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    1. The sidewalk was void of life

    2. Recognising the void that suddenly lands on the senior citizen in terms of emotional support hitherto provided by joint families, Government, NGOs and Associations of senior citizens can institute this highly effective “treatment” programme

    3. One tiny star, smaller than a candle's fire, flickered amidst the void

    4. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face

    5. to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper

    6. "But not filling the void with lies," Tahlmute said

    7. void, filling it with humanity and possibility

    8. the absolute void and the essential necessity of beginning, and forgetting for a

    9. far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating

    10. sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    11. Silence was a perfection of void and nothing

    12. selves, none of which could ever have existed in a true void

    13. black within the unlimited spaces of the void, and in so doing He revealed even more

    14. the shades of dark void rippled in the non-light, Smith found that His tastes changed

    15. difference within the quietude, as with the spectral shades of the void, caused Smith to

    16. Smith took the melody and the rhythm of the void into the soul of creation, swinging

    17. void, combining it with the driving base line of fundamental creation that beat at His

    18. death across the vast expanse of the void, small packages of His thought leaked out

    19. Mimis ---> Tired to feel that void without finding true love, I

    20. Next comes more pain, much sharper this time and the dark void around me is transformed into a bright, blinding light

    21. I floated in the black void, imagining not the sweet smile of my saviour but the sour breath of the angel of death

    22. The heavens split wide open and I fell into a void, a pit of dense, black, smothering raven feathers

    23. “The three-dimensional seal ensured the witch's pact with two rival demons, one of the void and one of the fire”, explained Arion, as we were crossing the stone bridge, having just abandoned the tower

    24. These powers influence and pressure mankind into further disobedience by a rejection of God and a filling of the void with useless vanity

    25. But when it came down to it, her life is full of numbness and void of anything real and tangible

    26. Across the far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    27. To love silence, Smith realised, meant that as the creator He had become aware of self and place and time, and of the difference between places and times and selves, none of which could ever have existed in a true void

    28. No matter how hard He tried to order creation, however, he continually discovered unwelcome shades of black within the unlimited spaces of the void, and in so doing He revealed even more of a personality

    29. Silence was bliss, was the summation of every force and vitality known to the universal mind, but the inevitably subtle tonal difference within the quietude, as with the spectral shades of the void, caused Smith to vacillate

    30. Smith took the melody and the rhythm of the void into the soul of creation, swinging in allegiance from every note to every other note in a crescendo of perfect solitude, until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal truth in un-sound

    31. As Smith dreamed and experimented and changed the fabric of time and space, as He formulated infinite varieties of life and death across the vast expanse of the void, small packages of His thought leaked out from beyond the horizon of Smith’s dreaming and drifted through the aeons and along the canals and wires that connect the universal whole

    32. He knew these humans had been here long enough to void wastes

    33. in a small void that flexes in the shadow lands

    34. we mimic calls across the void

    35. I drop through and tumble over and over and over through the void

    36. It is also because of lack of support that people are forced out of the potential to live a regular life and into a void of obscurity

    37. Staring into the void was hypnotic

    38. if your relationship is based on love and both parties; although never void of irritation and

    39. It would have been so easy to jump, or was that exactly what they wanted? I could drop into the void, a sheer drop without any fear of flying

    40. She felt cool air circulating in the heat of that void

    41. The room should be void of

    42. Hate is an empty void that cannot know

    43. The dull and colorless void could burst with color

    44. They hoped she could fill some of that void but unfortunately she didn’t know very much more because she had been away most of the time since then

    45. 14For if they which are of the law are heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of

    46. The same word echoing through the void that was

    47. What time does she call this? He makes two attempts to stand and as he does the blood rushes into the void behind his eyes

    48. He feels wired, on caffeine overload, but it is better than the void, better than the numb impotence that curls around the edges of his world

    49. His eyes saw only a black void

    50. some would use these skills to fill a void in their heart where Conscience should be and exercise that power to influence others, but you must not succumb to such a temptation, our service is in humility and faithfulness, without selfish gain, nor personal merit

    1. environment is either limited, voided, increased, or amplified to the

    2. He obviously threw garbage and voided himself somewhere in here without any thought of drainage, he must have just let it build up

    3. then identifying those orders that should be voided according to that definition

    4. A searing white light suddenly burst forth in the midst of the voided vessel

    5. The position hid the stain from the voided bowels, but not that of the bladder so the Wolf carefully folded the man's hands in his lap partially covering that stain

    6. But the crash of ninety-nine temporarily voided out all that

    7. About two or three weeks later, I got a notice from the mutual fund that the sale was voided because of insufficient funds

    8. “The bounty on your head has been voided

    9. The bowels have voided their contents for the last time

    10. Her bowls voided as the final gasp of air wheezed out of her lungs

    11. and the smell of sweat, of blood, of voided faeces and urine

    12. My voided body nothing more to me, returning to the purifications,

    13. We turned him upon his face and he voided a great quantity of water, and at the end of two hours came to himself

    14. for a large item, one sale was voided at the register (I had the “void” slip to prove it), yet the void didn't show on my statement online

    15. Some were heavily notated; others contained lists of tasks on small slips of graph paper—household needs, packing lists for fishing trips, and a voided check with Fred’s signature

