escort frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con escort (in inglese)

  1. He had to escort Mr.
  2. He turned to the escort.
  3. He could escort her to.
  4. As I escort you back.
  5. An escort consisting of a.
  6. The escort is on the way.
  7. He had a cave-troll escort.
  8. Morgan needed an escort out.
  9. Razumihin to escort you here.
  10. To let Old escort chief Sima.
  11. My men will be your escort.
  12. The escort is growing impatient.
  13. Escort its crew straight to me.
  14. Rebecca arrived with her escort.
  15. The Red Flag Escort Agency.
  16. Everywhere else, he had an escort.
  17. If my this escort were to lose.
  18. I had gone undercover as an escort.
  19. Will you be back to escort us?
  20. Leo turned and spoke to his escort.
  21. She gave her escort a searching look.
  22. Yes, to escort him into the capital.
  23. We will escort you into Lich Town.
  24. Could you possibly escort me up?
  25. They withdrew to their escort to wait.
  26. That was a hell of an escort I got.
  27. You should have sent a bigger escort.
  28. They’re just giving us an escort.
  29. Supposing the king's small escort was.
  30. Talia will escort you to the studio.
  31. The big ship and its escort left orbit.
  32. We will escort Catherine to the inn now.
  33. The escort and I leave the doctor's home.
  34. They were told to wait for their escort.
  35. Then, "Al, we need a rest room escort!".
  36. Omer, complete with two Biffs for escort.
  37. I‘m here to escort you off the premises.
  38. Perhaps you could escort me there as well.
  39. K, care to escort a young lady out of the.
  40. We will escort you, Thad said sternly.
  41. We would like to request that you escort us.
  42. What of escort service, the Sekku said.
  43. I will be out of here in time to escort you.
  44. To his ancestral throne with dreadful escort.
  45. I’m supposed to escort you to the showers.
  46. Was a Polarian in the Princess’s escort?
  47. John Baret waited for his escort to disperse.
  48. It was easier for the escort guy this way.
  49. The escort officer did not question the order.
  50. General Ramaris ordered me to escort you home.
  51. Does the SUNNYVALE have an escort ship?
  52. Smith had borrowed Bridge’s old Ford Escort.
  53. Cactus here will escort you and walk us there.
  54. Here is the shuttlecraft and its escort ships.
  55. Rashad, please escort Lelani to another room.
  56. Escort the prisoners out in the meantime, Otto.
  57. Old escort chief was someone who comes to the.
  58. The escort had left and the building was quiet.
  59. I would be honoured to escort your date, Jim.
  60. He offered to escort her there, but she refused.
  61. It’s almost as if they’re forming an escort.
  62. Williams asked me to escort her to the precinct.
  63. I came to offer myself as escort to your mother.
  64. I was fairly sure they were his escort, not mine.
  65. We can’t take on the convoy escort by ourselves.
  66. Her escort hesitated, then stayed where they were.
  67. One night we had to escort a sick child to hospital.
  68. I saw no sign of the old blue Escort that Joe drove.
  69. I am looking for pilots to operate the escort ships.
  70. Now don’t move until I come back to escort you out.
  71. Move quickly, shouted the Captain of the escort.
  72. Perhaps, we can provide an escort there instead?�.
  73. The Red Flag Escort Agency and Hall of the Seven.
  74. Old escort chief Sima did not know of this matter.
  75. Marsh in his red Ford Escort after his lunch at home.
  76. The guard reappeared to escort her out into the hall.
  77. Hawk Cooper had come to escort Silas to the Bear Cave.
  78. The congressman met his detective escort in a Chipotle.
  79. Pamela insisted that Grant escort Jill to the baggage.
  80. John guessed he was talking about Harald and his escort.
  81. The escort has received decisive orders to that effect.
  82. He was allowed time walking the grounds with an escort.
  83. They escort Mary and Diane D back to the hospital room.
  84. So I allow two Amity men to escort me down the hallway.
  85. We help the convoy escort with the remaining pirates.
  86. The same day Joey head back to the camp with his escort.
  87. Emerson had been unimpressed with the convoy’s escort.
  88. Evans out of the city and he will need a worthy escort.
  89. Master Baret had come to him saying he needed an escort.
