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  1. We, as a culture, evolve.
  2. It’s the ability to evolve.
  3. Terms and conditions to evolve.
  4. We will evolve, but into what?
  5. Humans will evolve on schedule.

  6. Life cannot evolve WITHOUT LOVE.
  7. As we evolve, so does education.
  8. That he had the ability to evolve.
  9. It is theorised that as brains evolve.
  10. Only those willing to evolve are happy.
  11. Over time I would expect this to evolve.
  12. Humans are designed to LOVE; not EVOLve.
  13. Also, we did not evolve from Neanderthals.
  14. Feverishly, he began to evolve Equation D.
  15. As systems evolve, they can get very complex.

  16. Buddhist institutions did historically evolve.
  17. What type of governments evolve the fastest:.
  18. It might just cause the salamanders to evolve.
  19. Never to evolve from this leather prostitution.
  20. So who ever is willing to evolve is given the.
  21. These garments have yet to grow and evolve.
  22. Dragons did not evolve from small lizards that.
  23. We – Eartheart, humanity, ourself – will evolve.
  24. But sometimes, a human does not evolve as intended.
  25. These guides evolve over time and as the law evolves.

  26. Though some have had time to evolve in various ways.
  27. Communication systems evolve into new organizations.
  28. The rest of our planet can grow and evolve naturally.
  29. It is pulled down into the hourglass to evolve again.
  30. We have a choice, to evolve over time or to make the.
  31. Apes did not evolve as predators; they evolved as prey.
  32. They were some parts in the test that evolve to solving.
  33. Markets evolve and erase certain kinds of trading edges.
  34. Because intelligence will increase as they evolve anyway.
  35. It stimulates everything to evolve and incorporate ever.
  36. To change and evolve we have to want to change and evolve.
  37. Credit standards must not be fixed but instead must evolve.
  38. The problem is; that we humans no longer evolve genetically.
  39. As a man of science I realize that our theories evolve also.
  40. And awakening continues to evolve and deepen over the years.
  41. Too often theories evolve from these very biased selections.
  42. Or the chart could evolve into something entirely different.
  43. Our tools may evolve; but we will remain frozen in ignorance.
  44. Consciousness strives to evolve, to constantly improve things.
  45. Some will evolve one way while others will progress in another.
  46. Civilization is designed so tools can evolve further: not humans.
  47. Not all of our citizens at the time could evolve their thinking.
  48. Pre-programmed DNA has allowed creatures to evolve in complexity.
  49. The Multimedia and Social Media continue to evolve at a fast rate.
  50. Even a not good event can evolve into a good and desirable event.
  51. Cats are another mammal species that will evolve on this planet.
  52. Further than that, as we evolve another Law like Karma comes into.
  53. We know that patterns can fail and evolve into a very different look.
  54. Animals don’t have and therefore cannot evolve to the level of man.
  55. It is time to evolve a healthier, less fearful attitude towards death.
  56. The origin of the various nodes that evolve later into chakras is the.
  57. Expect that you will naturally evolve to a prosperous, creative state.
  58. Dad, who knows what will evolve in several million years, Ket said.
  59. Though we would probably need to evolve mentally to begin to understand.
  60. As she gets older, her ability to utilize this program may evolve into:.
  61. You must be quite a cancer, its voice continued to evolve in humor.
  62. As long as our experiential DNA is missing, we cannot evolve any further.
  63. When this happens, assure your loved ones that fun will evolve again and.
  64. What is it: Often, projects evolve from meeting discussions and decisions.
  65. Justice to evolution before this world was forced to evolve thru disaster.
  66. The law of the Three Kings says that humans should be left alone to evolve.
  67. Absolute Law imposes a set of rules on society so that it does not evolve.
  68. Consciously decide in which direction you want to evolve, and then let the.
  69. As long as we do not learn from our mistakes: we will not evolve or change.
  70. Maybe in the next two millions years when I evolve wings, Joey snorted.
  71. Bear it in mind, because investing is a long-term game and the rules evolve.
  72. As we evolve and expand our awareness towards a state of Oneness we come up.
  73. Success does not cause things to change creatively and evolve: failure does.
  74. We accept responsibility for our actions and will leave your world to evolve.
  75. It would be interesting to see how their relationship would evolve, she mused.
  76. We are all connected and it is through love that we can truly grow and evolve.
