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    1. At least he is kind enough to escort me home; the time is 2:00 am now

    2. With that, Son, Lyla, Guard, and an escort of five hundred soldiers led by

    3. ‘If you would be so kind as to wait here, I shall find someone to escort you to the store

    4. ‘I wish you joy of your escort, pretty lady

    5. I stared at all the cars around us and I thought these were all authorities waiting to escort us the rest of the way home

    6. The soldier then composed himself and waited for his escort to come and lead him out to his place of execution

    7. “You will escort Lord Boras to the main gate of this Hold and see to it that he and his party return to their own Hold

    8. soldier then composed himself and waited for his escort to come

    9. “Move quickly,” shouted the Captain of the escort

    10. Unescorted women in Greek and Roman times did NOT have equal rights and they were confined to their cabin and had to call for escort to the head

    11. She very generously offers to let me have a copy of her speech, charmingly talking her escort, Joseph Brewster, into scribbling down my address

    12. Harry was appointed by his mother to gather the diners at a quarter to seven at the commons deck and, at least for their first evening, escort them up the street to the restaurant

    13. At the designated dining hour, Harry dressed nicely and announced to the assembled guests, “If you wish, I shall be most pleased to escort you to your evening's suppers; those of you not otherwise engaged may follow me

    14. “As I said before, usually I only escort visitors on our side of the

    15. If you should require to use the lavatory during that time, one of my assistants will be here to escort you to the facilities and return you to this room

    16. " Jim announced as he crossed the room to take her hand, and escort her into the dining room

    17. royal escort and her father and the

    18. Nonetheless, that was her last excursion, away from the Place without an escort

    19. When evening came Cinderella wanted to leave, and the prince tried to escort her, but she ran away because she was ashamed of how she lived

    20. remain with James and who should escort Tom and Enid

    21. face her escort – water trickling off her wimple and onto

    22. They were protected by a well-armed escort,

    23. She gave her escort a searching look

    24. group, grateful that she had a reliable and safe escort

    25. Perhaps you could escort me there as well

    26. Then, "Al, we need a rest room escort!"

    27. There was another team here, a farmer was sleeping under his empty wagon, his head popped up and he asked, "What's all the hollering about? You don't need no escort to the shitter in this…"

    28. escort them to the town gates

    29. The lovely, young S’ilindsa helped escort him out of the pod, her thin elven fingers affectionately wrapped around his own

    30. The elder snapped his fingers with impatience, so his escort didn’t pursue

    31. They were told to wait for their escort

    32. They waited in the centre for their escort to lead them to the throne hall

    33. Escort girls from the Godly Succubi roamed the halls of the factory, pleasing and teasing whatever man they came across

    34. “Yes!”' the Elf clapped and took each of their arms in her hands as her escort and let them lead her out of the hangar

    35. then called for an escort to meet him at the

    36. I decided it best to stay by the truck till either Vanessa or Clive came to escort us

    37. ‘Well, I’ve been holed up in this place for the last five years; the only time I can go out is with a B’tari escort

    38. Alexander learned of the data that I had and my plan, he said that he was going to contact the UN to provide an escort to take me to England in exchange for this information

    39. Elizabeth was silent, then she asked, “Where are you supposed to meet the UN escort?” At Fallingwater

    40. We will then wait for the water to be loaded onto the mules and escort them back to our lines the engineers have rigged some hooks which will allow the water cans to be filled quicker

    41. “Come on you Sappers get your bloody fingers out we have to escort this water back to our lines and we’d rather do it before dark

    42. “Do you really think they’ll send the entire Earth Navy to escort us back there?” added Scott

    43. Firing appropriate thrusters the vessel turned almost on the spot to face the oncoming escort vessels which were almost twice its size

    44. The two escort vessels have passed the station and are now obscured behind it

    45. The damaged escort vessel is drifting at a constant velocity, currently 5 kilometres away and no new vessels have appeared within range

    46. How many escort class vessels do we have ready to fly within the next thirty minutes?” replied Jim, failing to address Scott’s concerns