  90. Sabrina and her escort ship were assigned to the convoy.
  91. Inez had turned out to be an escort from a local service.
  92. If you have no objection, I will escort you to the King.
  93. Windzer, Sorren’s escort, was standing out on the field.
  94. He was Jill’s shadow and her escort, but it was obvious.
  95. He was detailed to escort a party of us to the front line.
  96. The original battleship had never traveled without escort.
  97. It is the head of the Red Flag Escort Agency from the.
  98. Evans, we are here to escort you to the Emperor's chambers.
  99. We are only a battleship, two PI ships and a convoy escort.
  100. He said: I’ll send an escort with you of twenty soldiers.
  1. He was here escorting me.
  2. Before long they were escorting me.
  3. We are charged with escorting you there.
  4. Two of my best agents will be escorting her.
  5. Haynes smiled and held out an escorting arm.
  6. They appeared to be escorting two prisoners.
  7. Kaon bowed low, the Titan escorting Tyrosh away.
  8. At least, the armed agents escorting them had not.
  9. He would have given anything to be escorting Torie.
  10. Then this time, they could be possibly escorting for.
  11. Data entered, escorting a woman who appeared to be a Trill.
  12. That made a few of the young women escorting the Queen giggle.
  13. If you insist on escorting me, it will be up to you to keep up.
  14. They were escorting one individual who could barely be spotted.
  15. Dennis approached and walked past the robot who was escorting him.
  16. Razumihin looked reverently at Dounia and felt proud of escorting her.
  17. For one thing, the orderlies escorting her seemed distant and forceful.
  18. After having spent about an hour upstairs, they came down escorting Dr.
  19. She complained of headache to Joshua who was escorting her to the river.
  20. It was the whole party of ladies and gentlemen on horseback escorting N.
  21. Oh, I was told to wait here; Altera is escorting Lady Rayne to her Hold.
  22. After escorting his wife upstairs, Levin went to Dolly’s part of the house.
  23. We’ll party later, he stated, escorting her quickly out of the building.
  24. After escorting Brock to his quarters on the SaLing, with an adjoining room that.
  25. Only one destroyer, escorting the badly damaged AKIZUKI, returned to port intact.
  26. Jane Hatfield, escorting Princess Grace and her little daughter, was glad to step.
  27. In the rear came the old guard, escorting the chieftains back to their home cities.
  28. We would like to spend the next year escorting convoys at the fringes of the system.
  29. She pulled it back and turned to Harald who was escorting her back to the almshouse.
  30. Three minutes later, Ingrid received a radio call from the YC-152A she was escorting.
  31. She knew exactly what had brought this on, despite the fairytale about escorting Sheila.
  32. Billy and Jackson came forward and grabbed Teresa by both arms, started escorting her away.
  33. I'm escorting the mortal remains of my dear friend Stepan Michailovitch Bagantoff!.
  34. Smoke shells were ordered to be fired from the escorting "E" Boats to shield the big ships.
  35. In response, Omar detailed more carefully the three armored warriors escorting the newcomers.
  36. Holms jumped up and took the old lady by the hand before escorting her to a chair at the table.
  37. Gould gave him all her attention as he walked by her side escorting the ladies out of the room.
  38. Myself and the soldier escorting me went into the entrance room, where there were two copper baths.
  39. If the escorting enemy fighters are all NATEs, then we will have a serious speed advantage on them.
  40. A moment later an Ordinary rode up escorting a leather-armored mercenary aboard a wheezing strider.
  41. They were strengthened into certainty when I beheld the Aged enter at a side door, escorting a lady.
  42. Clarity saw Juarez handcuff the head of administration and Cactus, escorting them to the police boat.
  43. Hank and his three companions arrived at the restaurant just as the Deputy was escorting Harry to jail.
  44. Colling and Kwonowski waited in the library until Hermann returned from escorting the Countess to her room.
  45. They appeared to be escorting two prisoners whom they seemed to be taking a great delight in handling roughly.
  46. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a Warrior escorting Rebecca and a distinguished looking man.
