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    1. The main requirements are that we should sit erect, with the spine in a straight line; that we should sit relaxed (without slumping) so that there is no tenseness anywhere in the body, and that we should drop the chin somewhat, so as to release any tension in the back of the neck

    2. of nettle, as erect and hostilely on guard as the brambles were chaotic and malevolent

    3. Her breasts thrust proud and firm in front of her, tipped with long, permanently erect nipples that are purple-black

    4. Asherah was a pole that was built in the shape of an erect penis (where we get our modern day stripper poles)

    5. “So what if we erect that big tent you had for the caravan

    6. Stand erect, with your hands on your hips

    7. Jackson stood erect, not hunched over; he walked with more confidence; his physique was stronger, leaner

    8. erect but with the body quite relaxed

    9. Stand erect with your hands on your head, your fingers laced

    10. For the young and flexible I would suggest you sit down on the floor, cross-legged and your spine held erect

    11. They stand erect, responsible and confident with hands on hips in ankle length skirts and boots of leather, amused by the fashions of the visitors on the quayside

    12. Everyone stood erect as they heard the slap

    13. declared it their duty to erect

    14. She reached down until her pendulous breasts touched Chrissie’s nipples, in a parody of caress, the larger woman moved back and forth, the touch of her breasts bringing Chrissie’s nipples erect

    15. ’ He commanded, placing her hand on his trouser fly, the fabric taut over his erect cock

    16. The papers he had been reviewing were still held loosely in his hand and though asleep, his head was erect and his shoulders square

    17. He held her erect, and close

    18. Jim rested against the fence; she’d helped erect before the opening

    19. In order to erect a corporation, no other

    20. In fact the council had to erect another barn to house the official equipment, they being two dustbins, a darthoard and an undersized broomhead without the handle

    21. require a certain expense, first to erect them, and afterwards to support them, both which expenses, though they make a part of the gross, are deductions from the neat revenue of the society ; so the stock of money which circulates in any country must require a certain expense, first to collect it, and afterwards to support it; both which expenses, though they make a part of the gross, are, in the same manner, deductions from the neat revenue of the society

    22. Circulation comes to be carried on by a new wheel, which it costs less both to erect and to maintain than the old one

    23. The elder’s hair was white, but his back erect

    24. Her erect nipples were pressing against the thin material

    25. He couldn’t help but notice with appreciation that the cool air was making its magic with her nipples, which had become hard and erect and were straining against the thin material

    26. One was to erect a new order of jurisdiction, by establishing magistrates and a town-council in every considerable town of his demesnes

    27. Holy Queen of Heaven – she is beautiful! Although the costume covered her firm breasts, her erect nipples were exposed

    28. Besides this great company, the residence of whose governor and directors was to be in London, it was declared lawful to erect different fishing chambers in all the different out-ports of the kingdom, provided a sum not less than £10,000 was subscribed into the capital of each, to be managed at its own risk, and for its own profit and loss

    29. In this position, the back is straight, the spinal column is erect, and the head is balanced over the body, with the ears over the shoulders and the nose in line with the navel

    30. An erect posture has two benefits

    31. When meditating on a chair, the key is to sit erect, with the back straight and the head balanced over your body

    32. There was something about the way she spoke those last four words that made him become immediately erect

    33. Erect and very, very hard

    34. She was absolutely fascinated by the fully erect cock now dangling before her eyes

    35. The third and last duty of the sovereign or commonwealth, is that of erecting and maintaining those public institutions and those public works, which though they may be in the highest degree advantageous to a great society, are, however, of such a nature, that the profit could never repay the expense to any individual, or small number of individuals; and which it, therefore, cannot be expected that any individual, or small number of individuals, should erect or maintain

    36. The disorders in the government of Indostan have been supposed to render a like precaution necessary, even among that mild and gentle people; and it was under pretence of securing their persons and property from violence, that both the English and French East India companies were allowed to erect the first forts which they possessed in that country

    37. buttons on his grey Mulberry shirt his cock became instantly erect

    38. were now erect and requiring delicate licking

    39. Finally we managed to shove ourselves erect using the wall for support it was then that we found ourselves looking into the glaring eyes of our loved ones who were standing there with disapproval written all over their faces