    47. The woman with the headset replied, “We should be able to prepare twenty-seven escort ships in total

    48. The rescue ships, five of the fastest escort vessels, would be travelling with all transmitters, transponders and their radar systems switched off, following a curved path that would initially hide their actual destination

    49. The commander of each escort vessel in the attack fleet had been given strict instructions to get a missile lock on Vanguard as early as possible but not to use actually any weapons, other than in self-defence, and to come to a complete halt and hold formation at a distance of ten kilometres from Vanguard

    50. The three men were seated in the small conference room, watching, for the second time, video footage sent to them by the crew of the Sentinel 3 escort vessel

    1. proudly by her side as he had escorted her home amidst

    2. On the way out I cowered in my father's leather backseat, sure I was being escorted in luxury towards my death

    3. Tiffany was escorted out of the shopping centre by the two big and burly police officers, put into the back of their patrol car and whisked off into the busy Saturday morning streets

    4. If they held the two fore fingers entwined, it meant they were mates; if the lady’s hand was inside a full palm, it meant they were involved; and if the lady’s hand rested on top of the extended hand, then she was free and merely being escorted

    5. ’ I said as he escorted us to the door

    6. They escorted Tyu to her quarters and were heard conversing with her in her native tongue

    7. Grinning from ear to ear he escorted her to the high parapet that encircled the stronghold and stopped at a large gate

    8. escorted out of the shopping centre by the two big and burly police

    9. The girl who escorted her to her appointment could have been one of the girls who jumped the bull in 1648bc

    10. His father, mother, and sisters escorted him to the depot in Truckee, where he and Mr

    11. Handkerchiefs at the ready and resolved against using them the twins steadied themselves on Harry's arms for a moment longer, then escorted him to the boarding ladder

    12. escorted around the other

    13. “So, I escorted Tarm back across the causeway without incident,

    14. Inspector Jarvis watched as the Sergeant and the constable escorted the younger man out of the room then shook his head

    15. Breakfast had appeared as before, but it was some hours before he was collected and escorted back to the interview room

    16. Buttworst and another prison guard escorted Johnny and Jack out of the

    17. Harry escorted her to her state room and went to his own rooms just down the passageway on the same deck

    18. Allcock escorted Harry to the Headmaster's office and made their presence known for the appointment

    19. For seventeen straight days Heather had been escorted to the dean’s office,

    20. Kit was awaiting her arrival, a minute later Jim joined them escorted by Todd

    21. ’ I forgot to tell students that I escorted Debra through the portal dressed in my best U

    22. He would have escorted them to the ticket counter, but the car behind honked its horn

    23. He then wrapped her arm around his and escorted her back to the table, where she slide in behind Mike and he then turned a chair around squatting on it to stare into Mike's red face to say, "I like to dance with those women that don't dance

    24. three umpires escorted him off

    25. As Glenelle escorted Desa to a stall and back she told her not to worry, that everything was going well and they wouldn't be going back to YingolNeerie

    26. When he’d finished, Nerissa didn’t have a chance to talk with Thea, because Praegon escorted her straight to the nursery

    27. ” Zarko was escorted closer and the queen whispered something to him

    28. One of the Royal Guards escorted him up the wide steps to the palace entrance and into the entrance hall where he waited until a court official could attend to him

    29. Carius ordered that the man be escorted to the field doctor’s tent, and that water be retrieved

    30. He was expected at the infirmary and the staff quickly escorted them to the private ward where his father lay

    31. Isin and Senta took an arm apiece and escorted her toward the training rooms

    32. Not so much for their being all women, but because each of them were escorted by at least one or two of the Nephlii who were as anxious to mingle on the station as the Lascorii

    33. Warlock and Martin climbed down to the tarmac and were escorted over to a three story glass and cement building without a word being spoken

    34. Using rope I lowered the barrel of the first cannon onto the raft and then escorted it to shore where I wrestled it inland a bit

    35. Hans escorted her to the door, and she entered with Russell and Aspen

    36. I waited for Joseph to be escorted to our home by his friends

    37. Jeff escorted her to the door and then to her car!

    38. After four days of loading coal, painting, and other maintenance work, the Alabama steamed out of Cherbourg harbor in the morning of June 19, escorted by the French ironclad, Couronne

