) had found ‗no matter what portion of a rat‘s brain he removed, he was unable to eradicate its memory of how to perform complex tasks it had learned prior to surgery.
  81. The statement 'passing of time' does not refer to the doomsday, yet it refer to the period of time which extends between his era when he went with his mother to a hill of firm mountain and headspring till his coming once again to eradicate the evils from the land.
  82. Just like we luv to eradicate the diseased from our populations, so likewise we are passionately compelled to scrub disease carriers from all aspects of our existence, from the mutant monster criminal to the computer virus to the ordinary bacteria that just happens to be on everything.
  83. That is honourable, I mean to say, it's humane! You wanted to avoid gratitude, I saw! And although I cannot, I confess, in principle sympathise with private charity, for it not only fails to eradicate the evil but even promotes it, yet I must admit that I saw your action with pleasure—yes, yes, I like it.
  84. Shouldn't these damaged ones, who loaned us their lives so that we are free to purchase the latest novelty born from destruction, be the ones to tell us the stories of these waters – their illnesses giving testimony to our pollutants, their birth defects modeling how our pesticides side- effectively eradicate?
  85. You will please, gentlemen, to accept my thanks for the liberality and candor which you have uniformly manifested towards me: and be assured, that the friendly aid which I have experienced from you in the discharge of my official duty, has made a deep impression on the affections of my heart, which length of time cannot eradicate.
  86. Indeed, how can we subjugate by force the nations whose whole education, all whose traditions, even religious teaching, leads them to see the highest virtue in a struggle with their enslavers and in striving after liberty? And how are we forcibly to eradicate crimes in the midst of our societies, when what by the governments are considered to be crimes are considered to be virtues by public opinion.
  87. What if the brain is diseased or the illness itself? What if Eartheart uses the GlobalMind to eradicate us like we use a computer's software to wipe its hardware? To use us to eliminate ourselves, to use the mind to extinguish the brain, to use the collapse of the immune system to kill the disease, this is Earth using AIDS, this is Earth treating us as AIDS, this is Earth living in the eco-threat of AIDS.
  88. There in Medina, the Prophet joined those who had already believed there and others of Medina, then he formed a strong holy force, and this made Quraish people ((the disbelievers)) feel more wrath and decided to eradicate this new state, here the prophet (cpth) was constrained to hit them, overcome and discipline them, destroy their force, and eventually he quenched their ignorance and became able to guide them, treated them mercifully and forgave all their past.
  89. And what for? So 6 ½ billion humans can increase their population to 10 billion? Or 20 Billion? So we can eradicate and destroy every last living plant and animal on this planet? So we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder, packing every square inch of land with human flesh? What's the point in all this? Because human life is supposed to be more sacred than any other kind of life? Even though we could not exist or survive in the first place without all the other kinds of life? Why do civilized humans regard human life as being more sacred than any other kind of life? Fear of death.
  90. Or he would say that it had more than once been remarked about certain of his colleagues that they were entirely devoid of social graces and of well-bred, agreeable manners, and consequently unable to please ladies in good society, and that, therefore, to eradicate this defect it would be suitable to deduct something from their salary, and with the sum so obtained, to hire a hall, where they could learn to dance, acquire the outward signs of gentlemanliness and good-breeding, courtesy, respect for their seniors, strength of will, a good and grateful heart and various agreeable qualities.
  91. Realising that he had made an utter fool of himself, he became savagely furious, and shouted that he "would not allow them to deny God" and that he would "send her salon of irresponsible infidels packing," that the governor of a province was bound to believe in God "and so his wife was too," that he wouldn't put up with these young men; that "you, madam, for the sake of your own dignity, ought to have thought of your husband and to have stood up for his intelligence even if he were a man of poor abilities (and I'm by no means a man of poor abilities!), and yet it's your doing that every one here despises me, it was you put them all up to it!" He shouted that he would annihilate the woman question, that he would eradicate every trace of it, that to-morrow he would forbid and break up their silly fête for the benefit of the governesses (damn them!), that the first governess he came across to-morrow morning he would drive out of the province "with a Cossack! I'll make a point of it!" he shrieked.
  1. Government understood that by eradicating the.
  2. Eradicating greening has proved to be costly and difficult.
  3. And, as I'm sure you're aware, eradicating them was no simple matter.
  4. Stalking is entirely about identifying and eradicating aberrant behavior.
  5. By this plan you will train the mind into new habits of thought, thus eradicating the old.
  6. In Rwanda, Hutus killed over 500,000 Tutsis, eradicating ¾ of the entire Tutsi population.
  7. Dieter has been experimenting with his method of eradicating unwanted personality traits for a long time.
  8. The king realized that rather than eradicating the dangerous magic, he’d only managed to create a copy of it.
  9. No one knew why the Witch was eradicating the Yellow-bells but everyone shared the same concern as the whispering trees.
