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    1. You pray, stand on the word; confess the

    2. There is a local saying “If you can see Carn Brea it’s going to rain, if you can’t, it already is” a nd, if you stand still for long enough, you wil be guaranteed to turn mouldy

    3. of failing to believe God and stand on what they believe

    4. What does can't stand for? The C in can't stands for can't

    5. Deut: 10:8: At that time the LORD separated the tribe of Levi, to bear the ark of the covenant of the LORD, to stand

    6. God’s covenant with Levi stated that they have: to stand

    7. As we read that God’s covenant with Levi was to stand

    8. something in the microwave, you set the timer for a minute and you stand there waiting, watching the food go around, waiting for it to, ding! That's time

    9. Stand there and focus on your affirmations

    10. Use that time, don't just stand there, do something

    11. something in the microwave and stand there waiting, find a body weight

    12. He was almost too hung over to stand and knew it would be senseless to chase

    13. They struggled to stand up as fast as they could before she could yank their ears off of their head

    14. can stand and worship without any remorse of what they

    15. should be outclass and stand out, because you are there

    16. “Are you going to stand in the elevator all day? We have important things to discuss,” Ackers chastised them, and then, without waiting for their response, he turned and started walking down the hall

    17. It dragged its small body out and then came up to stand before the three of them, looking tentatively up at Ackers

    18. You try to stand in front of that thing, earplugs or no, you’d go flying all the way into the ocean

    19. She moved over to stand behind him, the stool was high enough so her breasts were on top of his shoulders

    20. It’s important the people should know what you stand for

    21. It’s equally important that they know what you won’t stand for

    22. He moves quickly to stand in front of whatever it is he is working on

    23. She was wearing another one of her loud polka dot dresses and Johnny couldn’t understand how someone could wear such ugly clothes that made them stand out to such a high degree; it was almost as if the dots and varied colors were specifically made to clash as much as possible

    24. Leaning heavily on the arm of the chair, I stand … whoooo, the room’s spinning a bit

    25. I stand, one hand on the doorpost … there it is again … ah, that’s the doorbell …

    26. He d’n’t like it when I sh … said I couldn’t stand by and watch some other woman with him … after they got together, he several times tried to talk to me and I would never let him

    27. The hospital workers stand, looking somewhat nervous, as Zitteraal approaches

    28. They stand and watch the patients

    29. The question then arises: How shall we sit? Is the cross-legged attitude the best, or shall we kneel, or sit, or stand? The easiest and most normal position is the best always

    30. ‘Why was he talking about it?’ I asked as we move away to stand in front of another portrait

    31. Plastic flowers stand in vases here and there

    32. John and Dave stand inside a small shop while the SHOP OWNER

    33. Eventually Jen could stand it no more and

    34. Dead plants stand, dry and brown, in pots near a window

    35. Five minutes later, I stand beside Stephen in the main room of the annexe

    36. Bush and John stand on the dock, next to a wooden rowboat

    37. I stand there like a lunatic for slightly longer than is polite … just staring at her and trying to take this in, then, come to my senses suddenly

    38. He would probably even try to stand between the crossbow and the kedas and trust to the Instinct, but big as he was, he was far too small for three large freight-hauling kedas to hide behind

    39. ’ She said as I stand there dreading what he is going to say

    40. We stand there together watching the news item

    41. ‘What does your son-in-law do for a living?’ I asked, settling down on an old stool which used to stand in the kitchen

    42. Majeed tries to stand unsteadily, picks up his I-POD lying on the roof of the bus

    43. For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on

    44. John and Teekra stand hand in hand, watching the limo burn nearby while Russ attends to Ahmed, who is oblivious to John and Teekra and still hysterical

    45. stand on God’s Word

    46. It was late in Nightday, Tahlmute was sleeping in the tent already, intending to stand watch later

    47. I stand, my heart racing for a moment … no, it was nothing, just the house creaking a little

    48. two mill, but as things stand we’ll probably go for eight hundred thou

    49. He rushes off to open the door while Liz and I stand in the kitchen looking at each other

    50. into the next without pause, with time seeming to stand still around them

    1. God’s word in their lives and fail in standing in faith, they

    2. The author pictured standing naked by a pond

    3. Theo had been standing in the back doorway

    4. "Where did she go?" Herndon asked groggily, standing up, but wobbly

    5. He had been merely a pawn in a very long standing game of emotional chess between the super sophisticated Tatania and David