  47. The joviality that marks such occasions was soon marred by the arrival of Barry proudly escorting his new love.
  48. Ben noticed that this morning it was Lieutenant Lasitor who was in charge of escorting the prisoners to the pit.
  49. Instead, it was the leader of the pair of escorting fighter-bombers that contacted the P-3C a few minutes later.
  50. The two F-15J fighter-bombers escorting the P-3C were decidedly proving to be a wise precaution for this mission.
  51. Rebecca and the Doctor followed, escorting Joshua sporting a huge bandage around his shoulder with his arm in a sling.
  52. The line of advancing tanks then disappeared in enormous fireballs that rolled over them and their escorting infantry.
  53. The battleships Rodney and Ramillies broke off from convoy escorting duties, and battleship Revenge sailed from Halifax.
  54. Duprina remained in The Fortaleza savoring her triumph, and of course, Zoroastro was also part of the escorting caravan.
  55. On the screen, there was a video of Matt Suba grabbing the President‘s arm and roughly escorting her back to her chair.
  56. Kido took his card, then thanked him for his visit, promising to keep him informed while escorting him back to the elevators.
  57. The athletic director was escorting Ben to the locker room when he said, It's an honor to meet you, Grand Master Ben Hillar.
  58. I was escorting a convoy of aviation spare parts for embarkation and have little personnel with me and no detention facilities.
  59. Jim makes a great parade of escorting them from reception through to his office without explaining to anyone why they are here.
  60. The larger warships seemed to spend more time escorting cargo vessels and ferrying dignitaries than they did patrolling at sea.
  61. The Japanese fighter pilots would be unable to quickly warn the bombers they were escorting because of that crucial shortcoming.
  62. They pulled into the same spot and called on the radio to find out where the paddy wagon was that they were supposed to be escorting.
  63. Four minutes after the arranged rendezvous time with the escorting Spitfires the Swordfish were still orbiting over the coast of Kent.
  64. Eleazar had at first insisted in escorting them, finding inappropriate that three women would travel alone, even on such a short journey.
  65. My husband’s father whom I loved, Pa, the legendary magistrate, stood in for my own father, escorting me on his arm down the aisle.
  66. After escorting his sister-in-law to her stall, he stood against a column and tried to listen as attentively and conscientiously as possible.
  67. Add to that tankers, ammunition ships, cargo ships and escorting warships and you end up with the mightiest armada ever assembled in history.
  68. The screen door opened and three men stepped out of the house – two police officers escorting a man whose hands were cuffed behind his back.
  69. The three other M20s escorting the convoy obeyed her at once and led the trucks and their precious aviation spare parts towards the waiting LST.
  70. A spark of anger appeared in the interrogator’s eyes, but he controlled himself and simply gave an order to the two soldiers escorting Anderson.
  71. Daniel Gilbert was spotted escorting Lucky, wife of cousin Jesse Gilbert out of the Corporate Gala event in Miami’s Hilton Plaza Saturday night.
  72. Scharnhorst was put out of action by the heavy guns of Duke of York and finished off by the torpedoes of the escorting cruisers and destroyers.
  73. As I stare at the banks of the wasteg slowly passing, I turn over in my mind why he should have volunteered for the job of escorting me to the Well.
  74. Once out of the lift, the group split in two, with Miri Wang escorting most of Varanian’s employees and assistants towards their respective cabins.