  10. We have been concentrating in eradicating the offices of the German secret police and the SS security forces in occupied Europe.
  11. In truth, such qualities were a must where the command of a space weapon system capable of eradicating whole cities was concerned.
  12. Use of DDT against malaria-carrying mosquitoes spread rapidly after the war and was effective in virtually eradicating that disease.
  13. Something all of you here should be able to understand in a split second…I plan on eradicating all the Nycarmans in the solar system.
  14. If science takes recourse to the spiritual aspects of these karmic laws, it will definitely benefit in eradicating most diseases from our lives.
  15. Killing innocents for the sake of religion does not make you a true follower of the almighty king but instead eradicating one’s own sins is what the real job of life.
  16. That was a people’s uprising too, and they succeeded in driving out the Spanish for nearly twelve years eradicating all traces of the conquistadors, and the Catholic Church, in the process.
  17. I am fully persuaded that you have repented and do repent of what has called forth the present letter, and that you will cooperate with me in eradicating the cause of our estrangement, and forgetting the past.
  18. Read about how almost every successor to the throne hated the one they were supplanting so badly… that they spent fortunes eradicating their names and faces off all of the temples and monuments erected in their honor.
  19. By implanting reservations about Christmas in the mind of the common citizen, the forces of absolutist secularism move ever closer to their goal of eradicating the Christian religion as the foundation of this civilization.
  20. My father saw this change with pleasure, and he turned his thoughts towards the best method of eradicating the remains of my melancholy, which every now and then would return by fits, and with a devouring blackness overcast the approaching sunshine.
  21. In much the same way as Globalization has erased political and economic boundaries, while eradicating our traditional definition of sovereignty, the information age has erased similar boundaries that had us isolated with our separate beliefs and systems that we use in order to find our place in society.
  22. Now instead of Noriega we have independent free-lancers rising up as powerful drug cartels, in direct competition of our own low-handed government, which continues the charade of enforcing anti-drug laws and eradicating illicit trade, while all the time, raking in billions of dollars in their own illegal trafficking endeavors.
  23. According to the intercepted conversations and staff meetings, the Imperium was now gearing towards total mobilization of its forces and pushing for the emergency retrofitting of its ships with time distorters, with the ultimate goal of finding the Time Patrol and its supporters and eradicating both in a massive nuclear strike.
  24. What is undeniably his greatest achievement is that Nyerere prevented tribal conflict; all Tanzanians speak the same language and because of the ethnic mixing implied in policies hatched and announced in Arusha, which also included eradicating the political power of tribal chiefs, the reply to the question, ‘Who are you?’ put to any Tanzanian, perhaps with the exception of the mountain tribes of Meru and Kilimanjaro, is almost always, ‘I am Tanzanian’.
  1. Disease will soon be eradicated.
  2. Whether HIV/Aids can be eradicated.
  3. I believe the infection has been eradicated.
  4. And be eradicated from the face of this Earth.
  5. But the cancer is not completely eradicated.
  6. That such a thing can be eradicated -- and has.
  7. He didn’t do a backup first but simply eradicated it.
  8. But before Miles eradicated the last one, more appeared.
  9. Doctors and experts predicted the disease would be eradicated.
  10. No severities have eradicated duels and vendettas in some countries.
  11. So, as soon as the virus is eradicated, the bacterium also dies out.
  12. It clearly refers to all those who reject Christ as being eradicated.
  13. Salk’s and the Sabin vaccines had eradicated polio, ostensibly for good.
  14. This is the mindset of the underperforming trader that needs to be eradicated.
  15. Ares: This evil should have been eradicated when right when she came into being.
  16. He had systematically eradicated everyone who posed a threat, real or imagined, to be.
  17. As is the case with all good-hearted people, misfortune had eradicated his bitterness.
  18. Hopefully, the primate prostitution nemesis will be completely eradicated once and for all.
  19. These are bacterial infections that will require medical treatment in order to be eradicated.
  20. Fighting it will cost billions of dollars and most likely it will never be completely eradicated.
  21. You have eradicated a certain obnoxious freedom I have noticed in the playing of some young women.
  22. He looked back at the front door of their house where his existence seemed to have been eradicated.
  23. King Luke’s new reign hadn’t quite eradicated the threats of pirates at sea and at his borders.
  24. In their eyes, all non-believers must be eradicated, much the same as Hitler believed all Jews must be.
  25. But she could not eradicate nature: nor will it be eradicated ‘till this mortal shall put on immortality.
  26. Our drives, unconscious or not, serve evolutionary purposes and as such cannot and should not be eradicated.
  27. Some enormous advances were made, but saying that racism had been eradicated by the year 2000 wouldn’t be true.
  28. You’ve completely eradicated 100’s of viral as well as genetic diseases and this is the thanks you’re given.
  29. I call it a conservation success story that invasive rats, rabbits, and goats have been eradicated from the island.
  30. Consistent blood testing is necessary to make sure that the infection has been properly taken care of and eradicated.
