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    1. "If we decide to enhance the individual, as has been the dominant theme on this planet for twenty centuries now, we will not evolve in that direction

    2. "How could such a monstrosity ever evolve?" Alan asked when they were able to speak again

    3. to build structures and evolve them to a state

    4. But it was the females who continued to evolve at a faster pace; secretly watching everything their Masters did

    5. resisted and evolve natural or synthetic resistance to it

    6. Justice to evolution before this world was forced to evolve thru disaster

    7. It can easily be observed how a person's emotional construction may evolve, his belief systems shift, that is to say the meanings of his knowledge can change

    8. The Saggothan's didn't even evolve until there were thirty two weeks in a year

    9. They thought that perhaps one day a progeny would evolve with the power to stand before the Plague

    10. "It is thru this that the human race continues to evolve even though the individuals are eternal," Althart continued

    11. Some will evolve one way while others will progress in another

    12. Not unlike any other creation, when it will have fulfilled its mission it will simply and gradually evolve and be recycled into something different

    13. What type of governments evolve the fastest:

    14. As we evolve and expand our awareness towards a state of Oneness we come up

    15. To truly heal, grow, evolve, and reach the point of contentment inside of ourselves through

    16. will continue to evolve as they have

    17. 5 billion years ago, and has subsequently taken many forms, all of which continue to evolve; and that the genetic code of all organisms living today, including humans, clearly indicates their common primordial origin

    18. mimic the way that living things evolve through

    19. They had to be wiped out and replaced with something that stood a chance to evolve into intelligent life

    20. ‘We have always believed the human race would progress and evolve successfully without intervention, that the secrets of the universe were there to be revealed by discovery rather than imparted by a higher civilisation

    21. We accept responsibility for our actions and will leave your world to evolve

    22. The stores had been rushed forward indiscriminately, no manifests were provided, and no specific attempt was made at headquarters to evolve order from chaos

    23. I‘m not sure where I‘m going with this so try and follow my line of reasoning inasmuch as I am liable to form an uncertain analogy as it relates to the childlike treatment of the (subject) people involved: undermining freedom, initiative, self-reliance, (human) potential and an individual‘s moral and intellectual authority; that is to say, contrary to an individual‘s inherent right to naturally evolve into a productive human being; to learn, think and act independently in his or her (own) inestimable manner

    24. ‖ In this manner, a society ceases to evolve and begins to (gradually) retreat from its traditional boundaries until it is no longer able to effectively fulfill its intellectual and moral obligation(s)

    25. ‖ A society that is either unable or unwilling to properly reconcile the Past with the Present, or has historical axes to grind, however, cannot properly evolve into something more meaningful

    26. …rejecting the notion that virtue or (goodness) is an applied rather than a natural condition…that the will toward moral excellence or (goodness) is not (necessarily) assigned by (formal) conventions…(although a society scripted in exceptional manners would likely encourage lofty manners)…that seeks its (own) goodness for its (own) sake… rather than goodness‘ sake…(that nevertheless offers its own special rewards)…that, notwithstanding, would (equally) satisfy universal sentiments…and that a society, however primitive or advanced, seeks its own goodness because it is considered good for that society to do so…that it naturally follows its (own) immanent understanding of what is good, whatever its form, to begin with…setting aside, for the moment, such advantages that might otherwise accrue to that society…(and) that…such goodness, however, should never be confused with eternal standards of goodness or (moral excellence) that naturally evolve in communion with Humankind‘s (inherently) perfectible nature, that, properly informed, provides meaning and (further) insight and guidance into the essential nature of things or ideas or what it meant by ―Good‖…

    27. The Feminist Movement, as it started to evolve in European and American circles in the Nineteenth Century, unless I am

    28. It takes a great deal of thought, however, to replace them with appropriate alternatives vital to the mechanisms of a well-ordered, functional society that continues to evolve

    29. The question we should be asking ourselves is how long will it take for the world community to evolve into something new? My hunch is, in today‘s fast paced, mobilized environments, sooner than one might expect!