  75. The Scharnhorst crew worked feverishly to repair the damage whilst the Luftwaffe and escorting vessels prepared to hold off the enemy who never came.
  76. That group was escorting us back to their rear lines but was taking its sweet time doing it, so that these bastards could have plenty of fun with us.
  77. He lived his spiritual life without any communion with others, visiting his relatives at Christmas and escorting them to the cemetery when they died.
  78. Soon after he spoke the words, the Inn's owner Grimgy burst through the crowd and was escorting the weeping woman away, his meaty hand nudging her waist.
  79. This was used by police when escorting a prisoner to keep them out of the main stream of people and ambulances constantly flowing to and past the ED doors.
  80. Four months after rescuing 133 survivors from the sinking of a transport ship, the 165 foot Escanaba was escorting a convoy from Greenland to Newfoundland.
  81. If the Germans are flying fighter cover over the barges; then these fighters are not escorting German bombers, leaving them unprotected against RAF fighters.
  82. The door opened, and Calvin swiveled his chair to see two heavily armed soldiers step in, followed by Tristan, who was forcibly escorting a man in handcuffs.
  83. Hektor’s report had made it clear that at least three galleons of the Royal Dohlaran Navy were escorting a pair of lightly armed transport galleons somewhere.
  84. Two of our fighters intercepted their private jet around two-hundred miles off our coast in the Mediterranean and we are escorting them to Ramat David Air Base.
  85. Fuming, the Chinese officer could only hope that his four escorting SU-30MKK fighters would catch on the fact that they were being jammed and react accordingly.
  86. A strong column of Roman infantrymen then opened a way through the crowd for the cavalrymen escorting the dispossessed king, going through the nearby Jaffa Gate.
  87. Alexandre Dumas The Elder nodded his head and smiled to his ex-mistress, with which he was still in very good terms and which he was escorting to this evening reception.
  88. She could soon see that the group was comprised of three Altmer, presumably Thalmor agents by their dress, as well as the fact that they were escorting two captive Nords.
  89. More than that, she wished to face him in company with a man not of her sort, even as he—Drayton—was escorting a woman whose lane of living did not rightly cross his.
  90. Apart from escorting Brother Erigène during that trip, you will also personally carry the two letters I will write respectively to Count Raymond and to that Lady Shelton.
  91. Their EC-142E was in fact going to be the first allied aircraft of the invasion force to enter enemy airspace tonight, along with four escorting P-61 BLACK WIDOW night fighters.
  92. With the escorting Ki-43s still not having shot down a single American P-40, a further three bombers fell before the P-40s, out of ammunition, turned away, still going at top speed.
  93. We have already huge reserves of precious metals on our ships, so that gold and silver Margrave Robert le Fort is now escorting to Auxerre is of no real interest to me or my superiors.
  94. And in fairness to Clyntahn’s ire, those casualties had been suffered by the escorting galleons, not the transport crews who’d actually handed the captured heretics back to their friends.
  95. He’d already dispatched five of his original unarmored galleons back to Chisholm, escorting his withdrawing transports to protect them against privateers, as his original orders had required.
  96. Then, after a small body of men had marched past escorting four or five figures which walked in advance, with a jingle of steel scabbards, he felt a tug at his arms, and was ordered to come along.
  97. There had already been a number of incidents where confrontations between American warships and Russian and Chinese warships escorting tankers full of Iranian oil had nearly turned into shooting incidents.
  98. But killing a handful of straggling evildoers had been little more than their help in putting out the burning shops and houses, and escorting shocked refugees safely home from the Redland hills: palliative.
  99. Undeterred, however, the young man travelled the length and breadth of the country, escorting each and every one these beautiful and hopeful creatures to nightclubs, to restaurants and to his hotel bedrooms.
  100. I distributed _pfennings_ among them when I was dressed, and they clung to me closer than ever after that, escorting me in a body back to the inn, and hardly were they to be persuaded to leave me at the door.