    40. Manna stood erect and nodded his head

    41. ” Spat the old man as he stood erect again

    42. “Also I will erect a statue of the Mountain Runner, a brave hero, the saviour of Illeander

    43. The cat's large ears were erect, long tufts of hair lining the insides

    44. One, with a ragged notch gained from fighting, lay pressed close to her head, the other stood erect, the hairs on its tip quivering

    45. The boar's coat stood erect, adding to his impressive size

    46. The world suddenly tilted and Darkburst's mind reeled, his eyes widening in awe, every hair on his body standing erect

    47. All at once the charged atmosphere brought the guard hairs on Darkburst's coat erect, where they crackled with static energy

    48. Then a new musky odour wafted towards him on the damp air and his eyes widened, the stubby whiskers on his snout standing erect in recognition

    49. The hairs on the back of Grunt's neck stood erect and a red flush ascended its muscular column

    50. Every time the machine bucked, she brought her whip down across Grunt's erect and impressive looking manhood, her shouts of, "Yeeha," perfectly timed with Grunt's moans of pleasure

    1. erected and all who read the towering texts that carried his name

    2. instructed that such barriers should be erected

    3. quantity of coastal defences had been erected

    4. rapidly erected but rather ugly

    5. indeed, why the pigsties had been so recently erected so close to the

    6. When Harry had gotten two courses of the planking attached, George was hanging joists for rafters and pinning them at the roof's eave and the tops of the newly erected walls

    7. To go on now would break the thin barrier of control that she has erected around the flowing water of her life

    8. A pavilion was erected at the rear side door of the building for the convenience of the players, and the final touches to the sets had just been made the day before

    9. The space between the two buildings was cobbled and set with tables and chairs, with a covered walkway from one building to the other erected

    10. And perhaps, had he toiled hard enough and sacrificed enough of his self his many loved ones would have erected a monument of his very own to stand for all time as an indication of his benevolent existence

    11. Afterwards, they had a small white cross erected in the

    12. As a result of their meticulous planning and the backing of the village noteworthies, they had erected a ten-foot fence around the entire village within three days

    13. Cross-roads Gully, where the two roads met, had very acid soil and the marker signposts erected by the Roadways Department were not a good idea

    14. So it was decided that no posts be erected

    15. Silver is very seldom found virgin, but, like most other metals, is generally mineralized with some other body, from which it is impossible to separate it in such quantities as will pay for the expense, but by a very laborious and tedious operation, which cannot well be carried on but in work-houses erected for the purpose, and, therefore, exposed to the inspection of the king's officers

    16. Grandpa Wellbelove had erected the marquee with Sky's help and many there felt that at last this might be the end of Knockwit's devious wins, or run of luck, depending on whom you supported

    17. It had been artfully concealed with mud and leaves, low to the ground but skillfully erected so as to provide maximum shelter

    18. There was a large army tent erected in the middle of the green and he could see through the entrance that it was full of trestle tables and a variety of chairs

    19. In a great iron-work, for example, the furnace for melting the ore, the forge, the slit-mill, are instruments of trade which cannot be erected without a very great expense

    20. It could only have erected this bank into a sort of general loan office for the whole country

    21. of the sidewalk has been erected with 50-70 cm,

    22. In all the different countries of Europe then, in the same manner as in several of the Tartar governments of Asia at present, taxes used to be levied upon the persons and goods of travellers, when they passed through certain manors, when they went over certain bridges, when they carried about their goods from place to place in a fair, when they erected in it a booth or stall to sell them in

    23. They were generally at the same time erected into a commonalty or corporation, with the privilege of having magistrates and a town-council of their own, of making bye-laws for their own government, of building walls for their own defence, and of reducing all their inhabitants under a sort of military discipline, by obliging them to watch and ward; that is, as anciently understood, to guard and defend those walls against all attacks and surprises, by night as well as by day