    30. This may prove a difficult undertaking, however, for a society that has seemingly lost its moral bearing! In the final analysis, it is people and not (abstract) societies that evolve

    31. It might just cause the salamanders to evolve

    32. Over time I would expect this to evolve

    33. You should see that the purpose of life is to evolve and your actions should reflect that with seriousness and promptness

    34. Link evolve from let’s say an ape, or let’s say that Australopithecus back there, whichever you want

    35. “The Khanate is better than any alternative likely to evolve from the conspiracy

    36. Then it is prepared to evolve to the next higher level of consciousness, moving another step closer to the Supreme Creator of All

    37. The Beatles got huge because of their talent, but they sustained that incredibly intense level of popularity by being prolific songwriters who knew how to evolve and set trends

    38. The law of the Three Kings says that humans should be left alone to evolve

    39. They evolve into different people over time; find out what the female could grow into as early as possible

    40. Not all of our citizens at the time could evolve their thinking

    41. The rest of our planet can grow and evolve naturally

    42. The fish on this planet were here much longer and had a much longer time to evolve

    43. ‘Yes, your human species has come a long way; primitive thinking takes some time to evolve from

    44. Dragons did not evolve from small lizards that

    45. For the processes and machinery behind car manufacture did not evolve from randomness and physical laws alone: they evolved from the actions of beings

    46. But that one life began to splinter—to evolve by branching out into many species

    47. To them the thesis was the set of economic arrangements that was Capitalism, in opposition, or antithesis, was Socialism; between thesis and antithesis, would evolve into a higher stage of synthesis, communism

    48. While all life forms advance and adapt, the human race did not evolve into a life form

    49. evolve,” he said to himself

    50. why a hypothesis will evolve as more and more

    1. One has to realize that women evolved as child bearing and home defender- hence nurturing, loving and caring while men evolved as hunter (chaser!), protector, provider and problem solver

    2. "From these origins Sammy's gang evolved and was shunned even by the maturing old boys of the DMS

    3. He wondered if that was how God evolved?

    4. But could they have gone the next step ahead in the evolution of humans as a colonial species? Had they evolved beyond the need for brute coercion to make the cells work as a part in a greater organism?

    5. Humans had evolved here into something more beautiful hadn't they? Even that quarter second of blurry phonecam video was going to be a stink

    6. He had never been trained, prepared or evolved to withstand the rigors of this primitive planet

    7. Humans actually evolved to sleep thru the dark, but the dark was less than a third as long

    8. "Yeah, but I guess on the planet where humans evolved there'd be a lot more germs in the animals that could also attack humans

    9. "You don't think they could have evolved naturally?"

    10. Big mistake, (he chuckled), for you see it was the females of this species that evolved first; it was the females that understood what the Scathers were

    11. I don't see how it could have evolved

    12. Why get involved in the struggle between the substrates? Silicon interference in the quest for departed souls evolves every now and again, the superfluid helium substrate evolved defense mechanisms for them before Sol condensed within its body

    13. Well Wetat will feel a dark star going nova out here, and whatever reflexes it has evolved to deal with that should kick in

    14. Tobruk said that you had evolved to a higher

    15. All highly evolved beings that have walked this planet al had one

    16. It has evolved so that its tissues drop boulders on silicates that compete with it for souls

    17. ‘This peaty soil means lots won’t grow but evolution has ensured that plants you’d never expect to find on peat have evolved ways of coping with it

    18. While the structure and basic components of language have changed little in the intervening years, its usages and application have definitely evolved dramatically

    19. to survive; we've evolved past that stage,” Mi-Hyun answered

    20. This asteroid has only been in existence for about the last 100,000 years; and, coincidentally, that was when we humans evolved

    21. She told him about the phyla the life was in, how they were related, how they evolved, how they ecologically interacted and the biomechanisms of their chemistry

    22. Thinking like an anthropologist once again, and how long this population of humans had been separated from those on Earth, he wondered if it could have evolved from grooming behavior

    23. Then you'd have to be from the planet humans evolved on wouldn't you?" he continued

    24. Parmu and Lurain had a lot of lanterns and they were burning rainbow oil that rapidly evolved thru very strong colors

    25. "The onion would have evolved on a planet with a year six times as long

    26. I think it is obvious their ancestors were carried to this world long before they had evolved morally to what we are today with the birth of Jesus Christ

    27. "You would of course maintain that humans were transported to this world at some remote date in the past," Myanfyinga said, "Did you come from the world where humans evolved?"