  1. She was escorted by two.
  2. As the guards escorted him.
  3. He escorted us by Maruti car.
  4. Thomas escorted Cheryl to the.
  5. Gibbons could have escorted me.
  6. They escorted Paul back to his.
  7. Yaf escorted Simla back to her.
  8. The vessel was escorted to the U.
  9. He was then escorted by Whittle.
  10. They escorted us to the apartment.
  11. Matt escorted her to the check-in.
  12. From there we were escorted by the.
  13. He nodded as he escorted her outside.
  14. Miss Illich escorted me to the gate.
  15. Hank escorted them out of his office.
  16. He was quickly escorted from the base.
  17. One of the priests escorted her away.
  18. She escorted back to the parlor and.
  19. Mancini escorted her out of the tent.
  20. She was being escorted by a Para angel.
  21. Eugenie went to Mass escorted by Nanon.
  22. The secretary again escorted her to Ms.
  23. He watched as the mercenaries escorted.
  24. He found it, being escorted to the Brig.
  25. Afterwards Cai escorted him from the hall.
  26. Have her escorted up once she has landed.
  27. Then Jacob escorted them all to the door.
  28. He watched as a guard escorted Kyle from.
  29. Junie Moon was escorted into the courtroom.
  30. Soon, the hostages were escorted to prison.
  31. I escorted my associates to the study room.
  32. His corpse, escorted thither by all Uglich.
  33. Alex escorted Hope to the door of her condo.
  34. I have escorted you into the park in summer.
  35. I have escorted you into the park in winter.
  36. Tobias escorted her straight to the bedroom.
  37. Two guards escorted Ralph back into the room.
  38. Two of Rachel’s Marines escorted the wine.
  39. They were escorted into the council chambers.
  40. Chung was deposited at, escorted through OR.
  41. Are you willing to return, escorted by me?
  42. She focused on him as the guard escorted her.
  43. The Sisters were escorted to the briefing room.
  44. He took my jacket and escorted me to the door.
  45. Are you willing to return, escorted by me?’.
  46. He was quickly escorted from the base.
  47. The same sergeant that had escorted them from.
  48. From there we were escorted by the Governor to.
  49. As he escorted her to the door, he said: Mrs.
  50. We were escorted here before we had a chance.
  51. David's three children escorted Emeka to the car.
  52. They escorted her back into the conference suite.
  53. The guard escorted him back through the confusing.
  54. I had an escorted trip in a security van back to C.
  55. I quickly got dressed and was escorted to the wing.
  56. John says that Jesus is escorted to Anas/Ananias.
  57. Steve left with bag in hand escorted by Dave Martin.
  58. She watched the cop who had escorted him come back.
  59. One of the wolves that escorted him ran for Fatima.
  60. Commodore Singh’s aide escorted her to the office.
  61. Israeli troops arrested them and escorted them away.
  62. Garcia escorted the slave girl back to his quarters.
  63. Jeff escorted her to the door and then to her car!.
  64. Two burly policemen escorted Dugan out of the house.
  65. A passing nurse escorted them to the doctor's office.
  66. Tammas was escorted to his quarters first, where he.
  67. Two of the Knights moved forward and escorted him out.
  68. The body builder escorted him out of the locker room.
  69. Charles was waiting and escorted the doctor upstairs.
  70. It was always the same Warriors who escorted Rebecca.
  71. The next morning castle pages escorted the mercenaries.
  72. The guard followed him out and escorted him to his car.
  73. Colonel Strong escorted the engineers to the mess hall.
  74. The prisoner was escorted out of the room by the guards.
  75. He took her arm and escorted her to her father’s room.
  76. He was escorted to the lobby by an armed security guard.
  77. He was escorted through a broad arch that opened onto.
  78. Barker and Olsen escorted him down the stairs to a cell.
  79. The two were escorted to a nearby elevator that whisked.
  80. He escorted us out of the building and into the hospital.
  81. Gateway to the spaceship Yonada and escorted Athena over.
  82. As she walked out the door, escorted again by the three.
  83. The women escorted her to a room and performed a manual.