    24. But it must seem extraordinary, that the sovereigns of all the different countries of Europe should have exchanged in this manner for a rent certain, never more to be augmented, that branch of their revenue, which was, perhaps, of all others, the most likely to be improved by the natural course of things, without either expense or attention of their own ; and that they should, besides, have in this manner voluntarily erected a sort of independent republics in the heart of their own dominions

    25. It was another of his construction projects, this time on the plain of Dura, and it involved a massive monument to be erected

    26. During their tour the driver and the slave girl they had brought along had erected a lean-to next to the carriage with chairs and a low table

    27. The sneaking arts of underling tradesmen are thus erected into political maxims for the conduct of a great empire ; for it is the most underling tradesmen only who make it a rule to employ chiefly their own customers

    28. 24), a joint stock company was erected, with a capital of £500,000, to which the subscribers (over and above all other encouragements, the tonnage bounty just now mentioned, the exportation bounty of 2s:8d

    29. The subscription of the great company was soon filled up, and several different fishing chambers were erected in the different out-ports of the kingdom

    30. A mind steeped in evil has barriers that it has erected to protect itself from destruction

    31. matter chamber was erected by some other

    32. After removing more lumber from the ship I erected a large shed out behind the house and used it to stow the things I had no immediate need for

    33. provided the subscribers were erected into a new East India company, with exclusive privileges

    34. I saw that the building was erected by stones fitted together

    35. Erected of white limestone boulders, there was so much gold inlaid, it looked as if it were completely made of the precious metal

    36. “Too, Herod built so many new structures, he"s erected walls to enclose all his holdings

    37. A huge force field erected itself around the Temple

    38. He rebuilt Samaria and erected the port city of Caesarea

    39. We have shored it up better and used more sandbags out front we have erected more wire and have put more duckboards down on the trench floor”, he passed us our teas and continued

    40. there, across the clearing, and some tents were only erected by being lashed to the sides of grey T-

    41. What if she lost her balance? There was only a hastily erected builder's balustrade between them and the drop to the flag-stones below

    42. Frank led the way inside and brought them to the spiral staircase that led to the battlements, warning Jack about the need for caution when he got there, because the back of the ledge was missing and the rail support erected by the Board of Works was only a temporary measure

    43. Eventually we came to a small sap where a sniper plate had been erected this was a steel plate with eye holes cut into it and a rifle slot

    44. And let"s not forget the role of the disgusting Jamie Gorelick who, in her role as Clinton"s Assistant Attorney General, erected a wall of separation between the FBI and the CIA

    45. As they were waiting for their tent to be constructed, Adem recalled the large wooden cross Carl had had erected over the mass grave of the slain soldiers

    46. “Nobody has any idea of when or how they were erected

    47. ” ”No men could have dragged those stones across the sand and then erected them to such height

    48. A makeshift wooden bridge had been erected and as Flesh’ailer tied his torch to the bridge, they saw many rock formations all around the cavern

    49. Walls of brick were erected all the way up the lower surface of the mountain

    50. Pressing forward to the outposts on June 26th, we camped just above El Pozo, in a snugly thatched hut considerately erected by the Cubans

    1. Joe and Fred spent the next hour erecting the tent

    2. which compose the fixed capital, bear this further resemblance to that part of the circulating capital which consists in money; that as every saving in the expense of erecting and supporting those machines, which does not diminish the introductive powers of labour, is an improvement of the neat revenue of the society ; so every saving in the expense of collecting and supporting that part of the circulating capital which consists in money is an improvement of exactly the same kind

    3. Still less could a bank afford to advance him any considerable part of his fixed capital ; of the capital which the undertaker of an iron forge, for example, employs in erecting his forge and smelting-houses, his work-houses, and warehouses, the dwelling-houses of his workmen, etc

    4. ; of the capital which the undertaker of a mine employs in sinking his shafts, in erecting engines for drawing out the water, in making roads and waggon-ways, etc

    5. They unpacked the components of the makeshift tent and set about erecting it

    6. The third and last duty of the sovereign or commonwealth, is that of erecting and maintaining those public institutions and those public works, which though they may be in the highest degree advantageous to a great society, are, however, of such a nature, that the profit could never repay the expense to any individual, or small number of individuals; and which it, therefore, cannot be expected that any individual, or small number of individuals, should erect or maintain

