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    1. During the week before Remembrance Day which actually falls on a Sunday this year, I talk with all of the folks at one time or another about what it meant for them – with the exception of Fred, they all have wartime memories of some sort – he was too young and was evacuated with his mother to somewhere in Wales for a couple of years

    2. "I hope you're wrong, but he's been evacuated again

    3. There were very few others in their area, most having evacuated deeper into the Republican States or fled to Laurentia

    4. Pim stressed that if y'all have to be evacuated instantly---and can't make it to the pods for the call---your audial implants have only enough power for one call---so make it count!”

    5. We evacuated everything we could here

    6. “We’ve evacuated most of those

    7. leave stuff like this behind if they evacuated the temple?” He smiled beatifically in a frustrating

    8. evacuated with the thought in mind that it may be necessary to return to it should the worst

    9. soon be evacuated and the citizens would be left to the mercy of the Union

    10. a long way since that day when she’d evacuated the crew of the Grand Banks and primed it for

    1. "The council fears that the cabal will evacuate in time if we destroy only the pyramid site

    2. Ava had no mission from the Pan Solar League other than to evacuate as many other souls as wished to board

    3. "I think the natives would know the asteroids were coming for years with their astronomy, hopefully in time to evacuate the cities

    4. The timer on their screen passed seven minutes and still no order had been given to evacuate

    5. We need to evacuate

    6. Plus, we called in reinforcements that were out helping to evacuate Mars’s Temples

    7. Thus, the ship was ordered to immediately to evacuate the premises

    8. Or, evacuate her away from that village for she was in very real danger

    9. Believing that another attack could hit the area, the fire commander immediately ordered his crews to evacuate

    10. Rocky would become isolated, with only volunteer State Emergency Services and police personnel continuing to evacuate locals to higher ground as the river peaked

    1. Even if the habitat evacuates completely, as long as you have oxygen to breathe, you can still get to the dinghy

    2. evacuates the body, the body breaks down the structure it held when it hosted life

    1. Ideally, Kennedy would soften the harshness of Communist control of all of Vietnam by evacuating all US allies

    2. A squad was evacuating the blazing vessel ahead of the Day Star, only to be

    3. They’d started evacuating when she appeared along with a cloud of smoke

    4. Panic broke out on the streets of the nearby towns when the evacuating residents heard

    5. “Thank you for evacuating the children,” she said

    6. evacuating their bowels while in the throes of a horrible death

    7. Traffic going around Pittsburgh from S, E, and N was very slow going because a large portion of the city’s population was evacuating

    8. Leaving Madison seated on the MMARV’s rear seat provided for the purpose of evacuating

    9. The job of evacuating all seven prisoners took ten minutes, with the loaded gurneys brought outside the main entrance, where a shuttlecraft had landed vertically in the street

    10. “Alright, but I am evacuating all the nursing sisters present here: you will be a lot more useful in a hospital in Melbourne than here

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    vacate abandon leave desert void remove excrete exhaust purge empty deplete

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    empty evacuate void vacate abandon leave desert remove excrete exhaust purge deplete