  31. The ray of light from the outside began to shrink until it was eradicated with a bang and I was surrounded by darkness.
  32. This action causes considerable soul searching, but remember that this move completely eradicated the previous three days.
  33. The traces of consumption may become fainter, or be wholly effaced: the inherent tendency to vice or crime may be eradicated.
  34. Of course, if in the process, much of the graft and corruption could be eradicated, that would be what’s best for all of us.
  35. If patriotism is good, then Christianity, which gives peace, is an idle dream, and the sooner this teaching is eradicated, the better.
  36. But when these prejudices tend to destroy even the object of their affection, it is essentially necessary that they should be eradicated.
  37. Instead of new, fabricated memories, it appears the memories we thought Bédard had completely eradicated hadn’t actually been destroyed.
  38. He sighed and fought back the tears as he had avenged their murder, now he had eradicated their executioners and he felt a certain satisfaction.
  39. I thought your government told you the whole world is in ruins; that all that is left are primitive terrorists—to be eradicated, he said.
  40. They eradicated reason and logic, sentience and morality, and replaced everything with naturalism, with reductionism, with the motion of molecules.
  41. No, that was something few could appreciate, but soon the fear of its loss would be eradicated and he and his precious instrument would be reunited.
  42. Humans will never be able to honestly face their own problems until all forms of excessive traumatic fear and pain are eradicated from the human psyche.
  43. He couldn’t have known that my parents had canceled my e-mail account, assigned me a new phone number, eradicated my Facebook page, and stolen my mail.
  44. He should have personally eradicated the lot of them, a long time before they developed the propensity to spread their mewling half-truths and insidious propaganda.
  45. If the Purists had their way history of worlds would be purified, meaning absolutely any event considered bad would be removed, eradicated according to their own judgment.
  46. Not until the profit motive itself is eradicated or at least controlled, can there ever be any such thing as a truly happy, harmonious state of human existence in the world.
  47. What are you about to do—to breathe vigor and energy into the bill? No, sir; you have eradicated all its vitality, and are about to transmit back again the lifeless skeleton.
  48. Anything that you are doing in this level that isn’t brining you towards your greatest goal in life will be eradicated from your life because that is not what you want anymore.
  49. An image of myself hiking with ease and alacrity through the rest of the miles formed in my mind, though the shimmering heat soon eradicated it, reminding me that I knew better.
  50. They must have separated in terror and dread that night, though each perhaps carried away with him one great thought which was never eradicated from his mind for ever afterwards.
  51. Population had doubled in a hundred years by the late 22nd century; disease virtually eradicated, lifespan – for those who could afford longevity treatment – had potentially quadrupled.
  52. Not all of Ganid's early training to respect images as symbols of divinity had been eradicated, and he thought it best to purchase a little silver shrine in honor of this fertility goddess of Asia Minor.
  53. They know our infantine dispositions, which, however they may be afterwards modified, are never eradicated; and they can judge of our actions with more certain conclusions as to the integrity of our motives.
  54. This was due to the growing number of patients dependent upon medication to survive and function normally, the re-emergence of diseases thought to have been eradicated and an explosion of therapy resistant infections.
  55. They were only two hundred yards away when the particle beam from the Skymera struck into the ranks of the nycarman militants; a massive blast of fire and debris that eradicated three mechs and seven soldiers instantly.
  56. Can’t you realise, I’m only working with Nicole and the French because there is no other choice other than to be eradicated? They were planning a genocide and your country is trying their best to help them commit it!.
  57. Amanda’s hatred of men fed on a dwindling supply of victims whose deaths could never be traced to her, so Irma’s arrival was particularly welcome because the blokes she wanted eradicated were even less likely than usual to arouse dangerous suspicions.
  58. The locals were amazingly receptive to modern drugs, and so care must always be taken when administering any drugs to them, as they have built up a natural and inherited immunity to illnesses such as tropical fevers which can be eradicated by taking just one pill.
  59. But if Christianity really gives peace, and we really want peace, patriotism is a survival from barbarous times, which must not only not be evoked and educated, as we now do, but which must be eradicated by all means, by means of preaching, persuasion, contempt, and ridicule.
  60. I was astonished, sir, to have lately read a letter, or pretended letter, published in a prominent print in that quarter, written not in the fervor of party zeal, but coolly and deliberately, in which the writer affects to reason about a separation, and attempts to demonstrate its advantages to different sections of the Union, deploring the existence now of what he terms prejudices against it, but hoping for the arrival of the period when they shall be eradicated.
  1. Sci–Coll, in the end, eradicates common sense and muddies the concept of the 'individual'.
  2. We believe that preparation eradicates cowardice, which we define as the failure to act in the midst of fear, says Four.

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