  77. Most of the Indian languages evolve from Sanskrit and they are known as Prakit.
  78. Banks should evolve clearly a bills discounting policy approved by their Board.
  79. The Saggothan's didn't even evolve until there were thirty two weeks in a year.
  80. Maybe conveyances is a better word, because we evolve them to discover the truth.
  82. If it helps me evolve into a super being and I can save the Galaxy from these.
  83. At the time of me leaving this industry, early initiatives by the DTI to evolve a.
  85. The Khanate is better than any alternative likely to evolve from the conspiracy.
  86. The Uncommon Sense of love cannot evolve from the Common Sense of empathy and the.
  87. Now as I have already said, your headline is not written in stone, it will evolve.
  88. But that one life began to splinter—to evolve by branching out into many species.
  89. The fish on this planet were here much longer and had a much longer time to evolve.
  90. Looks like it has a rationale of its own to evolve the dynamics of man’s undoing.
  91. Further, newly formed cells can divide and eventually evolve into specialized cells.
  92. Figure 20-14 shows how the term structure of implied volatility can evolve over time.
  94. How little everyone (including himself) knew that he would evolve into a magic-wielder.
  95. They were the only walking apes that were apt enough to evolve these new tools further.
  96. While all life forms advance and adapt, the human race did not evolve into a life form.
  97. Over time the values of Rome did evolve marginally in that concern and slaves received.
  99. God wanted to evolve a form in which he could live as a god and manifest himself as a god.
  100. You evolve so fast that we need to update our research and data bases on a regular basis.
  1. It is not an evolving cycle.
  2. The S Wing was evolving, too.
  3. His skills are still evolving.
  4. This has to do with evolving.
  5. The facts are still evolving.
  6. It was a slowly evolving nightmare.
  7. The paranoia that had been evolving.
  8. The universe evolving from the ideas of.
  9. Evolving from polytheism, to Monotheism.
  10. They are constantly evolving and adapting.
  11. If tools continue evolving and humans don't.
  12. What was more, the man fit the evolving profile.
  13. How do you see this evolving in the near future?
  14. Your Twitter profile is a constantly evolving story.
  15. Effective monetizing is a constantly evolving process.
  16. Should not the church be a growing, evolving entity as.
  17. There was still a great deal of life growing and evolving.
  18. We are continuously evolving, both mentally and physically.
  19. The evolving co-dependence of insects and seed-plants that.
  20. Weren’t you the one who said he could be evolving?
  21. We have attempted other ways of evolving, as we will now see.
  22. Even the lowest of the low can reach God by evolving into a.
  23. On account of this, humanity is evolving as a unit, and the.
  24. Our efforts should be geared towards evolving in all aspects.
  25. Out of this mass of Egyptian darkness light is slowly evolving.
  26. A biological based life force with a highly evolving synthetic.
  27. So, this points to the idea that everything is still evolving.
  28. The universe we belong to has been evolving for billions of years.
  29. We are still in the process of evolving to a state of perfection.
  30. Here’s a bullet-point summary of Pillar #13 – The Evolving Web:.
  31. When every team member is evolving, your team as a whole is evolving.
  32. This is supposed to be a few thousand of years of geology evolving.
  33. Kevin then outlined the plan that had been evolving in his mind since.
  34. The critical awareness of human beings has been evolving and developing.
  35. She had been keeping a close watch at my evolving familiarity with Mrs.
  36. Some of his ritual appears set and some of it is evolving, Detective.
  37. The species using these tools had to be capable of evolving them further.
  38. Human history, which is not static but is continually evolving, asks us.
  39. Therefore, we should be able to get a sense of what we are evolving into.
  40. She still wasn’t sure about Nash, but her view of the man was evolving.
  41. Online marketing is such a continually evolving business that you have to.
  42. I’m evolving from ‘Miss not MS’ Von Kiel, to a much happier ‘Hester.
  43. It reached its optimum potential millions of years ago and stopped evolving.
  44. But the shifting winds nevertheless had carried with them an evolving reality.
  45. We’re an evolving species, still ignorant of most knowledge in the universe.
  46. Pillar #13 – The Evolving Web reviews how marketing techniques have evolved.
  47. There is no question that Earth is rapidly evolving into a full-fledged planet.
  48. But intelligence in its broadest sense has been evolving for billions of years.
  49. Double tops, head-and-shoulders patterns, and diamonds represent evolving tops.