    6. Avoid standing for long periods

    7. When she got back to her, Yorthops was standing in front of the honor wall in the front hallway where Kulai commended his employee of the year

    8. Looking through the skeleton of the building, he could see dark clouds approaching in the distance; but where Travis was standing, there was still sun and blue skies

    9. Tall wine bottles are great for this! Just dig a trench and place bottles standing up as a barrier around your garden, etc

    10. righteousness which means to be in right standing with

    11. The doors of the elevator opened to show Agent Ackers standing before them

    12. As he spoke, the large image on the wall of the elevator continued to broadcast his image even though he was standing right in front of them

    13. Nancy looked in and saw a man standing in front of a large cannon

    14. Johnny and Ackers were standing beside her, but Nancy couldn’t help thinking that they were all in danger just for being this close to the group, which was currently sparring with a robotic army and, as far as Nancy could tell, each other

    15. Nancy started using the wall to push herself back up to a standing position

    16. The Operator turned around to see Silence standing behind them

    17. ’ I said, looking up at the Inspector who is standing by the table

    18. ‘Of course it matters!’ he shouted, striding over to where I am standing and snatching the peeler and potato out of my hands

    19. I look across at him, standing belligerently in the doorway of the room, his stocky frame rigid with fury

    20. She tried to roll back up to a standing position, but he kicked her before she could move

    21. ‘Is this baby mine?’ he asked starkly - standing in front of me, his eyes begging me to say that it is

    22. These tunnels are meant to protect them when they travel and are usually found free standing in the crawl space below your home

    23. He couldn’t believe it; there was definitely someone standing behind him on the porch

    24. Ackers slowly turned around to see a paper delivery boy standing on the porch with his mouth hanging open in surprise

    25. ‘So what brought this on?’ he asked, standing by the now buzzing kettle, his arms folded

    26. he were to die for love, he would leave the girl standing as cold as stone in his flat,

    27. John’s POV: The fire fades into Zitteraal standing over him at the side of the bed, the penlight in hand

    28. We see that Enoch is standing in the room behind him

    29. to you and I standing in this

    30. Zitteraal standing over him beside the bed in the nursing home with penlight in his hand

    31. ‘Yes … I overheard something when I was standing at the bar which set me thinking

    32. John awakes groggily in his hospital bed with Zitteraal standing over him

    33. Nurse 1 is standing to one side of the bed

    34. Standing poses have a different effect on the legs unlike conventional endurance or aerobic exercise

    35. Zitteraal is standing by his bed

    36. I find myself staring at the phone once I have put it down … what the hell is Dan playing at? Standing staring at my house for hours on end every evening? Is that legal? Thinking about it, I suppose there isn’t a law against it if he is standing on his property … would it count as stalking?

    37. He was listed as a member in good standing of the Gengee City Merchant's Association

    38. They did go and ask him to stop it, but he just said that there was no law against him standing on his land

    39. Clarisse puts on her pantyhose in the bedroom in which John and Dave are standing

    40. They hadn't declared themselves a tribe to the Gengee City Merchants Association either, but a few of them were members in good standing because of their businesses

    41. He waves her away with a dismissive hand gesture, looks up, sees John standing in the doorway with Dave

    42. Jurgen and the Mexicans have already left, but Rosita is still standing on the dock

    43. I was standing there next to a

    44. ’ I pointed out, standing by the car

    45. It is a beautiful house - two storey, detached and standing in its own grounds … the gravel drive large enough for at least six cars to park in

    46. was standing in front of her now in a Fred Astaire pose, arm outstretched, calling her