    7. But the wall was erecting itself between them again

    8. He was erecting metal buildings and one day asked me if I would like a job where I could have my own crew and travel all over erecting buildings for him

    9. I went to New York and worked with a crew erecting the Statue of Liberty for a week

    10. " He did so, and when he got back from erecting the signs, he found a line out the door

    11. The Christmas days he spent with Steve erecting choo-choo

    12. and erecting a blockade of southern ports and his famous Emancipation Proclamation which did not

    13. tabernacle, and erecting it, and also, the task of carrying certain things in the taber-

    14. power; By issuing and causing to be executed a commission under the great seal for erecting a court called the Court of

    15. 40 Joseph then built for himself a very magnificent house like to the houses of kings, before the court of the king's palace, and he made in the house a large temple, very elegant in appearance and convenient for his residence; three years was Joseph in erecting his house

    16. So by introducing a caste system into our species, we are erecting rigid boundaries between each group: the workers, the State's Spawn, Worldwide Industries employees, and the Administrators

    17. disregarded 150 years of judicial precedents by erecting a wall of separation between church and state and declared that prayer in the public schools was illegal

    18. 40 Joseph then built for himself a very magnificent house like to the houses of kings before the court of the king's palace and he made in the house a large temple very elegant in appearance and convenient for his residence; three years was Joseph in erecting his house

    19. : Whereas the late King James the Second by the assistance of various evil counsellors judges and ministers employed by him did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant religion and the laws and liberties of this kingdom; By assuming and exercising a power of dispensing with and suspending of laws and the execution of laws without consent of Parliament; By committing and prosecuting divers worthy prelates for humbly petitioning to be excused from concurring to the said assumed power; By issuing and causing to be executed a commission under the great seal for erecting a court called the Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes; Continued (As per U

    20. They’d just about finished erecting a barricade—since the engineering defense wall had been destroyed—when they got a message from the bridge

    21. And so you close your eyes and block it all out, erecting a barrier through which nothing can pass, and launch an assault the likes of which has never been seen before on this world, or perhaps even this universe

    22. Rather than erecting a barrier, he left a gap

    23. Other members of the citadel started erecting screens around the hospital corridors and laboratory leaving a lit corridor leading to the temple elevator

    24. We were deep in the forest in a sheltered cove and men moved silently setting up camp, erecting shelters, taking care of horses, and tending the wounded

    25. 7 And ever since that day this same Jesus has been building that living temple upon that same eternal foundation of his divine sonship, and those who thereby become self-conscious sons of God are the human stones which constitute this living temple of sonship erecting to the glory and honor of the wisdom and love of the eternal Father of spirits

    26. erecting a universe of silence into the small domestic space between herself and

    27. He's erecting his sail and going wherever the wind blows him

    28. materials furnished in erecting or repairing a building or other

    29. cone on the grate and erecting kindling and wood in formation

    30. But going back to Feng Shui, if the “Lo Pan” can be used to pick good burial sites, couldn’t it do the same for erecting buildings where people could live? The answer is yes and so this device was now used to analyze the orientations in a relationship to the main door, the bed and the stove

    31. and those who were present seemed to be too busy erecting signs by their tents to concern

    32. There was a handful of hunchbacks in there, erecting a large cage in the

    33. Forget for a second the ridiculous nature of the legal profession which can suggest that aggressively swearing at a policeman is not as bad as erecting a sign in a remote field

    34. ƒ managing investments and erecting complex buildings;

    35. really don"t see the point in erecting a memorial to myself

    36. answers, telling stories, rationalizing, blaming and erecting all of the Ego defenses

    37. By erecting a structure that pits its inhabitants against each other as antagonists, the pyramidal nature of the structure alone: creates greed in every living soul within its boundaries

    38. Thinking that even if they destroyed the entire planet, they could still get away with it; by stealing enough things from Nature; and erecting a civilized insulated bubble of walled buildings to live-in