  50. It narrows because your life is constantly evolving in one direction or another.
  51. The situation was evolving quickly and could change unexpectedly, at any minute.
  52. I told her my look would be evolving, and she said it didn’t bother her at all.
  53. This soul is evolving, growing, emerging - daily approaching the divinity of God.
  54. Each species is evolving just 'to keep in the same place'—to maintain its niche.
  55. It is you who needed the help, Kifter said, irritation evolving to annoyance.
  56. Another evolving marine animal, the jellyfish, had more of the complicated systems.
  57. His lectures, conferences and teachings are critical to a young evolving democracy.
  58. It’s truly an industry where you should never stop growing and evolving, so that.
  59. Far to the east the Lemurians are evolving a strange semi-civilization of their own.
  60. You may think this is just a fairytale, but myths have a way of evolving into truth.
  61. The American Constitution is oftentimes referred to as an evolving or living document.
  62. Accordingly, overwhelming evidence supports the conclusion that the evolving texts of.
  63. No, it’s okay, I said, my disappointed look evolving into a half-hearted smile.
  64. Up until that time, it was continually evolving and changing with each new generation.
  66. She said those three words that terrified him to his very soul, We are all evolving.
  67. It is a continuously evolving process of reaching higher and higher energy plateaus so.
  68. This is why humans stopped evolving genetically as a whole after we started using tools.
  69. Eventually the Hades-like surface of the evolving earth cooled and water accumulated on.
  70. Why? Because technology keeps evolving and there are constant upgrades and improvements.
  71. In light of your true self, you grow further into the self that is continually evolving.
  72. But remember that the Internet and information storage technologies are evolving rapidly.
  73. Evolving wherever heartmind wills it so, spirit is what is meant by the next emergent conscii.
  74. In 12 short thousand years: we have destroyed what 4 ½ billion years of evolving life built up.
  75. Ultimately evolving, through the process of an evolutionary ‘branching off’’ into humans.
  76. Our only real problem now is the confusion in the command structure, which is evolving constantly.
  77. A species with no morphic or genetic memory of its own past has no chance of evolving any further.
  78. This love is expressing us as its self-manifestation of the evolving consciousness of life as gift.
  79. Our evolving to intelligence period was much faster than yours, since yours took millions of years.
  80. Perhaps this is better stated as the present moment is ever evolving depending on current influences.
  81. Its instruction is not commandment, for love is never a completed study, but rather an evolving ethic.
  82. He would not be able to speak to his children, cutting off all chances of evolving to a higher standard.
  83. Evolving perceptions of the credit risk of swaps and government bonds over time have also played a role.
  84. Here are some suggestions on how one can keep evolving as a trader:• Always keep reading and learning.
  85. These awarenesses organize into distinct social functions as adaptations evolving to meet emergent needs.
  86. Matter of fact, everything is aging, which means each and every part of The Creation is evolving non-stop.
  87. Then, we developed newer antibiotics, and bacteria responded by evolving resistance to these newer drugs.
  88. We are the brain of the Earth's present emergence and this brain is incessantly evolving, because we are.
  89. The microorganisms in your body are constantly changing, evolving, fighting off new bacteria and viruses.
  90. It would not be the first time, however, that evolving cultures have compromised traditional arrangements.
  91. From this, the greater the love of one, nurturing their evolving emergence, grows the greater love of all.
  92. As a state, you are similar to Eartheart in that you are both evolving brains and from that possibly minds.
  93. The presence of evil constitutes proof of the inaccuracies of mind and the immaturity of the evolving self.
  94. However, it is clear that this technology is continually evolving and becoming more of a force in our lives.
  95. Our ancestors stopped evolving genetically because they didn't need to adapt genetically in order to survive.
  96. This is the evolving experience of sports in every human lifetime: this is how sports changes as you grow up.
  97. Right, so then anything evolving that takes place in any one part of the system has an effect on all the rest.
  98. Stay tuned to hear the latest from this evolving story that just maybe might end better than it started out today.
  99. He had the gift of evolving safety out of the very danger, this incomparable Nostromo, this fellow in a thousand.
