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Frasi con guard (in inglese)

  1. The guard came to me.
  2. The guard left the jar.
  3. He turned to the guard.
  4. The Guard at the Tomb.
  5. But the guard had gone.

  6. The guard did not move.
  7. The guard stared at him.
  8. The guard blew a whistle.
  9. That caught me off guard.
  10. This is the Coast Guard.
  11. Be on your guard, ma'am.
  12. The guard shook his head.
  13. He did not need a guard.
  14. The male will guard the.
  15. They caught us off guard.

  16. He had dropped his guard.
  17. The guard stared at the.
  18. Sarah was caught off guard.
  19. We were instantly on guard.
  20. Aaron catches me off guard.
  21. Captain of the rear guard.
  22. A guard stood at the post.
  23. Shao, was caught off guard.
  24. To guard means to protect.
  25. Guard, who rode on a horse.

  26. The guard began taking roll.
  27. And then the guard grimaced.
  28. The guard glared after them.
  29. Wilson was caught off guard.
  30. He surveyed the guard house.
  31. A guard was on the floor;.
  32. The Guard unlocked the door.
  33. He really took me off guard.
  34. Coast Guard Band is founded.
  35. The guard didn’t like this.
  36. Adrian Thomason was on guard.
  37. The baby caught me off guard.
  38. Kate had let down her guard.
  39. Not a single guard in sight.
  40. The guard charged toward me.
  41. The other was his guard dog.
  42. Back! Here come the guard!.
  43. She looked like a body guard.
  44. Letting his guard down took.
  45. The guard comes in your room.
  46. The Death Guard is too late.
  47. The dour guard and the grey.
  48. Coast Guard, served in all U.
  49. A guard stepped forward and.
  50. I was constantly on my guard.
  51. The guard stood up hesitantly.
  52. He said would guard his home.
  53. Guard on either side for help.
  54. The Security Guard told me.
  55. Both parents will guard the.
  56. You need to be on your guard.
  57. As for the guard dogs, I've.
  58. Her words caught him off guard.
  59. Coast Guard on the Great Lakes.
  60. Be on your guard at all times.
  61. The guard was still squirming.
  62. Quickly the guard lifted the.
  63. They do not guard their North.
  64. The guard repeated his request.
  65. I saw you called the guard.
  66. There was bound to be a guard.
  67. He stands, addresses the guard.
  68. Selene arrived, with her Guard.
  69. The guard outside my cell said.
  70. The old guard called her Adolf.
  71. The guard pondered for a moment.
  72. And then on guard for the pain.
  73. She stepped closer to the guard.
  74. I immediately dropped my guard.
  76. Harry didn't let down his guard.
  77. Machinma's door and stood guard.
  78. That made me put my guard down.
  79. Uh, who now?' said the guard.
  80. Jenny was his office guard dog.
  81. Tammas was again taken off guard.
  82. And don't bring your body guard.
  83. His voice caught them off guard.
  84. In came the captain of the guard.
  85. Jerry understood why the guard.
  86. You will guard the house of man.
  87. You must be the one to guard it.
  88. Look, said the other guard.
  89. Her request catches me off guard.
  90. That damn guard at the gate.
  91. The guard sitting in the small.
  92. The guard was looking for you.
  93. Son began to strangle the guard.
  94. The guard leaves, bolts the door.
  95. Easy, easy, the guard said.
  96. The guard had no choice but to.
  97. Yes, sir, the guard replied.
  98. The guard looked at his colleague.
  99. Keep this area under heavy guard.
  100. Kevin supposed it was a guard rat.
  1. A gate guarding the great.
  2. I stood there, guarding them.
  3. Yngvild was guarding his back.
  4. The sentries guarding it will.
  5. Josh was just guarding the car.
  6. We sat in the car guarding her.
  7. Guarding the throne were the Cherubs.
  8. I was put in charge of guarding him.
  9. They had been guarding it for years.
  10. Another cop was guarding the elevator.
  11. I killed the three Taliban guarding me.
  12. Even now, men are guarding the money.
  13. What are we guarding the city from?
  14. The character can move past a Guarding.
  15. This dog should not be used for guarding.
  16. Guarding section A of the Nepbal Stadium.
  17. He seems to be guarding with his bows and.
  18. The Archangel also serve in guarding lives.
  19. A gun emplacement stood guarding the trench.
  20. But the angel of the Lord was guarding it;.