  84. Josef was then escorted to the Tree Palace where he was.
  85. A second guard joined them and escorted Wiggles off the.
  86. The hostess escorted the two men to one of the VIP booths.
  87. The butler waited for me at the door and escorted me out.
  88. Anyhow, Frank escorted me to his white picket fence then.
  89. Jake The Snake burst out with laughter as he got escorted.
  90. I said it aloud as I was escorted back down the long hall.
  91. Bassam escorted me to Gate number nine then he opened the.
  92. I promise? I reply as she was escorted by an officer.
  93. The two men left the office and were escorted back to the.
  94. Thank you! he yel ed, as the demons escorted him out.
  95. The Marines wordlessly escorted Wren and Kim to the galley.
  96. A woman, escorted by the manager of Cinema X descended the.
  97. They were escorted to the transporter room where they were.
  98. She entered, escorted by her parents, and approached Adorno.
  99. Trask escorted him to the door, a wry expression on his face.
  100. He was picked up and escorted by force to the stolen semi-.
  1. I guess they were escorts.
  2. Three and the escorts have them.
  3. I told him, Thanks for the escorts.
  4. Now, they employed escorts for clients.
  5. Marco and Bomani are also your escorts.
  6. He wants to work with his escorts openly.
  7. They stood behind him and their escorts left.
  8. Insulin is the hormone which escorts glucose.
  9. Leonardo and the other escorts followed by horse.
  10. Eight new convoy escorts were the last to arrive.
  11. He escorts him back over to where Hack’s standing.
  12. The wyassies stopped, causing their escorts to pause.
  13. The bandits have come, where is my escorts? Come.
  14. It is not uncommon for leaders to have military escorts.
  15. He escorts me back to Ted’s office and hands over the keys.
  16. Rashad escorts her to a room where Queen Latifah is waiting.
  17. Uncle Dylan escorts them through the door going into the garage.
  18. After his bodyguard escorts me up the stairs, the goon disappears.
  19. Twelve convoy escorts could punch a huge hole in an attacking force.
  20. The truck, with its escorts, turned a corner and moved quickly away.
  21. One of the marine escorts drove, while the other sat in back with me.
  22. It was made even slimmer by the rapid approach of the convoy escorts.
  23. She glared at her escorts, then turned and started toward the far door.
  24. But, even after a determination of no guilt, the four were given escorts.
  25. We had our escorts, her mom, armed police and Jed had barely left my side.
  26. Humans can go without dreams for a few weeks while Hip escorts the souls.
  27. He recognizes that if he must have escorts, they needed to be close at hand.
  28. The Queen Elizabeth deployed the two convoy escorts that had ridden with her.
  29. I know the crews in the escorts and they’re some of the best in the company.
  30. I was rowed ashore along with the jagun of Kashik that had been sent as my escorts.
  31. The women, young and old, had been withdrawn from his environment by their escorts.
  32. It seems inexplicable that Operation Tiger took take place without adequate escorts.
  33. The convoy escorts moved out in a single group and engaged the advancing formation.
  34. He then posted a colleague on the bridge and took with him the two others as escorts.
  35. The convoy escorts have engaged the remnants of the task force, Tracker reported.
  36. Now where is your bathroom? He escorts her to the bathroom where she begins crying.
  37. Instruct the P I’s and escorts to wait until they are at the edge of missile range.
  38. We could hyper in the P I’s and the escorts, lob a few missiles around and hyper out.
  39. I understand the fire power of our convoy escorts and the security they give our convoys.
  40. The convoy that came with Anatole is only six ships, and two of those are the escorts.
  41. By this time Sabrina and the two escorts had unstrapped and had squeezed themselves into the P.
  42. PI ships, convoy escorts and a few destroyers were the only ships capable of a short hyper jump.
  43. Ekaete carries her luggage for her, and then escorts her outside the gate where they hail an okada.
  44. Then she escorts you in and pours you your cup of coffee and shows you her latest knitted sweater.