  100. Neither space nor time has any existence outside the system of evolving relationships that comprises the universe.
  1. We have evolved to more.
  2. He was too evolved to be.
  3. He was a highly evolved saint.
  4. Saint of sex have evolved and.
  5. But as creatures evolved, it.
  6. They are highly evolved souls.
  7. Had you evolved through normal.
  8. The party evolved under her nose.
  9. Evolved it when the world was new!.
  10. He’s evolved and much more capable.
  11. The game spread and evolved in Europe.
  12. Objectivity is for evolved souls but.
  13. I don't see how it could have evolved.
  14. Throughout time, animals evolved in a.
  15. Life offices have evolved into a more.
  16. That suggest we evolved on this planet.
  17. Nations have evolved into welfare war-.
  18. How has the industry evolved over time?
  19. How has the business evolved over time?
  20. Not alone, but together all has evolved.
  21. We are group animals, and have evolved.
  22. This is what human awareness evolved into.
  23. He was spiritually much evolved behaved.
  24. They have all evolved over the years to.
  25. The company has evolved from using ropes.
  26. China eventually evolved and in 1949 was.
  27. The list has manifestly evolved over time.
  28. He wondered if that was how God evolved?
  29. The economic theories have evolved on the.
  30. Why is this? Maybe men evolved to be more.
  31. They are also among the most highly evolved.
  32. As her life evolved, so did her personality.
  33. Or perhaps they evolved to have that opinion.
  34. As the cell evolved it wanted to continue.
  35. We also evolved from a primate type of animal.
  36. He had evolved and constructed a rudimentary.
  37. Tobruk said that you had evolved to a higher.
  38. Sue said, Has anything evolved that could.
  39. I remember reading that Lemurians had evolved.
  40. I'm smitten with the person you've evolved into.
  41. It evolved from Indian Vedic teachings and was.
  42. This project eventually evolved into the PAGE20.
  43. The ideology of the Khmer Rouge evolved over time.
  44. It has not evolved to act in a haphazard fashion.
  45. They’re hadrosaurs, having evolved on Earth.
  46. This is exactly what the Roman games evolved into.
  47. The truly evolved did not need emotional controls.
  48. The tools themselves had to be sufficiently evolved.
  49. The sport of bass fishing has continuously evolved.
  50. Recent plans that have evolved into businesses for.
  51. The bacteria and viruses that evolved on another.
  52. The Great Wall of South Africa will then have evolved.
  53. To have a less evolved being say that to us! Zem.
  54. Given enough time, they would have evolved naturally.
  55. Historically many jobs and uses evolved around horses.
  56. My ancestors came from the world where humans evolved.
  57. Paume evolved into jeu de paume and rackets were used.
  58. At about 2 million years ago, we evolved beyond being.
  59. It is thought that life evolved from that space stuff.
  60. Since those early days, the industry has evolved into.
  61. Apes did not evolve as predators; they evolved as prey.
  62. Animal and plant life have not evolved much during the.
  63. But why? Or so, over the millennia, the opinion evolved.
  64. Man seems to have evolved beyond this natural limitation.
  65. More fully evolved or advanced forms, more complex forms.
  66. This is, sponges have not evolved over millions of years.
  67. We have not evolved to this higher level of spirituality.
  68. Nuke’s relationship with God evolved as the years passed.
  69. A whole penitentiary system can be evolved from that word.
  70. I hate it when evolutionists claim that humans evolved.
  71. Cell phones have evolved into gadgets of non-communication.
  72. But humans have not evolved one bit for over 10,000 years.
  73. The idea of law never evolved out of this late development.
  74. Predators evolved to single out prey by detecting movement.
  75. He was so evolved that he forgot his physical entity, his.
  76. We can devise a story in which we evolved, scratching out.
  77. The truly evolved did not become the thing they hated most.
  78. I was surprised Davis so quickly believed he had evolved.
  79. The human tool-brain had evolved into becoming its own tool.
  80. Though the definition of a tragic hero has evolved, some of.
  81. And even though we’ve evolved, we still see competition as.
  82. The web has evolved as a marketing medium since the mid 1990s.
  83. The NLP modeling has evolved and developed over the years by.
  84. Slowly it had evolved into the Summer Palace, mainly because.
  85. Every job, income and family evolved to rely upon the ladder.
  86. This 2nd major split later evolved into abstract linear lines.
  87. These scaly dudes were evolved from those mean monkey-eating.
  88. So, as they evolved, this was the life their bodies adapted to.