    28. "My ancestors came from the world where humans evolved

    29. Had they felt content with their current state, they would not have evolved and you would not be reading this

    30. The situation has evolved but in many countries, homosexuality is still a crime

    31. He had seen first-hand how powerful the evolved Plague was, and through the minds of the Chosen he had seen how powerful it had made the former Elder, Ostedes

    32. evolved thieves, but nothing else

    33. ) One day when we were having an erudite-type conversation (he much more than I on the oozing stuff), he suddenly took off on a tangent and blurted out, “You do know that we Homo sapiens evolved from ape-like creatures over the course of millions of years, don’t you?”

    34. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm

    35. An evolved Awareness has access to the entire body and all its

    36. How much much did they fear the potential challenge of machine life – the sentience borne out of silicon that evolved to encompass the biological? The machines could link in to every database, they were part of those early data storage devices

    37. This was Elusiver technology evolved to something that may even be beyond their comprehension

    38. These rules had little impact on the culture of the natives which, of course, had evolved over history

    39. I must, however, differ from those who consider it a monolithic tongue, due to the fact that, in its present state, it has evolved from the ancient Briton, the Roman Latin, the Anglo and Saxon as well as the Frisian, the Norse, and of course French, after the Battle of Hastings in 1066, which resulted in the reign of the Plantagenets that lasted for two hundred years and resulted in the Court of England speaking French accordingly

    40. We don't know by how far it has evolved, only that it had a total hold on those connected

    41. ‘L76M is now a fully integrated entity, evolved into something beyond mere sentience

    42. ’ It was a strange thing to say to a computer – albeit the most highly evolved AI on the planet

    43. They had roamed the land for millions of years, but had never evolved beyond the violent lives they led

    44. Had the impetuous Latins waited in their position, they could have swept off the exhausted Americans as they gained the summit, and the victory evolved from the egregious blunder of July 1st might have had a different sequel

    45. into books, and even evolved a verse which she audaciously tagged "old

    46. In this manner, our way of life has rapidly evolved into a kind of superhighway where the end game is getting there as quickly as possible without taking any time to stop and smell the coffee

    47. Every market hiccup seems to trigger what has predictably evolved into wholesale (selling) frenzies under pretexts that (otherwise) appear to validate sporadic selling or profit taking by institutional investors whenever relatively sound (market) economies would (otherwise) dictate staying the course

    48. The War on Terror is encountering a great deal of opposition from the (hard) Left who continue to advance the notion of American Moral Culpability; that is to say, that America is the (historical) root cause of (all) worldly grievances and should therefore make every conceivable effort to redress certain points of contention that have evolved from its own (alleged) transgressions; thereby giving (justifiable) cause to the underlying motives that led up to the events of 9/11

    49. These women, with few exceptions, were not motivated by a universal agenda (extending beyond the immediate requirements for Equal Rights) that has subsequently evolved in modern times into a feminization of the male ego, leaving in its wake something that can best be described as a masculine identity that is less than manly, giving subsequent rise to artificial relationships lacking fixed points of (gender) reference

    50. In this manner our oligarchical courts have evolved into ideological breeding grounds for ―progressive‖ reforms and social engineering where voter expression(s) are routinely overturned

    1. Not all life on Earth evolves in that direction

    2. Why get involved in the struggle between the substrates? Silicon interference in the quest for departed souls evolves every now and again, the superfluid helium substrate evolved defense mechanisms for them before Sol condensed within its body

    3. Our greatest Prophecy says that the Anointed One will awaken when his Right Hand evolves

    4. “What did he say anyway, it’s interesting to see how this story evolves over the years

    5. If you can prove yourself to be this man before your plan evolves, I will command them to follow you

    6. In this manner, morality is a constant that neither evolves nor recedes however remaining subject to (social) formalities or customs that inspire the (moral) standards of a particular society at a particular point in time

    7. Mother Earth is now ascending through her 4th dimensional phase as she evolves toward her 5th dimensional level of consciousness

    8. “There are three basic standards to how a species evolves and looks

    9. Third, how species’ DNA evolves, learns and adjusts to its host

    10. Life on planets that can support life starts as a single cell and slowly evolves over millions of years

    11. And the more the single cell evolves the more

    12. bulging circular deformation evolves in the center of

    13. Scientific investigation cannot explain the conflict because current science evolves out of the

    14. are linguistic fictions in a world that evolves according to fixed dynamics

    15. As the universe evolves, there are new constraints and new

    16. evolves in the center of the screen, trying to give organization to the unstructured noise