    39. humans have managed to wall themselves off from much of the Natural World and from each other as much as possible, with the development of cities… by erecting insular cubicles called buildings and rooms

    40. Its alarm clock was the sound of petrodollars clinking as they poured into its coffers and the evidence of this arousal were the huge cranes erecting, here and there, multi-storied buildings

    41. More land in the world has been destroyed and covered with concrete and black asphalt by building modern roads: than all the land destroyed by erecting buildings over them

    42. By erecting as many artificial separations, walls, barriers, and insulations as you can between you and Nature, you and the world, you and the Earth, you and the Universe, you and other living things, you and the weather, you and the sun, you and the trees, you and the birds, you and the animals, you and the insects, you and the valleys, you and the mountains, you and the sea, you and the rivers, you and the forests, you and the grass, you and the earth, you and the soil, you and the air, you and the rain, you and the sunlight, you and the snow, you and the clouds, you and other humans, you and the truth, you and actuality,, you and wonder, you and questions, you and uncertainty, you and risks, you and danger, you and excitement, you and living, you and life, you and death, you and fear, you and love, you and pain, you and pleasure, you and joy, you and curiosity, you and feelings, you and thoughts, you and yourself, you and your subconscious, you and your instincts, you and your consciousness, you and your awareness, you and your sensitivity, you and challenges, you and anything new, or strange, or different

    43. From staying in one place and erecting buildings to hoard things in creates laziness and lies

    44. This song; and the tale of Samson in the Jewish Bible: are subconscious truths and images and messages that were screaming at the Jews for their wicked ways of settling down and erecting buildings and temples and killing and eating other living things

    45. The Jews did not learn to stop killing and eating living things… They did not stop erecting buildings and temples

    46. Most crucifixions are never watched or seen by the humans who went to all this trouble of nailing them to a wooden cross and erecting it upright unnaturally with a nailed human body fixed to the cross

    47. We are unknowingly erecting a

    48. Several other persons were engaged in erecting raised benches from which people might conveniently see the plays and dances that were to be performed the next day on the spot dedicated to the celebration of the marriage of Camacho the rich and the obsequies of Basilio

    49. "Ay!" said the scout, erecting his tall person with an air of military pride; "there are not many echoes among these hills that haven't rung with the crack of my rifle, nor is there the space of a square mile atwixt Horican and the river, that 'killdeer' hasn't dropped a living body on, be it an enemy or be it a brute beast

    50. the old soldier, erecting himself in the dignity of offended feeling

    1. The smith erects some sort of iron, the weaver some sort of linen or woollen manufactory

    2. Monopolies of this kind are properly established against the very nation which erects them

    3. Haman, confident of his revenge, erects a gallows on which he planned to hang

    4. Time crumbles every building man erects

    5. erects the Star of Satan Ka’ba Stone

    6. A fragment of the ground erects at a 45 degree angle

    7. A cylinder of earth erects behind the colossal T-Rex,

    8. A dome erects where

    9. In a way, the moulvi-mullah combine erects the Muslim dams that protect the faith from being inundated by un-Islamic currents, or so it seems, what with the masses that share alike the poverty of life as well as passion for the faith are incapable to sniff beyond their Islamic noses

    10. So, when the neutral Cupid fancies an odd Hindu-Muslim nuptial, what for the Musalmans treat it as a case of ‘Islam in danger’, and attack the hapless couple! Well, if the Quran erects Islamic barriers for interfaith love matches, the Hindu prejudice places hurdles to inter-caste marriages, and it is high time that the caste panchaayats that kill the transgressing lovers are wound up once and for all

    11. The state not only takes down segregating fences, but also erects unilateral protections; it not only unlocks doors, but also furnishes the house with heating, food, and mentors

    12. A clear blast shield erects swiftly in front of the choir and

    13. The man who erects in a city a conservatory or a truly artistia arch, statue, or fountain, makes a wise use of his surplus

    14. He pushes open her cloak, closes his hands on her waist, and transports them through space and time to another location where he swiftly erects barricades and walls and seals off the prison in which he will leave her while he pretends to try to save a world beyond saving

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