  89. They constitute an ecology of plasma life forms that evolved.
  90. The opposite polarity to this is the work of good and evolved.
  91. Newly evolved onto the scene are salamanders and it is during.
  92. Prey evolved to detect subtle evidences of danger around them.
  93. Someone so evolved should have seen the end before anyone else.
  94. Thomas started out with a wry smile, which evolved into a wide.
  95. On this planet—and possibly only this planet—life evolved.
  96. These living conditions evolved from living life as a bachelor.
  97. Strangely enough, it apparently also evolved with the trait of.
  98. God will likely have human feelings, having evolved from humans.
  99. No other planet ever evolved to duplicate a carbon form of life.
  100. Remember that the human brain has evolved with the body and has.
  1. My face evolves into a.
  2. And the more the single cell evolves the more.
  3. Not all life on Earth evolves in that direction.
  4. These guides evolve over time and as the law evolves.
  5. Then I just manage the trade as it evolves over time.
  6. It begins at the bottom of the left pole and evolves.
  7. Through perseverance and constant striving he evolves into.
  8. As the universe evolves, there are new constraints and new.
  9. Science evolves out of an ordered system called spirit or mind.
  10. Third, how species’ DNA evolves, learns and adjusts to its host.
  11. A soul made carbon cut men evolves differently or in the wrong way.
  12. This is not a judgment, but rather the observation that love evolves.
  13. There are three basic standards to how a species evolves and looks.
  14. Immediate misadventure evolves through and through without hesitative.
  15. It is through the sounds that it hears that a soul emerges and evolves.
  16. It wasn’t in the old days, but, as with everything, it evolves with time.
  17. The Great Controller is the generator of all things -- all evolves from him.
  18. Everything evolves, Davis told the audience at the presidential debate.
  19. That is because as language evolves, it carries its historical baggage with it.
  20. Every species chooses the niche it lives and evolves in, and it adapts to the needs.
  21. But as one evolves from their initial physical plane of existence, one will realize.
  22. Language evolves, it is the content and the lessons that are of importance to young.
  23. It belongs to a set of equations that have serious repercussions on how the game evolves.
  24. Our greatest Prophecy says that the Anointed One will awaken when his Right Hand evolves.
  25. So gravity evolves from being a force that attracts objects in the cosmology of Newton to.
  26. What did he say anyway, it’s interesting to see how this story evolves over the years.
  27. As price evolves, recognizable patterns are used to signal momentum and directional change.
  28. Scientific investigation cannot explain the conflict because current science evolves out of the.
  29. It’s where the rock and a hard place meet, and where The Theory of Everythink evolves into the.
  30. If you can prove yourself to be this man before your plan evolves, I will command them to follow you.
  31. His innocence evolves from the roots of darkness and your darkness from the very essence of innocence.
  32. Life on planets that can support life starts as a single cell and slowly evolves over millions of years.
  33. As your website evolves, you will want to add more functionality that goes beyond these default extensions.
  34. True that each action is a cause from which evolves the countless ramifications of effect in time and space.
  35. The more our consciousness evolves, the more its potential expands for a further, more complete enlightenment.
  36. Values are metaphysical attractors of the soul; what one values becomes the field in which one's soul evolves.
  37. As your skills progress, your portfolio evolves and becomes unique to your style of trading and comfort level.
  38. Prices move in trends and, while the duration of a trend varies, it can be tracked as it evolves in either direction.
  39. As the GlobalMind evolves its cultures of consciousness, these will imprint themselves upon those who become its mirrors.
  40. Virtual culture evolves versionally in techno-generations; ethical culture evolves gravitationally via enlightened liberations.
  41. Mother Earth is now ascending through her 4th dimensional phase as she evolves toward her 5th dimensional level of consciousness.
  42. It is a community's experiments in sharing which evolves the empathic heart and keeps it culturally plastic, yet ethically elastic.
  43. As mind evolves, you come into conscious relation with the mental currents, with the minds of others near and distant, living and dead.
  44. This means that as you play and have more and more fun, your play evolves into wiser and more creative and more mature from of play and fun.