    17. That is because as language evolves, it carries its historical baggage with it

    18. Every species chooses the niche it lives and evolves in, and it adapts to the needs

    19. of radiation energy It evolves into a ‘wave train ’ The wave train formation

    20. But as one evolves from their initial physical plane of existence, one will realize

    21. It’s where the rock and a hard place meet, and where The Theory of Everythink evolves into the

    22. evolves continuously, and refuses to accept anything without

    23. materiality that Life ensouls the mineral kingdom, and as it evolves it

    24. The Great Controller is the generator of all things -- all evolves from him

    25. which in turn will affect the way the world evolves

    26. These guides evolve over time and as the law evolves

    27. thing very compelling that evolves by the day

    28. So gravity evolves from being a force that attracts objects in the cosmology of Newton to

    29. Some were sowed or fell by the wayside, some on stony ground, some among thorns, and he who is among good ground is he who hears and understands, evolves, or changes from an acorn to a tree that bears fruit and produces, some a hundredfold, some sixty and some thirty

    30. My face evolves into a

    31. Is God’s hand the driving force constantly moving the universe forward as it evolves and manifests itself in our present moment, thus making Evolution dependent on a Creator, or is it the belief that evolution results from statistical probabilities of nearly infinite combinations organizing themselves in ever more complexity resulting in the most complex life system so far: man

    32. As mind evolves, you come into conscious relation with the mental currents, with the minds of others near and distant, living and dead

    33. People are always happy to exchange money for something which they perceive will be of value to them; therefore as your knowledge/skill set expands and evolves so does your income

    34. It wasn’t in the old days, but, as with everything, it evolves with time

    35. It belongs to a set of equations that have serious repercussions on how the game evolves

    36. As the brain evolves over its natural life span, the user of the brain begins to have an equal effect on how the physical structure will develop, or be reinforced

    37. Immediate misadventure evolves through and through without hesitative

    38. Chantal submitted that this was very unlikely given how deeply ingrained such an orientation is and how one evolves out of a more extrinsic, structured and rigid experience of religion which is needed as a child, to a more internalized and freer experience later on

    39. “Everything evolves,” Davis told the audience at the presidential debate

    40. A human evolves

    41. Language evolves, it is the content and the lessons that are of importance to young

    42. the Earth evolves, so too does man’s consciousness

    43. stage of merger with God the same Shudra evolves as Brahmin

    44. Through perseverance and constant striving he evolves into

    45. Science evolves out of an ordered system called spirit or mind

    46. A soul made carbon cut men evolves differently or in the wrong way

    47. When sexuality is the fusion of our diverse systems of interaction – the consummating bodies, the compassionate heart, the communicating mind, the communing soul – a higher synthesis emerges, an organic wholeness evolves

    48. This is not a judgment, but rather the observation that love evolves

    49. This atmosphere of imagination, choice, and will is shaped by the culture – the social-political-psychological world – in which the imagiton evolves

    50. Virtual culture evolves versionally in techno-generations; ethical culture evolves gravitationally via enlightened liberations

    1. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    2. He would not be able to speak to his children, cutting off all chances of evolving to a higher standard

    3. Matter of fact, everything is aging, which means each and every part of The Creation is evolving non-stop

    4. The learning of a skill, the development of an aptitude as well as the evolving of an individual progress in a pattern similar to waves

    5. When every team member is evolving, your team as a whole is evolving

    6. The martial arts science is the innovation of 112 elements evolving together by adding one unknown element that is the human one

    7. But the shifting winds nevertheless had carried with them an evolving reality

    8. As a result the physical condition of the Earth, its environment and our biological selves are all evolving in symphony right now

    9. with the evolving you

    10. 3 billion years ago, starting with the simplest life form and evolving over time into the diversity we see around us today

    11. C: -- This passage also addresses the consequences of adopting a false belief when it comes to understanding our origin - it specifically spells out homosexuality as a result of this - but not only that, there are also 24 other characteristics that are mentioned, which would be found increasingly in people if they changed their belief from that of being created by God, to that of spontaneously evolving