  21. They’re guarding the gate, he replied.
  22. Three more on the west side, guarding Nevada.
  23. Russ turns the gun on the soldier guarding John.
  24. There was a huge troll giant guarding the bridge.
  25. I nodded and knocked on the door she was guarding.
  26. Without appropriate guarding, you can be a one-.
  27. You are the only virus they are guarding against.
  28. But I'm sure that's the man I saw guarding Jason.
  29. Such a good boy you are, guarding the loft from.
  30. He’s guarding the entry to this lower section.
  31. It looks like two Magi apprentices are guarding it.
  32. Guarding the gate was a tall shining warrior whose.
  33. No one was present except the man guarding the door.
  34. Sebastian watched cautiously, guarding his feelings.
  35. With the golden apple tree and a dragon guarding it.
  36. He paused and called to the officers guarding Tommy.
  37. She closed the booklet, her thumb guarding the page.
  38. Hubert was supposed to be guarding the gates of the.
  39. You know what they say, there’s a dragon guarding.
  40. The established pattern guarding this compound was a.
  41. The demands of guarding it make paper money expensive.
  42. The Galaef is a prisoner in the prison you are guarding.
  43. Medina because there will be Angels guarding each of the.
  44. I was and then I was given the job of guarding Eva at Dr.
  45. I saw that the sniper was guarding the prisoners as well.
  46. Sam would have to ride in back with his dad guarding him.
  47. Do you have a shot at the man guarding the entrance?
  48. The man guarding him suffocated Ish with the trishul rod.
  49. Molly guarding the cave entrance, looked back and shrugged.
  50. Everyone in the house was either guarding her or recharging.
  51. Guarding Father Abraham, that’s what they called it.
  52. Information was that there were 20 men guarding this compound.
  53. She stood and moved forward, her arms guarding the front of her.
  54. She could also see the Aristrian sentries guarding the entrance.
  55. The two men guarding the house sat on chairs reading newspapers.
  56. The Soldiers barricaded the front door and had been guarding it.
  57. They were hiding and guarding me from the fans and the assassins.
  58. There are a few who knew I wouldn't be guarding Holly that night.
  59. Yinxue walked out hand in hand, holding the flower guarding bells.
  60. Is it his scent you have found or the one he is guarding?
  61. He was doing all of the guarding of their captive, Brother Matthew.
  62. CBS News got hold of photos by US soldiers guarding Iraqi prisoners.
  63. Left my guys, Taylor Pipes and Nick Korker, guarding both locations.
  64. What does it matter who's guarding me? She asked them confused.
  65. There was no doubt that they’d be smaller groups guarding the exits.
  66. Oilfield's name comes from the time when he was guarding the huge oil.
  67. Anthony’s Hospital, where the Metro police were guarding Alex Cross.
  68. It turned out to be the same one that had been guarding the prisoners.
  69. He was guarding the inside of what once might have been a linen closet.
  70. There was always a risk that someone or some monitor would be guarding.
  71. He was the man who had been guarding the hut where Jason and Deanna had.
  72. One of those guards shouted to the man still guarding the King’s door.
  73. While they claimed that the lack of proper guarding was an open and.
  74. G&D seem to have a valid point in terms of guarding against market risk.
  75. A guarding soldier came to investigate, he was armed with a Thompson 45.
  76. Krishn will bear the responsibility for guarding the sphere of Arjun’s.
  77. Kearney had a habit of guarding the sisters, and not just during cave-ins.
  78. The insurgents' sentinel, who was guarding the other end, did not see him.
  79. Gareth turned towards the office, and the vampire guarding the door tensed.
  80. I had three cops guarding me, and all I could think about was your safety.
  81. You do not understand that guarding the Tsar's property is a great honour.
  82. There was a single patrol guy guarding Jill’s town house when I pulled up.
  83. Attacking the enemy fleet guarding the western shore is sheer suicide, Sir.
  84. Alongside us, Jonas also was charged with the guarding of the sacred spring.
  85. It also helps to improve the immune system in guarding the cell duplication.