    39. Lord Rorten brought only three hundred lances, Lady Eleisha was escorted by a hundred cavalry and fifty archers on horseback – she was a minor ruler of mostly farmlands across Mendora – large dark eyes and a slender frame, her golden hair shone in the lamplight

    40. He was then escorted by Whittle

    41. I was escorted over to the chair and I saw a group of Officers off to one side I noticed the red tabs on some of them and thought fucking Staff I watched as Lt Howarth went and stood by them

    42. The guards escorted him through the backstage area and out into the exercise yard

    43. When dinner was over, Alex escorted her out the door, leaving the rest of the party talking in low tones

    44. The guards came for him at midday and escorted him through the corridors to the yard

    45. Shortly afterwards an armed guard arrived and escorted the prisoners to another stone building where the stones had been rounded by the weather and the mortar had receded into the cracks

    46. Steroids just shook his head no, and escorted me out the door

    47. Gibbons could have escorted me

    48. “We were escorted here before we had a chance

    49. We were escorted into the emergency room, which had filled with doctors, nurses and

    50. Felicity and I gathered up my clothes and medicine, then she escorted me out to her car

    1. ‘Who is escorting me?’ I asked, wondering how I am going to carry all this baggage he suggests I need … and without a gg

    2. As I stare at the banks of the wasteg slowly passing, I turn over in my mind why he should have volunteered for the job of escorting me to the Well

    3. Undeterred, however, the young man travelled the length and breadth of the country, escorting each and every one these beautiful and hopeful creatures to nightclubs, to restaurants and to his hotel bedrooms

    4. Jim makes a great parade of escorting them from reception through to his office without explaining to anyone why they are here

    5. “Oh, I was told to wait here; Altera is escorting Lady Rayne to her Hold

    6. travelled the length and breadth of the country, escorting each and

    7. Soon after he spoke the words, the Inn's owner Grimgy burst through the crowd and was escorting the weeping woman away, his meaty hand nudging her waist

    8. She could soon see that the group was comprised of three Altmer, presumably Thalmor agents by their dress, as well as the fact that they were escorting two captive Nords

    9. the Confederate officer escorting him, “I tell you what, Maty,

    10. After having spent about an hour upstairs, they came down escorting Dr

    11. ’ He wondered then if this shipment of cocaine he was escorting was going to do the harm Beth thought it would

    12. Colling and Kwonowski waited in the library until Hermann returned from escorting the Countess to her room

    13. My husband’s father whom I loved, “Pa,” the legendary magistrate, stood in for my own father, escorting me on his arm down the aisle

    14. We are charged with escorting you there

    15. Stevenson’s escorting females in

    16. Daniel Gilbert was spotted escorting Lucky, wife of cousin Jesse Gilbert out of the Corporate Gala event in Miami’s Hilton Plaza Saturday night

    17. Haynes smiled and held out an escorting arm

    18. They appeared to be escorting two prisoners whom they seemed to be taking a great delight in handling roughly

    19. They appeared to be escorting two prisoners

    20. Four months after rescuing 133 survivors from the sinking of a transport ship, the 165 foot Escanaba was escorting a convoy from Greenland to Newfoundland

    21. ) by German U- boat torpedoes while escorting an Allied convoy with the loss of the entire crew

    22. She knew exactly what had brought this on, despite the fairytale about escorting Sheila

    23. The door opened, and Calvin swiveled his chair to see two heavily armed soldiers step in, followed by Tristan, who was forcibly escorting a man in handcuffs

    24. This was used by police when escorting a prisoner to keep them out of the main stream of people and ambulances constantly flowing to and past the ED doors

    25. They pulled into the same spot and called on the radio to find out where the paddy wagon was that they were supposed to be escorting

    26. He would have given anything to be escorting Torie

    27. Clarity saw Juarez handcuff the head of administration and Cactus, escorting them to the police boat

    28. Duprina remained in The Fortaleza savoring her triumph, and of course, Zoroastro was also part of the escorting caravan