    12. Should not the church be a growing, evolving entity as

    13. The monitor AI was evolving at such an exponential rate that – notwithstanding the obvious considerations of sentience – there may be a risk of insanity or simulated insanity perhaps, the difference was not something that could be easily defined

    14. The American Constitution is oftentimes referred to as an evolving or living document

    15. Its elasticity is grounded on the assumption that our society is a living organism subject to the vicissitudes of enlightened opinions, changing social and moral values and evolving standards of decency

    16. Its flexibility wisely allows our judicial system to adapt to political, social and economic arrangements vastly complex in proportion to the evolving requirements of a pluralistic society

    17. without rocking its customary foundations… the requirements of an evolving society…

    18. The fact of the matter is that there is no turning back the hands of time, if such was ever a reasonable option to begin with! As evolving technologies continue developing efficient ways of replacing brawn with brain, increasing competition for skilled labor in highly competitive global environments will require transforming (the) worker from a corporate to a human resource commissioned with the task of managing his or her (own) career paths

    19. The Tyranny of Law as it is gradually evolving in American Society is best described as a Politically Correct strangle hold!

    20. Why? Because technology keeps evolving and there are constant upgrades and improvements

    21. Whether the (Holy) Scriptures should remain subject to generational contentions or modern interpretations, much in the manner that Constitutional Law is persuaded by the (legal) authority of evolving standards of decency, such arguments that otherwise provide recourse to alternative viewpoints, must be equally troubling as arbitrary viewpoints relating to Papal Infallibility or the Divine Rights of Kings!

    22. This argument does not necessarily apply, however, to ―lower‖ or evolving truths; that is to say, immeasurable ―truths‖ lacking infinite proportion; conditioned by circumstances or events that (oftentimes) require a reassessment of their former assumptions whose (ambiguous) validity lacks a critical center

    23. Neither are these models necessarily intended to encourage ―appropriate‖ conduct that should otherwise be left to Free Will to decide but reflect upon, rather, what is expected from a ―right thinking‖ individual who is morally evolving

    24. It would not be the first time, however, that evolving cultures have compromised traditional arrangements

    25. It reached its optimum potential millions of years ago and stopped evolving

    26. And, perhaps after some early ill-thought-out miracles—to come back to those, Michelle—God, evolving from us, would certainly come to understand our psychological needs, notably our need for self-worth

    27. The third, called ASPM and also involved in brain size, clocks in at 5,800 years [ago]…It therefore suggests that we are still evolving

    28. Fifty-eight hundred years ago for that last incremental change would imply that, as the article said, “we are still evolving

    29. It put her in contact with the mix of emotions and range of conversation of one of most fascinating and frustrating creatures on the planet—the evolving adolescent

    30. and evolving needs, the characteristics of their

    31. Our evolving to intelligence period was much faster than yours, since yours took millions of years

    32. They are constantly evolving and adapting

    33. ‘Do they mostly only care about themselves Bellona? Seems to me the female species here is evolving faster than the males

    34. Ever heard of an evolutionary race? Same idea: different species evolving continuously just to keep up with other species, which are also evolving continuously to keep up with other species—and so on

    35. Each species is evolving just 'to keep in the same place'—to maintain its niche

    36. Then, we developed newer antibiotics, and bacteria responded by evolving resistance to these newer drugs

    37. Your Twitter profile is a constantly evolving story

    38. It’s truly an industry where you should never stop growing and evolving, so that

    39. his mother? Or was he absorbing everything into his evolving brain?

    40. Sometimes we think we’re better than we really are, and that’s one of the conditions that keep us from evolving further: the human condition!

    41. The universe we belong to has been evolving for billions of years

    42. Human history, which is not static but is continually evolving, asks us

    43. Neither space nor time has any existence outside the system of evolving relationships that comprises the universe

    44. We have attempted other ways of evolving, as we will now see

    45. reducing ourselves to mass humanity rather than evolving ourselves as

    46. After many years of evolving to a new awareness in a higher dimensional consciousness, he has to now descend to lower-grade analysis to explain to 1d analysts his truths in terms of what they know

    47. This soul is evolving, growing, emerging - daily approaching the divinity of God

    48. omniscient They are evolving in the relevant magmaspheres, as much as

    49. we are evolving in this sphere due to natural universal forces Their previ-

    50. we’d received orders to halt an evolving project in favor of

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