  86. Guarding as well as guiding William, he knew that he would be safe with her.
  87. As the tour went on, guards stood by the doors guarding entrances and exits.
  88. The French soldiers guarding the entrance came to attention and saluted her.
  89. Anyone guarding the dam would hear the boat coming, especially in this quiet.
  90. Plus his burglar alarm had gone off and two policemen were guarding the house.
  91. If I knew you were guarding tonight, I would have fixed you something special.
  92. CoolWater flashed his badge at the police officers that were guarding the scene.
  93. The number of Voth soldiers guarding the prisoners had increased since they were.
  94. Grandpa and Corey give us time to be alone and stand with the cop guarding my room.
  95. So they separated to either sides of the camp, each guarding an exit from the other.
  96. It’s not al completely clear yet, but it appears that the POS have been guarding.
  97. We sat down to a simple meal and I asked why a whole jagun was guarding the causeway.
  98. He strode through the doorway the Tuthan had been guarding, into a rich opulent room.
  99. Huge Mayan statues graced the entrance, with large rock monsters guarding the temple.
  100. Dynasty called it the ‘Flower Guarding Bells’ and later poets would also compose.
  1. Guarded The Aster Like A.
  2. King Guarded, His Armor Of.
  3. Here she is well guarded.
  4. Now she was guarded and cool.
  5. This one was heavily guarded.
  6. This house is closely guarded.
  7. He never guarded the cell again.
  8. These badly guarded souls listen.
  9. They lived in a guarded compound.
  10. He and Annie guarded her fiercely.
  11. Guarded for survival, he said.
  12. Somehow he became guarded and said.
  13. What? I asked, my tone guarded.
  14. Barefooted, they guarded that crown.
  15. It was tightly guarded on all sides.
  16. His eyes are flinty gray and guarded.
  17. They were guarded in what they said.
  18. Two Caddies and a Lincoln guarded a.
  19. Louis was met with guarded skepticism.
  20. That plant is heavily guarded, though.
  21. And what if the gate is guarded?
  22. I see, she said, her tone guarded.
  23. As if they were closely guarded pearls.
  24. At one time, it was a closely guarded.
  25. We’re usually guarded by GW, you.
  26. It was a secret that we closely guarded.
  27. He watched her reaction, Well guarded.
  28. The ones who guarded the wealth and se-.
  29. That was his most closely guarded secret.
  30. Jack guarded the rear of our little group.
  31. Even she had guarded her soul against him.
  32. A line of cloaked mages guarded the gates.
  33. This was guarded by two men with shotguns.
  34. It was guarded by one guard at a toll both.
  35. The Celtic underworld guarded by the boar.
  36. Emily was guarded, untrusting, and on edge.
  37. It was still guarded by a sloping hillside.
  38. The door was guarded, but the window was not.
  39. My family has guarded the gate since my.
  40. Scumble shook his head in guarded admiration.
  41. The guard now slept as he guarded the hole.
  42. They guarded this gate with their lives.
  43. Heavily armed outriders guarded their flanks.
  44. The rest of the guards guarded the procession.
  45. Though he was guarded with his emotions and.
  46. They were guarded by conscripts, a corporal.
  47. The sea, guarded by a lighthouse and an iron.
  48. Barrington thinks it would be lightly guarded.
  49. He knew that Selest was never heavily guarded.
  50. They they had guarded and which is now no more.
  51. The place is heavily guarded, McLean said.
  52. She was still mad about being guarded and just.
  53. Commonly used or not, it still might be guarded.
  54. It was guarded in the same way, but beneath it.
  55. The prognosis was unknown at present but guarded.
  56. If that path is still there, it'll be guarded too.
  57. The voice of Ingrid, jovial at first, grew guarded.
  58. When he finally spoke again his voice was guarded.
  59. And it sounds like that's been a closely guarded.
  60. The Port of Erie was guarded by the Coast Guard, U.
  61. Therefore she did not suspect anything or guarded.
  62. A pair of battlemechs guarded the gates of the city.
  63. Many soldiers guarded the rock from all directions.
  64. He was silent a moment, and his gaze became guarded.
  65. Guarded twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  66. No one she’d ever guarded had suffered terminal.