    47. Ahmed jumps up on the bed, his short stature notably emphasized by standing on something so high

    48. standing together in a joint prayer for her husband’s life

    49. tough guys standing there with

    50. you’re standing there looking out

    1. What does can't stand for? The C in can't stands for can't

    2. It stands for 'Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

    3. It stands for “Listen

    4. She stands, walks over to the counter

    5. Into this place the mixture TGC+™ (equal amounts of organic tobacco, garlic powder, compost and the + stands for trace minerals such as rock dust)

    6. Zitteraal nods, walks away a few paces down the corridor, stands near the fire extinguisher, waiting

    7. I think it stands above a one percent chance today

    8. Cut to John’s POV: Fuzzy and out-of-focus, Zitteraal stands by his bed in the hospital, taking his pulse

    9. Stands of prickly pear cactus dot the landscape

    10. He watches John a moment, stands to leave

    11. Bush starts to walk over to the pool table, but John stands up, calls to him

    12. Enoch stands by the table staring at the balls as they slowly roll to a stop

    13. ‘Yes, he stands there at his gate and just stares across at the house … he’s been doing it for several days now … since his wife died, in fact

    14. He stands up

    15. ’ I told him, ‘They say that Dan Sadler stands staring at the house every evening for hours on end

    16. ‘Yes, he stands in his drive and just stares at the house

    17. He stands up and stares off into the distance as if he had totally forgotten about them

    18. Only one that stands out anyway

    19. In the center of the temple on an elevated dais is a statue of the Buddha, a copy of the Great Buddha of Kamakura, it’s serene visage turned down to John, who stands looking up into the Buddha’s face

    20. A little-used mop stands in a bucket of dirty water in the center of the floor as if it were long ago forgotten there

    21. Khalid stands back out of the way

    22. Bolt stands at the front of a line of customers, sifting through some photos

    23. He stands, spits tobacco juice out the window, reaches for a binder, starts leafing through it, hands it to John

    24. Bolt stands to one side, ignoring the laboring men, taking seemingly random shots of something on the other side of the highway that only he can see: click, whir, click, whir

    25. Nearby, stands a life-size copy of Rodin’s "The Thinker,"

    26. small dais set with music stands and instruments placed ready for musical hands

    27. Russ yawns mightily, stretches, stands, tries to focus on his watch

    28. She stands in her loose silk robe, hand on hip, coolly regarding him

    29. Khalid comes in, stands in the living room area,

    30. Russ stands, grabs John by the collar, yanks him to his feet, begins to help him put on the remaining parachute

    31. John stands a safe distance from the wreckage, shielding his eyes from the heat and watching the plane crackle and burn

    32. Ahmed stands in the SUV watching

    33. Ali Ben Ali stands up through the sunroof of an

    34. He stands, addresses the guard

    35. John stands in chains in the courtroom

    36. John stands up, takes a deep breath, waits

    37. A hooded executioner stands on the dais, impassively sharpening a tremendous scimitar with a whetstone

    38. He stands with me on one side of the bridge and we look down at the water running under the bridge below us

    39. Teekra stands, puts her hand on her belly

    40. dren… At that moment Jesus stands in our midst

    41. " Ava cut him off with, "I don't know how she ever stood him, I don't know how she stands him now

    42. He stands, glass stopper in hand, staring into space for several moments before pouring the amber liquid into his glass

    43. He stands in an unwarranted defiance of Jehovah and

    44. Maggie calls everyone to order and, after the usual timelag for conversations to finish, during which time she stands looking annoyed, she goes into her spiel

    45. Rather I see from this time an endless loop of film in which a stocky, bull-headed man stands in a doorway and harangues me for being a bad little pig

    46. As soon as Moamar announced the decision, Bahkmar was popped from the stands into system space

    47. As I go into the kitchen, he gestures wordlessly to the table where there is a plate with lettuce leaf on which stands a little model of Brian, the snail from The Magic Roundabout …

    48. She takes one look at me, glances round the room and goes quickly over to where the kitchen roll stands and tears off a chunk, bringing it back to the table and handing it to me