    16. Humid and foully rich, the stench of spilled blood and vast voided herbivore intestines surrounded Jaume like swamp air

    17. Sir John Barnard, a political figure and opponent of Robert Walpole, introduced a bill enacted in 1734 that voided sales where the securities where not possessed by the seller

    18. They viciously snapped, not only at each other's disembowelments, but like flexible bows, bent round, and bit their own; till those entrails seemed swallowed over and over again by the same mouth, to be oppositely voided by the gaping wound

    1. the mind for voiding itself of its accumulations

    2. This forces the body to take most of its water but also perform most of its voiding within a few hours, encouraging accidents in the night

    3. Voiding me of all strength while removing

    4. Much of the rhetoric we are hearing from the Conservatives these days has to do with voiding that provision although they have not yet succeeded

    5. fecal mass that stimulates peristalsis (movement of fecal content through the intestinal tract) and voiding of the

    6. voiding wind is reversed, the drop is not released at this point

    1. cm3 of cement stone can reach one million and a surface of these voids may be within the range of 200 to 250 cm2

    2. Protective action has only small enough in size air voids — less than 0,5 or 0,3 mm in diameter

    3. The volume of the open capillary voids influencing quantity of frozen water, depends on the water-cement ratio (W/C) and degree of cement hydration

    4. With increase W/C increases both total volume of open capillary voids and their average diameter, that also worsens frost resistance

    5. voids occurring as the result of cement contraction, %; V - volume of w

    6. – volume of voids in

    7. What does this view do to the fact that God promised that he would never again make use of a Flood to destroy life and the Earth? Holding a localised flood view actually voids the promise that God made and makes him out to be a liar

    8. “What in the fifty voids?” I

    9. “What in the fifty voids are you doing?” Jacob asked, turning

    10. “When Tiny's sentence is completed, he will be back, worse than ever,” she beseeched the judge, “and he will know exactly where to find me, unless the court voids the contract that exists between us so I can sell the house and leave before his release date

    11. To check all those millions of tons of cargo sufficiently well to find it, the Customs Service would have to multiply its force by a thousand, and even so, there would be such a backlog as each container was unpacked and checked into its far reaches, machinery opened and internal voids inspected, liquid and grain cargos filtered, that commerce in Southern Texas would grind to a virtual halt

    12. existed, but for the tears on all their faces, the voids dug into their chests

    13. Me and you riding through voids, super clusters, and to the end of the universe…”

    14. ” His harsh voice voids the please

    15. bridging the gaps of the Elders’ imaginary voids for the rest of

    16. mammoth voids that stretch from one subject area and span

    17. They watch, horrified, as the voids become

    18. There’s a gap between the voids

    19. have voids between them

    20. voids of midnight black appeared as fissures all across the dreamscape

    21. "Do not look at the skull! Do not look at the skull!" It was a far cry from across unreckoned voids

    22. There are dark worlds barely guessed by man, wherein formless monsters stalk—fiends which may be drawn from the Outer Voids to take material shape and rend and devour at the bidding of evil magicians

    23. Those eyes grew and became gigantic, and in them the Cimmerian glimpsed the reality of all the abysmal and blasphemous horrors that lurk in the outer darkness of formless voids and nighted gulfs

    24. We brought his spirit back over the voids and gulfs of night and oblivion

    25. I have been in a far land, across misty voids and gulfs and unlit oceans

    26. “You said, ‘some of the voids are part of a previous

    27. and where black showed there were voids

    28. “They weren’t kidding when they said there were voids in

    29. with much larger voids to the East and West at eight and a

    30. and female, on the sixth day of creation, voids the need

    31. This creation voids the need to retell the same event in chapter 2 unless

    32. space-time, telescopic and satellite observations showing galactic clusters and voids in

    33. caused the voids in my psyche and in my life

    34. eyes were dark, blank voids that seemed to stare through him

    35. The lubricants for articulating joints, and liquids that fill the voids in the casing, resist the immense pressure but are quickly lost in the sea or contaminated by it

    36. Rather than keep the water out with complex seals, it is easier to fill voids with special oil

    37. It’s made to fill in voids

    38. Aaron, fills the voids in time and, when time is filled, it rockets by

    39. Adhesive glues and solvents should be avoided due to the potential for voids and

    40. “Not even so much as a mangled license plate has ever resurfaced from the unthinkable voids that our ships have been cast into

    41. Although she was a good as a surrogate mother but she still failed to see the voids in Faizan’s life, after all, she was not his real mother

    42. these atoms as VOIDS

    43. The voids we found between marbles had

    44. Here we need to know that there are TWO kinds of VOIDS in IRON or


    46. Hence, the first principle - "In the ethereal field the voids do not occur"

    47. They also have not voids - the space that is not filled with Ether

    48. Note, Ether moves towards the particles with the Fields of Attraction not because they attracted it to them, but in accordance with the fact that "in the ethereal field voids don’t occur"

    49. Bernd’s face is white with dust, but his eyes are two voids and his mouth is a maroon hole

    50. The radio had been turned all the way down, she would have noticed if she’d wanted to, and beyond the airless voids around his ears, Charlie could hear her quite clearly, as he now heard the stairs creaking with her retreat and, directly above him, the twins arguing about who got to go fight the monster and who should stay behind

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