  45. This atmosphere of imagination, choice, and will is shaped by the culture – the social-political-psychological world – in which the imagiton evolves.
  46. When the market structure of that index evolves, usually no more than once every other month, the ROC calculations can be updated to refer to the new pivot point.
  47. As the brain evolves over its natural life span, the user of the brain begins to have an equal effect on how the physical structure will develop, or be reinforced.
  48. I'd like to believe, won't be lucky enough to exist forever to know, nevertheless, I'd still like to believe that humanity evolves a spirit of sanctuary for all.
  49. The theory behind the use of MA in price analysis, is that the averages reveal a lot about the trend, and help to identify the strength or weakness of that trend as it evolves.
  50. As wind energy evolves, AMSC hopes to be on the cutting edge with harnessing the full power of the wind through innovative electrical systems that will maximize the wind farm.
  51. Once it transcends its need for us, then like any brain evolving into new functions, it will shed millions of cells as it evolves from identity acquisition to will implementation.
  52. People are always happy to exchange money for something which they perceive will be of value to them; therefore as your knowledge/skill set expands and evolves so does your income.
  53. So non-life atom-energy inevitably evolves through predetermined design and order to complexly interact to form molecular structures and functions to form the atom-energies of life.
  54. I will not try to track world wealth over time, but I remind the reader that any time series of market capitalization evolves over time both due to asset returns and to net issuance.
  55. The daimon of Technology is perfection, but the human self is not perfectable, except in its intention to perpetual betterment; its ideal evolves it, but is not realistically achievable, e.
  56. The strong, silent, dangerously attractive type that harbors a private, vast, brilliant inner landscape of knowledge, wisdom, and experience, and watches, always watches, learns, adapts, evolves.
  57. In this manner, morality is a constant that neither evolves nor recedes however remaining subject to (social) formalities or customs that inspire the (moral) standards of a particular society at a particular point in time.
  58. The Hunt brothers’ silver fiasco in the early 1980s is one of the best-known examples, but there have been many others as the regulatory environment continually evolves in response to the actions of traders and investors.
  59. When sexuality is the fusion of our diverse systems of interaction – the consummating bodies, the compassionate heart, the communicating mind, the communing soul – a higher synthesis emerges, an organic wholeness evolves.
  60. Thus evolves a conscious thinking human being and a Self that is in essence, an integral, sovereign, unique and independent ‘mover’ – all things being equal, in terms of cerebral challenges and environmental limitations.
  61. Why get involved in the struggle between the substrates? Silicon interference in the quest for departed souls evolves every now and again, the superfluid helium substrate evolved defense mechanisms for them before Sol condensed within its body.
  62. A virtualnism is a social construction that arises from the activity of its self-organizing members, but transcends the collective acts of those members by necessitating an external meta-organization that evolves it into a living virtual system.
  63. When a sheltered, coddled, special youth obsessively ask the mirror before them, 'What else can I want, have, demand', then the self-maintenance of ego-accretion evolves the gravities of entitlement and victimization into an empathy only for themselves.
  64. Chantal submitted that this was very unlikely given how deeply ingrained such an orientation is and how one evolves out of a more extrinsic, structured and rigid experience of religion which is needed as a child, to a more internalized and freer experience later on.
  65. Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke’s statement that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy is as applicable in trading as in war; experienced traders learn how to adapt and to make decisions within the framework of their rules as the trade evolves.
  66. Some were sowed or fell by the wayside, some on stony ground, some among thorns, and he who is among good ground is he who hears and understands, evolves, or changes from an acorn to a tree that bears fruit and produces, some a hundredfold, some sixty and some thirty.
  67. If you study and learn to interpret the general market indexes correctly, which can take some time, you will learn how to avoid most of the serious declines because the increased distribution always shows up in the early stages, before the more damaging part of a decline evolves.
  68. As this occurs and if it increases, then peace emerges and spreads, justice becomes not the expected but the case, grace erases blame, equanimity replaces competition, social equality eliminates privilege, and cultural acceptance evolves an openness in which the impossible can materialize.
  69. Is God’s hand the driving force constantly moving the universe forward as it evolves and manifests itself in our present moment, thus making Evolution dependent on a Creator, or is it the belief that evolution results from statistical probabilities of nearly infinite combinations organizing themselves in ever more complexity resulting in the most complex life system so far: man.

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