    49. Wall: If it stands in you way, it means obstacles and vain hopes; if you jump over it, success and victory await you

    50. into the stands above the stadium floor to watch the fight

    1. As I stood waiting on a deserted platform, a gang of youths appeared

    2. Oh yes, as a Positive Realist currently waiting for a steam train stood on the platform of Churchston Station

    3. "Ah," she said and also stood up

    4. Luke: 7:38: And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with

    5. Isa: 6:2: Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he

    6. Exod: 32:26: Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD's side? let him come unto

    7. Instead she stood at the bit of rail on the port side of the companionway, leaning on the cabin roof

    8. 1Sa:3:10: And the LORD came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel

    9. Bread Crumbs, who started panting as she stood there, was a small poodle

    10. The robots stood there for a moment, their circuits sputtering and shorting out, before falling over with a large, heavy clunking sound

    11. From tip to hilt, the blade's length matched the tower on which Onidas stood

    12. She didn't dare rifle thru everything on that first trip, but she took a quick look in the box while on the toilet and found the maps but nothing that stood out as a cargo receipt

    13. Johnny was about to agree when he noticed the three guards that stood between them and the nearest exit

    14. ‘What would you say to a woman who stood back and let it happen?’

    15. The Widow Black stood up from her throne and took a step toward Scar and the frozen army of androids around him

    16. She stood and stared at him at least a second

    17. The old man had a rabbit as a butler, except the rabbit stood on two legs, twitching his whiskers in his little butler outfit

    18. Paralyzed, Topher stood by the portal to the outside world

    19. creation, but now that this simulacrum of love stood rigid above him, he had to admit

    20. The young man stood and held out his hand for his new bride to take

    21. to the proposal, stood and, hand in hand with his wife, manoeuvred through the tables

    22. He stood up

    23. They were all celebrities for the first few years, so there was over an hour of it to go thru, but there was one who stood out to his eye because he was linked with Ava, links that were not accessed when searching with her name

    24. Tahlmute stood up and preceded him back up toward the house, but went between the house roots and across his marshaling yard while doostEr stopped at the shop under the roots for his measure and level

    25. He stood there leaning against the workshop door, just

    26. BobbingTwo was the only one he stood any chance of getting up

    27. He stood quite still, letting

    28. Travis stood where he was

    29. Biggs gave a deep angry sigh then indicated the nearest house across the road from the small wooded area in which they stood

    30. Theo stood up sharply and adjusted his suit and tie

    31. dominion of the fromboise assault, there stood man-size thistles and towering clumps

    32. wore her now white hair long rather than in that typical blue-rinsed perm, stood

    33. He stood rigid above me

    34. He stood stock still for a moment considering his options

    35. He stood and revealed that he was big tall guy, but like I say, people don't usually scare me

    36. I took a deep breath, swallowed into my churning gut and stood my ground

    37. The Countess stood up from the low bed and walked slowly around the small

    38. The shop was prominent not because of any ostentation, but rather because any open business stood out on the half boarded up and derelict empty shell of Darklow Main Street

    39. After he entered the shop they just stood there

    40. The entire ship had been vented and both inner and outer door to the airlock stood open

    41. The man in black paused for a second, and then stood up again, puffing out his

    42. midst of it all, as if conducting a violent symphony of discord, there stood the man in

    43. The accountant stood up, the crown of his head reaching only the breasts of

    44. The lion in black tossed his mane and stood tall once again, recovering his

    45. They both stood in the middle of the road now facing one another, the giant

    46. She stood in front of him and pressed her backside into his groin

    47. mouse stood hunched in his jacket, his glasses perched on the end of his thin nose

    48. He bunted it beautifully down the third base line and just stood there in the batter’s box admiring his handy work

    49. Her daughter stood beside her protectively, just in case she was needed

    50. Why couldn't someone just be nice to her? She wiped her eyes, took a deep breath and stood up to face the mirror on the wall next to her locker

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    stand bandstand outdoor stage base pedestal rack sales booth stall point of view standpoint viewpoint standstill tie-up abide bear brook digest endure put up stick out stomach suffer support tolerate fend resist stand up place upright remain firm stance pose poise place post spot station attitude belief position view sentiment notion determination platform stage dais grandstand booth counter table case grove copse forest wood growth crop erect put set fix oppose confront compete withstand face meet encounter hold sustain undergo outlast weather continue