  45. Sick and injured should be provided with fully-fit escorts in case they encounter any difficulties.
  46. Four more sets of Marines disappeared into the forest with MMARV’s and pairs of half naked escorts.
  47. Kim, Wren and Tracker had been on station two weeks when a pair of Stellar convoy escorts hailed them.
  48. He opens the door and escorts her to the room with Lelani and Queen Latifah as they leave for their luncheon.
  49. The pirates in their ships fled as soon as they were challenged by one of the P I ships or the convoy escorts.
  50. For the first time in more than ten years I walked myself to visitation (no escorts) and did not have cuffs on.
  51. All three of your escorts were brave enough to volunteer to rescue you from Planet 455 where you were held captive.
  52. To send these slow-moving planes in daylight against the ferocious flak and heavy fighter escorts was certain death.
  53. Well before they were in any danger, the P I’s and the escorts short hyper jumped behind the two advancing formations.
  54. The escorts and the cargo ship that had carried the mercenaries’ equipment would return to regular service from there.
  55. They were given greater freedom of action; from now on the fighter escorts no longer stuck close to the bomber formations.
  56. The three escorts were skimming only about a hundred metres above the treetops as he continued to shadow their every move.
  57. He knows where to find us and he could have just as easily sent convoy escorts after us instead of a lone civilian courier.
  58. Her missiles could have reached the 21’s for a while, but using them would have meant endangering the P I’s and Escorts.
  59. Rachel stood speechless as Admiral Sherman turned and followed Captain Curra and his Marine escorts toward the security area.
  60. With me and Jimmy acting as escorts, the girls had another trial dive inside a sheltered part of the reef, finding a turtle.
  61. Lake ice which formed early in the 1995-1996 winter season forced the Coast Guard to use convoy escorts for commercial vessels.
  62. We’ve heard so many dreadful things about it, but it will be much better having a couple of Zimbabweans as escorts and guides.
  63. Few nervous people could be seen, but here and there was a woman, usually supported by two male escorts, weeping softly to herself.
  64. Missiles from the ground batteries were less than half way to the escorts before the escorts jumped away putting them out of range.
  65. Navy Captain Jerry Paulson and USAF Colonel John Ralph, each trying to fly closer formation than the other, were his flying escorts.
  66. But then, Tracker lacked the ability to learn which had been programmed into some of the other ships, particularly the convoy escorts.
  67. He escorts her to the dining room where it is lit with candles and beautifully decorated with her favorite foods from around the world.
  68. Nancy, accompanied by the director to the main entrance, then left the bank with her four escorts and her heavy bag of gold and silver.
  69. After one hour, the SP of the District police department entered in his air-conditions cabin room with heavy arms loaded police escorts.
  70. An Official escorts me into the Chancellor’s office, but it’s a full ten minutes before he limps out from the white door behind the desk.
  71. The escorts pulled one of the two Ultimans aside, electric-shock-shackled his four arms with four electric pulse discharging poles in the air.
  72. When the P I's and escorts jumped, the missiles lost their lock and, true to form, turned around and attacked the fleet that had launched them.
  73. I thought of how Louise had betrayed me, how Barry would now have to pay more for his escorts now that he was more than likely hideously burned.
  74. No one had told them of their real mission, and in the utter chaos, the Beauforts' Spitfire escorts flew off in another direction looking for them.
  75. They plan to build a hotel complex alongside the casino and then ship girls in from all over the Caribbean and Americas as escorts and companions.
  76. Their four armed escorts however countered by moving their security perimeter accordingly, changing positions by pair under cover from the other pair.