    29. The screen door opened and three men stepped out of the house – two police officers escorting a man whose hands were cuffed behind his back

    30. The joviality that marks such occasions was soon marred by the arrival of Barry proudly escorting his new love

    31. When this great crowd came back escorting the Master into the city, Bartimeus, hearing the heavy tramping of the multitude, knew that something unusual was happening, and so he asked those standing near him what was going on

    32. “We’ll party later," he stated, escorting her quickly out of the building

    33. Hank and his three companions arrived at the restaurant just as the Deputy was escorting Harry to jail

    34. They were escorting one individual who could barely be spotted

    35. We would like to spend the next year escorting convoys at the fringes of the system

    36. soon as I was informed that you and Gretchen were escorting Toby

    37. and escorting her to the bedroom

    38. A strong column of Roman infantrymen then opened a way through the crowd for the cavalrymen escorting the dispossessed king, going through the nearby Jaffa Gate

    39. Nancy anxiously followed the pair of jets as long as she could from her window, hoping that the wingman of the wounded fighter would not decide then to blast the airliner out of the sky before escorting his leader back to base

    40. It was an aging establishment but its personnel proved at once both competent and courteous, a young bellboy putting at once Nancy’s luggage on a cart and escorting her and Qalibaf to the reception desk, where a smiling man greeted her in good English

    41. There had already been a number of incidents where confrontations between American warships and Russian and Chinese warships escorting tankers full of Iranian oil had nearly turned into shooting incidents

    42. Eleazar had at first insisted in escorting them, finding inappropriate that three women would travel alone, even on such a short journey

    43. another half hour, until about twenty Roman soldiers led by a centurion emerged from the city gate, escorting four men, three of which were carrying each a heavy patibulum, the wooden crossbeam to which a condemned would be nailed before it would be hoisted in place in a notch cut in each of the vertical beams

    44. If the escorting enemy fighters are all NATEs, then we will have a serious speed advantage on them

    45. On one hand, two American squadrons totaling at the start of the battle 22 P-40 fighters had tried to intercept the big group of enemy bombers heading for Cavite this morning but had clashed instead with over thirty escorting Ki-27 NATE fighters

    46. During our fight this morning, me and Captain Villamor thus used as much as we could frontal passes against the Japanese bombers, while we kept our speed up and thus basically ignored the escorting NATE fighters, which were too slow to catch us or even follow us

    47. With the machinery noise from the big Japanese warships reverberating inside the submarine as they dispersed in one big hurry, the captain was quite certain that there was no way that the escorting destroyers could hear him on their sonar

    48. With the escorting Ki-43s still not having shot down a single American P-40, a further three bombers fell before the P-40s, out of ammunition, turned away, still going at top speed

    49. Kido took his card, then thanked him for his visit, promising to keep him informed while escorting him back to the elevators

    50. The Japanese fighter pilots would be unable to quickly warn the bombers they were escorting because of that crucial shortcoming

    1. He escorts me back to Ted’s office and hands over the keys

    2. ‘We’ve got your escorts sorted out, Lintze

    3. trailing sadly behind their new escorts

    4. my porters escorts them

    5. Many were permanently housed within the city walls, as servants in the inns and taverns, as merchants or lords and ladies on extended visits to the King of the Nordics, as well as over three hundred nobility who had arrived with the spring thaw, bringing escorts of soldiers either in aid of the Saviours or to protect their own interests during their journey to Nordhel

    6. An Amity nurse gives me a salve—developed by Erudite to speed healing—to put on my shoulder, and then escorts Peter to the hospital ward to mend his arm

    7. ” Jeanine says once Tobias and his escorts are gone

    8. Now, they employed escorts for clients

    9. I was rowed ashore along with the jagun of Kashik that had been sent as my escorts

    10. But, even after a determination of no guilt, the four were given escorts

    11. Elijah: Sit, I know the real reason we have escorts, they are always sitting outside our doors, they say it is to protect us, but we know they spy on us