  67. Was there some guarded secret? (Some hidden trick?).
  68. He persisted, asking whether his friend was guarded.
  69. Guarded by the elders of the Hopi Indian tribe, the.
  70. Where are we going? his voice was soft, guarded.
  71. The outer defences were still heavily guarded however.
  72. That must be guarded for strategic reasons and trial.
  73. The child is well guarded tonight, as he is for all.
  74. I could hear wariness in his voice, a guarded caution.
  75. Eastern palace is guarded heavily only at the entrance.
  76. I had always heard in stories that goblins guarded.
  77. Stripehead turned away and guarded the joint jealously.
  78. Though the front gate was open, two soldiers guarded it.
  79. The ones who guarded the wealth and secrets of the well.
  80. But money is protected by the Law and guarded by the Gun.
  81. We’re on our way to a heavily guarded security station.
  82. They had to be guarded while they dug in the baking heat.
  83. CoolWater made sure two police officers guarded the door.
  84. I have no doubt she is as jealously guarded as was Helen.
  85. At 1055 Bill went to the ship with his guarded bombsight.
  86. A guarded ship with live cargo could mean only one thing.
  87. The Red Cross billets were guarded and off-limits to men.
  88. We were exhausted and tried to cat-nap as they guarded us.
  89. Without her blade, she had even more reason to be guarded.
  90. The hour-and-a-half conversation had been guarded at first.
  91. A continuous wail emitted from her tightly guarded bundle.
  92. She had become very guarded in his presence, as if he was.
  93. They were guarded by lounging security staff who appeared.
  94. There are a variety of forms by which the right is guarded.
  95. He would have the council building in Jackson Road guarded.
  96. I had KC walk Bubba and Josh guarded her while I pumped gas.
  97. He was no longer the child who had to be constantly guarded.
  98. He said the pool of immortality was guarded by Death itself.
  99. Linda was being guarded by two men, both equipped with guns.
  100. But the truth imparted in the retreats is carefully guarded.
  1. The Gulag guards as a.
  2. Guards put out the fire.
  3. We will call the Guards.
  4. Two of the guards were.
  5. We hire on as guards.
  6. One of the guards said.
  7. One of the guards laughed.
  8. There were no guards or.
  9. One of the guards snorted.
  10. Take the guards with you.
  11. His Loved Ones He Guards.
  12. The guards must be asleep.
  13. It one of the royal guards.
  14. Kevin glanced at the guards.
  15. The guards tied her wrists.
  16. He passed a few guards on.
  17. The guards had piled palm.
  18. After the five guards had.
  19. The guards had Nazi style.
  20. One of the guards replied:.
  21. That’s a lot of guards.
  22. Not while there are guards.
  23. Hell! We could hire guards.
  24. The seven heku guards were.
  25. Every time the guards came.
  26. The two guards by the cell.
  27. She has two guards with her.
  28. The guards with their long.
  30. Guards looking over the top.
  31. As the guards escorted him.
  32. At that moment, the guards.
  33. She is one of my best guards.
  34. The two guards were close now.
  35. I was attacked by the guards.
  36. One of his guards had a whip.
  37. The Guards took another back.
  38. The guards still seemed tense.
  39. He looked back at the guards.
  40. Once we arrived, the guards.
  41. The guards uncuffed both of.
  42. He waved the two guards away.
  43. As the guards marched off and.
  44. No wonder there were no guards.
  45. He’d bring a score of guards.
  46. Beside them the guards tensed.
  47. The guards converged on Travis.
  48. There’s one of the guards.
  49. It made the guards nervous.
  50. Some of the guards were also.
  51. There were no security guards.
  52. The guards looked on in shock.
  53. The Royal Guards, Glorious To.
  54. His Royal Guards Were Carried.
  55. He left with the Death Guards.
  56. The guards took orders and left.
  57. Until we know how many guards.
  58. Maybe it’s only the guards.
  59. The society guards the secret.
  60. Is that it? Four guards?
  61. The guards that had fallen to.
  62. None of the house guards have.
  63. Fancy yard that a child guards.
  64. Guards were set, two at a watch.
  65. I can see four security guards.
  66. The guards shrugged and nodded.
  67. The heku guards watched, shocked.
  68. I noticed that four guards had.
  69. In the process the guards shot.
  70. There were three security guards.
  71. The guards looked at Hollowcrest.
  72. All the guards that were—.
  73. Two Swiss Guards sat in the car.
  74. The guards watched her carefully.
  75. Hers will have guards around it.
  76. The guards found her like this.
  77. Scared the hell out of the guards.
  78. Poo! said one of his guards.
  79. He who guards his mouth preserve.
  80. His guards motioned us to follow.
  81. He did not envy the guards when.
  82. She assaulted four heku guards.
  83. Kyle and the guards frantically.
  84. I have also noticed that guards.
  85. The guards scurried out of sight.
  86. The guards did as they were told.
  87. The guards crushed in closer still.
  88. The Clan Bear stood as his guards.
  89. I sent over 75 guards to the area.
  90. Both guards would be unconscious.
  91. You said you set guards over me.
  92. After a minute one of the guards.
  93. Some of the guards may have been.
  94. The guards had spoiled it for her.
  95. Two guards, that’ll be simple.
  96. Four guards stood at the entrance.
  97. The other guards followed Cassius.
  98. If so, we can still pose as guards.
  99. Guards stood on either side of him.
  100. Doe to the nurses and armed guards.

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