  77. Elijah: Sit, I know the real reason we have escorts, they are always sitting outside our doors, they say it is to protect us, but we know they spy on us.
  78. Their table was in the outer ring, and the rest of the Princes and Princesses, along with their spouses and escorts, filled the four tables to either side.
  79. An Amity nurse gives me a salve—developed by Erudite to speed healing—to put on my shoulder, and then escorts Peter to the hospital ward to mend his arm.
  80. It’s an intense, silent ride as Ethan escorts Janay to the precinct and Torin leaves Trina in his home as he arrives at the precinct to watch Janay’s confession.
  81. The Iraqi officials, so-called, were notorious for not telling their escorts what their schedules were or giving details on who was supposed to be traveling with them.
  82. By the end of Saul’s flight restriction, Fiona was swimming as well as the others, but even with all their work, none of them could keep up with their marine escorts.
  83. The car had two gangster car escorts following it and when they spotted the Vanquish, the shooters in the car peered out the window and started shooting at Jack with their AK-47s.
  84. The rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as some of the other senior wizards, and all their spouses and escorts, were seated at the four nearest tables on the inner ring.
  85. Ladies-of-the-night, it was said, preferred to enchant their prospective angels in that bar as their escorts had already advertised their affluence by going there in the first place.
  86. The Iraqi officials, so-called, were notorious for not telling their escorts what their schedules were or giving details on who was supposed to be traveling with them.
  87. Working together, the escorts killed the two remaining destroyers with their long range missiles and everyone devoted their attention to the small ships that had been deployed by the carriers.
  88. They tucked in so close the airflow from their wings disrupted the air under the T-39 causing the pilot to nervously ask on guard channel for the two escorts to spread it out a little, please.
  89. Second, we expected the defensive machinegun fire from those large bomber concentrations to be enough to repel enemy fighters, so we mostly neglected to assign fighter escorts to those bombers.
  90. And that, the baron thought, nodding back to his flag lieutenant and returning his own attention to the winged escorts scolding and whistling about his flagship, will be a very good thing indeed.
  91. There were several senior Taliban commanders with armed escorts including Muslim Khan and even Faqir Mohammad, the leader of the militants in Bajaur, who were in the middle of a bloody fight with the army.
  92. The picture had captured me rather well, but how would he know that? Then I remembered a sting operation two years earlier involving a group of high priced escorts that were systematically being knocked off.
  93. In an unequal challenge, they took off time and again to contest Allied fighter escorts that completely outnumbered them, and with the German defence perimeter shrinking, the air war entered a ferocious phase.
  94. As soon as the interceptors had abandoned their large bases near the planet, the convoy escorts hyper jumped to the vicinity of the biggest and closest military and freight depot on the planet’s larger moon.
  95. The convoy escorts finished destroying a second military installation on the moon when a wave of destroyers appeared around the Queen Elizabeth and Wren's tender which were parked in orbit near the asteroid belt.
  96. Detectives at the department were pretty sure that while Bergman was running his aboveboard agency with one hand, he was also dispatching exotic dancers, overnight escorts, masseuses, and porn talent with the other.
  97. For presumably the last time, Sheila, the only female guard at the maximum-security jail, who has somehow worked here twenty-three years, escorts us through the sliding steel gates into the purgatory of the attorney rooms.
  98. Even with two F-15Js as close escorts, his P-3C would be hideously vulnerable in any aerial engagement, and this didn’t even take into consideration the threat of missiles from possible Chinese ships close to the islands.
  99. The hot places, such as Seebeck-am-Markt where Bert Kämpfert and his superb swing band held court was only four houses away from Omi’s apartment but unfortunately restricted to American GIs and their hip-swinging escorts.
  100. With its sonar equipment all but blanked out by the noise from the high speed run of the flotilla, the 18,000-ton helicopter carrier and its destroyer escorts never heard the quiet YUAN-Class submarine until it was too late.

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