    12. Marco and Bomani are also your escorts

    13. All three of your escorts were brave enough to volunteer to rescue you from Planet 455 where you were held captive

    14. rob turned out to be one of the train’s police escorts

    15. escorts had been placed on the trains just in case this sort of thing

    16. Rashad escorts her to a room where Queen Latifah is waiting

    17. He opens the door and escorts her to the room with Lelani and Queen Latifah as they leave for their luncheon

    18. Now where is your bathroom?” He escorts her to the bathroom where she begins crying

    19. He escorts her to the dining room where it is lit with candles and beautifully decorated with her favorite foods from around the world

    20. It’s an intense, silent ride as Ethan escorts Janay to the precinct and Torin leaves Trina in his home as he arrives at the precinct to watch Janay’s confession

    21. Next, the assembled leaders of the elven nations, with their spouses or escorts, moved with stately pace into the aisle from either side at the base of the podium, then up to the fourth highest tier, until they stood in couples in a circle on it

    22. Their table was in the outer ring, and the rest of the Princes and Princesses, along with their spouses and escorts, filled the four tables to either side

    23. The rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as some of the other senior wizards, and all their spouses and escorts, were seated at the four nearest tables on the inner ring

    24. Navy Captain Jerry Paulson and USAF Colonel John Ralph, each trying to fly closer formation than the other, were his flying escorts

    25. They tucked in so close the airflow from their wings disrupted the air under the T-39 causing the pilot to nervously ask on guard channel for the two escorts to spread it out a little, please

    26. The compliment paid to the sea services by naval historian and Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison after World War Two could be applied to the Coast Guard from its Revenue Service days to the present: “Let us remember the gunboats, minecraft, destroyer escorts, PTs, beaching and other lettered craft

    27. the operation of them under the most hazardous conditions are beyond praise; but we may not forget that (at the beginning of the war) the Navy was woefully deficient in escorts and small craft, and should resolve to never be caught short again” (Beck, pp

    28. Lake ice which formed early in the 1995-1996 winter season forced the Coast Guard to use convoy escorts for commercial vessels

    29. She glared at her escorts, then turned and started toward the far door

    30. "This way, Lieutenant Commander," one of Calvin's escorts said as he guided Calvin across the long stretch of path toward the silhouetted figures

    31. The hot places, such as Seebeck-am-Markt where Bert Kämpfert and his superb swing band held court was only four houses away from Omi’s apartment but unfortunately restricted to American GIs and their hip-swinging escorts

    32. Ladies-of-the-night, it was said, preferred to enchant their prospective angels in that bar as their escorts had already advertised their affluence by going there in the first place

    33. For the first time in more than ten years I walked myself to visitation (no escorts) and did not have cuffs on

    34. Leonardo and the other escorts followed by horse

    35. I guess they were escorts

    36. We had our escorts, her mom, armed police and Jed had barely left my side

    37. “They plan to build a hotel complex alongside the casino and then ship girls in from all over the Caribbean and Americas as escorts and companions

    38. The three escorts were skimming only about a hundred metres above the treetops as he continued to shadow their every move

    39. Rachel stood speechless as Admiral Sherman turned and followed Captain Curra and his Marine escorts toward the security area

    40. He escorts him back over to where Hack’s standing

    41. protected space as escorts to a regularly scheduled convoy of cargo ships in accordance with standard practice

    42. He wants to work with his escorts openly

    43. He recognizes that if he must have escorts, they needed to be close at hand

    44. By this time Sabrina and the two escorts had unstrapped and had squeezed themselves into the P

    45. By the end of Saul’s flight restriction, Fiona was swimming as well as the others, but even with all their work, none of them could keep up with their marine escorts

    46. “Instruct the P I’s and escorts to wait until they are at the edge of missile range

    47. Well before they were in any danger, the P I’s and the escorts short hyper jumped behind the two advancing formations

    48. When the P I's and escorts jumped, the missiles lost their lock and, true to form, turned around and attacked the fleet that had launched them

    49. Her missiles could have reached the 21’s for a while, but using them would have meant endangering the P I’s and Escorts

    50. We could hyper in the P I’s and the escorts, lob a few missiles around and hyper out

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